The State News

4.4 (1.7K)
111.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
The McClatchy Company
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for The State News

4.38 out of 5
1.7K Ratings
6 years ago, Nbkpgta
2 stars
The "Edit" function does not work. There used to be a "Print" version but it is not available. Poor design. You guys can do better ! Ask Arial for his input. Creativity is needed. Not good. Why not use the Wall Street Journal app as your template? Even The NY Times app. Sorry to be harsh but you asked!
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4 years ago, LHarris in Upstate SC
Can not turn off background refresh
Content is good. App is not so good. There is no obvious way to turn off background refresh. Background refresh stays on even when the global setting is turned off! This will drain your battery. If you want to check it out for yourself, go to settings, then battery, and look at the activity report. This app is always in the top 2 or 3 for battery usage. I will probably cancel my subscription when the annual renewal comes up because of this issue.
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3 years ago, PHN in SC
Lousy App
This app crashes frequently. The news content is often several days old and no longer accurate, and you are limited in the amount of free content you can read before being asked to purchase a subscription. As a lifelong resident of Columbia, SC, and a former subscriber to The State, I still enjoy reading the publication, but only minimally slow. The State is not the publication it used to be. And here’s a news flash for The State: People don’t have to pay for news anymore.
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5 years ago, gg#55@gg
Improve service
It would be nice when I am dealing with your staff that they would be more consumer friendly and respectful. Usually this is the top views that the bottom represent. If not then we will see change however, I have dealt with the state over 30 years and have seen no change. I have not seen an inch or sliver toward consumer friendliness or respectfulness in the past.
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4 years ago, Profeng88
Update Causes Crash
Recent update has made app unusable. Crashes every time it opens. Since you are going more and more to online paper, please continue to make the online version more user friendly. Particularly the e-edition.
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2 years ago, strb113
Works ok but too many ads
I had a paid subscription to the paper but was still bombarded with advertisements while using the app to include full screen ads. App crashes intermittently and sends tons of data out while using. Would suggest they quit trying to monetize paying subscribers the app, real turn off.
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1 year ago, mount an dew
Excellent app
Very grateful for the app though I don’t pay for a subscription. Why you ask? Same articles are free elsewhere.
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4 years ago, Ski Tiger on the Divide
Terrible app
This app was tweaked several weeks back for the much, much worse. I have read The State for 70 years, the last 15 on my iPad. I liked the facsimile of the printed newspaper. Since the most recent tweak, it has been a rare day that anything worked well. No online paper again today. Much more of this and you will lose another reader. Get it right and smooth or we are gone.
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6 years ago, grouchie303
I love this app!
I have been using it for a very long time. is the best!
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2 years ago, 000309
I deleted and re-download the app hoping it would help, but it doesn’t. As a digital subscriber, I opted to first see the updated news, and click on to the e-edition. My Home Screen repeatedly pops up “error fetching feeds”, and “pull to refresh”. What does that even mean?
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5 years ago, bo1045
Horrible App
Try reading on iPad. Can’t make newspaper view large enough to read as it runs off page. Previous app worked great. If you can’t fix this one then go back to olive version. It worked well. Why change something that is not broken. If this is not fix3d soon then I will be leav8ng. No since in keeping something that is broken
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4 years ago, paper stinks
Horrible App
Please go back to the other app. I cannot read this one as it is on the right hand side of my iPad and is 1/4 size of the screen. I called your office and they told me they could not help me. He said wait a few days and it would get better. That was 5 days ago and it has NOT IMPROVED! I am paying for something I cannot read. Get with it!!!
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3 years ago, cocky 54321
Print problems
The right hand sides of the “Jumble”, the daily “Sudoku” and the “Seven Little Words” are cropped. The puzzles should be centered. Also, why can’t the puzzle sizes be controlled? The device for selecting text size has no effect. Please adjust.
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5 months ago, 60-year reader
The worst app ever created by humankind
Push alerts absolutely do not bring you the article referenced. let me put it more clearly, the push alert feature is abysmal. I swear to God, I have never seen an app this poorly developed. For God’s sake, you can’t hire somebody who knows how to develop information technology applications?
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5 years ago, Sqfromsc
New app is AWFUL...RUINS my morning
I have been reading the paper digitally since its inception. This is the worst app...when you can see a the entire page, the font is too small and there is the Dignity ad staring you in the face...make the font large enough to read and you lose a portion of the article...not a way to start the day frustrated.
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5 years ago, Winemaker223
Useless App
The recent “improvement” of this app is totally useless. Load errors, out of focus pages, crashes, inability to login, lock ups, inability to enlarge pages! Why did you mess up a perfectly good app. Tired of fighting this every morning. Customer service is no help. 0 stars is my rating. I’m done with The State.
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5 years ago, 1 sad American
The State paper is biased
This paper was a balanced media source but no more. The very clear bias against the current President is very, very disturbing. Don’t tell me you are just reporting what the “wire” service sends. Check it out before publishing. Lazy. Dishonest. Hopefully going down like other very biased “sources”.
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3 years ago, Byars007
I am sick of clicking on news stories that then require a subscription to be able to read the remainder of the article . You have made the paper to expensive to take and provide less that an enjoyable experience online .
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7 years ago, Ghjkl56
What were they thinking?
I have been using this app on my IPad for quite a while; that is about to change. The new split screen app is terrible. I guess the editors wanted their IPad edition to be at the same level as their printed edition. I would give it zero if I could.
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5 years ago, Discouraged Subscriber
Worthless App
The new e-edition app (10/19) is horrible. Slow to load, crashes frequently, hard to move thru. Worst of all, if it happens after 10 pm, read about it somewhere else, not in this paper. Sad to watch their demise. THE STATE is dead and doesn’t even know it.
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5 years ago, CeannD
Bad app upgrade
Recent app changes have made The State unreadable on my iPad. Pages aren’t in focus, it’s impossible to zoom in, it’s jerky and half the time the icons at the top of the screen don’t work. If you don’t fix soon I will drop my subscription.
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6 years ago, Slanderous
95% Gamecock sports and 5% news.
They might as well just rename this app to Gamecock News. On any given day you can open this app and the feed is dominated by sports. Not worth keeping it on my phone. It serves no real purpose for me.
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4 years ago, M99er222
E edition does not seem to work on an iPad. I want to be able or read the news each morning without having to go through a computer workout.
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5 years ago, Hendu68
Good hometown paper.
I moved from Columbia in 1993. I use The State to stay in touch with my hometown.
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5 years ago, frenchy0674
Poor compared to previous eEdition
Please allow your digital subscribers to view the print edition layout!! This new, updated app is garbage. Too many ads, poor layout, horrible visual interface.
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2 years ago, Why am I entering a nickname ?
This app has not been fixed since it came to market. The app simply doesn’t work even after updates.
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5 years ago, Truly Yours 2
Terrible app, terrible newspaper
Where’s the newspaper?? No way to see the newspaper as it is published, just a bunch of stories, some old, with disgusting ads. Extremely disappointed. Can not find the comics, Dear Abby, the obituary listing, etc. Just awful.
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6 years ago, JaySC52
Best news report in the country.
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3 years ago, imjamie1
One thing this app does consistently is crash. And crash. Crash. Crash. And crash... See what I mean? Very annoying way to start my day.
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1 year ago, used to read the state
the state
this is the worst ap ever. you can’t change the size, too small to read. Don’t bother trying
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5 years ago, SkipontheLake
As a long time subscriber to The State, I am distressed that this new app is practically unusable on an iPad. Why can’t we just get a replica edition that looks and reads like a newspaper, not the ad bloated user hostile version that the platform has now transitioned to?
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4 years ago, Photomaxium
New app does not work on able to load some storage and then crashes Eedition absolute no longer available on Apple store
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4 years ago, Sir Dr.Phil
Simply the Best Resource for Accuracy, Most Unbiased
Reliable, Concise, Balanced and Complete
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4 years ago, Get Cocky
Does not work on iPad!
Having the same problems others saying. Not usable on an iPad as it only fills 1/4 of screen and even BLOWING IT UP is not readable? Why has this not been fixed?
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4 years ago, The State App Feedback
Forced Notifications
Should be able to choose Breaking News notification alerts only, not “DINNER PLANS? - this vegan cafe is back” (actual “Breaking News” notification)
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2 years ago, pity the Paper
Sorry excuse for a newspaper
App is awful. News is two days late in print. Little useful, in-depth content. Last chance.
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3 years ago, 🤬🤮🐗🐽
Going to delete this app due to constant subscription requests & teasing me with partial headlines before asking me to pay for this so called news app. Good bye
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5 years ago, Captain Hugh Johnson
Too raging liberal.
Just report the news. I see Leonard Pitts enough. Need more local opinions and more balance.
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5 years ago, ColaMarshalls
Signed in and still says no subscription. Spent 30 minutes try over and over to activate and sign in. Just an endless loop.
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6 years ago, lnusc
Update more
Not updated enough.
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5 years ago, iPad news reader
App keeps logging me out
App keeps logging me out and not recognizing my login Evan with resetting the password.
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3 years ago, jrich07
Keeps telling me to update to new version
But there is no new version! Keeps sending me to Island Packet! Unacceptable bug for a paid product. F - - -
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3 years ago, MrsD2712
Do not like
We’ve been subscribers for years this new format is NOT what I want to see when I open the edition.
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2 years ago, Itshardtofindanunusednickname
Error Fetching Feeds
I get this error if I turn on the iCloud Private Relay function in IOS 15. Works fine otherwise.
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6 years ago, 96MuleSkinner
E Edition
I cannot “view” the paper as a whole. Instead I get articles. I’ve yet to figure out how to get the home page to revert to its original orientation.
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4 years ago, Edi622
Absolutely worthless!
This is a terrible app. Don’t even try to read the news here. It is worthless.
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5 years ago, lukepruitt10s
Hilinski’s Hope
Your newspaper has once again disregarded the decency required to be a reliable source of news. I am finished.
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5 years ago, needs some tweaking
Not really user friendly
This app is not very user friendly.
Show more
3 years ago, EMD69
Completely unstable crashing at launch consistently since Aug 17.
Show more
3 years ago, rodvs08
App keeps crashing on startup.
Please fix.
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