The Tribune-Democrat

4.4 (114)
48.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for The Tribune-Democrat

4.45 out of 5
114 Ratings
2 years ago, Yellowjacket50
What happened
Up to about two weeks ago I did not have an issue loading and reading the online paper. Now, I get this message “An error occurred (really I already know an error occurred) during the download (ya it showed “loading 0% complete) of the editions database”. So you improved the page to make it garbage?
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1 year ago, Wmkcc
High Tech E-Newspaper
I tried to use Electronic newspaper online and love it and no more messed up piling up paper newspaper cause garbage gets full. But not anymore , inside the rooms look much clean and neat. Peace of mind. Kiss printed paper goodbye and save these trees due to more forest fires due to drought. When u travel then u always can have e-paper with u anywhere use iPad, laptop, smart phone. No worry about miss anything at all. Are that cool ? Yes !
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3 weeks ago, Parlophone208
Tribune app
I love reading paper on line! no waiting for delivery-no physical newspaper piling up - can go back and read previous editions whenever I choose. Can increase print size if necessary.
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1 year ago, KNMak
TD app very useful
Even though we get the printed version of the newspaper, the app comes in very handy to share news stories with friends or to read the paper when we’re out of town. Happy that it’s available!
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3 years ago, kayaker 7
Like being home, away from home
While traveling we can always be up-to-date with what’s happening in the Johnstown area by reading the Tribune Democrat every day.
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3 years ago, Kimmiekei
Great app!
I can check the news early in the morning and late at night for breaking stories. I use it every day!
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5 months ago, Jackson Twp 1
Keeps me up to date on local issues.
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2 years ago, Blue Won't Due
Blue Won’t Do
The digital addition is always on time.
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3 years ago, LeftyRocks
5 star
This is a great app to have. Provides quick access to local news.
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4 years ago, jackpotbonus
Live news
Articles come up but occasionally disappear. Looks like it happens when ah advertisement pops up. Nice new format though.
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2 years ago, Cejanoss
TribDem at home
Very good app for IPad, next best to the real thing. You’re going to have to find another source for old newspapers.
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12 months ago, kowoca
Enjoy the convenience and availability of having access anytime
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1 year ago, JRKSW
Easy to navigate
Good app. Easy to navigate. Well done. Best source for news.
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1 month ago, Zipeeee
The Trib-Dem
Great way to start my day, catching up with local happenings .. and what’s going on in the rest of the world.
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3 years ago, CambriaCitySue
Love this app!
The app is great! When I am out of town, I can pull the newspaper up on my phone. It is the best!!
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4 years ago, Shafftrap
Nice app
Information /news is current and timely.
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4 years ago, Thomas David W.
It’s nice to be able to keep up with the news in my hometown.
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4 years ago, RKP37
Page(s) continually won’t load.
Everyday there is at least one or more pages that don’t load correctly and I get the red triangle in the upper right corner. iPhone 11 running the latest iOS 14 version.
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1 year ago, Addy&Gram
Easy to Peruse & Use!
I love my new Trib app! It makes today’s news easy, fun & fast! I was able to notify friends of several events & ‘clip’ articles that captured my interest! All before the ‘snail’ mail even ran! Love it!
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4 years ago, hillbilly clintons
trib dem
works well thanks
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6 months ago, Citizens Fan
Excellent newspaper, love all the local news!
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3 years ago, Zinggy65
I think it is a very sad way to try to increase revenue by charging $1.00 to read an individual obituary.
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3 years ago, Ghost warlord
Awesome paper they cover good stories
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5 years ago, Dubics
Money hungry idiots!!!
Paper is nothing more than Associated Press news off the wire and now charge for your App for subscribers to read the paper the pay for on line! Get real!!!!
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3 years ago, Art Marty
Art Marty
Great service
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6 years ago, woodsawyer
Tribune democrat
Ur paper is terrible to start with and very expensive now u want to charge when u download the app get real
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5 years ago, Johnstown poolboy
Crash and burn
Waste of my time. You’ll need anger management classes. I’m so pretty.....
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2 years ago, Bob claw
The Best
Great paper
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13 years ago, Golfer055
Clean neat app!
Clean app, works well and shows important information. Done well!!
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10 years ago, Sega_Lissa
One star is too many
If the app decides to actually work, I find it absolutely ridiculous to have to pay to view the stories. Tribune-Democrat is a garbage news source as it is and I simply use the online tool to view the obituaries. And since I can't even do that anymore, I'll be deleting this app and boycotting your paper all together. Such a rip-off having to pay for the obituaries when I have no interest in reading any other parts of your biased paper.
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10 years ago, Brittaa11
Needs fixed.
This use to be what I read every morning. Since this horrible update I am not able to read anything. The app is not organized. Anytime you go to read an article it kicks you off. It is more frustrating than anything. It should not be this hard to read a simple article. I do not recommend this app until it is fixed and works properly.
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13 years ago, Wickster37
Excellent Source.
I'm originally from the Johnstown area, but currently residing overseas. This helps me keep in touch with events back home. Keep up the good work. God Bless.
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6 years ago, Mr Johnstown
Don’t pay a cent
I never heard of downloading an app then having to pay to read the articles on that app. Same thing happened to me with the Tribune Democrat page on Facebook. This a very bizarre business practice that I have yet to see happen any other place else on the internet.
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10 years ago, KimmyB44
This app isn't what it used to be!
Instead of relaxing each morning with my cup of coffee and the local paper I'm now so frustrated I want to throw my phone! Can't read a thing even when the app does actually load. Please retract the "update" and give us our old app back!!!!
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9 years ago, mshomo
1 star is to generous!
This app crashes constantly. You have to be a paid subscriber to read the newspaper part and it even crashes! This has been going on too long. They should either fix it or call it a day.
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10 years ago, EmpressEMT
Terrible doesn't work
This is a horrible app. Ever since they "updated" it, it's very difficult to read the headlines and when I try to tap on a headline to read the article it kicks me off.
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10 years ago, Jdmop1
Finally updated for iOS 7
Not a bad app for catching up on local news. Shame it took 3 months to be compatible with iOS 7 though. Works great now!
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10 years ago, MOMMYof2gals
Worst app ever
Doesn't even deserve 1 star. Constantly crashes. I bought subscription to paper to access digital version. Want my money back.
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10 years ago, Mr_Blarg
Terrible Update
The newest update has a new interface. That's great until you try to read any article. Then the app just crashes. Every. Time.
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12 years ago, SmartNmale
Good app
Well done good and well designed. A keeper.
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10 years ago, jennnnn123556
Don't waste your time
Don't waste your time with this app. Constantly crashes. Will be deleting this app as I have no more use for it. Bye Bye!
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10 years ago, BourneUnknown
Membership fee
Thought this new update would be functional. Then I saw I have to pay a $1.99 fee to view the articles now....Yep.... App deleted
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11 years ago, Subq1
Worst app
This app is worthless. Gives obits and nothing else newsworthy if unwanted to know what is going on in your hometown. Junk!
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11 years ago, etvp
App stopped working a month ago!
Please fix!!!!
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10 years ago, Mommy loves puzzles
This is not an update it is a downgrade!
Poor, poor, poor! Will delete app!
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10 years ago, Iloveaparade
The worst app in the universe
Absolutely worthless. Don't download, it will make you furious.
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4 years ago, Harry041160 online
Great layout Just like reading the actual printed paper Just flip the pages Really enjoy it. Especially since I am 1000 miles away
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4 years ago, Benny Britt
I noticed I Cannot get into the Full Obituary or even leave a Note of Grace!
I pushed on Steve Harfield, last night & wanted to visit his guest book. Then my Screen went dark like I had not paid for services (?). It asked me if I wanted to buy a subscription too the tribune Democrat ! Imagine THAT ! Please fix my app. CAROLYN BRITT @ 408 South St. My Password : Welcome 2. Username: lebritt@ ThankYou !
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