The Star-Ledger

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The Star-Ledger LLC
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2 years ago
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9.0 or later
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User Reviews for The Star-Ledger

4.27 out of 5
293 Ratings
4 years ago, Jets' Fan
Glad to have The Star Ledger App!
I and my husband are not New Jersey natives - I, originally from Oswego, NY, my husband, originally from West Chester, PA - however, due to a job with AT&T, my husband was transferred from northern Virginia to Morristown, NJ back in June of 1990. We eventually moved in November of ‘90 to a home in Sparta, NJ. We then eventually moved to a home in Flanders, NJ and spent a total of almost 29 years living there in New Jersey, 5 years in Sparta, almost 24 in Flanders. We, most of those years, got The Star Ledger, seven days a week. We have since moved to the Myrtle Beach, SC area and have lived there since the Fall of ‘19. I have used newspaper apps on my IPhone for the time we’ve lived in SC. The newest app I have on my phone is The Star Ledger’s and very happy I’ve gotten their app! It allows me to keep up with all things Jersey!
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4 years ago, deacon169
Intermittent digital service
I’ve been subscribing for the Star Ledger for year, but for the past 6 weeks I have been receiving inconsistent service. I have not been able to connect with my subscription at all for the past 2 weeks. I only requested a digital rendering of the Ledger. I do receive notification from my mobile devices everyday, but all I keep receiving is a demo and a way to start another subscription. I contacted the Star Ledger support group, and because my subscription is through iTunes they have no account for me. Apple/iTunes is receiving the monthly fee and is depending on the app developer and the Star Ledger to communicate and provide the necessary service. I’ve gone back and forth with the support staff of the Star Ledger, and the only way I can communicate with the developer, is through this review. I just want this issue resolved so I can continue my subscription with iTunes. Please respond.
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3 years ago, Mshumeyk
New Version Doesnt Work
I have beed a long time digital only subscriber and had no problems with the Olive digital edition on the PC and later with the app when I got my first iPad. As with everyone else the new app doesn't recognize my user ID. I called customer service last Sunday and was told the new app had an unexpected glitch and I was given instructions as to how to view the paper with Safari, which I had figured out already and which is awkward. The most frustrating part of all this is the daily email from the Star Ledger telling me to view the paper in the wonderful new app. It would be much more appropriate to be sending us emails apologizing for the issue and advising a time frame for correcting the problem
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4 years ago, Gradycodey
Totally Non Functional
I realize that it was important to update the platform, but this roll out has so many glitches. Four days of trying to access paper with no success. I have read Star Ledger online for years since we live in Florida but still follow New Jersey news. Highly frustrating process with literally no response to email. Fix it now, or put it back the way it was!
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10 months ago, Dutch-18
Star Ledger app is terrific!
Love the way that it works! Mirror a hard copy then when you click on, or select, an article, it pops up in a nicely sized font that is very easily read. Even that font size was be made larger or smaller to fit he needs of the reader. The article is easily scrollable. There are too many newspaper apps where articles must be manipulated in multiple ways to be read. Not so with the Star Ledger. Thank you for having the best layout that I’ve seen.
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4 years ago, Fasteda
Star Ledger Rocks
I really enjoy reading the Star Ledger on line. I can’t find news about New Jersey and my local area anywhere else. The format is a pleasure to read. I see a thumbnail of the printed version and when I click on an article, I get an easy to read version that I can read on my iPhone, iPad or desktop. I also read the New York Times but it’s on line format is not anywhere as good as the Star Ledger. The Stare Ledger is my best source of on line news.
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4 years ago, Sr.Jacqueline
Love the Star Ledger App
The digital edition is just like the paper! Makes it easier to read than other papers. I can email articles to myself and friends and a few times I’ve posted articles on Facebook. It’s also possible to email some of the journalists as well as a letter to the editor. I’ve been reading the Star Ledger for years and have had the digital edition for about eight years. Love it!
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3 years ago, Diane132
Unable to download certain issues
The previous iPad app worked great…why did you have to replace it with an inferior, broken app? Every few days I am unable to download an issue to read. Today is one of those days. I click 'download' and get the message 'preparing to download…..and that’s where is remains. If I close the app and try again, same thing happens. I pay to receive issues every day, yet several issues a month I do not get because of this inferior app. When are you going to fix this? Preparing to download
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4 years ago, Rg2324
Love this app
Although I now live in Florida, the Star Ledger is my first read of the day - with my morning coffee. The app sometimes doesn’t work, which is why the four stars - but thank you, Star Ledger, for the online version that looks just like the real paper!!
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4 years ago, sphman
Best way to get the news!
I have been using the SL app for years now and it is absolutely the best way to get the news! There are no annoying flashing ads to bother you and the straight forward copy of the paper is very enjoyable to see. I still get my Sunday paper delivered, but for the rest of the week, anytime, anywhere, I can get my Star Ledger like I always have!
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4 years ago, cellojane
Easy to use
Even though I still like to actually read the physical paper, the advantage to this app is that I can change the font size and also get the whole article in one place. This is very helpful for longer articles
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3 years ago, Roholla
The new version apparently wasn’t fully tested
The last version of the app worked just fine. This new version does not allow you to print any of the puzzles. The “official” workaround is to take a screen shot of the puzzle and print the screen shot. Really?! That’s the best they can come up with. Whatever happened to making sure everything works before you force a new version on your customers!
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4 years ago, InvisibleChezburger
Better than NYtimes & Washington Post
Full pages with ability to see all articles avoid the group think of the other apps that push “most viewed” and other organized displays.
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4 years ago, 14BuddLLC
Well done
How refreshing to have the publication waiting for you every morning. No waits or problems downloading. Just another something not to worry about. Confidence it will be there when you want it.
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9 months ago, FranAler
Star ledger
Been reading since it was called the Newark Star Ledger. Great staff that keep us informed . Reading it since I was 10 yrs old in the city of Newark . Now living I’m living in Monmouth county I wish there was more Monmouth county news in it.
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3 years ago, Teacherosb
Hanging again
I read the Star Ledger on my iPad. I never had any problems with the old version of the app. This version is very annoying! Just when I sit down to read my paper, THE APP HANGS! Nothing I can do but try again the next day. The entire screen becomes non-responsive and I have to totally quit the app to try again. If I can’t download the paper why am I wasting my money on a subscription???
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4 years ago, Jumping Jack Production
Love the Star-Ledger App!
I love being able to read the Star-Ledger on my iPad where ever I want, and be able to share articles with family. Very easy to access, read, and find previous editions. A big thumbs up!
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4 years ago, Lori12_61
Love getting the StarLedger every day in a digital form. They are always updating the info. I read it on my iPhone which is not quite ideal, but I like the news at my fingertips. Glad I could support our local newspaper .
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3 years ago, Yarnsmith
New version is a step backwards
The newest app version is not user friendly, and has taken away the ability to print and share from the app. In the previous app I was able to print the crosswords easily, now I have to screenshot and hope the size is big enough to read the clues. I’m giving it some time, but right now I’m less than pleased.
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4 years ago, Pomsylvania
Love online Star Ledger
Best part of the Star Ledger is the free online edition. Allows me to share interesting articles & info with others, keep on my phone useful references, recipes, etc & read the paper while I’m away on a trip. Love it!!
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4 years ago, Dydyfu
The app works very well. I like that I can expand the articles and pages, allowing for easy read of the articles. I do like the paper overall, seems to be just enough and well covered. Thank you...
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9 months ago, Littlepots
Very satisfied
I’m an early adopter of the app and it is significantly more stable and useable than earlier versions. Almost makes me want to eliminate my 4 days of hard copy.
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4 years ago, bhbhnmj
Just like a newspaper
I like the touch and feel of newsprint. This on line edition captues that feel and give me all the new I expect. It’s format is better than the on line New York Times or the Washington Post.
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4 years ago, todala
Great newspaper
I have been reading the Star Ledger for years. It’s great to be able to read it online, and the app has gone from ok to quite good over time.
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3 years ago, Bettehan
Star Ledger app is excellent!
This app is so easy to use. I often want to send articles to our children who grew up in NJ. but now live out of state and an do that easily.
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4 years ago, Ich bin American
Star Ledger
A well organized newspaper. Covers the local, state, national and world news. What else to say. We recently moved back to New Jersey. This is a better paper than we read in Asheville, NC.
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5 years ago, cmj222
Share feature not working
I thought I had app through StarLedger but all of a sudden the Share feature did not work. I spent about with Tech and nothing worked. Now even Tver sign in has stopped working. Doesnot recognize email. Extremely frustrated. Please fix ASAP. Thank you. Cmj222
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4 years ago, GK194a
Star ledger
I like the app very much. Only fault is sometimes I need to restart it a few times to have the newspaper load and also can’t get it to default to the right edition.
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3 years ago, Don't have one999
First class app design
Design of app is superb. Star-Ledger itself is a very liberal, unabashedly pro-Democrat newspaper. Ignoring that, the comics are excellent and provides good coverage of local news.
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3 years ago, I like red dogs
Star ledger
This is a handy app for when the delivery is delayed, or when I’ve left before it gets delivered. I have not been able to access Morris county news section because only Essex county is available in this app.
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4 years ago, CurJr
Like on line Ledger
App is easy to use. The drawback is I can’t get the ocean county edition on Sunday. I would also like an interactive crossword puzzle so that I would not have to print them.
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4 years ago, njauditor
Never had a problem
I am very happy the app. It always works and is easy to use. Highly recommended.
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5 years ago, artyesss
The worst!
Impossible site. It is a challenge to read the paper I receive 4 other digital editions. They all have better content and more of it. The NYTimes, USA Today, NYDaily News and The Philadelphia Inquirer put you to shame. I only bother with the Ledger for local news I am removing your app. Soon your home delivery will follow. You are in a dying industry, and you are helping it along.
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3 years ago, fixedittilitbroke
Page 1 doesn’t allow reader view.
I download the daily edition. I select an article on the front page and get a 🚫. When I select an article from page 2 or higher, I he the reader view.
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4 years ago, ladinnida
Easy Navigation
Great way to read the paper, especially on vacation. Easy to navigate.
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4 years ago, Winnie51
Star ledger app
Was Having a terrible time with this app--needed updating. Had to delete and re-install app each day to get subscription. Seems better lately with new changes. Thank you
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4 years ago, Raymondo56
Great NJ app for news
Easier than getting a newspaper delivered each day. Fair price. Keep up on New Jersey news plus sports, tv, comics, real estate and more.
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4 years ago, Momma Mac 3
Easy to read the paper
Nice to read the newspaper. Easy to navigate. I really like that I can email an article easily.
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5 years ago, OY1995
Jigsaws not working
After reading the paper I like to do the jigsaw puzzles for relaxation. For the past couple of weeks they have not been working. It’s impossible to move the pieces around. Please correct!
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3 years ago, TheSweaterCurse
Works well, no complaints
The Star Ledger helps me understand why things are happening in NJ, not just what is happening.
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4 years ago, Cxxopi
Love the app
I can read the Star Ledge as a paper on my iPad and get updates during the day.
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4 years ago, bobbymc29
Easy to use and access
This is a convenient way to newspaper access.
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5 years ago, OldGeek57
Share feature not working
The app started working well about a year ago but in the past week the share feature has stopped working. I use that feature on a daily basis - need it fixed!
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3 years ago, AngelDuke
New version not downloading
What happened? After the latest version came out 2 weeks ago (April 2021), cannot download daily version on iPad. Still works fine on iPhone, only because it’s the version before they switched.
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3 years ago, Amazing cool and wow
There is always complete coverage of all the sports and pleasant reading. I am a female reader and find the articles easy to understand.
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7 months ago, Big Red 1839
Never received today’s paper!
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5 years ago, Metsfan127
Many Problems
For the past two days, the app has been telling me that I do not have an internet connection and won’t download the latest edition. I finally deleted app and re-downloaded and now I can’t log in. If these issues persist, I will be cancelling my subscription.
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5 years ago, Jsaar1
Share Function
Everything was fine until a week or two ago, now the share function doesn’t work in the. Very frustrating.
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4 years ago, Gundogger!
Like it
Nice to have the Ledger available without having to handle paper
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3 years ago, lakupe
Great to get the paper digitally
A few hiccups at first but I have enjoyed receiving the news on the iPad
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