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User Reviews for TheaterEars

4.82 out of 5
52.7K Ratings
6 years ago, Xandra huh
Went to try this app the other day before recommending it to my mom and it worked great! Watched Solo and it synced perfectly, never buffered or stopped. I was worried that I wouldn’t hear over the loud movie sound but I did- in fact I couldn’t hear the English version in background and there’s no need to, as the audio track contains everything, not just dialogue. I was worried other ppl would be able to hear the sound from my earphones, but that didn’t happen either. I took off my earphones a couple of times at different volumes to check and nothing. I was also pleased to hear LA Spanish as opposed to the Spain accent I had heard previously in a video advertising this app (nothing wrong with it, my accent just happens to be LA) anyway. I’m looking forward to more movie and language options! As a polyglot, I’d definitely appreciate the fun option to hear my favorite movies in different languages! Great job so far :) Actually one question: why do we need to “download the track” every time? Can’t we just do it once and then unlock it by choosing the movie showtime or something? I kept changing plans and while at home it downloaded in seconds, when I did it at the theater before the movie it took around 10mins. Not a deal breaker because I was early just something that could be better.
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6 years ago, Josemjz137
Great for those non English Speakers: Amazing !!!
I went to the movies to watch Jurassic World, I was really nervous about it, wasn’t really sure if it was going to work. It took me 2 tries to make it work at the begging of the movie, i also believe that you need and internet connection in order to play the audio in the movies, which it was probably why did not worked on my mom’s phone. I also believe it was because the beginning has not dialog and maybe had some troubles recognizing the audio. I also used Bose Quit Comfort 35 to cancel as much noise as posible, it worked great because the audio from TheaterEars also includes sound effects and voices. This is truly great. My mom is really happy that I found this app, now she can go to the movies with me and understand everything about it! Thank you!
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6 years ago, vna2
Best thing ever!! Can’t believe this app is available and the theaters don’t tell you. I called several theaters to ask for Spanish accommodations and all told me they didn’t have any for Jurassic World. We found this app and we took our cousin who was visiting from Mexico to the movies and she was able to enjoy the movie with us! We watched Jurassic World and it synced perfectly with the movie. We were worried that the audio would be off but it synchronizes with the audio once you’re in the theater and the movie begins. Tip* Make sure to download the audio when you have good Data Service or in WiFi. You can download the audio one day before (at least that’s what I did). Recommend it for everyone who has family or friends that only understand spanish.
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3 years ago, Michaelrhzz
A Life Changer !!
I have a son with Cerebral Palsy who is Spanish Speaker only, we moved a few years back to the US but he does not understand english and always missed out on going to the movies here because he cant understand nor he can read subtitles. He really wanted to see Fast & Furious 9 and asked me if there was a way he could see it in Spanish on a movie theater, so it got me researching until I found this wonderful application. I really didn't know if it was going to work until we went to see the movie and he was so excited he was Jumping on the theater chair!! I cannot stress enough how this will change his life!! Now we can see all the movies he wants to see in the Theater!! Whoever made this app is a Genius!!! Thanks So Much!!!
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5 years ago, LexxiZaketh
This is exactly what I’ve been waiting for a long time! My mother was never able to fully enjoy watching a movie with us at the theater unless it was already in Spanish, since she can’t read or write at all. But now with this app she can come along with us to watch movies and understand everything being said! The only thing I see that would make it better would be if every film in the theater would be available to be translated or how there could possibly be an add on of languages. But I understand how it might be difficult to get that done so I appreciate at least being able to understand the few (great selections by the way) that are already there. I am super grateful to everyone who helped create this app!
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5 years ago, megdatenight
Great quality but needs a lot more options
This is the first review I’ve ever made because I hope the app owners start adding more options. The app works great, and if there is a movie you really want to see actually listed, it’s amazing. But my husband uses this app because he doesn’t speak English and going to the movies is a perfect date night option we haven’t been able to really experience. We have seen one movie with the app and everything worked great. It was the first time my husband had ever been to a movie theater. But we want to go back and the movies we want to see aren’t options and they don’t look like they are coming anytime soon. So please, add Toy Story and Lion King to the app so we can enjoy. I have told all my friends about the app and everyone I know that doesn’t speak English. The app could really take off if they invest a little more.
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4 months ago, Phenix1204
Add more movies please
I’ll always appreciate this app for what it’s done to help Hispanics to enjoy the movies in the US. But I always feel like they don’t add enough movies to their catalogue. There have been many times where I’ve wanted to watch a movie with my dad but it wasn’t available in the app. You shouldn’t focus just on blockbusters but also on the other movies that they release at the time. For example I wanted to watch the Holdovers, Ferrari, and American Fiction with my dad. But none of those were available on the app. Obviously blockbusters like Oppenheimer were available. But that’s my point. So please, expand the movies available to download the Spanish audio.
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2 weeks ago, Melanie T. K.
Worked fantastically!!!
I saw the app advertised before the previews. Downloaded it and was able to download the movie track in just a few minutes. Ready before the movie started. I am hearing impaired and use hearing aids. I used the English-Hearing Impaired version and was able to adjust the volume enough to be able to hear the dialogue and music. So glad that I got this app!!! I usually can’t understand the movie in the theater and have to wait for it to come out on tv to be able to use captions. I’m hoping I can find other theaters that use this as well!!!! 10 stars!!!! :)
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2 years ago, OscarV1012
Worked perfectly for The Batman
I took my Spanish-speaking mother to see The Batman and the app worked pretty much perfectly to my surprise! The translation track synced easily (even mid-movie) and was clear with no issues. I downloaded the audio track on data multiple times, no problem. I recommend you have a full charge, turn off auto lock on your phone to prevent the app from closing and lower the brightness all the way down to preserve the battery. She had a great time thanks to this app.
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6 months ago, 1134Bent
I pay for this service. I do the owe you answers for a survey
Just like the title says, I pay for this. I don’t owe you guys answers for a survey before you download the information I pay you for. You refuse to download the track until I answer questions for you. Sounds silly to get upset over but what if they did that at a fast food place? Make you answer a survey before handing you food you paid hard earned money for after forcing you to let the application track your location. Where does it end? You want me to pull my pants down so you can smell what I had for lunch yesterday? Stop forcing information from people and do your job. I’m petty enough I will stop going to the theater in general just so I don’t have to answer your questions. Thanks for nothing.
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2 years ago, spiritatbay
Wish it would work…
Why bother introducing a subscription service when the main service doesn’t actually work? Every time I try to use the app I either get a message saying that there was an error while trying to sign in or when I go to download a track it simply hangs, buffers as if doing something, before giving me an error message without actually downloading anything. I see a lot of great reviews, and I would love nothing more than to have the same experience so I can get to give the stars that this app should get, particularly because it helps enable me to spend time at the movies with my grandparents who don’t speak English and that is a truly great reward. When it works, of course.
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6 years ago, meli Fer
Amazing Finally we can all go to watch movies
I took my parents to watch a movie today! Something That I couldn’t do before. Unless it was a Spanish speaking movie. They were finally able to hear the movie in Spanish using the App and earphones while the movie was still playing in English on the screen. The Spanish translation was perfect, the sounds effect exactly the same as the movie. My parents loved it. And they are already making plans to go to the movie theater next weekend, and bring more family with them. Thank you soooo much !!!!
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1 year ago, astrid018
Amazing and cheap!!!
I still haven’t payed for the subscription, bus is just $2 and it gives u a whole month for free. I used it yesterday, as soon as the movie started I made sure to sync the movie with the audio and omg it was wonderful! My mom was able to enjoy the movie with us. I love this app! Is so easy to use too! I like downloading the audio a day before going to the theater just in case I don’t have signal in the theater, and it allows me to do so! Get the app! U won’t regret it!
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5 years ago, millie_9_chavez
Is there a way Avengers: Endgame can be available sooner?
I purchased/reserved tickets to watch it on Tuesday, April 30th with my mom and sisters only to barely find out the translation on the app comes out on May 3rd. The tickets I purchased are non refundable so it’ll be really difficult for my mother to enjoy the movie without watching it in her native language and that makes me feel bad. I would give this 5 stars had I been notified sooner about this as I didn’t know it would take longer to go see. It works great but the situation I’m in is difficult. It’d be appreciated if you guys could push the date closer, my mom’s really excited to watch it but she won’t understand a thing if it’s not in Spanish :(
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2 years ago, Punjibii
So far so good
Reminder this app is for Spanish voice overs. I recently used it for Doctor Strange 2 in Cinemark in the Bay Area and it worked wonderfully. I had three family members used it and I tried it for a couple of minutes. The audio was pretty much in sync which is difficult to determine since English and Spanish are not the same thing. Overall my family loved it and didn’t have problems with the free version. Use both earbuds if possible.
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5 years ago, vwlphb
Works great, would love more options
I tried this with the Spanish translation back on Coco and it’s great! I really wish they would expand to provide captioning for hard of hearing and deaf people. You could force the screen to be dim to bother people less, but any way you do it would be better than those caption devices they have in theaters! They miss lines, run out of batteries, and can accidentally show captions of the wrong movie. My sister hates going to movies and this would make a huge difference for her.
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6 years ago, 26Espy
So useful!
I've always loved going to the movies and my mom loves going wherever I go lol. However I've had difficulties because I have to explain the movie to her since they're in English. Now I come across this app and we tried it for the first time with Ocean's 8 and she loved it. She was so excited. The only thing is we didn't calculate how long it would take to download, we thought we'd be safe since there was trailer but it take more than 20 min. Just be aware. Overall, great app just please add more!
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2 years ago, prettybluebird
I have questions
I haven’t tried this in a theater yet but I have tested it at home. I didn’t know what to expect but It was okay. The movie and audio did sync. I have parents that only speak Spanish and want to take them to the movies. Im uneasy since the time schedule on this app are mostly unmatched to the time schedule of when the movie actually starts. Like let’s say I want to watch the Batman at 1:30pm, this app would give the option at 2:30pm and nothing for 1:30 pm. I read that the audio downloaded only works at that scheduled time that it was downloaded for. Is that true?
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6 months ago, e.lugo.fig
Great inclusive app
Grandma and grandpa were visiting from out of the country for the holidays and the grandkids wanted to go to the movies. We found this app and it was the best!! Super easy to use, we downloaded it on 2 phones, selected a movie theater and a movie available on the app, got them each a pair of headphones, headed to the movies..(set phone to Do not disturb) and grandparents were able to hear the movie in Spanish and spent time with the family.
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2 years ago, chichajessy
Got my hopes up…
Tried it for the first time with my parents who are Spanish speakers. We watched Top Gun and I couldn’t rave enough about how amazing this app was. Recommended it to all my family members because I was in disbelief with how amazing it had worked. Fast forward to today when I tried to download the audio for Elvis to take my dad to watch, and the app wouldn’t let me login. Tried different methods to access the app (forgot password, different login methods, resetting the app, deleting and redownloading…etc) nothing worked. I’m grateful I didn’t give one single cent to this app because I would’ve been infuriated. Don’t download it…it’ll only get your hopes up.
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5 years ago, AndrewAppleInc.
Works fantastic! I don’t speak any Spanish but my mother in law is visiting from Colombia and she doesn’t speak any English. I was having a hard time finding things to do together when my husband is at work. Then I found theatre ears. We went to the drive in movie theatre and it synced perfectly; She laughed when I laughed. And “awwed” when I did. So I knew we were hearing the same things. Thank you theatre ears. This is something that should be standard everywhere!
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1 year ago, jcru7892
Good but Unreliable
I’ve used this app a couple of times before with a couple of issues that were inconvenient but manageable. But recently I have tried to use it multiple times and the track will download very slowly and once it is done I get a message saying there was an ‘error’ after multiple times of trying I was not able to play a movie track until halfway through the film I was watching. Once it was working it was good but it was not worth the trouble
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6 years ago, Elyestrada.
Best app created
I love spending time with my mom and one of the things we love to do is go out and watch movies. we always find ourselves having to talk so I can explain what is being said but TheaterEars did it for me. My mom sat there and was able to laugh and understand everything that was being said. We had no problems and the app is so easy and convenient to use. Absolutely love this application and it defies has made the movies experience better
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5 years ago, kik 🦁
Great app
I love this app, I can finally watch movies with my parents, this app is super user friendly and great quality. My only concern is that some movies aren’t on the app, I wrote an email and they wrote back to me saying that they get the movies straight from the company that releases them, and some movies don’t come with a Spanish version. I can’t take off stars for something they have no control over, but other than that the app is awesome... and FREE. Thank you TheaterEars
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5 years ago, zejubiz
Outstanding idea
I loved this idea ever since I heard about it. The I tried it and now I loved it. My wife is happy because she can now understand an entire movie. I understand you guys need to monetize the app eventually, I hope you don’t charge per movies, because the problem is that they are really expensive already. I’d prefer to watch a ad or something different instead of paying more for the audio of the movie. Thank you.
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6 years ago, gringoinlovewithmexican
I am dating a woman from Mexico. We met my parents in San Antonio for Xmas and wanted to go to a movie as we do every year. We found this app and went too see coco. The app worked great and me and my girl went tour first movie together on Xmas day with my family. Everyone had a great time thanks to theater ears. Thanks and hope too see more movies added soon! I would pay for this app if it had all the movies on it or at least a good selection. Thanks again!
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4 years ago, Moll F
One of our family members speaks Spanish but we all wanted to see a movie together. This allowed us all to see the same movie in theaters! Just need headphones. I even got a call during the middle so it cut it off but the app uses your microphone to sync back up and it did with no problems. Also you can turn the screen off during the movie so your phone isn’t shining. It’s a great app we were so amazed.
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1 month ago, QuincyGro
Planet of the Apes!
Yesterday we went to see the movie Planet of the Apes and we couldn't download the audio track in Spanish, we tried a lot and we got a message that said AT THIS MOMENT YOU CANNOT DOWNLOAD THE AUDIO TRACK OF Planet of the Apes KEEP TRYING. We were never able to, it was quite frustrating and we are paying for two applications and neither of us were able to, I hope this does not continue like this, I have highly recommended them and I would not like to cancel the subscriptions
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5 years ago, DreaFR
Great App! Could offer more...
It’s been YEARS since my film-loving parents have been to the movies and both understood as well as enjoyed being there. Therefore the happiness and enthusiasm TheaterEars has brought to my parents and, consequently, myself, is priceless! The app in itself is easy to maneuver and translations, for the most part, synch on time. My biggest criticism however, is that is that the app doesn’t offer an array of options, especially those outside the blockbuster realm. I’d love to see a ‘Knives Out’ or a ‘Jojo Rabbit’ on here. I know they would too.
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6 years ago, LadyDaza
Awesome experience for Spanish mom
My mother only speaks Spanish it is so entertaining to be able to take her to the movies. It makes her life much happier to be able to join us on a different type of outing. Thank you for having this available. She is 76 and unable to learn English fully so it it's a gift to her in the USA every time she can enjoy the movies. Whoever worked on this deserves major kudos as it also works flawlessly.
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6 years ago, MoodMaker
Abuela loves it!
We watched Coco and had Abuela listen in Spanish, she loved being able to understand all the jokes and intricacies of the movie with the rest of the audience. It was pretty easy for me to set up, and there’s a tutorial to watch if you need help! Just make sure you start the Synching process when all the trailers and theatre ads are done. I started mine, for Coco, right when I saw the Disney Castle and it synced in about 10 seconds.
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7 years ago, NYC Coco
Works! But still needs improvements.
The app actually worked! My mother was happy to hear in Spanish on her phone. Though, the only problem is that I couldn’t work it for my father’s phone since the app wouldn’t let me sync the showtime after a certain time. I’m assuming it’ll work if you sync it 0-5 minutes when the movie schedule starts. So 7:15pm was the scheduled movie time and after 7:20pm it wouldn’t let me sync no more with a different device.
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3 years ago, Iliana19
This is such an amazing app, we used it for the first time today, it allowed me and my brother to enjoy going out to the movies with our Spanish speaking parents for the first time in so long! We are looking forward to using it more! Both our parents said the sound was great and it synced very well! Thank you so much for providing this service!
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7 years ago, Gbeat240
Hope it gets more movies.
My mom wanted to see Coco and I was surprised some theaters had a spanish version. Bad things was the theaters had it too early or too late. After using google, I found the app and downloaded. Bought tickets to a theater near and set it up for my mom. She was able to fully enjoy the movie, even the Frozen short. Hope this app gets more support from more film studios.
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2 years ago, Javi dav
Terrible app
Terrible customer service one writes to them and they never answer the application I have it updated and still it does not show me any function in my city I live in Miami and they do not solve anything for me if they want to have a good application solve the problems or at least answer the questions that are asked
Show more
2 years ago, Beast4071
Location not found
Though the app does work. My friend was shocked to have heard Spanish speaking and sound. The only problem was that every 5 to 8 minutes it would say “location not found, you are .4 miles away from theater.” Than it reloads again. I thought it was the free app so I purchased the app turns out the same thing still happens. Maybe they just need to update this app. It’s really works and my friend can watch movies with me.
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5 years ago, josias_FR
I hope someone responds before I go to the theatres
So I downloaded the application, but I’m not sure if it’ll work yet. I’m about to go in a bit and so I’m wondering, will the movie theaters volume have any affect to the headphones? Or should I bring some noise cancelations headphones? Or is it fine? Also, do I start it right before the movie in the trailers or after right when it plays?
Show more
5 years ago, HoneyA.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
My grandmother has been in this country for over 25 years. She has never been to a movie theater in her life because she could never understand the movies. The first time we took her during the summer to watch OVERBOARD and nothing made me happier than seeing the smile on her face. At 74 years old she was finally able to enjoy her first movie at the theater.
Show more
11 months ago, AnaGarcia123
As someone with parents and family members that don’t really understand English it was always so hard to be able to go watch movies but this app made us never have to worry about a movie not being in Spanish. Wish we had know about this app sooner.
Show more
5 years ago, erlugz
Great app
The app is great just a few things that keep me from giving it a 5 star. First the movie selection is only about a 1/4 of the movies that are showing and second that it glitches out of the movie your watching sometimes and it takes a while to re-sync. Other than that great app, great sound quality and yes it syncs perfectly with the audio playing from the big screen.
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7 years ago, skateED
It works !
This is such a great app I wasn’t too sure at first, but decided to give it a try for my dad and cousin to try it for the movie Coco. They said it was great and synced exactly word for word with the movie. press the play button when the frozen mini movie starts playing and the app does the rest. Make sure to download app and register before heading to the movies. Great !! App!!
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12 months ago, Mdpatino
Life changing!
I was looking for alternatives to take my mom (Spanish speaker only) to watch a movie that was in Theaters only, and found this. She tried it and was ecstatic! I’m finally be able to take her to the movies again after she left home and I couldn’t be happier and more thankful.
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2 years ago, marien rivera
Best app ever!
For so long, my husband and I never went to the movies because his English isn’t great. We used this app for avatar the way of water and he said it was a 10/10. Took a couple tries syncing but everything was great from there. Definitely recommend and it is reasonably priced. 🤩
Show more
5 years ago, Karedso
We love this app
We love to go to the movies, but now with TheaterEars it’s better. Me and my family like to hear the movies in Spanish. The app always works. The audio is amazing. We’re going to the movies only when the Spanish audio is available. Only I hope they have more movies available, I’ve missing some because of this.
Show more
2 years ago, Amey18D
Good App!!
Watched the new 2021 Spider-Man movie and I worked very well!! The Audio was not delayed and worked perfectly. It was easy to login in and download. The only thing is that is it’s a movie premiere, there might be too many people on the app and you won’t be able to login in.
Show more
2 years ago, Luisfermin
The app is really great. I used it once for my wife that doesn’t speak English and it worked great but since like a month ago the app stopped working. I’ve seen in the internet people saying that the app doesn’t work for them either so it’s kinda lame that they update the app regularly but can’t fix something that literally doesn’t let you use the app at all.
Show more
5 years ago, MKManzato
Bring happiness!!
My mother-in-law is visiting from Brazil and doesn't speak English.. We took her to the movies a couple of times and she had a hard time.. Just imagining the storyline.. Although she doesn't speak Spanish.. It's much closer to the Portuguese.. When I discovered TheaterEars and took her to the movies to watch with the Spanish track, she was so emotive that she even cried after the movie ended. Thanks TheaterEars for helping us bring this joy to a very dear family member! Already used it twice.. And worked very well both times! Definitely recommend the software! And.. Pls! Bring Brazilian Portuguese track! Specially for animations!
Show more
5 years ago, Brejai2010
Honestly I haven’t been able to try this application because there is no listings of the movies me and my family actually want to go see. I have emailed them before about the low variation of movies provided and that was well over a year ago and they said they are working on adding more movies and I haven’t seen any updates or more variations. I find this app useless to be truthfully honest. It’s much more easier translating the movie to my husband and father then actually waiting to see if and when they might add the movie.
Show more
3 years ago, Team Marin
No service
We used to love this app as it allowed my fiancé and I to see most any movie in the theater that we were interested in. Unfortunately, it is currently not showing any theaters or movies available and there are many. We received one reply to our email a week or so ago and they fixed it partially fir one day but since that time, no responses to multiple inquiries through the app. We would be willing to pay for use as it has been that enjoyable for us in the past.
Show more
5 years ago, Violinist26
My grandmother has been able to enjoy a couple movies at the theater with our family since we learned about the app. The smile on her face told us enough about how it was working! Easy to use and it synced up perfectly with the movie. We will definitely continue using Theater Ears!
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