The Ultimate Buzzer

4.4 (10.3K)
108.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Kevin Makens
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
16.0 or later
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User Reviews for The Ultimate Buzzer

4.41 out of 5
10.3K Ratings
4 years ago, St.Madras
The out buzzer
So this buzzer is good we play games with it so if your out the someone presses the buzzer or like if the time is up u ring the buzzer but sometimes it glitches so the buzzer doesn’t work for about a day or two but other than that it’s great
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3 years ago, Lsoc
This was amazing until the first ad…
Pressed the buzzer a few times and was loving the fact that I could make fail sounds as my son practiced his speech. We were having a good time with it. Then about 10 buzzers in we got the slot machine ad that went a full 30 seconds. You can’t touch the screen anywhere (or you are taken to download the slot app) and there is no ability to mute the sound or skip. So you’re left with a phone yelling slot machine ads and the sound you were playing for 30 seconds. Until they fix that prob, this app was not worth the free download.
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8 months ago, NeedzWerk
Too Ad Loaded!
Played 1 buzzer sound, 30 second ad, loaded, but didn’t play second buzzer, another 30 second ad, tried to close app, another 30 second ad, UNINSTALLED! I got to play 1 buzzer sound, forced to watch 90 seconds of ads. This is not a buzzer app, it’s an uninterrupted infomercial! I didn’t even get a decent trial, te see if I wanted to purchase the app, otherwise, I very likely would have bought it, but not if I’m going to have to spend half a day watching ads for crap I’m severely uninterested in, in order to see what I’m buying. WWWOOOOONNNK!!!
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4 months ago, bootcut2012
Love, but ads are being dumped on
Okay. I love this app. It’s a great way to get my teenage brother up in the morning. But the ads can’t be standed by me. So Many Ads Why do you guys need so many ads? I’m super not trying to be mean, I might be coming off like that. But maybe cut down on the ads, it’s driving me nuts.
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1 year ago, tjpelm
ADs are in the way
The button is a perfect size for what was needed and the various sounds made it convenient to distinguish different player BUT the ads got in the way of necessary options and also prevented continuous play because they interrupted while playing. I think I’d rather spend 99 cents just to avoid commercials.
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4 months ago, gods_design
Works great but apps kill it
I downloaded this for a joke with my kids in my few buzzer clicks I saw over a dozen adds that required watching a short video and then closing before I could get back to the basic functionality of the app. The basic functionality works great but isn’t worth all the ads.
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3 months ago, YouTibe gamer1000
Funnest button game ever!
This is so fun i cant stop pushing that Big Red Button! The color changing is really great, And when i have dark mode on, its dark mode! How did you make this? its amazing!
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4 years ago, devlin mccoy
The best buzzer app on earth
Love this app this app is behind the best so many sounds not just a buzzer how cool is that and you can play a game with this app or other buzzer activities but this has the most sounds there is on a buzzer app super awesome app quadruple thumbs up
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3 years ago, Canoey Shanoey
The ads make it unusable
You can’t go for more than a couple of sounds before an ad that you have to wait through plays. If you are trying to use this for game buzzers it makes it pointless. The ads are very long. Understand the need for ads for a free product. But the ads shouldn’t make it so difficult to use.
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4 years ago, GEMillam
Simple, fun, effective. Needs one thing.
What would make this app perfect is an Apple Watch app version. Think of controlling the sound by discretely flicking your Watch face. Keep those kids laughing and guessing.
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3 months ago, N cc bdjzvcbxj
It’s okay
I couldn’t wait to download it and it’s very good app but the thing is every single time you click a buzzer it gives you an ad
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3 years ago, jo3dav
Great Buzzer, if you love adds more than buzzing
So you’re in the middle of a heated game of Taboo with a group of friends and the buzzer runs out of batteries. You save the day with this app download, and then 30 seconds into the game resuming- the buzzer you just downloaded doesn’t work because you have to watch one minute of advertisements. Seriously guys - you couldn’t do banner adds? This buzzer is worthless
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5 years ago, thomasskelly
Corn puffs
Kevin Makens is an incredible intellectual with pristine developments in iPhone technology. The fact that he made such a grandiose app is a marvel in itself, yet he continues to excel brilliantly in other endeavors. Thank you, Kevin, this app allows me to achieve eudaimonia.
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9 months ago, Da Plant Man
Got for my toddler to have a button to press. Awful!
Longest time without an ad was like 10 seconds. Unusable due to ads and on top of that, there is a delay from when buzzer is pressed to when it makes a sound. Would not recommend. I haven’t written a review before but the amount of ads was so atrocious I wanted to write a review.
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10 months ago, YnotBloom
New update = No longer works
Since the latest update, a few days ago, when I open the app, all I get is the red button, some writing that flows off the top of the screen, and when pushing the button, it just gets bigger and smaller. Touching on the screen anywhere else doesn’t get any kind of reaction.
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4 years ago, Cec0318
It is good I just need help with my game it not working it opens the when I press it it closed 🤷🏼‍♀️ can I have help or can you fix it and this is good for little children
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4 years ago, Autopilotpeople
Great developer
App Sounds are good. The developer is very attentive. I made a request regarding the ad content and found him very responsive. Thanks for making the community better.
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3 years ago, Liberty Bob
The Ultimate Buzzer
Please put the noises in Alpha order That would make for much easier use It’s great other than that
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2 years ago, 🏀ball
This app has everything! Constant hours of fun noises and will not leave you disappointed!
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4 years ago, Welbynav
Not Described Correctly
This is not what was described. I am looking for a game buzzer to use with Jeopardy trivia competition. I wasted my money and would like a refund. Will I get it? We’ll see...
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4 years ago, 61 Yankees
Could figure out how to use it
Really! I just want a button that buzzes. I press the big red button and NOTHING. At the bottom is Get Started. So I press that. I’m taken to a list of sounds. I select Buzzer and hear the sound. Great. Now, how do I get back to the big red button? I try to dismiss the page, and a fricken ad appears with sound! No thanks. Delete app.
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2 years ago, keily😎😎
Cool app!
I love the different types of sounds it has! Helps me to wake up my brother in the morning 🤣
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5 years ago, Ldy Ann
great app
After I changed my ringer volume & could hear the sounds, I changed my review to 2 thumbs up.
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3 months ago, MrHerrMayer
Stinking ads!
I wanted to use this app in my speech class to immediately buzz a speaker when they use a filler word. It would work, except this stupid app throws in ads when you’re trying to use it. That’s not what I need.
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3 years ago, Quackerkat
So many ads and they are pretty long ones. Hard to get out of them too, the x is very small and it just keeps clicking the ad and wasting my time. The sounds weren’t even that great, and I couldn’t spam click to make them overlap.
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3 years ago, Scam Buster11
Ads before and after you choose a sound! Can’t even skip them. Almost had an heart attack with in seconds of opening the app with the amount of ads. Delete right away this app gives you instant high blood pressure.
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4 years ago, Bryan P
Ads make unuseable
Ads interrupted use to the point I’ve deleted the app
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4 years ago, breathing 555
This button thing is awesome I love this I can make my own game with this I love this and I hope it will never go down😍
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5 months ago, Jenjen1972
Barely worked
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4 years ago, Beantown7320
Doesn’t work
When I clicked on the buttons for sound effect the button blinked quickly but no sound effect (my phone is not muted). After a couple of attempts, an ad takes over the screen. It is NOT a sound effect app but a portal to serve up annoying ads.
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3 years ago, Dstjohn105
Difficult to us during a game
The button should be bigger and under setting, is where you have the option to change the different sounds.
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2 years ago, art teacher100
Best App ever💯
I like it because the babies sneezing one is so cute and I like the epic fall one brother likes it too.
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9 months ago, thisisthebestgameever!
Just kidding! Really only a three star for me
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3 weeks ago, Rufus T. Firefly Jr.
Great App.
When you have a buzz and you want to hear a buzzer!! Classic!
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1 year ago, Kurt Rahn Photo
We use this to do our shows we love clap
It is so fun
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5 years ago, pandachickennoodlesoup
Great game
Great game, if you like something annoying. But there is a lot of adds
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1 year ago, Micky Mouse Club House!!!!
This changes my life!!!
This changes my life!!!
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8 months ago, LRH!!11
Ads bite
You have that perfect moment for a sound, click on the APP and then wait for an ad to play. Then you can play your sound way after the ti e it would have been funny.
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4 years ago, annie devero
Thanks to my family feud
App Store
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3 years ago, NicholeMyers
Nonstop ads which force you to download the pro version.
Nonstop ads which force you to download the pro version. It’s actually insane. Why even bother having a free version which is virtually unusable
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3 years ago, NOSIGNULLE
Omg the most best amazing sound effects for my Imovie prank war with sissy, 10/10 recommended #sus #sussy #crewmate #imposter
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5 years ago, Badman Flux
Who cares what sounds this app makes. You have an ad every time you go from menu to button. The ad has sound and if you have your volume up loud to here the buzzer the ad plays at that same volume. Terrible
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3 years ago, FaisL H
Disappointed by pervasiveness of the ads
The length and timing of the advertisements makes this app completely unusable. Perhaps they gained popularity and decided to sell our. Ignore the decent rating this is useless.
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3 years ago, s guy C shvdh C
Good work
This is one of the best apps ever good work. Love , Kiera P.s my favorite sound is the siren!
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7 months ago, JonnyBoy47
My fam is playing a game and lost the buzzer and this is perfect
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3 years ago, Pete Bag
Could you put more ads ?
Works fine in between the crap load of ads.
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1 year ago, 🦹🏼🦹🏼
I really didn’t like this thing
It doesn’t have a good sounds or even music I just really really hate it so that is why I’m giving it only one star😡
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8 months ago, guizziufxiuffoux
literally every second i get an ad so it’s basically unusable because you can’t go even one second without ads like its so annoying 😭
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9 months ago, .c.a.r.r.i.e.
I don’t understand the point of getting a buzzer app that just plays ads when you try to use it.
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6 months ago, frankdreb
Intrusive ads
I deleted this due to the annoying ad interruptions I understand a limited free version but this was annoying
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