The Pottstown Mercury

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32.5 MB
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Journal Register Company
Last update
2 years ago
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11.0 or later
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User Reviews for The Pottstown Mercury

3 out of 5
2 Ratings
11 years ago, jose2088
Great local news app
As long as you stay away from the right-wing biased commentary and op-Ed, this is a great local app for news.
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12 years ago, thewebscaper
Do these developers actually use their app????
Okay, first, props they at least have an app. But what's the point if stuff doesn't work??? They only post a very few stories here. Those they post are good, it's a million times better than their mobile site. BUT..... 1. The developers or editors clearly never tested "breaking news." you can read the headline, and the first few words of the store, but nothing more and no link to the story. WTH??? 2. Hope nobody you love dies if their last name falls in the second half of the alphabet. They only show up through about L or M. AND, most of the obits from A to wherever it cuts off are just "in memorium" of people who died a year ago in 2011. Why put those here and not the current ones????? 3. If there is news breaking like a fire or accident, that doesn't seem to make it into the "breaking news" section, which is exactly the kind of stuff mobile users want. If you've got people tweeting it, hello, put it on your mobile app. Though I guess what's the point, if nobody can read the breaking news anyway.... I live here. I'm stuck with the Mercury as my local news source, but it's so hard to support them when they have an awful website, painful mobile browser, and a really promising app that has serious flaws that apparently the mercury doesn't care about. Frustrated again!
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8 years ago, Iphonerocks00
Lousy!. Don't waste your time!
Warning: not free. Stops loading articles after about 10 or 12 links are clicked and requests a subscription. How stupid is that? And they wonder why people are turning away from newspapers and embracing other sources of information. Also, it's Riddled with ads and has poor performance. Slow to load. Stay away. Go with a major network news app instead which is free.
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11 years ago, Birdiee19464
Horrible! I guess it's ok if you want to read maybe 4 local stories a day.. After noon! Content is never ready in the morning, ya know,. When most people would read a newspaper. Half of the articles fail to load., forget trying to read a bizarre blotter or watch a video. May as well go pick up a paper, although that's probably the purpose! Why would they want a flawless app? Then they wouldn't make ANY money.
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11 years ago, Xccam
Bizzare blotter never loads anything beyond the basic headlines, and anything involving a video does not load, either. With the latest update, I thought it might improve. The new pop up ads load IMMEDIATELY, but half the time the articles don't, and I STILL don't get videos or bizzare blotter. Quite often the app crashes. I'd give it a zero if I could. Junk, crapoy excuse for a money grab with the advertising.
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11 years ago, DeniseB70
Handy and easy app to use
Love having this app to check out the local news. Don't like messing around with a big newspaper. I use this app everyday to see what's going on locally and around the world.
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12 years ago, PottstownGetsNothingRight
Nothing opens!
It would be nice if the articles actually opened so they can be read. What's the point of having an app that doesn't work? Constantly says "content is loading" then finally says after that "article no longer available" even though it was just published 2 hours ago!
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12 years ago, Bkone33
Never updates
I have to delete and reinstall everyday and then only of I am lucky it will up date to current day. The next time I delete will be my last time to use this app. I travel and do like to keep up on area news. This app not working most if the time does not fulfill my expectations
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10 years ago, Bkh52174
Add alerts
Last update ruined this app. There are still no breaking news alerts and now the articles don't update. I open the app and see stories from last week. No refresh button either. Booooooooo
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11 years ago, DebbieKr
Great app
This app is great. You can even read sound off!
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10 years ago, NatBT
Doesn't update
This app wouldn't be half bad but the news doesn't update. It shows stories from 2 days ago...not the recent newest stories.
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9 years ago, Pookaloo11
Great job on sucking more
I use to use the app a lot now it works for a few days and makes you sign into a paid subscription. It won't let you read anything. Don't need local news that bad
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11 years ago, Windylady
Good news app
Good app great to keep up on local news.
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12 years ago, lam72bert
Best local news source on the iPhone!!
I love this app!
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11 years ago, Joebeek
Needs comments
Why no comments at the end of the stories? That is the best part.
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11 years ago, Wilbur427
Bill from rofo
This app stinks. It does not refresh when it should. I check it 2 to 4 times a day. It's a Friday and I'm still looking at the Wednesday news. They better do something soon to fix this.
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12 years ago, Strego
Good app
Works good
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10 years ago, Zoom DR
Constant crashes
The only thing that seems to be consistent with this app is that it locks up and crashes constantly. What a disappointment.
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6 years ago, Palm18071
Can’t find any place to say I only want “x”. Or notify if “something important happens” Tried it about 2 years ago and removed it. Good bye again.
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11 years ago, Twget
Old news
Only a few new articles a day. A lot of grammatical and typographic errors. Ap crashes about 30% of the time.
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10 years ago, Ksu#1
Doesn't work!
Freezes or crashes all the time. I like local news but wished it worked.
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10 years ago, Matthew Wells
Old content
The content doesn't refresh. I am going on five day old news. Too many adds
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11 years ago, Peepers69
Mercury App Complaint
App crashes, articles dont load and Bizarre Blotter is a bust with just the headline! I am considering deleting it if I dont see some sort of improvement!!
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11 years ago, philfromphilly999
Half the time when you touch at item to read the story I get a blank page.
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11 years ago, MaMe123987
This app is horrible! It's never up to date. If you like your news 3 weeks old then this app is for you
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9 years ago, Shock400
App freezes and closes
All of a sudden this app tells me I must create a press+ login
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10 years ago, FOXCONN3417
Freezes,crashes,not up to date.... Sorry but....
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6 years ago, Jeff1789
Old content, crashes
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11 years ago, Whale Huge
Rather read nothing
Horrible paper! It is like ready an unintelligent FaceBook posting.
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11 years ago, Culley67
White screen
I tap the headline to go to the story and get a white screen.
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11 years ago, Jordan2350
This app is awfull dont get it the news is over 3 months old and wont update!!!
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11 years ago, Pamedic4life
Love it
Nice app
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10 years ago, 306203505978
Joe Smith
A terrible app!
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