The Spelling Bee

4 (145)
24.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
TicTapTech, LLC
Last update
5 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for The Spelling Bee

4 out of 5
145 Ratings
5 years ago, MU99LE
Spelling Test feature
This is the best App I have found for my son to study his weekly spelling words. You can add your own spelling list and record yourself saying the word which is key to helping them lean. Unlike some other Apps this one had a hint feature on the word scramble that will allow the kids to hear the word they are unscrambling, which is really important when the kids are trying to learn their new words. My only issue with the App that I wish they could fix my issue with the actual "Spelling Test" I'm not sure if it is just our iPad, but my son is given the standard iPad key board to type our the word during a practice test. The only problem with that is there is too many features on the key board that the kids don't need, like: TAB, CAP LOCK, all the NUMBERS, EMOJI ICONS, & the usful MICROPHONE that actually helps the kids cheat.
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9 years ago, jlovemom
There's a problem !
I just figured out that there's a problem with this app. If you make one mistake for any activity, you won't get your badge even if it takes you a long time to complete. It makes you feel discouraged--like you don't know any of your spelling words. You should make a limit for how many that you can get wrong to still get the badge for an activity. If you get some wrong, it could say "practice more" near the badge. I'm eight years old. I'm in third grade, so trust me I have hard words so I know.
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6 years ago, WhiteMir
Recording is It working
I been using the spelling bee for my son vocabulary list from school I enter every word but I can’t never get the recording to work. Can you help! Thanks!
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7 years ago, Mushyopal
I like it, but....
This app could use some fine tuning to make it better. My first suggestion is to make the letters lowercase. I think it's important that children see and spell the word the way you would normally see them in everyday reading. You usually do not see a word in all caps. The user selection could be more usher friendly for kids. The moving honeycombs in multiple lines is dizzying for my daughter. May 1 or 2 rows would be better. Overall it's a useful app. Would just to see these changes.
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1 year ago, NicoleLovesPiano
Game changer
I’ve been trying to find something that will keep my kids engaged and wanting to do their prep for the upcoming spelling test. This has solved the melt downs over the idea. My kids are 9 and 6 and thrive using this app. Just what I needed.
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9 years ago, Floogabonga
Awesome app!!!
I love that you can program words from your spelling list. Kids are more engaged because they have study options plus the app has a spelling bee to check your child's progress.
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6 years ago, NoGameForOldMen
Amazing Application
My son has struggled in spelling after starting 2nd grade in an international school. His first sets of scores were 31% and a 38% respectively. I installed this application to give him a full week of using it. According to screen time he used it an average of 34 minutes a day for that week (M-Th). This week he has a 100%. He even spelled the tricky word (Resourceful) correctly. I do not know if those results are unusual but wanted to share exactly our story. Thanks Devs, Rob
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9 years ago, Gretchlynn
Best App ever for homeschoolers!
This is amazing. I love everything about this but mostly that I can make lists from there curriculum spelling words and they can study them on the spelling bee!
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4 years ago, HorrorTimeBaby
It ok
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5 months ago, Spellingdogmom
I love it! It helps my kids learn spelling so much easier I definitely recommend!
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6 years ago, Whydontthingsworkright
Keeps crashing
I get 3-4 words on the list and the app closes. I’ve tried several times even uninstalling and reinstalling the app. It’s a shame the 3-4 words I could get it to take my son liked playing with. Useless if you can’t get the entire spelling list in there for your child to study. I would like a refund 😕
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7 years ago, Disappointed fuji fan
Audio problems,
We just purchased and when we try to record the word by voice, the app crashes. Also, in the honeybee swarm, no word is heard despite having the volume all the way up. Please fix these two issues. Using latest OS.
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6 years ago, Eppihl
Shutting down
My app is updated to the latest version and I cannot create a word list due to the app constantly shutting down. Then when you go to log back in, you cannot edit your word list. It makes you create a whole new list. Do not download. It’s frustrating
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7 years ago, Mr.Thompson67
Just ok not worth $2
I wouldn't recommend this. The way the letters move in the spelling swarm it makes you dizzy and nauseous. I think there are much better games for free than this paid one. I will use since I have it but I wouldn't recommend it
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9 years ago, Lisa0615
Nice educational app. Seems to make kids a little more interested in studying spelling words.
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5 years ago, Scooby-no-doo
Seems like a great App
Loved the games. I couldn’t figure out how to record my own lists. Wouldn’t work no matter what I tried. Then the program froze my screen. It has potential to be great, but not if I can’t record and it freezes my screen.
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5 years ago, paybjmknyfrsecgn)lm
This is so great!
It has helped my daughter so much with her spelling words.
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7 years ago, BarSmart4
Good practice!
This app is fun for my son and keeps him current on his spelling words!
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4 years ago, JKYumaTeacher
Not Great
Looking for an app that I could put my kids spelling list into and have him play games. This does that but the games are t great and it is super glitchy! Try a different one. Wish I could have my $2 back!
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9 years ago, Okthenthisismyname
I like it!
This app is well done. Thank you!
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6 years ago, Yegikyan
Can not get recording go
I don’t know what is wrong with this app, but it won’t record any word and it keeps crashing. Please fix it or I want my money back.
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6 years ago, momof#3smg
App hasn’t been updated. Crashes all the time. Prior to IOS 10, app worked great. It was a great tool for my son.
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9 years ago, greyish ghost
Marks correct spelling as wrong
This game is unhelpful for spelling practice. It marks a word wrong if it is not on the word list. For example, it marked "cork" as wrong, because it wanted us to spell "rock." It marked "posh" as wrong because it was looking for "shop."
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9 years ago, Hppychk
Great app
Very helpful study tool!
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9 years ago, LoveGames!667
We love it! Very helpful and fun!
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6 years ago, justwantaappthatworks
I paid $1.99 for this crap! It stops suddenly and glitches continuously!! This is the worse app EVER! Do NOT buy this app!!!!!!!
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9 years ago, Mommalamprecht
Not even worth 1 star
This was so hard to navigate. I tried before my son was allowed to use it. NOT EVEN GONNA WASTE ANYMORE TIME WITH THIS APP.
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5 years ago, seala81
This app crashes all the time
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11 years ago, Kallen3436
Great app, needs to sync
This is a great app. My daughter loves all the difference spelling games, and works great that we can put her weekly word list in for her to practice. Just one thing missing... Needs to sync between devices.
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5 years ago, Ann Moyer
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10 years ago, Pharmgal22
Awesome for my 1st grader!!
This app is wonderful for my 1st grader studying his spelling words! It has several games they can play with the words from a list you create and record. One game is alphabetize, another is word scramble. Some are visual and some are auditory and visual. There are also lists you can choose from depending on level, etc....highly recommend! Well worth it!!
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11 years ago, Fayetteville, Arkansas
Mom of a 3rd grader
This app is a great tool for studying for a spelling bee. It says a word, then the child types the word. I also made my own list of National Spelling Bee words. You can record the word in your voice, and then the child has to type the word. It's great! I see us using this app to study each spelling list, weekly. Well worth the $$. Plus, there are games to play.
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10 years ago, sunshine1979
What a "bee"utiful way to add to a child's curriculum
In searching for a way to further engage my kids in their spelling I happened across this app. We couldn't be happier. 15 min. at a time once or twice a day has greatly improved not just spelling but their reading skills as well. Well worth the price and space. We've used this from kindergarten up.
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11 years ago, Philip Likens
A fun way to learn to spell!
I really like the pre-made word lists coupled with the ability to add our own words. The different games keep things interesting. This is a great educational tool and fun for kiddos. It's the type of app you don't mind handing to your child because you know they'll learn from it.
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10 years ago, Kitty=Kat
This is a wonderful app if it works at least 50% of the time. I've used it for two years when there was no other comparative one. Sometimes the record/stop button will function in reverse. Two of the games used to help learn the words does not work. We just use the list to enter and pronounce the words and my daughter studies using the "scramble" game and "self" test. Fix the bugs and its a great learning tool.
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11 years ago, elizabethjohnson
Love it!
We just started using it this week for my daughters spelling words and we both love it! All games easy to play and easy to put in a new list of words. We will be using this app for a long time!
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10 years ago, Leaha1124
Awesome App
This app is so great for my children to study their spelling words for school. Not only can they study the actual words, but they can also play games with the words so the register them better. It's so helpful!!
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10 years ago, Evolutn
Amazing app!!!
My sons 4th grade teacher to all the parents at open house about this app. She even sends us the weekly spelling words to upload. So easy and user friendly. Well worth the money!!
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11 years ago, grishfam
Perfect for kids with a weekly spelling test
The games are all very engaging - my kids love it. The best part is you can add your own list! The "spelling bee" feature will be helpful in preparing for our weekly spelling test.
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11 years ago, Hawkntails
Love this.
So great, spelling test grades have improved and my kids love that we can record our own voices. So easy to use and love that it keeps track of how they did so I can see it. My favorite spelling app!!
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11 years ago, Famwith3
This app seems fairly good but it would be nice to add to the study section. such as add to saying the word a spell aloud the word as an intro or could even just have them retype what is in front of them. My kids don't have the list memorized so it makes the scramble honeycomb list hard without hints.
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10 years ago, Pizzazz37
Homeschooling Mom of 1st Grader
Love being able to create my own lists based on her reading lessons! She is learning to spell while learning to read and this app is making it fun!
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11 years ago, kellimarshall
Home run!
Great graphics. Landscape mode makes all games easy to read/play. Ability to add players and track progress. TipTapTech has hit another one outta' the ballpark!
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10 years ago, Jojo marie
Excellent App
Great app for spelling! Multiple games at different levels keep learners of several abilities engaged. Highly recommend it. One of the absolute best learning apps I've ever seen.
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11 years ago, Readerwithkids
Very pleased with this app
Being able to make our own list is wonderful
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11 years ago, SpellingSanity
Great app!
Fun games break up the monotony of writing out words. Love that you can add your own list and that it saves lists for later review.
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11 years ago, MeWhoDat
This is a knockoff version of Spellboard
Apps should be forced to offer money back guarantees since you can't preview for a period of time to learn they are a waste of money or a watered down version of another app. You'd be better off purchasing Spellboard, you can do more in addition to what this limited app does. I want my .99 back for nothing new.
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10 years ago, sarahnanna
Offering a variety of spelling challenges for my kindergartner's study list reinforces her confidence while enjoying the process of learning. This is a fantastic study aid.
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10 years ago, IndigoKidz
Makes spelling words painless & Fun!
Great app! Has helped make spelling words and practice far less painful. And has helped increase grades..
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11 years ago, JW26.2
The ability to add your own word list is perfect! Also, great graphics!
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