The Times of Israel

2.8 (81)
10.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
RGB Media Ltd
Last update
4 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for The Times of Israel

2.78 out of 5
81 Ratings
7 months ago, myiphonexruser
Constant Ads and Browser verifications
Lately I get pop up ads every time I change pages. Also I’m getting page verifications constantly and takes a long time even never before cloudfare is happy and opens the app. Very frustrating. I’m very pro-Israel but not so much on this app in it’s current state. As I write this review the app is stuck alternating between the ad and cloud fare but never opening up the news. Please fix.
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2 days ago, EnglerM
Great journalism horrible app
The live updates are a key feature of my day but lately every few minutes it automatically takes me out of the app to load an ad in safari and I haven't even tapped anything. It is beyond frustrating. Then of course when I go back the entire page reloads and I have to scroll all the way back down only to do the same thing again in a few minutes. PLEASE FIX! I finally just deleted the app entirely and now just use the website bookmarked on my home screen. It works a million times better.
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7 years ago, Sugardoc18
Great content but many problems
I really like TOI and go to it first for my news. It often glitches with the “wheel” circling while it tries to load or reload and I have to shut my phone or delete and reinstall the app. Also, there are often noxious, and possibly harmful, pop-ups associated with this app. I often get a “you have won...” that doesn’t let me enter the app. I also suspect that a few “call immediately, your phone is infected, don’t shut this or else,” have come through this app. Use the desk top website
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3 weeks ago, Cantviewyoursitw
I agree about annoyance to use TOI app
The “hijacking” of the TOI site by advertisers forcing you into their sites has gotten so bad and so frequent that ai have greatly reduced my readership. Too bad, because I really did like to read Times of Israel. With multiple complaints, I would have thought they would fix the problem. Sadly, it seems they are just letting these hijackings run wild.
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7 years ago, photophanatic
Works very well.
Very useful app for getting news from Israel. I don't know about this version of the app, but in the past, every few months I have to delete the app and download it again, because it becomes unresponsive. If I didn't have to do that, I would give the app 5 stars. ======================= My 4 stars has become 1 star. An app that used to work extremely well, and to which I wrote a note being willing to buy a subscription, now presents ads in the most obnoxious way possible: totally and repeatedly disrupting reading and difficult to get back to the reading.
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3 years ago, Omer Jew
Impossible to use app
The news material is very interesting and informative. But the app itself has become impossible to use. You read an article for a ew seconds and then a blank gray screen appears and you can no longer read any articles. It’s extremely frustrating because the material itself is great. Before this issue videos would just pop up and start playing without you clicking on them. The developers really need to get their act together on this.
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3 years ago, Jonathan Scott P
Great content but too many glitches
There is great content on here, but there are many glitches in the app. For example, continuously there are issues where a video pops up or an advertisement as if you clicked on it, but you have not done so within an article. This is a relatively recent issue which I hope can be corrected.
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7 months ago, mzzzfishgirl
Spam ads!
I was finding this app so useful until it starting spamming my phone with ads that are impossible to remove. Please fix this, ASAP!
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1 year ago, exuct
Stop pop up videos!
Really good and informative app. BUT…Whoever decided to pepper it with pop up apps whose motion cannot be stopped, needs to be replaced. Also, these videos, as mentioned here previously, are completely irrelevant to the article being read. Very annoying!
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5 months ago, Hampsterpillar
Good content, terrible app
As the title says. Good perspectives on Israel, but the app is terrible. Full screen ad every time you open an article, and often the close button is finicky and will follow the ads link instead of take you to the article. The app constantly refreshes, so you have to scroll down the feed again trying to find where you were last. Just a miserable experience to use.
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7 years ago, eugfeld
Great content, horrible app
I now use TOI as first source of information. However the app itself is almost unusable. Just as you start reading an article pop ups get on the way and you can't get rid of them without closing the app. Pages go blank after few seconds etc. it really needs some serious technical developer work! I switched to web version.
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6 months ago, Nobody500
Excellent News App
I’m baffled by some of the negative reviews. I’ve used TOI app for awhile now and find it easier to navigate than most news apps. Excellent reporting and content.
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3 years ago, DaRav
Ads are disruptive, popping up always
I love the content, but this has to be the most annoying app I’ve ever had, with constant pop up ads you have to click to make them disappear. I’m repeatedly interrupted when I try to read any article. Annoying!
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2 years ago, techgal2
In the world of TVs this would be an old CRT
I thought this would configure on my iPad the way it does on my desktop, but it shows up in a small window on the screen. Even if I maximize it, it is still a partial window. Someone needs to recode this app. In the meantime, I am deleting it.
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5 years ago, Just back from overseas
Stability issues of late
Within the last few weeks the app has become particularly unstable. It freezes & goes white so often it doesn’t pay to read more than the headlines. Useless app until these issues are fixed & app is well maintained.
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4 years ago, Mbwein
The best coverage of Israel and the Jewish world
It’s a daily must for me - and the app works great. Join the Community to remove ads! Well worth it.
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1 year ago, Rafabk
Access denied
Suddenly out of nowhere getting an “access denied” error message barring access via app or web address Doesn’t allow sign in, provide contact email or phone # …????? Completely blocked after years of use. What happened?
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3 months ago, Grammercy24
Please make TOI for iPad
How difficult could it be to make an iPad compatible version of TOI? It’s the 21st century here.
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4 years ago, Dave G reviews
Exceptional journalism and quality news
Interesting and informative news about Israel
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7 years ago, Tastypanda103
Annoying pop ups and freezes
I love the site itself — it’s the best source for up-to-date, comprehensive news and analysis of Israel, but the app is plagued with constant pop-up ads and freezes, to the point where I’ve deleted it four times in the last few weeks.
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7 months ago, ktnvd
Ad infestation using back button
Love ToI, but this app is a disaster needing immediate attention. Ads, some with sound, pop up when changing pages, and it’s sometimes impossible to get back to any content. Help!
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3 years ago, Pamandjana
Impossible to use
The new pop up ads cover the content completely and the itty bitty x that should close them is too close to the button to comment or click on the ad. So I can’t get rid of the ads. And I can’t see the content.
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7 years ago, Etbaum
Very glitchy
Constantly glitchy. Often freezes or fails to load. I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling but it doesn’t fix the issue. Good when it works (maybe 10% of the time).
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4 months ago, Mgivoni
The times of Israel
Since I started paying the 6.00 dollars monthly, they’re no advs. and the reporting is excellent, as similar as Haaretz or the New York Times.
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7 months ago, Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee39939293748
Great app until a few days ago
There are crazy pop up viruses I’ve never seen before plaguing the app. You can’t click in and out of articles. Nervous for the security of my phone and need to uninstall now.
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7 years ago, irish06
Content is great. App is not.
The content in the TOI is very good but the app often doesn’t load properly for several tries and then when it does, it’ll almost inevitably crash. Please fix!
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4 years ago, PenguinPizza
Paid version doesn’t remove ads or save PW
I became a monthly “community member” to remove ads, but: 1) The latest app update doesn’t save your PW when logged in, and 2) DOESN’T REMOVE ADS — the only reason why I paid to be a community member was to remove the ads!
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7 months ago, Kugel19
Deleted the app because of the pop ups
The pop ups, when I close them lead to some scam! I’ve now deleted the app, which is really unfortunate. We need you now more than ever!!!!
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5 years ago, MarcomMom
Barely usable
The app glitches and reloads several times during each article, and finally errors out completely, giving you a white screen.
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3 years ago, podo2
Pop up videos
Content great but recently started to get pop up videos constantly which makes app unbearable to use. Please fix.
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6 months ago, Amiramoona
Constant ads!
Ads pups up on the screen and it’s not easy to cross them out! I had to delete the app and downloaded again. I stopped using the app.
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5 years ago, MDayan
Infected with malware
Had to delete app due to pop ups “you have won” which prevent you from going any further. Too bad, as content of stories are good. One day maybe, they will fix the app.
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3 years ago, Southern guy 9
Horrendous pop up ads
This is by far the worst app for invasive pop ups I have ever had . I enjoy the articles but had to delete the app .
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7 months ago, Tenxes
Unusable. TOI has apparently decided their reporting in the current crisis is so valuable that they’ve rendered their app useless for anyone not having a subscription. Deleted.
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8 years ago, Red9Sox
Issues with Crashing
Love the content. However every few weeks I have to delete the app and reinstall because I can't open articles from main page. When I access the site from Facebook page, the pop up ads are unwelcome. I just close Facebook without accepting and ignore content I would have otherwise read.
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2 weeks ago, Yidkid54
All headlines with no in depth story. Tap on full article and you get same repeat paragraph. Times should get back to reporting and basics please
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4 years ago, rknperu
You’ve ruined my favorite Israel news app.
The constant (every 4-5 seconds) pop-up ads are more than a powerful nuisance —they render the app useless. Please revert.
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5 years ago, Avraham Alpert
My favorite app
I love Times of Israel
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4 years ago, Ybybyb1212123
Constant crashing
Frustrating ap
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7 years ago, Thekidisgray
Stop with the ads
The fake Facebook ads now continuously popping up make this application unusable!!! TOI has become a POS!
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3 years ago, Dump Cuomo
Fake News
A primary source of fake news.
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6 years ago, bromoseltzer
Goes blank on page open
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4 years ago, Ayal18
No advantages
The only "advantage" to using the app is all ad units 🤔
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8 years ago, Pedsanes
Crashes constantly
Much better than jpost (no obnoxious and vulgar pop ups ) but freezes every time you click on a story. Works again for a while after deleting and reinstalling but then starts crashing again. Needs bug fixes!!
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9 years ago, gtaylor96777
Very nice, but one thing missing
Would be great to add preference option in app to choose notification for news stories. Maybe even put in categories as "breaking news", "headlines" etc. if not categories at least give option for new notifications
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8 years ago, Unbiased reader
Need a fix!
Same as others. I have to frequently delete and re-insert to the point of it almost not being worth it. The content you have is wonderful although the talkbacks should be monitored more for decency and civility.
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8 years ago, AndrewFriedman
Love the News, fix the app
I love the Times of Israel and all the news that they provide concerning Israel, the Jewish People, and the larger world. However, the app is ALWAYS not pulling up the news I want, just constantly loading; this makes it difficult to easily read their news, forcing me to go online to access their website and certainly inconveniencing me.
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8 years ago, Wiseask
A Terrible App Got Even Worse
This App is now plagued by incessantly annoying (before, they were simply *annoying*) pop-up ads which cause the website to constantly crash. In addition, The Times of Israel has taken a decided turn to the left so its content is often difficult to distinguish from Ha'aretz.
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9 years ago, Dyak
BACK button still inconvenient
Even with the recent update, the BACK button returns you to the top of the Home page, instead of where you were in the Home page.
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8 years ago, Ira Skop
App freezes
When storage in app gets over 60M app freezes when trying to load content and must be deleted and reinstalled. I do this once a month
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