The Whip Sound App Original

4.4 (6.5K)
22.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Astro Photons
Last update
6 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for The Whip Sound App Original

4.43 out of 5
6.5K Ratings
8 years ago, Don_Alex001
Very simple and fun to use. The only reason I did not give 5 stars is because it didn't have a few more free whip sounds. Other than that; perfect!
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6 months ago, kiioiii
This app has changed my life for the better
Since I have downloaded this app I have been using it nonstop. Every time I wake up I open the app IMMEDIATELY I love this app more than imaginable I have let go every other aspect of my life I’ve lost my job my girlfriend has stopped talking to me and I haven’t showered in weeks because I can’t use the app in the shower.
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3 years ago, Techstar01
New update ruined it
Downloaded the app because of The Big Bang Theory. At the time, it was a perfect app to pull out quickly and play the sound. Now, however, when I open the app, I’m greeted with a HIGHLY MISLEADING pop-up ad promoting their ridiculous new subscription that unlocks 4 more whips. The big green start button does NOT in fact start the app—it starts a 3-day free trial before automatically converting in a subscription that costs God knows what. Instead, you need to click the tiny X button in order to use the whip. The main feature of the app was its convenience, and now they’ve completely ruined it. DELETED!
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5 months ago, kjdjdrbdnfn
This app has changed my life
This app has changed my life for the better now because all my friends listen to me now and now I even can get the monkeys nobody even tries to run away now. I love this Thank you
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4 years ago, Rey949
The best p whip
I use this when my friends wife calls them and tells them what to do. It works every time. They get the call and the wife says “Time to come home” so I get out my phone and start cracking the whip just to make fun of their situation. Trust me it’s very effective!! Nice!
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4 years ago, Baba black sheep b
So I got this app and I was like oh let’s scare my 7 year old daughter and then her heart stopped beating and she also has an asthma attack at the same time so I’m very thankful for this app. I love getting whipped it was the best thing that ever happens sure I was in the hospital but would reccomenf
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1 year ago, fegracy
Doesn’t make any noise at all
A total waste of my time or total waste of space phones turned up all the way tapping it only brings up the AppStore shaking the phone does nothing at all. Thanks a lot another useless app it’s an iPhone X you would think by now you have it so it would work and no I’m not gonna go into settings and change anything. It doesn’t work it doesn’t work.
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6 years ago, This app is bac
You can’t whip with me
I’m a freshman in high school and this is the best thing for me. When I have a whip off in the middle of the cafeteria I always win because no one else has the best sound effects. I WIN EVERY WHIP OFF. If you want to fight me I don’t throw hands I throw whips.
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9 months ago, Quenn137
My review
This app is the best there is not a single flaw that I can think of it is hilarious and so much fun I have done this sound in front of my friends and they got humiliated
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2 years ago, stilpony
$1.99 weekly subscription crap
There must be something in the small print about this app suddenly changing over to the premium subscription and charging $2 a week for this senseless app. If you download this, be sure to go to your subscriptions and shut this off before you get hit with the non-refundable charges. Pretty shady if them to do this.
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7 years ago, 2016Qtr2
Keeps peace at home
Realistic sound and you can just shake the phone once to generate noise. You can use it to clear monsters out of a three year old's bedroom before bedtime.
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4 years ago, G.O.A.T.7.
Hey Carol!!
When I’m in school my friends hate it so I’m one class there’s a girl by the name of Carol so we say Hay Carol i gotta question then whip her. Or in class we will just whip the teachers and make them really mad!🤣🤣
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4 years ago, skjsjskdksooqosjsn
Download now!
If one of my friends are being annoying I’ll pull this out on them it will shut em up.
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7 years ago, NinjaGirl930
Nice to get peoples attention! Keep their attention! And let them know that if they don't pay attention to you you'll get out your real whip!
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2 months ago, cinder896896689
Helps me get slackin off workers working again
Love the whip sound!!! Now i can finally make the burnt chicken Nuggets get back to work. Tysmmmmmm!!!
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6 years ago, brandonyayno
This is a great app to endlessly remind your whipped homie that he is whipped by his girl. Being whipped = your significant other basically controls everything that you do all the time.
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3 months ago, called the nickname
It’s fine I guess
This game is fine I don’t really know why it would be used but ok
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8 years ago, Randomgrass
I searched so long to find an actual whip app and this one was perfect. It would be awesome if you had an update that added more whip sounds too GET THIS APP
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7 years ago, MollyMay12876
It makes it easy to play cowboy until your little sissy will leave you alone!
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5 months ago, Nick Nohnassm
This is heat to use on my black friends
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6 years ago, Kingkoopathe3rd
Good whip app
Does what it says. One whip sound cuts off too early but overall does a good job. Fun to play around with.
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5 years ago, lexxxx07150
This was the perfect app to sound at my friend Will Jeffries every time he gets pulled on his girlfriends leash too hard. 10/10
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7 years ago, McSear
Yep, 3 included whips R good!
PROS: Nicely done considering it's a free app! Basic whip sounds are very well done, and whip motion action activates the sound quickly. Most other whip apps do not come close to this one. Try it, test it, maybe go for more. CONS: Upgrade does not add many sounds for the money, basic 3 whips are nearly as good as the 4 extra, and one competitor adds triple the number of different sounds you get for the same upgrade price. #PRETTYGOOD #KEEPSHOPPING ...iPhone 5S, iOS 9.3.2
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5 years ago, Rat Boy Everett
In App Purchasing
I love this app, don’t get me wrong. But I purchased the extra whips and they were such a disappointment. I tried to get my money back, but I cannot. Don’t buy the pro version.
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5 years ago, Nifty Takedown
The Big Bang Theory Sent Me Here
Now with this app, I'm able to re-enact one of Kirby's more modern Copy Abilities with full audio! Now all I need is the hat...
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8 months ago, Chris Cena
Great App
I use this all the time on my black friends
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5 years ago, Random Person031488
Great app
If you want to use it to make your black friends mad it works great I got a 3 day suspension
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5 years ago, mtnbikertx
I say whip it, whip it good!!!
Time to get cracking, gotta get a handle on this, a flick of the wrist and the heads snap at the sound, can life get any better!!!!
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8 years ago, CherylSaynHi
The only thing I don't like is $1.99 for "pro" which adds rather LAME whip sounds. The first option is the best sounding. 👍
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4 years ago, slappy998
Turns out I had mute on
I accidentally had mute on while I was using this app! Good app too.
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8 years ago, Joe boss 189321
Finally I have found an app that actually whips
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8 years ago, Puffyfish11
I no longer have to yell for my hubby......I just crack my whip and he comes, lol!! Actually, it's really a fun app. thanks for the humor!!
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4 months ago, brandoo2013
B. Cami c mcv and I have a feeling it’s a bit too much to handle in a game with the new characters
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5 years ago, General Hux of The First Order
The only app
This is the best app on the App Store. I was lost until I found this app. This app lets me see God and whip him into man.
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4 years ago, TheLOOKOUTSquad
My friends hate me but idc
Good whenever my friends needs help with relationships
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8 years ago, Cdrgator78
Hits the spot!
Just when you need yo make a point you whip it with your phone!!!
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5 years ago, Alex10281027402&3
Best app ever
If my friends are not treating people right then I can whip them to set them straight
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8 years ago, Awsimor231
Amazing app
I use this app all the time. I really like it and you should get it.
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3 years ago, PopeMatthew
I wish
I wish you didn’t have to pay for “extras” in a app that is just making a sound
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5 months ago, I spam reviews in my freetime
great app
I use it to whip my Asian friend fun fact I also masturbsted to a chair
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4 years ago, Denever3tt
Fun app but....
I like the app but goes to a Facebook ad and can’t close out of it. You try to close the app and reopen but goes right back to Facebook ad.
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4 years ago, murielangot
Whip it good 💯
This app is extremely useful and fun when trying to set playful boundaries
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8 years ago, Storyfanu
Watched bing bang show and found this app had a hilarious use. It is the perfect app
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4 years ago, gogogogo ducks
I think that this app should just give you all of the whips
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6 years ago, NumGams
Great App Really Helps With Disobedient “Workers”
Bein a plantation owner in the south ain’t easy for me. Thankfully, with this app, I can command my “workers” to farm all the cotton I need.
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6 years ago, Jdkxjbhsknshzujwbgsjshdhhd
Creative Title
I can finally whip it good like those guys with cones on their heads keep telling me to!
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6 years ago, T-Dog40
I follow guys around with their girlfriend and making the whips sound to show his girlfriend got his nards
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8 years ago, Kralox
Perfect for when you have to tell your friend he's whipped by his girlfriend
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8 years ago, Bing0154
this app is perfection. I use it like in the Big Bang theory episode all of the time. simple to use😂😂👌🏼
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4 months ago, jbhvhvgvggh
I love this app😍😍
Makes me feel like the good old days💋💋😘
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