The Wichita Eagle News

4.3 (1.4K)
111.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
The McClatchy Company
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for The Wichita Eagle News

4.26 out of 5
1.4K Ratings
2 years ago, 5 pets too many
Readable now. Thank you!
4–final review: The app is mysteriously back to a version that is usable. I say finally because all the difficulties made me realize I don’t really need this paper. When my subscription runs out I’m probably going to call and make sure they cancel it. The app is readable now. Some days the current paper wouldn’t pop up. I don’t know if that part is fixed yet. Only time will tell. 3–After reviewing the app last week and being asked to send screen shots I have yet a new issue and I’m removing a star. Now a google ad pops up on the bottom of the screen. When I try to close it, it asked me to give feedback. When I do I am left with text still covering the paper—“Ad closed by google.” And it’s still a small paper not filling my screen so no joy there. —————2–I had trouble with the app and was told uninstall and reinstall it. Now I have a weird tiny newspaper page in the carpenter of my iPad. Too small to read and I can’t switch pages without going back to the tiny page between EVERY Page. Hope this is fixed soon. It’s almost unusable. —————1–earlier review: This update is great! Two days in a row I have read articles without accidentally going to story mode. This was especially wonderful for the comics. Thank you! Earlier review: The app has improved greatly. Navigation through the paper is much easier.
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2 years ago, Newbie in 2010
does not scroll correctly, unremoveable overlay ad with paid subscription
I often cannot scroll down (swipe up) to view rest of article until I swipe down a little. Similar situation when trying to stretch/expand view. Have to pinch a little first. This is all in main view. I also have an unclearable banner ad at the bottom of screen even though I'm on the paid subscription plan. Deleting app and reinstalling only fixes this for a short while. iPad5, iOS 11.2.1.
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4 weeks ago, Jerkkkh
Difficult to use
I have tried to subscribe to the Wichita Eagle digital edition for 5 years. It has never really worked. I have paid for a yearly subscription. The last time I got ‘The State’ which was worthless. I assumed my payment had been hacked. It is impossible to lock up your account on website or app to know the status of your account. It is not available. Several months ago I finally got a person on the phone and was told I did not have a paid subscription. I paid for a yearly subscription and when I access the web page or app I’m told have a guest access and not full paid access. I would like to read the local news, but the Wichita Eagle is making it impossible.
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1 month ago, Kestrel22!
E Edition Gone
The new Edition has buried a pdf version of a print layout but without the ability to open a complete article with a tap. After a week or so the Ap has been updated and the digital print layout version returned. Thank you!
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3 years ago, Youre nuts!
Electronic challenges
Over many months…well, probably years… I spend more time deleting your app and reloading new app…and/or talking to your customer service…than I do just reading the paper. Your management of the electronic version of the paper is abysmal!! How hard can it be for you to provide the daily version of the paper to me? I just want to read the electronic version on my iPad. Wait!!! once again, you’ve got a great new experience for me, but the paper is down (you’re sorry). Try back later. Or…delete the app and re-load. The good news is I can do that in my sleep because Ive done it so many times.
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2 years ago, Dennis Hesselbarth
Feed errors fixed, but now I can’t log in
So last week’s update fixed the private relay fees error bug. It also kicked me out and required me to log in again But, my login credentials are rejected, when they are correct. Deleting and reinstalling the app does nothing. And once again, tech support is still unresponsive. Apparently a bad review is the only way to get any help, if that works. We’ll see… Update: after more than another week, still no contact from anyone about this login issue. DO NOT BOTHER TO USE THIS APP. Technical or Customer service does not exist.
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4 years ago, ICTBS
Disappointing App! Poor Support!
Newspaper content on my wife’s iPad is blurry if she chooses “Read Now” and if she downloads the content she cannot expand it with typical iPad finger gestures. When you app loads, all newspaper content is limited to a two inch wide window that cannot be expanded. I have been to the local Eagle office in Wichita, KS and was informed that someone from California would call me to resolve the issue. No call, no technical support phone number, so we are about ready to cancel and request a refund. Sad thing is, this app was working great in the past, but some dipstick keeps trying to “improve” it.
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5 years ago, _LMThompson
Old news and keyholes
It’s difficult to keep up on current events because app is so full of old news stories. Even the “latest news” section is mostly old news. Additionally, the same stories appear under multiple headings so you keep seeing the same stories day after day, section after section. The eedition of the printed paper is better but they switched to a browser-based system where half the screen is wasted on ads and navigation bars. On mobile devices it’s like reading through a keyhole.
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5 years ago, Eagle worth it????????????
Poor quality / functionality
New updated version still has problems. It’s layout on my iPad makes it very difficult to read. With half the screen being allocated to ads it is next to impossible to read the paper itself. And when you try to either move or in large a section of the paper the screen jumps forward to next page. Very frustrating and to the point that if not fixed we may just dump this service.
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4 years ago, just want my paper back
Still can’t read the paper!
I bought a new iPad thinking my old one was just too old to work properly with the eEagle. I guess I was wrong. The print is blurry unless you click on individual articles. The obituary page is blurry all the time and does not enlarge when you tap it. The comics are unreadable unless you enlarge and then the strip is too big for the space on the screen. I am very disappointed in this app. Not sure how it ranks a 4.3 when most comments are much lower.
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2 years ago, Cantfindanavalibleknickname
Impossible to cancel
Edit: I see their response. Please know that I’ve been in contact with them fir months. They are useless. They will never stop taking $13 out of my account. I’ve spent hours by phone and email. I will have to cancel my bank account and redo all my banking. I was just wanting to take a break from them, I liked them before this, but obviously I won’t ever give them my money again, once I get them to stop stealing it.
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7 years ago, Wichita reader
My $.02
What happened to Sedgwick County's most wanted? Otherwise, this is the first news source I read every morning. Thank you.
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3 years ago, Bekah0355
I wish I could give this app negative stars
Especially considering how much I pay for my subscription and they can’t even get my paper here half the time talk about salt in the wound when you finally get desperate enough to resort to the app for your news / access to the news you pay for and you get met with this dumpster fire of an app. 2 years I’ve had it and it’s gotten no better . My free content apps blow this one out of the water so frustrating
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5 years ago, Dan in Wichita
Poor Content Curation
The content management system this organization uses to present news and editorial information is poorly organized. The same information automatically appears in several locations, which is inefficient for the reader. Insufficient resources are being dedicated to support this app, even though the corporate owners claim to be migrating to a “digital-first” journalistic and advertising product.
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5 years ago, dkc71340
Very difficult to read the print version
I prefer to read the print version. This app is a significant downgrade from the previous version. Selecting the option to view the print version takes you out of the App and into your browser and is terrible to use. Give me a version that allows viewing the print version within the App and functions like the old App. I will likely not renew my subscription if this is not fixed!
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6 years ago, jimmyraybob
Don’t forget where you came from
I love being able to keep track of home while I am away. The Eagle app is easier to read than the print edition and has extras!
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2 years ago, AustinN84
If your app stopped working/refreshing…
Then turn off “Private Relay” under your iCloud settings. For some reason that prevents the app from refreshing. -Austin
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5 years ago, ORGANISTAL
Where are the comics?
My husband has always gone to the comics first. If he touches the little square to get the page that looks like the newspaper, the print is so small that it cannot be read. Also, part of the page is covered with ads.
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5 years ago, Marshaweaver
It gets worse and worse
I try to read their stories on Fb and get told I cannot without a subscription. Ok. Fine I open the app and try to read it there and get the same thing. It’s frustrating to say the least. So I see no reason to keep the app or bother with them. I can get the same information from any of the local news stations
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2 months ago, Mags Mom II
New format is totally worthless
Today, May 1, 2024, the new “interactive” Eagle started. No news, just total frustration. I can’t find today’s print edition on my iPad. I’ve emailed the powers that be ( page 2 of yesterday’s readable version) as I learned long ago that the “customer service” (disservice) was useless. And they wonder why people are canceling.
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2 years ago, mrk4ku
This app regularly fails to load stories and crashes often. Not all content available on the website is available on the app or is slow to appear.
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6 years ago, Billck14
Problems with pop up ad for Sicario movie
Your app has issues. About a week ago, every time I open it , I get a pop up for a ad of a movie and it won’t let you close it out. Just repeating over and over. I don’t even have to click on an article and within 10 seconds, the pop up ad that won’t go away shows up
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7 years ago, Ronfill
Too cluttered
I pay for my subscription but still have too look at stupid adds while I'm reading a site that is already cluttered with with non-news items. The site is very hard to navigate and find what your looking for. The articles also cannot be enlarged to offer better reading. Very poor site.
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4 years ago, 24601f85
I agree
I agree with many other reviews that things aren’t working very well. I get blurry screens on my iPad as well. Also, when scrolling content in the paper version the screen will freeze. I’ve found if you advance a couple of pages then go back, it works. So in general things are poorly presented.
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4 years ago, ictsecengineer
New news is scattered and crashes when rotated
Would love for new news to be at the top and older news as it goes down. Also the application crashes when ever you rotate the screen.
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2 years ago, joncole2014
App doesn’t work with Private Relay
If you get the “Error Fetching Feeds” issue, you have to turn off Private Relay in your iCloud settings to get it to work. I value my privacy, so I won’t be turning it off. Please consider fixing this.
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5 months ago, ictlineman
Won’t open
Issue with app not opening. Either white screen or wichita eagle open screen, but that’s it. Sometimes turning off phone resets but today no. Usually have to get to newest Eedition from link in email, not app. It’s stuck on yesterday’s edition.
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6 years ago, Doc Ellwood
Eagle paper
Hard to maneuver through. Very cluttered with repeated ads. Cannot find the comics or crossword puzzles. Doesn’t let you see previous editions. Some of the reasons I don’t use app very often!
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2 months ago, VietVetFromOz
Can’t access anything but sports
No access to any local news or comics. I selected categories and they were not accessible… the various topics across the top of the page on my wife’s iPad were all there, but mine only showed sports.
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6 years ago, WichitaMomma
Better than Kansas City
I live in Kansas City now and still take the Eagle. And I take the KC Star. But the news coverage in the Eagle is better.
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5 years ago, J in ICT
Advertising is more important than user experience.
The user experience on an iPad is terrible. They need to start over and think more about their reading customer because if they lose them they will lose their advertising customer.
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6 years ago, da 6th Stroke
Can’t get back to newspaper view
I will be reading in traditional newspaper view, accidentally touch something that takes me to more of a mobile view, and then nothing I do gets me back to newspaper view. The small newspaper icon does not work when this happens. It is infuriating!
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11 months ago, Itchy uchiha
Articles crash constantly causing me to have to reopen the article, go back to my place, start reading, only to crash once again. Incredibly annoying.
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5 years ago, ktex804
Wichita Eagle High school sports
I enjoy reading all of Hayden Barber’s columns. His writing is spot on, and a lot of fun to read.
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5 years ago, Kansas64
Very, very poor app
How do you make a poor quality paper worse? Put out a terrible app is how. Slow loading, jumps around page, difficult to read the paper. Not much left of the old Eagle Newspaper, now the app is even worse then the news.
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5 years ago, Sean PVP
Pop up ads
I hate the pop ups when you're trying to search for something. The actual print paper and this app are soon to be history at this house. The Eagle is way too expensive for what I get out of it.
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5 years ago, Radar3300
Digital Eagle is a dog
The new digital Eagle was initiated on October 1, 2019, is a good excuse to go back to paper... not only is it hard to access, it is also almost impossible to read. I hate paper, but this software makes me want to give up the Eagle or go back to paper... horrible!
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3 years ago, JOSEPHUNGA
Remove ads for paid customers
Please remove the ads — if I wanted ads, I would have kept with the other news sources, so please remove the ads since I subscribe.
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5 years ago, Eagle reader for 20+ years
The Eagle recently “improved” this app. Ha! The “newspaper” version comes up unfocused and the is supposed to sharpen up I guess. What it does on my wife’s and my iPads it stay unfocused. It does the same thing on my iPhone. Good grief, fix this app before we decide to cancel the subscription.
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4 years ago, pdstep
Hard to navigate
New digital format is too difficult to navigate and cluttered with conflicting and irritating ads. Could not find icon to fill the full screen. Lots of problems. Back to the drawing board - I hope!!
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1 month ago, Davenict
Recent changes are horrible. I simply want a digital version of a newspaper (that looks like a newspaper) and not a web app simply pointing to articles. This is not worth the subscription.
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4 years ago, MaraLouRh
Edition bad app
I don’t want to sign in every time I want to read the paper. NOT user friendly. Go around & around & get no where. Other paper s are easier!!
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2 weeks ago, JustAGuy555
New app is terrible
This may be what finally makes me drop my subscription. Unreadable. Update June 5: still awful. Won’t let me login in to read content.
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5 years ago, Weston65
New app
I absolutely HATE the new design of this app. Bring back the original that actually looked like a newspaper. This new one makes you jump all over the place to read the stories.
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5 years ago, Jbhiker
View like real paper
What happened to the option to view like a real newspaper? I can not locate funnies or jumble and many times it is difficult to log in.
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6 years ago, kirk737
Old news
Come on! Why can’t the news articles be fresh and new? Same old news stories day after day! Pretty sorry for a a city the size of Wichita!
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11 months ago, Mmanasa7711
App no responding
The app is crashing not loading new content and will not stay on the page I open.
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3 years ago, ICTHawk
Feeds Don’t Work
App will no longer fetch news feeds. Customer service is completely non-responsive.
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5 years ago, gay al 61
Was ok ... till
Was ok app. Until they decided to start charging to read the news. I can get much better articles from other sources for free. News reports should be free.
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10 months ago, App stinks!!
This is a free app but absolutely useless! Every article requires a subscription, so whats the point of a free app? All you get is the headline and to read on must subscribe!
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