The Scranton Times-Tribune

1.5 (59)
32.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Times-Shamrock Communications
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for The Scranton Times-Tribune

1.54 out of 5
59 Ratings
6 years ago, Brianx51
Worst news app ever
This app is lame. Be prepared to double-thumb scroll all the waaaay to the bottom for Obituaries. Sometimes a spam message pops up to click. You have to end the app to avoid clicking. Update: I raised it one start. They put a box at the top that you can jump to different sections. Too bad the box disappears as you scroll down. If you want to jump after you've scrolled down a ways you have to double-thumb your way to the top. The spam is still popping up requiring one to kill the app to get out of it. Still the worst news app I've come across.
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5 years ago, The Business of Writing by JOR
Bait & Switch
Downloaded the app to access archived reporting AFTER reading the provided information that included the assurance that there would be “no charge” for iPad users. The first article I tried to access resulted in me being flipped to the newpaper’s website, then a 15-second view was brought up of the article appeared before a subscription-required sales prompt popped up and disallowed my ability to READ the article I had searched for. Certainly I understand that newspapers need revenue streams and I would certainly have been willing, had I been honestly approached for a digital subscription. Instead I was promised access that was not provided and I have been jumping through hoops since trying to gain a readable version of what I have been unsuccessfully researching. Just horrible. Can’t use the app, can’t read the darn article, and can’t even get a subscription purchase to finalize so I’m just SOL.
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3 years ago, Caramia56
Unreliable, glitch-filled app
The Scranton Times-Tribune app: don't waste your time! The ONLY good thing about this app is that it's free, but you get what you pay for-- nothing. The app USED to be much better about 9 months ago, but there's no point in mentioning its now-defunct good points. Suffice to say, I could barely read my paper today. The button option to choose text view" or traditional (formatted for mobile vs more like a hard -copy appearance) disappeared. The text was literally jumpy (I checked other websites ; they're all fine, just the newspaper is twitchy). Some articles would not enlarge to make for easier reading. Even in the iPad, some articles are blurred. This app is not well- made or well-maintained. If I could give it NO stars, I would, but the review forces me to give it at least one. Pretend you don't see that one star. This is a zero-star, totally thumbs- down review.
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3 years ago, Thisisbrokenfixit
It’s really bad
Whoever developed this app clearly doesn’t use it. If he/she did, there’d have been LOTS of changes. It makes reading the paper an unpleasant chore, especially if opting for the traditional format via a web browser. Pages change and reload for no reason, completely highlight blue, lag very slowly, cut off the bottom of some pages, and so on. The list is endless. Oddly, the old app worked just fine. I’m baffled as to why it was replaced with this garbage. Note to advertisers - once my prepaid subscription expires I will not renew. It’s just not worth the bother. If you don’t care about where you place your ads, I don’t care to buy your product.
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3 years ago, Pa383mopar
I have never felt the need to review an app until now. This “new” app, which was forced upon readers, is a huge move backward. I can no longer read the paper! The app view is does not provide news in a sensible format and leaves too much out, so I don’t even try to use it. So, I’m left with the “e-edition” which is a web-based view. The “replica view” is too blurry to read when zoomed, and the “live article view” provides about 30 percent of the page content. I have contacted support numerous times and they tell me they are waiting on IT to fix it. I spent 32 years working in IT - someone in IT should be fired over this mess! Either fix it, or back out and give us the old app back!
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1 month ago, katieladyyyy
Doesn’t Recognize My Subscription
Despite have a subscription and being logged into my account, every single time I click on an article I receive a message stating I don’t have access to the content. I hit the back arrow to navigate to the previous page, and am then usually granted access. Sometimes I have to click back and forward multiple times to get access. It’s very glitchy and I can never just click on a headline and have it take me directly to the article. VERY FRUSTRATING! The only reason I still use this app is because there aren’t other decent local news options in NEPA.
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4 years ago, FrustratedL
New App
As we were forced off the old app to what was said was a new app, I tried it. Clearly by the dates here it’s not new. Among other things I can’t find certain sections, it makes me re-login when I go to say the obits, I can’t find areas I’m looking for and too many adds and stuff popping up and in your way constantly. I want my old app back.
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3 years ago, Mar18519
The “new”version of this app is awful! Trying to scroll through the pages even with the lightest touch activates the entire screen and it turns blue. When this happens its impossible to click to the next page - I have to close the app, reopen and try clicking to where I was without having it happen again. The old version was just like reading the newspaper. For 8 years I would read it every day, turning the pages just like in the print version. I can’t believe this is considered an improvement over the old app. THis is like taking a 20 year leap BACKWARDS in technology.
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4 years ago, susansnyder
Going to cancel subscription
We have been subscribing to the on line version for a couple years. Loved that it was like reading the actual newspaper. You were able to enlarge print as needed. This new app is horrible. Don’t know why you messed with something that wasn’t broken. We live out of time and enjoyed keeping up with the hometown news. Will be cancelling 2 subscriptions tomorrow.
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6 years ago, 1WierdName
I’ve had it.. every time I click on an article.. network connection lost .. no issues with any other app... and I keep getting spam when clicking on obituary
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4 years ago, johnnycashlover
If it ain’t broke...
The prior app was just like reading a newspaper - you could zoom to read articles, flip pages, and so forth. Now, the news is displayed by article (not page), which makes the reading experience much more time consuming and frustrating. I wish the Times would go back to the old way of doing things. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”
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4 years ago, Richv1965
This app belongs on Denaples Landfill
This is such garbage, I pay for the paper and the other app was well done and it was simple to read the paper on my iPad. This nonsense kicks me back to my web browser to read the paper complete with giant translucent arrows on both sides (to remind you where to touch to turn a page).... I wish there was a way to give a lower rating for this app.
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8 years ago, Smrfer
Needs improvement
Does not seem to update with all current articles. When I know an article exists in the print version, I have a hard time finding it. If you use the back button rather then swiping to the next article , it takes you back to the top of the list rather then where you left off. Can't share - this is a big one. Everywhere else in from iPhone there is a button to mail , text, etc... Would love an option to see the format in print version. The categories don't make sense to me and are split in wierd ways.
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3 years ago, Frustrated Reader 52
Downloaded about 6 weeks ago as the older app was going away. I find this app very unstable as it crashes continually. Also, you can’t read the e-edition in the app itself, it takes you to the web. Not sure what the value is of the app.
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8 months ago, FYI Review
Horrible app
Kicks you out with every click. Doesn’t matter which device/version/restart.
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3 years ago, Dalton to New York
Worst App ever
This app never allows me to read the E edition of the paper. Today will not load. Why can’t you fix it? The old app worked so much better. Very disappointed in this app and the lack of support.
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2 years ago, BrianJWhite
Doesn’t work
Doesn’t work since last update. Tried to delete and download again. Won’t even download now.
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3 years ago, Disappointed and saddened
Broken Since Recent Update
Prior to the most recent update, this app worked fine.... however now it opens for a second and then shuts down.
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3 years ago, mcsher1959
Doesn’t work anymore
I don’t know what was done but the app opens then shuts right down. Please fix it. When my paper is late or doesn’t arrive I count on the app to read.
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1 year ago, DJ-JERRY
Liberals will this paper
If you like the View you’ll love this paper
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4 years ago, Crismaz
What a shame!
The prior app was a joy to read! Just like reading the paper, it was impressive! This is a horrible and useless app! Miss way too much of the paper reading this way!
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3 years ago, Raydiomike
Works Barely
Pop up ads, why? I pay for a subscription. The edition is hard to read and navigate.
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3 years ago, MCMJ
New app is horrible- I’m so upset I deleted old one. It’s like reading yahoo news updates Bring back the app style where reader can see the newspaper
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3 years ago, fedddduppp
Times replaced a working app with this “ new” app. Can’t read the paper with the app Why pay for a subscription?
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2 years ago, Rye Miniwheats IV
Quite possibly the worst app Ive ever dealt with. Think twice before getting this one.
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2 years ago, MPO290
The worst!
I can’t believe how bad this app is. It’s literally impossible to read the newspaper. Worst app I’ve ever used!!
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3 years ago, quinton72
Poor resolution
Since late October 2020 this app has been blurry and at times almost unreadable.
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6 years ago, NoHope4Franklin
Only Redirects
This app only redirects you to the website. It’s essentially a bookmark.
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4 years ago, 9j4nsi5bs
What a mess!
This app is even worse than the newspaper.
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2 years ago, countertops
Not good
E-edition rarely works. Not a good or user-friendly app
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4 years ago, cndew
Scranton Times-Tribune
What happened to the poll question, puzzles,comics,etc.?
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3 years ago, Panda Besr
Bad App
It needs a lot of work!
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10 years ago, Oliver1oliver1oliver1
I feel duped
I'm paying $10 a month for the news. I wake up on a Sunday morning and can only find yesterday's news. I am paying for old news. I will be canceling my subscription. Furthermore, when the new is current, I'm not crazy about the app set up. I'm sure there is a better format out there, Times-Tribune.
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9 years ago, Petep777
Update ruined app
This app used to be really good. Several terrible changes since update. Font to large. Can't swipe between sections. Have to click the menu every time. No video in the app.
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10 years ago, Adamizerr
need an account. stupid!
i just want to read news. not sign up and pay a stupid fee. instant deletion
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9 years ago, 142375
Overall good but..
Does not refresh breaking news on a consistent basis. Sometimes it takes days before refreshing.
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9 years ago, CL Summit
App works nice but the editorials and columnist are not up to par. Paper is just not worth paying for when the political views clash with you own.
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6 years ago, 2big2failinscranton
Great App
Love reading the paper on my phone.Glad to see The Scranton Times is with the times.
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