The Post-Star

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29.9 MB
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Lee Enterprises
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for The Post-Star

1.95 out of 5
63 Ratings
6 years ago, ScottAW580
I liked the old app better.
The new one is a bit clumsy now to scroll through the headlines. With the varying background images of each article, it is difficult to read the headline itself, poor contrast and the font is too small. It now requires a lot of vertical scrolling to skim headlines given each story link is now burdened with a tall picture/background. Would be nice to have the option to hide the background picture, it really doesn’t offer any value... and some of those images I don’t want to see, such as mug shots....
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4 years ago, Pmbonhote
Stopped Working
I’ve had this app for several years and loved being able to check the news each day. As of yesterday it stopped working. I get an error message each time I try to access it.
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2 years ago, Footelong
Horrible "news" app
Suddenly, and without warning, I can't read any articles unless I pay $25/month? Honestly, before this change the articles were rarely updated, headlines would stay the same for 3 days, pop up ads were beyond annoying and it was consistently glitchy. If you want good local news do yourself a favor and go the The Chronicle
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4 years ago, Raftgide
Doesn’t work anymore.
The app does not work anymore ever since the iOS 14 update. None of the links work. You click on a story and you get a message that “Your request cannot be processed at this time”. I have been using this app for years, and it was my go to morning read; no more. I have contacted the Post-Star numerous times, and they say there is nothing they can do. Bye bye Post Star.
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7 years ago, emtwoodard
Find another news source.
App usually has ads that open themselves. You have a mandated 30+ second video ad you have to watch before reading any story on the latest update. "News" stories are always heavily biased and random stories from halfway across the country usually outnumber local stories from this "local" news company.
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3 years ago, 8valdav
Old version better.
It was suggested I update the app. Regret doing so. It’s free so can’t complain, the old version was way better, easier to read, and quick.
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6 years ago, Valid blues?
Headlines only
Nice big pictures and article headlines but it does not allow you to read more.
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6 years ago, Bob B Loblaw
Hasn't worked properly for over a year
It doesn't allow me to comment on articles. Disappointing to use.
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5 years ago, TAV422
Get rid of the pics
Old app was much better. The “updated” one is much less attractive and takes more time to go through. Also a bit disappointed the comments section seems to be gone or hidden. I used to get a good laugh out of that.
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6 years ago, DrewQby
Awful “upgrade”
The newest update to the app is really awful. I don’t need the big pictures. There are less articles to view now. I can’t read or post comments anymore. Please scale it back a bit and put the comments back in.
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8 years ago, cpove
You can sort of read the news...
...if you are adept at knocking down adverts coming at you like Late-80s Missile Command missiles soaring toward your base. This app started out in the beginning as a perfectly-fine way to browse local news in Queensbury NY. It has evolved into the equivalent of a big-city News and Arts rag with more display ads than content. I deleted it and just use web version. It's easier than the app, and that is counter-productive. Boo Lee Enterprises.
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4 years ago, Tommytrain007
Never reports good news about the country. Liberal paper
Good to read the local news for free, but this paper is all liberal about trump and republicans and never reports any good news about the country. Actually just as bad as fake news
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4 years ago, sr109567893
Doesn’t work
Have a iPhone 8, at latest level and the app no longer works, will not open any articles
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2 years ago, sklassxh
They now want 25 dollars a month to read local news. Don’t waste your money!
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2 years ago, mrystu
After the update it’s no longer free
Very disappointed
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3 years ago, Adam.Zauner
Won’t start up
App won’t even start. Error message keeps popping up.
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2 years ago, Berr4!
Very one sided as far as politics go which no surprise but the rest of it is ok use to be free now they want $26 a month
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4 years ago, murphyA3
The app doesn’t open articles anymore.
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4 years ago, Seeley243
Does not work w/new update
I have an IPhone 6s and now I am unable to view articles now
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2 years ago, Popcorn315
Not free!
Caution…..this in not a free app…..and while it’s pretty good it’s not worth $25+ a month. Arrogant
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6 years ago, TheRick109
Fake News
Fake News
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3 years ago, Invaderfan2473
Fake & biased news
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3 years ago, father gaf
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13 years ago, DNMEBOY
Add this app to ios 5 newsstand and iPad please?!?!
It would be really great if this app worked with newsstand in ios 5 and gave us push alerts for new articles and stories. I would give it 5 stars but for now it gets 4 stars from me. Not sure how long this app has been around. Been waiting a long time for something like this. I didn't know it existed until I went to the website and it told me to save it as a home screen bookmark to view it like the app store app. All you need now is to add your home screen icon for the people who have the site bookmarked that way instead of having just a screenshot of the site as the home screen icon. It's pretty simple to do. I also prefer to do most of my reading on my iPad. Safari on the iPad displays the desktop version of the website but I'm really liking the app so an iPad version would be really sweet. As for the app itself I really like the ability to log on and post comments from within the app. I also like the Facebook/twitter integration. Overall the app looks fairly well put together. And hey, it's free. If you don't like it delete it :)
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10 years ago, Mrs101714
I don't usually complain about updates with the apps because I understand there are bugs and hiccups that need to be worked out, but ever sense the new update I can't open it the app and when I rarely am able to open it it won't let me read the articles or the stupid ads keep popping which bring me to another web page and the only thing you are able to read if your able to get into the app is the latest news because you have to actually pay to read the rest you might as well go and buy the paper it would be cheaper and easier and not as much of a headache
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12 years ago,
Great app!
Speedy and simple UI, and lots of features out-of-the-box. The only feedback I offer is I would like to have the list view's article titles change color if I've read the article. A simple embellishment, but important user interface feedback that could greatly enhance the experience.
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12 years ago, Royal*Chowder
Not so good
When I first installed this app it was lightning fast and very useful. Since the latest update however, the app fails to refresh, even when prompted to do so and is now useless. Very unhappy.
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10 years ago, Shavens96
Ever since the new update I can't even open the app. I don't mind only reading the latest news but the purpose of the app was to be able to read the news without buying the paper so why charge to read the paper on the app? I can just go out and buy the paper everyday instead of charging it on my phone account.
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9 years ago, dwashburn90
Pop up ads everywhere
This app used to be good until they decided pop up ads were a great idea. You don't even have to click anything and you'll be automatically thrown into the App Store, multiple times in a row. There's a reason pop up blockers exist. People hate pop ups. Great way to get everyone to delete your app.
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9 years ago, AaronWilliamL
Downloaded and deleted on same day
I kept getting "pop ups", you can't press your finger anywhere close to advertisements without it bringing you to another page to try to get you to download another app. Please fix this, I would really enjoy this app if you didn't have this problem!
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14 years ago, Maxam91
I was always waiting for the post star to have an app. Thanks a bunch it works great.
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10 years ago, Glenn Cionek
Great App.
Everything you would expect and more! Effective and efficient
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12 years ago, Elbertmc
Used to be able to view offline but now it crashes unless I have Internet connection.
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9 years ago, Starlight7380
No fix?
This continues to crash upon opening and still no fix? Well guess we have no choice but to delete and move on to better apps. Don't waste your time downloading this
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10 years ago, So Chiara
Local Paper
Quite well done!
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10 years ago, Buzz420420
Okay app. Don't like how the tiny reload button is right next to a big ad so I hit that by mistake.
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12 years ago, Bdiddyhf12
Had the app and loved it, but since the newest update it just keeps crashing on me.. Please resolve this problem. I have the 3GS
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8 years ago, Kdub59
App closes on its own
I check this app daily. Lately, after opening it, the app shuts down before I can read anything. If I delete and reinstall, the app will work once. It is the only app that does this.
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9 years ago, Remadeuyh
Get ready for spam and page redirects
Good luck reading anything on this app. If the pop up ads don't get you, within seconds your screen will be redirected to another add or App Store app. It's just a spammy pile of junk. Skip this app.
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10 years ago, Posts tatanka
Deleted it. Your finger even thinks about getting close to any of the huge ads in this app and it launches multiple windows in my browser and sometimes the App Store. Terrible app.
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9 years ago, Adam P
Huge Failure
Very basic app that would be great for reading articles if it didn't redirect you to the App Store every 10 seconds to download sponsored content like draft kings. As a result, it's unusable.
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9 years ago, BrotherBrick
Utter failure.
What used to be a quirky but useful app has been rendered almost as useless to upstate residents as Representative Stefanik is. It's poorly organized and usually crashes right after opening.
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10 years ago, Kbail33
Disappointing app
I am disappointed. I have downloaded this app and I am only allowed to view 10 articles a month. I am ready to delete it.
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10 years ago, Frequent foto facebooker
New update stinks!!!
Do NOT do the new update!!!! Everything except the latest news can ONLY be accessed through the PAID content!!! Seriously considering deleting app!!!
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11 years ago, Shawnhatesyou
Invasive ads
I am repeatedly redirected to the App Store to download Candy Crush. I am not touching ads on purpose. I am redirected when there are no ads on the screen.
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9 years ago, ACSSoftball
Not good
Post star update is NOT working as soon as I open it it crashes.. How can I fix this
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8 years ago, Lqdtrance
Not only is it covered in ads but majority of the "news" is regurgitated AP bs. Very poor reporting on anything of substance and very biased.
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9 years ago, Chuckie rich
Random clicks
Clicks random stuff and opens my browser to view it...trash bag
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2 years ago, Joy2nome
$25.99 a month?!
Was absolutely fine with watching dads or all the pop-ups. But the fact that I now would have to pay $25.99 a month, is absolutely ridiculous. Time to delete this app after years of having it. Sorry I won’t be able to keep up with news in my hometown, but that is just an astronomical price.
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9 years ago, Dari Kandieux
The update text of this version promoted "broad categories" with "no need to drill down through menus." I must be one of the few who like to know what section I'm in because I find the new More section too much of a hodgepodge to be readable. I'd prefer to use the individual sections (Trending/Entertainment/Life etc). This may make it easier on setting up the app--just have all feeds dump into one place--but not as helpful for this reader. Perhaps few other users realized these other sections were available and just stuck to the opening Latest section. They may not know what they're missing but I do. Also, the update text talked about "enhanced tools for managing notifications" but I don't see anything like that in Settings. Nice of you to get rid of the Premium paywall that was added not too long ago. This doesn't affect me since my husband and I are paid e-edition subscribers. He still reads it on his tablet every morning. Instead of doing that, I found it easier to view the app and the sections I liked multiple times a day. Now, I'll likely just scan the Latest section morning and night and Obituaries once a day and call it good enough. Updated: 9/11/15 App now doing phantom clickthroughs to App store as reported by others. Not worth dealing with. Deleting. Rating going down to 1 from 2.
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