The (San Bernardino) Sun

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User Reviews for The (San Bernardino) Sun

1 out of 5
2 Ratings
12 years ago, TravelRat2012
Much better than the previous version
This app for the Sun is leaps and bounds above the old version. Updated much better. No need to go to the website for Inland Empire news.
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3 years ago, Gnfnr4dj
Read 3 articles free! Then pay to read.
App says free. Great. Downloaded. Read three articles, then got blocked by message stating to sign up free, no credit card required. So they want to gather a bunch of data on me? Fine, I guess that’s the cost of using digital businesses. I “signed up”. Got to read three more articles, with pop up ads by the way, and then got blocked by message saying I had to now pay to read. Wow. Bait, switch. Bait, switch. What’s the next hoop to jump through? I have a feeling that even if you pay to read, you still have to deal with constant pop up ads, etc. If constant ads are creating revenue, then why charge readers? I have a feeling this news outlet is going out of business soon. These business practices make this the type of app you delete within 10 minutes of download.
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9 years ago, Ratsun
Okay, but what is the point?
The app has not crashed at all, like other reviewers mentioned in the last versions. However, some contents, eg. Classified, jobs etc. directly linked to the website and are not really optimized to this app. Maybe it has still been in a process of the development. At this moment, I'll go to the website directly, check the news of The Sun.
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3 years ago, DB8287
Worthless App
I bought a annual Sun subscription in 2019 & was happy with the online access & a physical Sunday newspaper. It was automatically renewed in late 2020 (no notification of any kind) but I was happy with it so I let it go. Not long after I was denied access to any type of news thru the app, and had to rely on a daily email with the online daily newspaper for news. I don’t want to read day old news! It’s really sad. Time to cancel.
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12 years ago, HeloCaptain
I escaped from California a few years ago, and now enjoy lovely New Hampshire as my home. This app is very well designed, seems to be bug free (a rarity for a news app). The app offers excellent (and relevant) coverage of the Inland Empire. The content serves as a reminder of why I wanted to escape CA. To the app developers: VERY WELL DONE!
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10 years ago, Envy <3
Awful App, Awful Writers.
This app is constantly force closing on me. Whoever is writing these articles needs to take a few classes in communications/journalism! There are numerous punctuation, spelling and grammar errors and the news articles never cover the content displayed in the news heading. Example - Current Breaking News: '4 reasons the latest CIA revelation is serious' 'The latest fight over America's spycraft has triggered serious constitutional questions. On the Senate floor Tuesday, Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California, the chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, said that the CIA searched computers used by Senate staff to investigate the CIA, confirming a story reported by the New York Times last week.' Um, what the heck writers? You people are morons.
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10 years ago, RC121992
Worst app on my phone.
The good news, I like the content. The bad news, the app is very very unstable. I only look at the Breaking News section. When opening a story, many times they won't load and it kicks me completely out of the app and I have to restart it. After that happens a few times. The app will no longer start and I have to delete it and reinstall.
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10 years ago, lg 123
Extremely unstable
The app has had a history of being unstable. The older version would crash when I would navigate to quickly. Which wasn't really quick at all. And this one after choosing an article. It needs a fix and fast because I live in the Inland Empire and would like to know what happens with the convenience of the app.
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10 years ago, Ryart86
Used to be good
This ap used to be good however around December 4th 2013 the ap now requires a paid subscription. I don't plan to subscribe so I can't comment on whether or not there are annoying pop up ads or commercials that were in the previous version. I guess I'll have to go somewhere else for my news...
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11 years ago, Cuz/chu-chu
San Bernardino Sun
Has too many problems compared to the last one. I click an ad n there is nothing. Need to fix those bugs because its starting to get annoying. N it cnt b the service bcuz I read frm home with wifi n it's stupid! Fix this problem plz!!!
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11 years ago, GT_mom
Not impressed
Quotations show up as a series of random characters, "breaking news" is usually 4+ hours old, half the "local" and "breaking news" links are empty, and only a fraction of the stories in the actual paper or full website are accessible via this app. Very disappointing.
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9 years ago, Kimmradd
Need to subscribe?
All of a sudden, I need to purchase a subscription in order to read any and every news article. Why change? Guess I'll be deleting the mobile app. No use takings up data space just to read the headlines, and not get the actual article.
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11 years ago, Yuccathumper
Completely agree with previous ratings! This is typical Sun Telegram at it's best. They should change their motto to 'old news all the time!' But what do you expect? They have to read the news from other newspapers before they can post the news. Don't waste your time!
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11 years ago, Nascars007
Great App just needs a way to contribute
Love the App for Getting news Would be nice to post from Scenes
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11 years ago, MrBkh
Just ok
Decent app. The articles aren't updated often enough. Keeping up with local events is important to me and this fulfills some of those needs.
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12 years ago, wadagy
The Sun app
Moved from the IE long time ago but this app keeps me up to date on my old hometown
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12 years ago, Austin_M_Day
The sun
Great news informer
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11 years ago, BENNY"B
Need more info??
The app is cool, but need more detail in each headline.i like it for the fact that I don't get the paper but need more reads..
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10 years ago, Curis
Cool app
It's nice to be able to get the news on my phone. Plus it's got a lot of other cool features.
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12 years ago, Protesting gas rates
Bring the text share back!!!
It's easier to share news articles via text...I use to love this app cuz the text share was the best 😔
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11 years ago, Shawna1441
Bad upgrade
Not very happy with the upgrade. Can't get any real news, and it's more difficult to navigate. I liked it better before. Uninstalling.
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10 years ago, Mike P not from SB
Horrible horrible app
This is the worst performing app I have ever used. It has never been updated and probably never will. Get a different news app. This one consistently force closes and shuts down...worst app ever...I'm un installing it now :)
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4 years ago, RickC1231
App is terrible
I have no idea what section of the paper I am in. The ads pop up in unexpected places. I’m happy the sun has ads but the whole experience is so disconnected and hard to navigate that I am removing the app.
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11 years ago, Gazzer4972$
Same as last version
Old news all the time. The news is the same in every category. Why am I reading old local news in the Calif and National categories?
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4 years ago, Kingfarnut
Can’t read any one article without at least two pop ups opening blocking my view. Forces me to close and it keeps happening. Useless as is.
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8 years ago, Skullman1219
False advertising
The app claims to be free which it's free to download but that's the extent of it. The app requires a subscription after the first day of use which the app does not tell you. Seems like a bate and switch advertising to me.
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9 years ago, Devin846900
Crashes too often
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7 years ago, Big IJ
News app
How do you retrieve the local news? There's no way to get it.
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10 years ago, Fireman 63
All of a sudden...
Now you need to sign up for a separate account etc just to read the news... Well pretty sure I am not the only one done with this app.
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11 years ago, Danilee00000
"Top News" is a joke.
It's not news if all you get are a headline and a couple of generic sentences. What's even the point of that section?
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9 years ago, torisecret~
Crashes all the annoying!!
Crashes all the annoying!! Update & fix!!!
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10 years ago, Amy Gutierrez <3
Not Worth The Download...
It's not up to date on events, there's still events from last week.
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11 years ago, Walt's Shadow
From First to WORST!
This use to be a great app. All I want is local news. If I wanted Regional news Id get the LA Times. I don't care about the San Gabriel Valley. I care about the IE.
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10 years ago, oWoboros
Terrible app crashes constantly
The app is bad. It crashes on my iPhone 5 every time I load an article.
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11 years ago, pawhey
No content
It just gives headlines. It does not allow to view the whole story. Waste of time.
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3 years ago, fffiibfthoorff4577??
Terrible app!
Can’t even read articles
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11 years ago, Japodaca
Don't update
Old version was better. Update stinks they need to fix the bugs!!
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11 years ago, MachinistChuck
Shorted stories
This app is terrible as none of the stories seem complete. Either that or Sun reporters think 3 lines are a story.
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11 years ago, Jonparham
News and sports are the only Sections updated. What about lifestyles and the others??
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