The Voice Official App on NBC

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1 year ago
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User Reviews for The Voice Official App on NBC

4.8 out of 5
269K Ratings
3 years ago, Lordj1970
The Voice
Positive top entertainment and the best two evenings of family TV! We all have our favorites and argue in a friendly way the whole season. It’s so hard because every season the talent gets better and better, you want all of them to win! I hated to see any of the top nine leave this season but I have a feeling because of the Voice, we will be hearing several of them on the radio, a couple maybe on Broadway, but thanks to some great coaching and mentoring they will go far. Blake is pure platinum. He really is “The Voice.”He is honest down to earth and An icon on the show. John is on the quite side but when he speaks he is like Yoda spewing words of wisdom. We really respect and enjoy both Blake and John. Gwen a good coach this season. What she has done for fashion in contrast to the guys is brilliant and the advice and compassion she shows her team around their life stories is amazing! She builds but her team and makes them believe in themselves so they are ALL winners in the end. I have been in bed for a month now and watching the Voice and such incredible talent and coaches and the positive power of life through music is so is the best pain medication. But do ask Grandpa Blake if he can find a way too add a cough remedy to the show. I figure if you can take away the pain you have the power over cough too. The world needs you right now, keep going.
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5 years ago, Chef CDS Jeanne
Missing Adam..
I am a fan of The Voice and at “48” have been watching since the beginning (can’t sing to save my life) Well, in the second season, I stopped watching because I got a bit upset about how all the judging worked and one of my favorites went me who? Have no clue. But picked it up and have been watching ever since. I really am a fan of Kelly Clarkson and John Legend. I “drink” like Blake and’s cute...the boyfriend/girlfriend thing. Without the banter of Adam and is a good second. And she is super talented. Please send a message to Adam. Family time is the best, spending time with the wife, even better...but in Hollywood terms and comparing to the normal people this is the best “9-5” job you can get...don’t stay away too long. And don’t be “sad” as you watch the show unfold. You are missed but there is nothing wrong with moving on. The other day, I was watching “Wheel of Fortune” and Vanna White still is opening those letters?!! Lol Take a break. Breathe. Find the common ground and see you back soon on the The Voice. You were my favorite judge. My daughter and I listen to “Maroon 5” every April headed to Wrestlemania, tradition. God bless you and The Voice. Great show. And love Kelly. Please keep her for awhile...such a good balance!!
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5 years ago, mmlalk
It’s a TV show
I read a comment here that white girls always win. Last I knew Chris Blue wasn’t a white girl. I agree it’s disappointing to find out that members of my team have been eliminated ahead of time but I don’t really care about all that. It’s a show. They do what they must for the show to go on. What I love are the VOICES! Amazing talent! Wholehearted effort brought to the stage; to us. It’s encouraging to see that there is so much raw talent in the world; so much artistry. Adam Levine has the purest singing voice I’ve ever heard. Love him. I would choose him as my coach if only. Blake, well what can I say. He’s 100% of everything. Hot. Makes me laugh. Talented. Kind. What else is there? Kelly is someone whose every move and word should be filmed. I never get tired of her. Legend is a class act and Miley is a hoot but my favorite guest coach is Alicia Keyes. I saw her in concert ages ago and she had me at the first note. She’s legit. I respect JHud’s success because she was under appreciated on American Idol. So keep the show rolling. It’s a good thing.
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5 years ago, 2 Peace
Show losing appeal—used to really enjoy it
Sorry to say that some changes to the Voice are causing me to watch fewer shows each season. First—I miss getting to see the coaching. That was a BIG part of the show’s appeal for me and it used to be much bigger part of the show. Also it seems there are so many country artists that it isn’t really so enjoyable anymore. I am glad for their success, they seem like very nice people and I was glad when they initially were more of a presence on the show (I like variety and do enjoy country music in limited doses) but I just don’t enjoy hearing that much country music. I like Blake a lot and think he is a great coach, funny (except for the Adam thing) but I don’t like to see alcohol use by anyone during a family show. I heard Adam is leaving and I think it will be SO nice not to listen to the negativity between him and Blake. It was boring and obnoxious the longer it lasted. When it was lighthearted it was fine but it went too far too often. I love Kelly, enjoyed John Legend and Adam. It is nice to have a variety of singing styles by coaches. I miss Alicia Keys. I hope the show will have more of a balance of singing styles including some Latino music. I like the people from various heritages on the Voice. Thank you for many moments of entertainment.
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7 years ago, Traveled Woman
App Shows Eliminations B4 Show!!!
Anyone who lives on the West Coast or Mtn. time zones knows that we're already getting shafted by 'The Voice' b/c we have to do any instant voting blindly at the end of our workday or while we're commuting, etc. (usu. around 5:45-5:50 pm PT). But to add insult to injury, although I do like many aspects of the app, I was upset to find out that one of my favorite artists on my team had been eliminated on the Tuesday, May 2nd show BEFORE the show was even broadcast here!!! I accidentally opened the app and found that she was already "grayed out!" Geez!!! So much for suspense! So thanks to The Voice for ruining this for me... I'm considering giving up on the show altogether at this point... I live in LA where it's filmed and yet there is so little consideration for the people who live here! Feels awfully familiar (read: 2016 election). I just started watching this show as an escape from politics, but I'm having that déjà vu feelin' all over again... And not at all sure that I trust that votes can be tallied that quickly anyway during the tiny five-minute 'instant save' window. Really? It's a perfect opportunity for producers to rid themselves of artists that aren't as profitable to them or that they don't like for whatever reason despite the artists' popularity...
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2 years ago, LIFEismyname!
I really enjoy watching amateurs come out on stage and shine like the stars they are. I live watching all if the Vouce all over the world, including the Children's Voice and the rare Seniors Voice. On Americas Voice I find many of the judges fake, phony and for lack of better, broader vocabulary, incapable of giving honest and worthy, as well refreshing critiques. Tonight was no exception. Ariana isn’t as “exceptional” as a judge as I’m guessing your show hoped. She’s probably the biggest phony out of the entire cast from 20 seasons ago until now. Maybe if she’d get it right and realize “God is not a woman!” She’d be able to really think about what she has to say and not sound like “a broken record”. You should do whatever it takes to appeal to Christine Aguilera, she was intelligent and extremely gifted, beautiful and likable. She speaks eloquently and without rephrasing the exact same words for each contestant, she is given the opportunity to critique. All I know is Ariana is cute and can sing and all those accolades she continues to get may hold. But she’s not a good judge and not a Voice winning coach.
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5 years ago, nlogan527
Block feature
I’ve never missed a season of the voice. Or the app features. I AM by far a HUGE fan. However, being in the 2nd season with theJudges block feature ( however funny at times) , I think this feature needs to end! It’s a battle of the Judges at that point and it should be a battle for the contestants... period! Shouldn’t it be up to the contestant to pick their coach? That was/is the reason their trying out. I saw such a look a major disappointment Monday night when the others kept blocking John , disappointment to the contestants!more than one of them it was clear that they would have chosen John. It should be their choice, their Honor. Please don’t bring it back next season. That’s part of the voice when more than one chair turns of who the contestant chooses keyword contestant it should be their choice. I will continue to watch but the black feature definitely needs to go it’s just not fair. Thank you so much
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3 years ago, karenannalovemydaughter
Love love love it
I love the judges and their interactions. I also love the quality of the artists. This show and the the judges are MORE real than any show of this kind I have ever seen. My sweet baby girl, (my only child) was 9 when her life was cut short by a tragic accident. I say this because she loved American Idol (only show of this kind when she was with me). I ask her once if she wanted to take singing lessons and she immediately told me “Mom, I already know how to sing.” I just laughed and loved her confidence. When she and I traveled in the car we sang to Elvis and Bon Jovi and Justin Bieber were her favorites. Now for me, watching these young people make me so happy, (I often cry, it’s a Mom thing) Maybe, I appreciate the love and confidence I see in the families that are there to support their children, Mom’s, Dad or whoever. It just touches my heart. I would love to be there one day in the audience to experience this wonderful journey for someone special..
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5 years ago, Kylej1230
I used to love this app.
I am very competitive. I love making my own team and using the app to compete nationwide. However for the past three years there have been technical problems with loading my friends leaderboard. In addition, this is the first year they break down how you receive your points. I now know exactly how I was cheated! My fiancé plays along with me every week and the first week she got 20,000 participation points for playing along. I did not, and yet we played right beside each other along with the show! My fiancé also got 500 points for social share when she didn’t share a thing! I also didn’t get these points. Lastly after the first day the leader was so far beyond me that the points I didn’t receive are unfair and unrealistic unless there’s 20,000 Twitter points I’m missing. I tried to express my concerns on the app twice. No answer of course!
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5 years ago, no name works!
The Voice is my favorite show! I’ve watched it since day one and I’ve never missed a show. Blake is my favorite coach, but I also love Kelly. I was very disappointed when you brought Gwen back to the show. She parades around the floor like a drama queen and won’t keep her hands off Blake. It’s obvious that Blake is intimidated by her because he won’t fight for a contestant that he turned his chair for if Gwen has also turned for that contestant. I believe he’s afraid of making her mad. Of course, we all miss Adam with all the funny remarks him and Blake said to each other, but Kelly is doing a great job on keeping the laughs going. Blake has always been a comedian on the show, which everyone loves, but now he’s much more reserved with Gwen being there. It’s all I can do to watch the show with her on there. So many of my friends feel the same way. Tell Gwen to sit down and keep her hands to herself! Lol. Please don’t bring her back next season....or ever. We want our “old” Blake back!!!
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4 years ago, Suzannebooboo
I just love this app! It helps me remember things I forgot that happened, and it truly makes you feel like your vote counts and your part of the show!! I saw where someone thought there was too much country music, I just don’t agree. I listen to all kinds of music. And I love country, but I think there’s never more than a couple of country singers that are kept for the show. I love the amazing talent that’s out there, and I also love the entertainment part of the show. Without it, it wouldn’t be half the show it is. I don’t think there’s ever been a judge that I didn’t like. When Miley come on, I admit I thought “oh gosh, I don’t wanna have to see her this whole season!” But I fell in Love with who she is as a person, and her voice is just phenomenal!! Now I’m a huge fan!! I sure hope they stay on for many years to come!! And we miss you too Christina!!!
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4 years ago, nurssbodd
The Voice
Love Blake Shelton. Kelly CLARKSTON really needs to stick to country music. That’s what made her famous. I don’t watch her show because of the horrible music she sings. COUNTRY MUSIC & American Idol is what made her famous. No such thing as POP COUNTRY MUSIC. Blake Shelton is the best because HE IS COUNTRY MUSIC. Bring our country music back to Tennessee!!!!! Love CONWAY TWITTY. Always have & always will. I have every song he ever sang, NEVER MISSED ANY OF HIS CONCERTS IN JACKSON, TN. I lost my daughter to colon cancer at the age of 37. CHRIS YOUNG is my new hero after he wrote & sang “Drowning”. I listen to that song 20 times a day. It describes exactly how I feel about my daughter. Love Love Chris Young now. I am old enough to be his mother, but he is a SEXY MAN. Very easy on the eyes. Out of all four of you, I like BLAKE SHELTON THE BEST, John Legend second, Kelly CLARKSTON last. She needs to stick to country music, then she might move up a notch. Love the show though.
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6 years ago, dn527
App needs work
I couldn’t wait to start adding people to my team immediately! But we can’t watch live. So a few hours later, app updated, I open it and it tells me when the next episode is coming on. That’s it. Today I decide to try, and it’s working! I can add people to my team. But now I can’t remember who I wanted from the first night. So the videos play, but there’s no sound. And nothing I do can make the sound play. Please fix these. Also don’t gray out the people who get sent home so quickly. We WANT to use this app, but when you work while the show is live ... The first season this was a great app. I loved voting during blind auditions. But since I can’t watch live anymore - anyway you can bring that back? Let us click on the ep we are watching, and the singer. Make it interactive for us diehard fans watching at 2am.
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3 months ago, LUVNPA
I BEG OF YOU! PLEASE KEEP THESE JUDGES AT ALL COSTS! THEY ARE PERFECT BLEND OF ENTERTAINMENT!!!!!! I am 75 yrs. old and was in bands for several years in my 20’s and 30’s. I enjoy The Voice a lot!! My big issue is this past season a great disservice was done to one of the best singers I have EVER heard in my life. He initially was chosen by John Mayer. His name is Caleb Sasser!!! If there’s such a thing as a perfect pitch that man had it. Because he chose a song after the initial episode he was on that wasn’t a good song he was let go!! Had he chosen a better song like his initial song, I have a feeling if he hadn’t won the whole thing he sure would have come in almost winning!! I would love to get in touch with Caleb and tell him how tremendous he is!!! John Mayer you blew it big time!!!! Oh, I also keep that particular episode and play that song by Caleb everyday!
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3 years ago, Luannea932
Voice Fantastic...But Leave Politics at Home
I have enjoyed the Voice for years. Amazing talent, great coaching, smart judging. I adore John Legend...his voice, charisma, loyalty to family, kindness to contestants, and sense of humor. Then I read that he and Chrissy might leave America if Trump wins re-election. I respect the First Amendment, but I don’t respect a failure to appreciate the differences among us. Worse, you have a chance to use your voice, charisma, and fame to bring Americans back together as people. But no, instead you choose to alienate half of YOUR fans. It makes me sad and disappointed. Unlike you, though, I won’t threaten to leave the Voice or stop listening to your brilliant music. I just lose respect. Be brave. Win me back with your generosity of spirit and grace. Please. Somebody has to lead the way to peace and harmony.
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3 years ago, hcihudidifhvhdi
I love the voice
I think that the voice official app is so fun! This app makes me not only feel like a fan, but a coach too! I highly recommend. The only reason however that I didn’t give it a full 5 stars is because sometimes I get spoilers. During the lives, since it’s actually pre recorded, even if I’m watching it live while it airs, if I open the app it might spoil who made it or not before they announce it. For example if I am watching the lives while it first airs and I look on the app, and go onto my team, it shows me if one of the people on my team are out. This season, I had Payge on my team and during an add break before they announced the wild card instant save, I opened the app and saw on my team that Payge was grey (meaning she was out ) before they even announced it on TV! Now I have to be extra careful about opening my app until I know the results for that episode.
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5 years ago, Necie4010
Seriously? Not even one word about Adam!
I have been an avid Voice viewer for years but I am so disappointed in how you have handled the situation with Adam Levine and the two contestants. I will only continue to watch until the end of this Season, I'm invested now, then I will not watch any more seasons. How can you say the show is not rigged or that you are not racist with how this situation was handled. I honestly believe that management, directors, etc., of the Voice set this situation up the way it unfolded since you have not addressed it nor have you brought the young Black man back to perform after Adam embarrassed him. White girls have been the winners of this competition for any number of years, I honestly believe the Voice have thrown their support behind one of these girls, Reagan Strange to be exact. You are delusional if you do not think you will lose viewers over this debacle, because you already have, and will continue to do so if you do not do what is right and address this situation before the end of this Season next week. Thank you.
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5 years ago, Jan hanks
Playing Along
I enjoy being able to pick my team and vote via my app. I really do not understand the whole point system thing and not worried about learning... I am playing for fun.. I just like to see... how far the Team I pick makes it in the competition ... for those complaining about the show being fixed... I would think it is better to make it to the final rounds and not win.. that way you are recognized, known to public, prob have established some contacts/connections and not under contract with anyone. AND MOST IMPORTANT... Blake Shelton will Always be the Sexist Man Alive ... ( maybe the app can add .. voting the on which Coach you think is the Sexist). Sorry Adam... Blake is so down to earth .. by saying great things like ( really good job sis.... it just makes him even more Sexy.
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3 years ago, bat713
Sick of Blake.
I am tired of watching Blake goof around like a kid. Now he is trying to make Kelly into #2 Adam so he can tease and it is SO ANNOYING! Get some class for god sake. I like that he has toned down the drinking. I know in the first few seasons he was often drunk on set. I really enjoyed last season because he was more serious. I was going to quit watching when Adam left because I am sick of all the country music winning all the time. Last season proved me wrong but of course the country singer won even though he did not equal the other contestants. I am again irritated with the stupidity of Blake and how he thinks it is cute to lie. We get enough of that from our president. I do like the program and how positive it is for the contestant.
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5 years ago, wineclassic
More Team selections longer Time
I have been watching the Voice for years. I just stated using the app last season and finally figured it all out this season and have some suggestions. Allow us to initially select more on our team and switch out longer. Timing for us using the app for that feels too short and then I become ‘disinterested. Seems like that has effected my desire to watch as much. I Love all the Judges....great job on the selections and all of them bring so much to the show and to the contestants. I would enjoy interacting more w/show through the app but I am not ac’teeeter’. I also like that our daily ‘politics’ are not in the show, how refreshing to have your producers keep this show on point of this being a great show of talent and opportunity to have a career break for that type of talent...AWESOME
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4 years ago, Voice adict
Best season ever of the voice
This season has been absolutely phenomenal absolutely phenomenal!! The coaches are great it’s a great mix they get along so well the coaches really really did a great job this year I love it I love it I love it! I’ve never missed a season of the voice from season one through the season never miss but by far this group of artist I feel are the best ever! And top 10 top 11 we’re all amazing. One thing I don’t like and haven’t liked I believe that all the singers should sing then vote not vote before they even sing because it does become a popularity contest not a singing contest. It’s call the voice for a reason so we should hear them sing then at the end of the show like The earlier seasons voting is opened for all the artists at the same time
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5 years ago, Dwson David Craig
This voice app is the. Best thing to do because I love music and I can sing and like gospel songs and country romance songs like I have a relationship with friends and family and couples when they have a bad relationship but I can flix in my whole life and I got family violence and it is by polar and in public and it is embarrassed that’s why and she a mom and she has three front her kids doing violence to my mom and youngest sister and me and Dad and my oldest brother and my oldest sister is by polar that’s why I can fix all that problem And I what to join my life. To drink at the bar when I’m 21 and also study my bible about Jesus who believe in Jesus Christ and I just keep on singing country songs and Kelly Clarkson songs and John legend songs and Blake Shelton songs
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4 years ago, pixalated
Four superstars
I’ve watched since the first show, wouldn’t miss it. I enjoy the banter between the stars it makes us every week. Blake, Kelly, John and Nick seem like the right combination. You have Blake country, John is rhythm and blues plus what ever he wants to sing,Kelly who can sing opera, country and any rock song she wants to sing. Then there is Nick whose not only great to look at but very talented he acts and sings with his brothers and solo. The best part is they all write songs so they have a real understanding of what to do with a song. I love the show so much my granddaughter and I wouldn’t miss it for sure. Plus she is absolutely crazy for Blake and Gwen, she has a life size cardboard poster of Blake in her room. Well thanks for listening please keep the show going! Thank you, Joan Keegan
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7 years ago, SarahEL17
A lot of fun!
It's a really fun app and helps you get even more excited about and involved in the progress of the various contestants. It was really cool last time when I had Chris Blue on my team since the beginning (as did Alicia because how could you let go of Blue?) and he won. The only reason I give it 4 stars instead of 5 is that you have to do a lot of different things like opening the app every day, tweeting the artists and coaches, etc, to earn the maximum number of points and I just don't really get into doing all that unless there's something unique I can say. But otherwise, it's pretty cool feeling like you have your own team and can feel as though you can strategize to get the strongest team possible. I've greatly enjoyed it.
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7 years ago, TexasSusanM
Love some aspects of the app
I ❤ some aspects of the app but agree that I get very frustrated with not being able to listen to the artists by clicking on their picture. Would also enjoy a more enhanced version of the app where we could start out with more artists, then have to reduce our teams like they do. I don't mind eventually going down to five team members but starting us out with that seriously hampers our team building skills at the beginning when we don't really know the artists yet and they haven't worked with the coaches to further develop their stage presence skills and voices. This is the best vocal/singing talent judging show and I think it's provided amazing opportunities for incredibly talented singers. Kudos to the coaches and NBC.
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3 years ago, Licknit
Voice Rocks
The show started out a little slower than normal this year but it’s taking off for sure! Jon seems a little distant but hopefully he comes around once he gets to coaching his team. Kelly is Great like she always is and she’s the Bright Spot on the show to this point in my opinion. Nick & Blake are both full of it but they keep you smiling and I’m really glad Nick came back on the show! One can’t help but love Blake and his antics he’s the only reason I keep watching the show! There’s been a few really talented people sing but I hope the talent improves. I’ve been watching since the show began & I hope it gets a little better but right now I would say 4 outta 5 Stars is how I would rate it so far this year. Let’s Go People!! James
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3 years ago, knimbly
The Voice
Simply the best program on TV. I love The Voice and all the old/new stars. I miss Adam Levine BUT enjoy Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, Blake and Gwen VERY much🌈❤️ Never a dull moment😆 EVERY star has been a great addition and two of my favs are Usher and Shakira....had hoped for a repeat but understand they are into other projects. Looking now for Usher in LasVegas in July😍The Voice, to me, is the most real in fairly choosing, voting methods of any programs I’ve begun watching (but quickly lost interest). I look forward to The Voice and don’t have this much LOVE for anything else on TV. Thank you for this ANNUAL exciting, fun, great and EXTREMELY TALENTED program. Each year the talent is greater & greater and I always want EVERYONE to hard when judging comes to us (the viewers)🙃
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5 years ago, Journeysrobbie
Major flaw
Love that you are able to play along from the beginning of the show and pick your team. Also love that you can vote for your favorite artist right from the app. However, at some time during the battle rounds I opened my app on Tuesday night and noticed I had no team at all! They were all gone( not gray,but replaced with red circles with a plus sign in the middle) It was if I had not made a team at all. I had to go back and add team members. I lost that they had been my team members for 40+days. It showed 1 day. Ok. Whatever. So a few weeks later I’m down to two fabulous artists. Monday night the top 11 perform. All is good. The next night, on Tuesdays elimination I open my app and have no one on my team again! And they say the team building has been locked. We can no longer add to our team. It’s disappointing to say the least.
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4 years ago, CMP040
Great to disappointing
The voice was very funny at first and I really liked how was the beginning we didn’t have to see all the bad singers to get to the good ones. This year is been awful. Can’t stand Gwen and all the flirtations. Kelly needs calm down. She’s spastic. Blake for the last few season has not been picking out good songs. I think he forgot that the objective is to capture the audience and make them want to listen to them every week. He has no country? Normally during the tryouts you can pick two or three people who are going to take it home. I think Kelli‘s team is the strongest and Blakes team is definitely the weakest. But I really don’t like all the rule changes every season. The one that they replaced is very wrong was that if you were placed in the top 10 of iTunes you got the singers got more votes. As for the app it used to be a really good way to quickly vote but now I can’t even find how to vote and so therefore I’m not participating. May stop watching.
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4 years ago, Laylaj
The voice! The best show EVER!
I absolutely adore the voice! The judges and how they bring these amazing new artists along is poetry in motion! The family atmosphere that’s created every season is pure magic! I must say I’m not the biggest tv or reality show lover but this show is truly in my heart and I absolutely love love love watching them come along. The judges put their hearts into making sure these artists develop their talent. This show blows away the others. Such as american idol and dancing with the stars. This is a worthwhile effort to bring america all these amazing song birds! The other shows judges don’t do nearly enough to make it worth watching. And the Judges! WOW! John Legend! Blake! Kelly! Gwen! Christina A! Adam! C’lo! Etc etc... They never disappoint! One word to sum it up is SPECIAL!
Show more
7 years ago, Jaileena
# 1 Reality Show on television!
The Voice Is a family show that, my children, grandchildren, grandpa and myself (gramma) all enjoy watching together, of course there's a little friendly banter among us, just like there is with the judges, sure wish we could start out with 12, like you 4 main judges do, after we got to know the Artists a bit better, they have a few meetings with their coaches and improve their stage presence, hoping this will come in the future... We really really love this show, all of us, 19 grandchildren, 6 children, and grandpa & gramma make 27...keep up the great job, the show is amazing and turns out SUPERSTARS, THE COACHES ARE FABULOUS...with their banter, but also true friendship that you can feel...and see. We All Love this show
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3 years ago, Jonnie Hog
The Voice
Hey Snoop Dog, I just love your music. I can remember when you had a song in a bar and all the people turned to dogs. You smoke Mary Jane. I am a recovering alcoholic with 38 years of sobriety. Alcohol is a drug, the worst drug. I think more people are killed by a drunk driver than by gun violence. Luckily I have never been that driver. I would give my keys to a neighbor but not remember until they told me the next day. I had a lot of blackouts, which is a true thing. Most people don’t believe that is a true, it is. I also like Willy Nelson who also smoke Mary Jane. He or you have never been convicted for driving around and killing people. Just want you to know I support you in all you do. I am a 76 years old woman who has had all the troubles she needs in her life. I only had two boys and they have been taken away with my younger son fell 115 ft from a cellphone tower in Palm Beach Florida, the other son died in his sleep 19 days after his brother. He had sleep apnea and didn’t have his mask, it was in storage unit. All for now, hope you get this letter Sincerely, Jonnie Phillips.
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3 years ago, sis karen
My thoughts on the app
I love using my app. On the cross battles I think we should only vote between the two each time. I don’t think we should get to vote for all of them like we did in the previous seasons. Does that make sense? Also I would like to communicate with the judges through the app and not tweet. I love the app but the people on my team from Monday had the incorrect amount of days shown yesterday some said 2 days. Also do the judges REALLY read all the tweets? I don’t see how, so why do we get points for tweets? Also I’ve been watching the Voice for years and playing along on the app for years and also have picked winners quit a bit. How do I get to be part of the virtual audience?
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7 years ago, bon bon514
Voice app
I love the app but I recently had it on two I pads and lost my points by logging in to Facebook on one of them and points are weird I have read how to get them but I don't see how leader board had thousands of points after one show . Was not happy and I wish we had more room on our teams 5 really isn't enough please make it great New year new app changes are good but I still have issues with people having 5000 more on first night than me and I did everything multiple times .The show started on Monday I got 31,000 points the leader had 36,000 on Tuesday I tweeted 20 times shared on Facebook and played every contestant with a full team and still only got 31,000 so maybe you could figure out a different way to reward us other than points
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5 years ago, 1BB12
Overall review
The “block feature” is a selfish game among judges and hurts the contestants in the end It should not be brought back next season. It was so refreshing to have John Legend as a judge. He’s sincere and provides excellent constructive criticism. I’m really tired of hearing the other coaches say “ you can win this whole thing” when they’re talking to a contestant duringTHE BLINDS! Blake is the worst. It’s a long road and all the contestants need coaching and what they need is an honest , constructive review. Let’s say Blake says this to someone and they choose him as a coach. Then in the battles he doesn’t choose them to move on. He falsely inflated them and now their out. I don’t think any coach should ever say this- especially on live TV.
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2 years ago, DonnaKay42
Getting better and better
I have been watching this show since the beginning. It has certainly evolved over the years with judges morphing in and out. I think they have a good blend of this year. I wasn’t sure what I thought about Ariana Grande first, but I think her kindness and her devotion to her talent and her contestants has been really nice to watch. I think Kelly Clarkson has a beautiful voice; however, I wish she could balance her talent with her boisterousness and bring it down a level. I think the show has the best judges this season and total of any season yet. Good luck and I hope the future brings even more with John legend Ariana Kelly and Blake
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3 years ago, LadyLoveTreasures
I’m so glad Nick is back! Last season’s winner had a nice voice, but he did not out perform against the other finalist. Although the competition is very tough when it gets to the finals, fair is fair! No more trickery, PLEASE AND THANK YOU! I felt very bad for the other performers. It was quite embarrassing and heartbreaking to watch the announcement of the winners. Still SMH! All other season winners were deserving of their win, but last season’s winner was clearly not the best overall performer (no harm intended). It almost made me not want to watch another season. It also made me feel as though the show may have been rigged or somehow swayed. Prayerfully, that won’t happen again...EVER.
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5 years ago, PGin29
Like and don’t
I like the app because it is fun to play along as the show goes. When you guys remove certain artists whether they are still in the system or not, I would like to see that I can move someone that is about to be removed up to the group that I want to keep. I mean I can do that now but I lose my days that I’ve had them. I do not like that part. But otherwise I enjoy playing along. Despite the fact that I live in California. I just know that the people in Hawaii have the same problem. But I can understand that people in the other times zones don’t want to wait until midnight to watch the show. Anyway, I know you guys do the best you can.
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4 years ago, bcrabtree64
Happy Viewer
Every season gets better and better love all the coaches and Carson too I would love to see some of the top 10 from previous seasons back on to see what they are doing or any record deals they have acquired . Or if any of the coaches other than Blake had them on tour or as back up singers ! . I know I have seen one or two of Blake’s teams as backups singers I love watching the teams and would love to know if the ones that did not win went on to achieve any of their singing goals Also I would love to see Alicia Keys back on when time permits ..... maybe an all ladies coaching staff in a future season .Keep up the great job Voice producers Sincerely A Happy and faithful viewer , Brigitte
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7 years ago, Mooseinacan
Team Size
I agree with other reviewers. We should have more team members. Others have suggested a team of 12 like the coaches. That would be great. And then our team size should go down as the coaches team size goes down. After battle rounds we go down to 8. After knockouts we go down to 5. Then we have the 5 team members going into live like the coaches. It would be nice to know how points are calculated. After the first day of blinds I had 4 on my team and got 28,500 points. My wife had 3 on her team and got 2,500 points. Were we supposed to fill our team on the first night and then start swapping them out each night.
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7 years ago, Myantjuju
Voice Fan
I love this App for The Voice. It's so fun to interact with the show, text the coaches and try your hand at picking the winner! They do need a few changes however! Five (5) team members during the blinds is not even close to enough. We should at least get 10 if not the 12 the coaches get. It's hard to watch that many performances and pick 5. Not to mention if you like a sixth one then you have to pick one to kick off your team, loose days you've had them and not remember the performances enough to know whom you're willing to change! Come on Voice give us a reasonable amount of slots. That would make participating a lot more fun! If you haven't tried it you should however, it is challenging and fun!
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7 years ago, Do not buy this app2!!!!!
Need some minor improvements
Love the app, it's a fun way to play along with the broadcast but it needs some work. First of all the points don't update like they are advertised. My bigger issue is the the team size. The artists get 12 but we only get 5? It's almost impossible when there are so many nights of blinds and we only get 5 team members. My other suggestion is to make the artists interactive in such that you can click their picture and hear their audition. When it gets to the later days of the blinds and I'm still trying to set my teams, I can't always remember what my team members sounded like, that makes it hard trying to switch team members throughout the blinds process. I don't like that I have to leave the app to related to the artist.
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5 years ago, Jdsbb
Instant save
I enjoy the app very much because my husband and I love The Voice! It is one of few programs that we enjoy watching together (even though we sometimes disagree on who should get the most votes ). As someone else posted, I would really love the instant save feature on the app. It is fun to vote and we are not Tweeters. If there is some way to incorporate that , it would be great !! I love participating through the app, I always believe I’ve made a difference (even though somewhere hidden in a brain cell I realize I am only one of thousands of votes ). Fun though and always look forward to Monday and Tuesday tv because of The Voice !
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5 years ago, guitarman1956
Sometimes it’s miss leading
I love this show and I love all the judges, but what seems to happen is because you have make the show more interesting and appealing you get deeper into each singers history and it then become to be who you like the most because you feel sorry for them or because of personality and not because how good they sing! I used to be a sound technician and I always had a good ear for talented people and could make them sound even better with a great mix but I hate it when some good singers get turned away and some less as good make it!! Last year Kennedy should have won!! One of the most talented singers I ever heard on the voice! I hope she makes it, I would love to manage her!
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3 years ago, Mtnlady52
The Voice app
My voice app does not keep me logged in on my iPhone. When I am ready to vote or check the teams the app stops working and tells me to log in again. Sometimes the app says to log in and I start the log In Process and then the app goes back to where I started originally but logged in already. I have missed out on points for logging in on alternative days when the show isn’t airing but I really don’t understand why I need points or what the benefit is to getting points. Is there a grand prize at the end? When I tweeted the coaches I just received advertising on their products which really don’t interest me. I would like to see a bigger bang for my buck! Thank you
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4 years ago, Wini taj
Amazing show
I love this show. I’ve watched from day 1. Blake is my all time favorite Coach and am so sad Adam left. They truly made the show. The changes you made last season was terrible leaving Adam with no team. Not good. This year is better but a 7 person cut was to much. I’ve noticed you cut out more performances in the rounds. Not good. Even with my criticism I love this show. I don’t watch much television but The Voice is a must. Please keep Blake on the show forever because he is the reason I watch I miss Adam so we can’t lose Blake ever. Also I would like to see a winner actually become famous. You can afford to give a lot more to the winner🥰
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5 years ago, melvie williams
Compete team vs. team
Love the show but don’t like the new version of team vs. team segment. As shown with Adam’s team, there is the possibility that a team can be depleted entirely if the person does not win against the other contestant. Plus contestants can compete with a person who has a totally different genre of music which can be really unfair. Please put it back the way it was and continue with the ‘save’ and ‘steal’ options used during or after the battles. Other than that, my favorite show because the best singers are always displayed and given a chance of a lifetime. Plus I love Blake, Kelly and Adam forever!! John is growing on me!
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3 years ago, Sassymomz
What THE VOICE Means to me.
I really enjoy being able to be a part of the voice. I am 62 years old and live by myself and have followed the voice since it began. I know if my grandmother was alive her and I would enjoy watching it together. Sometimes while watching the show I can hear her voice And us laughing and crying together out of joy. She passed away when I was 16 years old and they didn’t have reality shows like The Voice then. Her and I used to love watching Lawrence Welk and she loved Music. Thank you and everyone that makes The voice so special. It gives me something to look forward to at 62.
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5 years ago, Karafarr
Two teams
After making my team choices toward the beginning of the season, somehow my account and choices were lost. Not the end of the world. I’m just doing this for fun. So after letting The Voice app people know about the lost first account, I created a second account through FB and re-chose my team, making changes here and there as applicable. Yesterday, however, the night before the top 10 results, my old account shows back up and now I only have one team member as opposed to my three from the second team. Once again, not the end of the world - but kinda of bummer. I do like the ability to vote from the app. Hopefully next season my account won’t be lost and I’ll be able to keep the team I want.
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4 years ago, Tammy's Meetze
Blake Shelton & Adam Levine
One of my favorite parts of the show is watching Blake Shelton and Adam Levine playing around and teasing each other when I first started watching it was the main thing that tractive me to the show then my husband started watching with me and he enjoy the interaction and playing around that they do and I love the idea of not being able to see the person singing and they have to push the buttons solely on the person‘s talent not on their looks.... I look forward to the show when is over on Tuesday I cannot wait till the following week when it’s Monday to see it again !!!!!!!
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