4.5 (1.4K)
46.8 MB
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Current version
Beige Elephant
Last update
5 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Thisissand

4.53 out of 5
1.4K Ratings
6 years ago, SkiBearz23
Life Changing. Incredible App.
Dear Creators of ThisIsSand, I discovered your App unintentionally, but I am glad that I did. It allowed me to discover my true passion in life, and what I feel like the purpose of my life is. If this part if my life had never happened, I’m not sure where I’d be today. I am so grateful for all that you have done for me by creating this Application. What this app does for me is not only let me let out the creativity bottled up inside me, but also relieve stress in my creations without frustration. No matter what you do with this App it will automatically be a perfect work of art when you create something, and trust me, this App will not disappoint. There are no words to describe how incredible this App is, and there is no way to articulate my gratefulness. I hope others will understand my admiration for this App and follow my lead in downloading it. Thank you again creators, I hope there will be more like this in the future. From, Just Another User of ThisIsSand
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3 years ago, clayd is my name on this app
I enjoy this app a lot!
This is a really fun and entertaining app to have. Also super calming and relaxing app! It’s really cool making different things in the sand. It’s a challenge sometimes when you want to make cool things but this is good it makes you never get bored of the app. I love seeing other people’s art and seeing what they can do. I really do like this app but there’s some things that could make it way better. First I would love if you write comments on the art and suggest things to them and give them complements but for what ever reason you can’t. Second there’s a small glitch that makes me really mad so what happens is if you hold the sand for a long time and go up and down the painting after you stop it keeps going and messes up your hole painting. I believe this could be really easy to fix. Third is there needs to be a way of erasing the sand you put down. This bothers me the most because if you mess up or the glitch I was saying happened then you have to restart. This would be very easy to add in so I hope that you would please add something like this in it would make the app way better. Thanks for reading bye...............
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2 years ago, jvicidinero
Great stress reliever
This app is a hidden gem, I love the way you can share your creations and everyone makes it on the popular page often, makes you not feel left out like on ig. I’ve paid for the extras on my Samsung and iPhone, unfortunately I’ve had to pay a 3rd time for some reason but It’s not expensive and the color saver makes it worth it! Just wish I could save more than the allowed amount because there are just so many combinations. I really wish I knew how to get the photos to look good using the photos sand option. Everything in this app is great besides the lack of a undo button which would help when you mess up such a good piece and also the issue with not being able to use my iPhone flashlight if the app is open !! Another thing, lately I haven’t been able to post anything and am getting an connection error/connect to network even though I am so I’ve had to just give up a good piece to start another. This app helps with my anxiety and allows me to be artistic without the stress of not getting another project done so thank you for making this app!
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2 years ago, The beauty of having a mind
Laid-back creativity
I’ve been using this app for a couple years. It’s a great way to clear your mind and have fun at the same time. Soothing. The basic version is fine. No ads or anything. But it’s totally worth spending the two bucks to upgrade for better features. That way you can save color themes and change the quality of the sand. Plus you can import your own images to combine with sand. Really cool. There’s not a real social aspect, in that you can’t comment on other peoples art. But you can comment on your own art, then share, and hope that they see it (if you want). Some people try to chat that way. I mostly don’t. You can share or not share your work. You can heart other peoples art, and those with the most number of likes (hearts) get into the top pieces for the day. It’s fun for all ages. All skill levels. There’s no right or wrong - just create! So cool. One drawback though - lately the app has been messing up for a couple-few days at a time, where you can’t like other peoples art. Since yesterday I haven’t been able to share mine. I worked hard on a cool B&W piece for a contest that someone started, but cannot share. : / …bummer. The good news is, I can close out of the app and don’t lose my work. I just can’t play until I’m able to share this one, or delete it - which I won’t do. Any way, just get it. It’s a really nice way to relax. 👍
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1 year ago, Kinoko_theartist
Dear, Thisissand creators:
Will yall read this? Probably not. Either way, here goes lol. Ive been on Thisissand for about three years now. Love it to death, for two reasons: one, its rlly calming and fun- allows me to express my creativity. Two, I have some amazing friends Iv’e made there, and the community is wonderful for the most part. As great as it is, there has been some issues as of late. The glitches, for one. It used to just have harmless glitches that lasted a week, at most. Now, the screen will go pitch black and never fix. I am on my fourth account now, and most likely my final account. Do the creators care for this game anymore? I love it dearly, but it could use some love. Iv’e tried to express this before in comments, but they disappear. Also, the search feature. It would be spectacular if that was fixed. Overall tho, this game is addicting and I love it so much. -Kinoko_eatsSand
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2 years ago, opGamerGul
Amazing app tysm for making Thisissand
Dear Creators,thank you so much for making Thisissand. In this game I can open the creativity in side me it also is a stress reliever for when enragement fills me inside. Again creators thank you so much for making this amazing app. I also want to share a story on how I got this app. It all started when in computers my classmate found this game in computer class so I when to the website and started making awesome creations so I when to the website on my phone and saw I had to download it so I did and I have already fallen in love again tysm for making Thisissand -Livy 🥰🥰🥰😘😘😘😆❤️💕😊🥰😍💕💕
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1 month ago, Darth Devin
Thisissand is a fun game that allows you to make art and view other people’s art. I’ve known the app for a long time(since 1st grade) and I have enjoyed it since. Thisissand has many great features but one thing I did not like was the in-app purchases. The app had features that allowed you to create art using a photo for extra help but that cost money. I didn’t purchase this because I found it a waste of money. Why can’t we make art without having to pay for the feature? The app should be a fun and engaging way to be creative and find inspiration by seeing other people’s artwork; it shouldn’t cost money. Other than the in-app purchases, Thisissand is a very fun game to play especially on long car rides and when you’re bored😁
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5 years ago, BkPatriot1776
Suggestion for an important feature
Overall, the app is nice. A bit limited in what you can make outside of mountain landscapes and abstract aesthetic art, but hey, if you want to actually draw something, there are other apps for that. However, I think it’s missing a very important feature: an undo/eraser tool. Or something similar. One of the biggest frustrations I get when using the app is that I misjudge how fast the colors will change, or I make some other mistake, and I have no way to change it but to completely start over. So I think one or more of the following features would be a big improvement: 1.) a simple undo button that will undo the last continuous stream(s) of sand you put down 2.) a rewind tool that will progressively remove all the sand you put down 3.) a “vacuum” sort of tool, similar to #2 except you can choose exactly what you want to remove 4.) a “blend” or “smudge” tool to smooth out any rough edges you don’t want (for example when I’m making a sky, I sometimes end up with sharp boundaries between colors that I don’t want) Other than that, the app is solid for what it is, but a bit more control will make it even better.
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4 years ago, keno2343
Amazing app! So relaxing! Life changing!
I stumbled upon your app unintentionally late one night. I have generalized anxiety disorder so I find it difficult to sleep due to feeling anxious at night but I started using your app and after I made my creation, I felt totally relaxed. It is a life changer for me. I have used it every night and I find myself more relaxed and able to manage my anxiety so thank you so much for creating it. I enjoy hearing the sound as the sand comes down (it is relaxing) and love seeing the variety of colors that make my creation. I plan on buying the extra tools and accessories that go with the app eventually. - from another Thisissand user.
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9 months ago, .-.-.-.-…..
This is my favorite app I’ve ever discovered. Some suggestions.
I love this app but I have a few suggestions ok so here they are. 1. Let ppl download art 2. Let ppl comment on art 3. Let ppl follow others 4. Let ppl friend others 5. Let ppl shoutout others using one of their creations. 6. Allow emojis and special characters 7. Make a recording while people make art so people can watch them doing it 8. Add a tool that allows ppl to change the size/amount of sand that comes out at a time. That’s all I love your app and am so grateful that you created it. I hope you’ll look into my suggestions! ❤️
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3 years ago, ilikerobloxe
App highly recommended!! (☞ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)☞
Ever since I started using the website, I discovered there was a app, so why not download it? 𝙸𝚝 𝚒𝚜 𝚊𝚖𝚊𝚣𝚒𝚗𝚐!!! I also have some cool suggestions! First of all, why not let people follow there favorite artist! Secondly, there should be notifications, you’ll get some if someone likes your piece, if someone follows you, (if the creators allow that) and if one of your favorite artists post something! Lastly, I dislike that you can’t use color picker on a phone, so why not allow it to be on a photo! However, the app is 𝕠𝕦𝕥𝕤𝕥𝕒𝕟𝕕𝕚𝕟𝕘!!
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2 years ago, Dragonborn Z
Can’t log in
Hi, I’ve been using this app for a really long time and it’s very special to me and my memories. I’ve made so many works since installing it. I can’t log in with facebook anymore, and i dont think it was connected otherwise. Please help, i dont want to lose my account :,( I paid for the extra features as well. It seems that the app has trouble connecting lately, and it isn’t my network, because everything else I use works fine. I don’t want to lose this pls look into it, thank you 🙏
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5 years ago, bubbaballer
amazing chill app
I love this game! it's a very relaxing and chill app. I showed it to my little siblings and now they take my phone all the time so they can make cool sand art. I only wish there was an undo button. sometimes I'll be almost done with a piece then mess up, and I'll have to restart the entire thing. annoying. also a color picker would be nice or a history of all the colors I've used for the last few pieces or something. besides that, I love this app and use it all the time to relax or take my mind off something. 10/10
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12 months ago, fdjgfdnbvcnvdjytrjgtdnbgcngff
What happened?
I have been on your app for about 6 years, but what happened in the year that I didn't go on this app? What happened to photo sand? Before with photo sand, you could create really detailed pieces because of the double tap feature. This makes it so if you lean your divide to the side, then the thing that spurts the sand goes from the left to the right, but at the far right it loops back to left and continues. Now on photo sand, I can't get that feature, but I can when I have color shifter on and either things. So what happened? Please fix this!
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3 years ago, Yourmom1373
This app is life changing, I never thought I would find anything that made me so happy but this did! I am happier at work now because this app has lead to promotions and all around has turned over a new leaf for me. My life used to be as colorful as a John Wayne movie but now I see colors I didn’t think existed. My mother who had cancer made a full recovery thanks to this app, my friend who was confined to a wheelchair can walk because of the wonders of this beautiful app! I owe my life to the creators, thank you so much.
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5 years ago, eveace22
Thisissand is great fun and I am wanting to create pieces every spare moment I get every day. The ability to pick your own colors or just use the random color picker plus the slider to adjust how fast the colors change allow endless possibilities for awesome creations. I am addicted!! One suggestion : Is it possible to have an “undo “ feature, not unlimited but even one or two undo’s? Sometimes I’m almost done with a piece and make one little mistake and want to go back and fix it. Just a thought.
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5 years ago, totally not a taken nickname
A few suggestions
Pretty good game. Everything is good except for things I will mention here. First, if you are doing a hard specific design and you mess up, there is no eraser!! Then you have to start all over again. Adding an eraser would be great, or even a back button. Second, less important, too many things to have to pay money to get. At least we don’t need to pay money to save a color we really like, because it is hard to get the exact same color again. Thanks for reading this, and please take suggestions into consideration. :)
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6 years ago, 14erm14
Love it! - Would like to save works for later
I have really been enjoying this app! It’s very relaxing and a fun break between tasks throughout the day. I wish, however, that there was a way to save multiple in-progress creations that you are working on to come back to later. I’m getting bored of the meticulous one I am currently working on and would love to save it, make a few different ones, and then return to finish my detailed one later. Is a feature like this possible?
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1 year ago, LizaDLizzy
I needed this app and didn’t even know it
I have three kids and work full time. I’m lucky to be surrounded by creatives in my line of work, but I have very little time to work on creating art myself. This App is perfect for this time in my life. It relaxes me so much and allows me to easily scratch that creative itch that I rarely have time for these days. THANK YOU!!! And as a note for future updates, if you awesome App creators decide to add an undo button, I will use it often. :)
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2 years ago, Queer_Ollie
Love this app!
There's one small glitch i've noticed, which is when i'm using the photo sand option and have to close the app for one reason or another, when i reopen to continue, i think the app gets confused and starts with the wrong color sand. sorry for the long description, i don't know how else to explain it. otherwise, it's very soothing and also a lot of fun to play in, especially since i don't have to clean up sand in real life!
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2 years ago, E-A-N Awesome Show!!!
Awesome and awesome and awesome
Beautiful environment to create whatever your heart tells. E Very thing you make on this app is a work of art. Also a great stress, anger, and anxiety reliever. I get angry at my brother a lot but I can to my room and get on this app, blow of some steam, and be ready to talk to my parents. Every aspect is great! I also love the feather where you can share you artwork with other artists on the app and you can like their art too. Thank you so much for making this! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
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10 months ago, galaxyviber12
The creators Of Thisissand were very creative of this. I have never seen such beautiful things you can do with sand. I myself am a striving artist and this opens so much I can do. Plus there is absolutely NO ads whatsoever (i think) which helps us not get too distracted every like 5 seconds. This app never gets boring honestly. Again, I as a striving artist think that this is very revolutionary for the art community. Thank you Thisissand creators for this wonderful piece that I love.
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3 years ago, Puppyloverstar123🐶❤️⭐️
Great app! So relaxing!!
From someone who gets stressed and anxious so easy, this app is a lifesaver!! I can sit here for countless hours playing this and be relaxed in no time. You can also look at other people work and like it, along with listing your work. It’s so cool. Y’all should definitely download this app! It’s amazing. I do have two recommendation. 1) I think there should be a feature where you can blend the sand 2) A vacuum button so you can undo or get rid of sand in a certain area Also, all the people who said who have to pay for everything is lying! You have to pay for additional features. And the camera situation, it is happening. I noticed the green light appear. Not sure why my camera or mic is being used while I’m on this app. But great app! Totally recommend!
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6 years ago, justanunimportantperson
Bug, otherwise great
I love this app. The features are great (and cheap, in my opinion) and it’s a great passtime. It’s easy to feel confident in your work since so many other people spend their time in the Latest section. However, I’ve come across a bug. When I try to use the image feature, a loading animation pops up as I choose my picture. After the picture is selected, the loading animation won’t go away and I can’t access the interface. I use an IPad on IOS 11. Fix this bug (and similar issues) and I’ll love this app.
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3 years ago, starsyd03
Very Relaxing
This app is even better that their site, I would highly recommend getting it! The website is very limited and doesn’t have as many features, but the app has various features (even though you do have to pay for some). It is so relaxing and super fun to draw cool mountains! The only things I would improve would be to make the sand sound more gentle, maybe it is just my speakers but it sounds very harsh and scratchy to me. 10/10!
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11 months ago, BaddestHadsRocksThe Rads
Long Time Love
I have loved the web browser version of Thisissand for over five years now. The app is the same relaxing and creative experience I have always loved. I don’t pay for any of the special features and I don’t even have a profile to save or share my pictures. But I love getting to create something beautiful that I can appreciate and then get rid of to start all over again.
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6 years ago, SGEH26!!!
Dear Thisissand, I discovered your app actually at my school when I would play it on a computer during free time. After I got out of elementary where I played it I decided to look it up on the App Store. I found it and it is now one of my most favorite games ever!!!!! I have been playing for almost 2ish years now. It is so fun, relaxing, and you don’t need any experience to make something AMAZING and share it with the world. Trust me, if you get this game, you will NEVER regret it!
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2 years ago, KittyGachaCutieCat
Incredible app 🍄✨❤️
I love thisissand so so much! It’s relaxing and I adore it. However I wish there are more free options. And when someone takes a picture and it “auto sands” the picture it gets so much attention! I wish there was a “popular photo sand” category and a “photo sands” category as well. Anyways that’s all I really have to say. One more thing- I love how there are little to no ads! It’s AMAZING! 5/5 stars!
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2 years ago, she//
This is good on computer but not on my phone
So I used to play this game on my computer it was free and you did have to pats for anything but know you have to pay to change the colors and do anything like that I signed up thinking maybe it was that but no it wasn’t. I’m a little upset about this because I can’t even create anything all I do is just go to the game and login and it choses the same color for me every time I can’t create a picture or anything that I would like to do. Please try to fix this.
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4 years ago, gray_alltheway14
Can the Developer please read this?
I am on an iPad and I already have an account. I bought the Toolkit about 3 months ago and I wanted to put it on this iPad. I tried to restore it but it said there were no things to be restored. The Toolkit was already locked not to be confused. I was feeling kind of ripped off because I don’t want to buy something I already bought. If you are the Developer, my account name is gray_alltheway14 and just think about this. I love the app, but I was just so confused.
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3 years ago, Bruh679😂
Minors sexting in captions
I love this app but today there are at least 5 accounts that are posting blank canvases just to sext back and forth and theres no way of blocking the accounts. Im submitting many reports but its really disturbing and they share their ages as 15-17. Im still giving 4 stars because the sound of the sand is calming and theres lots of options (for free) of things to make. There are features i hope they add in the future like -block button -viewing profiles to see more of their art/following others -option to finish ur art later -an undo button -a way to keep the exact colors u used in order to keep a pattern going -banning certain words so there isnt a way for sexting to happen -comment option -rating would also be fun like little contests with themes
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3 years ago, Wolfspirit159
Just wow!
This is one of the most enjoyable apps I have ever downloaded! It is so easy to get deeply immersed in the creation process. Worries, doubts, anxiety all just go away when you focus on creating a colorful piece of art. I would love to see more tools come into play. Maybe be able to increase the drop speed of the sand for filling in larger spaces much more quickly. Otherwise this app is perfect!
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3 years ago, wol54
Terrible support
I want to use one of my photos but directions don’t explain enough. I downloaded the photo and see it up in the corner then I assume you just double-tap to get it going? That’s what I don’t understand because I’ve tried that and it doesn’t really work. So for days now I’ve tried to contact Support with my question and have gotten no response. I love this app but it’s frustrating when Support seems to ignore you.
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5 years ago, Awesomeness ariel
From user raffi First of all this game is relaxing unlike any other art app, just it’s been glitching. But this game is 👍. My dad was like oh this game just wants money it won’t give you the full version but I bought it anyway... IT WAS A TOTAL UPGRADE!!! I showed him all the new “ hd sand umm color shifter fav colors pic colors and all that. (I love proving him wrong!) love the features this game is both appropriate for seniors, adults and kids. Some of my moms friends are elderly so I plan on letting them fool around on Thisissand, too. Thanks for this great game!
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4 years ago, Helvainia
Very Relaxing
I obtained this app to help me wind down to sleep. It allows for my mind to focus on beauty and creativity as opposed to life’s many stresses. Mixing color and letting it fall into patterns or random layering eases my mental tension and I have slept easier. I would like a History or Undo so when I am attempting to make designs purposefully I have more artistic command. It would also allow for experimentation which offers the user the joy and freedom to explore.
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4 years ago, shakespeareforlife
Small thing
Creators of ThisIsSand This is a great game but I think there should be a tool where you can reshape the sand like in real sand art or a little thing where you can block the sand from going somewhere you don’t want it to go or combining colors to do the double drop thing I don’t know what it’s called but that would make so much easier to make art from the sand Also sorry about the no periods or comas or anything
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5 years ago, MotherOfOne08
I want to start by saying I never do reviews but this app definitely deserves a review. It was a life changer. I’ve tried cross stitch and coloring etc. but this app is more relaxing than the others. I absolutely love it and would recommend it for anyone with anxiety, stress, or just for leisure. Hope you enjoy like I do!!! Only request is that there is a back button to undo a little sand without starting over.
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2 years ago, Jo4Life
It could be amazing
I love this app but if it would load and and not have a bug every month then I would not be off for a second. First, you couldn’t like anything, then you couldn’t post anything, and most of the time nothing loads so you can’t see anything. Eventually, they fix it but it happens every month, and they take forever to fix it. Like I said, I would be obsessed with this app. I also would recommend but I don’t. Sorry.
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6 months ago, Im very young
Please read!! Thx
Well When I used to play it people kept leaving suspiciously (not that it’s any of my business but...) and some of them were talking about being abused on this app! I do however think that there should be restrictions like people oversee your sand art and if it’s inappropriate then you get a warning 5 warnings or more then kicked/banned thx! ꨄ
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8 months ago, BDK🫠
Don’t download!!!
This review may seem a little long but it’s worth reading. This app may sound ok and cool but it is not! The dang thing uses your camera for no reason! So you have options to buy camera sand art but even if you don't pay for camera sand art it uses your camera. Uf you thought that was bad, wait until you here about accepting the privacy policy! So when you accept the privacy policy you basically just said, “hey you can use my camera roll and sell it oh and you can listen to me on my microphone whenever you want.” If you dont believe me then read it yourself!
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12 months ago, alexander the best47466
I love it 5 stars
Personally I get a smile on my face when people heart my pictures. I get why there isn’t a comment section but for like positive hearts I think it would be nice to have a place on the app for positive comments considering I don’t EVER plan on have social media websites and such but there should still be a place for good comments. Still 5 stars!!!!!
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Needs an alternative color picker!!!
Great app. But it needs the color picker that allows you to mix colors with gray as well. It would truly expand everyone’s creativity on this app. Not sure of the name but it’s the color picker that Adobe photoshop has. But then you would also have to make a way to pick multiple colors for that type of picker since that type usually has a slider next to it. Anyways cool app.
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3 years ago, TwinB8709
I missed Using this app
When i was at school when I was younger I LOVED this, but I didn’t know what the name of the game, sooo I just never played it. Until a Person in my 6 Hour class, I asked him what is that game called? Now I Know and from that day on, I played it every day ❤️🌺❤️ And this is a game I will LOVE the play forever ❤️🌺❤️🌺❤️🌺❤️🌺❤️🌺❤️🌺❤️🌺❤️ thanks for inventing this app!
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5 years ago, jonmark
This is Sand Review
I think this app is a good way to express art in a way that you you like. A BIG reason I like it is because you can't comment so you can't say mean thing or dislike someone's art. You can only like it or move on. It is a good app for all ages. And is easy to learn how to do. If you Art teachers are out there this is a good app to do with your students in your free time.
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2 years ago, Happy person 3
Love it
This is my all time favorite game! So fun and relaxing. You can post your pieces and it’s like instagram you can share and like! But no commenting I think that’s a good thing because no one will hate on your pieces. It’s so fun to look at other peoples pieces and make your own! I highly recommend and it is for all ages. I’ll say this one more time THIS IS MY ALL TIME FAVORITE GAME!
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3 years ago, k8camper
To taghdk
After you hit the three lines and go to the menu, if you want to go back to your work-in-progress, you just click the right side of your screen where you’re art is and finish it. Anyway, I love this game except for everything that is locked because I don’t know how to unlock it.
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2 years ago, TheConfuzzledSunfish
Great app but…
i love this app. it is really fun. but……. 1. once in a while, when i want to share my piece, it says “please connect to the internet first”, even though i am. i tried going out of the app, disconnecting and reconnecting my wifi, and restarting my phone. 2. an undo button would be very nice!!! i keep messing up and having to restart which is very frustrating. 3. it would be amazing if the color choice thing could have a slider with the color super-dark to super-light. it’s really annoying to do it by just looking at it because it might be too light when you want it to be darker. other then that, this app is very awesome and would totally recommend 😄!
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3 months ago, Charlotte23/9
This is sand is the only thing I want to do I’m serious!
I like this App a lot it’s the best thing that ever happened to me but now it won’t work because it says it’s not available in the country or region but that broke my heart but hopefully it will work soon again anyway you should really download it is, it’s really nice!
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5 years ago, BrittanyBBBarney
Amazing for people like me!
I absolutely love this app. When I’m bored I hop onto it and get carried away with its amazing colors and artists who can make these amazing photos out of the tiny pellets of sand. It’s obviously amazing for people like me since I get bored all the time and this gets rid of that! If I could rate this app I’d say it’s 100 out of 5 stars! Amazing! It deserves more than just 5 stars!
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5 years ago, addugffhddcffjfhegguf
Good at first
Dear creator(s)of Thisissand This game is awesome but it can get stressful. One of the three reasons why is because THREE things cost money. If you want to know before you get it the three things are color shifter , color picker , and photo sand . These three things can get you on to the popular list , but if you don’t have any money on your electronic device then you can’t get those three things and you most likely won’t get on the popular list. It’s a good game at the first week but it can get boring. Sincerely, Someone who Bought your game Thisissand
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