The Yeshiva World News

4.5 (5.1K)
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The Yeshiva World News
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7 years ago
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9.0 or later
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User Reviews for The Yeshiva World News

4.49 out of 5
5.1K Ratings
7 years ago, Talmidguy
Only good for religious news.
If there can be another app with religious news that wasn't so obvious left leaning in its coverage on non-Jewish news, I would rather get the latter. It seems like the website was bought out by J-street or some other non religious organization
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4 years ago, dugggyhfsfggtvbhh
Great to have an app but it takes too long to load
Happy to have the app so I can read news without needing a browser on I phone but it’s frustrating how long it takes to load the app. If you try and do something else while the app is loading, it will freeze. I know this isn’t my phone because this is the third phone I own and they all had the same issue. When you decide to finally wait, it will randomly crash on you and shut off. Lots of bugs to be fixed
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7 years ago, Sue1424
When Yeshiva World originally came out it was an informative and reliable website to obtain news about the frum world in a kosher way. Now I hardly look at the website because it is so slow to load, is so replete with ads and “communicated content” that i can not find the news, and the important breaking news about Eretz Yisroel is posted way after other websites or not at all!! Please shore up your website so that it can be more user friendly. Thank you.
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7 years ago, Yaakov shweky
New development- no back arrow to return to home page
No return allow to return to home page Great news though
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2 years ago, sjtannenbaum
To many ads
To many ads not enough news
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6 years ago, meron A
Anti trump
I stopped giving a good review because your attitude and articles are against trump. After everything good that trump has done for Israel , there should be some appreciation.
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7 years ago, Seriously, what??..
Why 17+?
First off it crashes after 15 seconds(unless you hold your finger down on the article), second, for those of us that filter 17+, this was supposed to be our kosher news source, but the new rating defeats the purpose.
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6 years ago, Ami the man
Dislike the pop up ads
Otherwise really great site
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7 years ago, Mavin 707
Rip off
The site is bambarded with advertising , you can't open a page without a advertisement, you can't scroll down without getting hit by a other foolish advertisement, they just take away your time looking for a normal Jewish site it's a Geneva from time , ANY other news site will serve you better What a waste !!!!!!! Don't spend a minute here
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6 years ago, esrogboy
To much ads
When I what to read the article I always get a commercial it is very bad idea
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3 years ago, to many distractions
Too many adds
I find it too busy with so many different adds and videos popping up all the time. Al I want to do is read the news and I get bombarded with so many other things. Way too much
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6 years ago, Majadd
You opted for disrupting advertising. It is gross. If you a want to be consistent with dignity and Heidel Yddishkeit you make it prettier, non disrupting, and spread it more rather than obstructing content.
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7 years ago, oversmart
Pls roll back update!
Please roll back to previous version, while not polished at leased it was FUNCTIONAL! Thanks!
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4 years ago, reb yiddele
Good app overall but....
But there are constant multiple adverts popping up almost every time I read an article making this app frustrating to use
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5 years ago, unhappy $1w
Far far far too many ads!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nearly everything other item is a request for money or help and with so many banner and flashing item to make everyone ADHD and I don’t even want to mention the MOST annoying pop up ads Very significant change is necessary
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6 years ago, michoel0613
Ruining innocent frum families
Recently they started becoming a "wall of shame" for frum people who are accused of abuse. In order not to be pulled into the Issur of Loshon Hora (and Motzy Shame Ra) I avoid most sites like this. I would rather go to websites like Fox News (even with their inappropriate things) - rather than viewing this website and committing one of the worst issurim in Shulchan Aruch.
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7 years ago, oiber_chuchem
Please fix! app isnt working!
First off thanks for being mezakeh the jewish community with a kosher news source. But now this app completely disappeared from my homescreen after update :( (And selecting it from the app store does nothing at all). I need the app since my browser is blocked. And I'm sure others out there have the same issue I also see that the rating was changed to 17+ for no good reason. Please fix this as a service to the community that relies on a kosher news source like yours. Thanks again and keep up the good work!
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6 years ago, never fly them again Sam
Need better updates.
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3 years ago, danb456
Slow loading
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7 years ago, Motilesh
New version is terrible
Worst is when going back to home pg. from a story it goes back to the top and not where u were already
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4 years ago, Marty B130
Too many advertisements. This is the last Jewish site I look at, You also editorialize too much. I want news not opinion
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4 years ago, Bug inspector
Can’t write comments
The keyboard disappears every few seconds when typing a review. Way too many add pop ups, Very frustrating. Please fix.
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7 years ago, Ghkfn
App Crashes
This new app crashes within 30 seconds of opening it. Especially when clicking on an article. Focus on functionality before working on the UI design. Please fix.
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7 years ago, Marvel reader
Hate the new version
Especially the sound starting on its own. Too many pop up ads and it takes forever to scroll to latest stories.
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4 years ago, moshe 109
Fake and disgusting news!
I was mortified plenty of times when scrolling through the news they post. Most of the news are to make people look bad and aren't authentic at all!
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6 years ago, reader with no agenda
Too many ads make the site difficult and unmanageable
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6 years ago, Great penfed app
Great news outlet
Great news outlet, keeps the good in and the junk out
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7 years ago, Sruly a
Amazing news channel
The best news channel ever!!
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3 years ago, Wisesue
User experience
This app would be a great source of information but it is unbearable to get through any article without a solicitation pop up blocking. Annoying Enough to make me turn elsewhere.
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6 years ago, Citt1
Great frum news
Good, short articles.
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6 years ago, Louzia mordekhai
Best news
Best news to Jewish people I like thank u
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4 years ago, Marcsocalif
Great but too many pop ups
Besides the pop ups, it’s great and informative
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4 years ago, yves le preux
Yeshiva world review
Needs more depth. Both on Torah articles or on news
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5 years ago, zisl leah
Poorly edited and updated
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7 years ago, Xhdj6373!
Back button
Everytime you press the back button on top left corner it goes back to ththe top not where you started.
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4 years ago, Sudoff613
The web sight is ok but the app crashes and it’s real slow and if u have a tagged phone or it’s restricted u can’t get on
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4 years ago, Yonah Gluckin
I cant get an app thats 17+ and the flippin times israel isnt 17+ so why should ywn be? Also the pop ads pretty stupid
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5 years ago, abe fr
Pop Ups
Too many pop ups
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6 years ago, yitzy rosenthal
Bugs bugs and more bugs
The app opens and shuts as soon as I try to read a article. Terrible terrible,please fix ASAP
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4 years ago, yerovom
Nonstop advertising! Too, too, much!
Too much forced to listen advertising!
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6 years ago, Kveeshball
Crashes every time I open the app!
Have yet to use the YWN app without it crashing while I’m using it. Very disappointing!
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7 years ago, Prince120
Constantly crashing
This new update causes constant crashes.
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7 years ago, Mlyb2010
As someone who’s filters his phone with Apple restrictions,this app is pointless as it always crashes
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2 years ago, Kloggj
Ehh tech isn’t buggy and clunky
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4 years ago, moshe gross
Very slow!!!
Loading when opened the apps
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7 years ago, Moishy boishy
New app is horrible crashing every time I try opening a story please fix asap
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7 years ago, הצעיר
Doee not support phones that have a filter because it goes to a browser when you open the app Please fix!! המזכה את הרבים אין חטא בא על ידו...
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7 years ago, Shai_stein
Update no good
When updated the app got deleted from my phone. Please fix.
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7 years ago, Lakewood58
Fix app
After updating app it disappeared from my screen. Please fix
Show more
7 years ago, jackitay
Very slow recently
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