Thomas & Friends: Go Go Thomas

4.5 (20.8K)
409.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Budge Studios
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Thomas & Friends: Go Go Thomas

4.48 out of 5
20.8K Ratings
12 months ago, Bacon hair guy
Fun, Just add Animations and Personality to the game.
Hi, I LOVE this game. It’s full of fun. But my only problem with the game is when you look at an engines face. (Thomas for example.) His face looks like a image. Make him blink. And when it says Thomas VS Diesel or something. Make them look at each other. Their look should match their personalities in the show. Thomas should be looking happy to be there. Diesel looking too confident and having a lot of pride for himself. On the map when you race if Diesel is in front of Thomas, his icon will wink like “we’ll get in front somehow!” And if Thomas is in front of Diesel, Diesel’s icon will get mad, SUPER MAD. And during a race make the engines face based on where they are. If an engine is getting close to the engine in first place they should be confident, the other engine being scared looking at them. Or just looking at the other engine. Thank you for reading this review, have a nice day
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12 months ago, RonWardJohn
Rather Disappointing Now
As a game that has been untouched for years now, it finally gained new content, but it was not good at all. Old models replaced with reboot models, a change NO ONE asked for. The only decent and playable thomas game, now given up to the plague of the All Engines Go reboot, which is already taking over so many other things too. Back with the former version of this game, I bought the Edward and Ryan pack, along with the Gordon and Spencer castle pack, and the Diesel and Diesel 10 pack. All of that is gone now, and it feel like such a waste, all stolen even. Completely uncalled for, and now the state of this game has alienated most of its audience. Instead of getting a decent update that would’ve made fans happy, we were given a very disappointing surprise. Whoever was in charge of this decision, I don’t know you and I don’t know what you were trying to achieve, but this will get you NOWHERE. This is not how to make fans happy in order for them to continuing playing your game. You’ve heard everyone already, change it back, or refund money. After this, I am deleting this game since it has no use to me anymore and it’s nothing like it was before. What a shame.
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6 years ago, moopmop16
Cool game, other engines should be cheaper
I purchased this app awhile ago, and just found out about the update. I love the update and like the animation in it a lot. My issue with it is that you have to pay $18 to unlock all of the other engines. Anchor thing I would like to bring up is that, I would most likely purchase Rosie is she was separate, BUT they just had to pair her with Flynn so it’s double the price. I like this game a lot but I completed all the achievements on Thomas so I don’t have as much of a reason to play since I can’t earn anything else, enless I purchase more engines. The update is very cool though! I would recommend for kids, and adults alike! I hope this review was helpful and I think you should download the app. Thanks for reading, bye!
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3 years ago, xavicboy
Buying engines
I love the game is really fun I’m gonna be honest but the one thing that bothers me most is that the buy engines and also is way too expensive we don’t get the option to unlock the engine disturb you have to pay for real money if there was game money and if you wanna buy more game money then that makes sense but overall by engine just like way too expensive The whole thing is like 20 bucks and overall is not very fun to only go to players one Andrew because you have to like buy all the engines to get to play with all like they even add a streamline Thomas and if you want to get them you had to purchase all the the engines but there are some parents that doesn’t want to purchase $20 over a game soSuggest to make the engines onlockable like talking Tom and Subway surface could you get out some lemon addition characters to purchase if you want play some special characters but I did all the characters in purchase that’s not cool so please change it and also why is Henry not dare
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1 year ago, John Johnson III
Changed my life (and then made it worse :((((()
my wife was going to divorce me but we played this game together and now even though she brings her friend brad over every night i still have custody of the kids Update: she took the kids with brad. i have nothing left, of course for my limited edition thomas the tank engine memorabilia including my thomas chairs, bed, lamps, wallpaper, glasses, table, tv, grand piano, vase, staircase, paintings (done by leonardo davincho) cake (it is 13 years old), coathangers, and toilet. I am left completely alone in my thomas shaped tennessee mansion with no one to share my love or passion for thomas the tank engine for. i hate you brad i hope you get hit by gordon or percy. i want the kids back shanon. ☹️
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2 years ago, bfubvg
Third favorite game on my whole tablet.
Pretty amazing Game and I love this game🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🥉🥉🥉🥉🥉🥉🥉🥉🥉🥉🥉🥉and plus you can always start out With Thomas on your first try and you have to have a lot in your account because you need to buy the other trains and other tracks otherwise you’ll only have one challenger in this Track called Funnel tunnel!$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. But if you buy the three other tracks that are called frantic fortress and daring docks and roaring Falls. And then after you by the tracks you also get two trains every track that you get and there’s only four 😂 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.............................................
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4 years ago, brandongamertv
Come on it is good
I like how you added streamline Thomas is a really good addition to the game and plus it makes sense because well is streamlined and streamlining engines are supposed to race so yeah this is a really good game but can you please lower the Price of all the engines because like it’s just so hard to actually just get it but I like you know but like it’s a really good game as you know I read it a five star because it’s not just because it’s basically good but it also is a cool racing game but can you please add online it makes it harder and it makes it cooler because like then you can race your friends without even playing on the same device
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6 months ago, ryHILLNER
Forcing parents to get subscription!
Got this game for my 3yr old. I thought I could still unlock the different train engines for him without paying for a stupid subscription. But no. I realize developers need to make money, but they should charge a ONE TIME purchase to at least unlock no ads. If they're that money hungry, then micro-transactions should be implemented. But parents shouldn't have to pay monthly for an app game that's for their kids. I was trying to grind my way through the game for my kid & once I maxed out Thomas for him, I soon found out, all of that was for nothing as no other engines became unlockable after Thomas was maxed out. Not to mention all of the invasive self-promoting ads & offer ads that keep getting shoved in your face before each race. Very ridiculous! I wish my child could play as other characters, but this game isn't worth a recurring payment charge.
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7 months ago, Agamerofmany
I’m disappointed
I played this game when I was younger and it was really enjoyable. But, this recent update makes it no longer nostalgic as it was before. I miss the old game, bring it back. I tried the game after a while just for a sense of nostalgia and I remembered seeing the BUDGE intro all the time, it was so memorable for me to see and hear, I was also very glad to see it. Then after that I see the stupid models and as soon as I hear the new voice, the nostalgia was over, I was very disappointed about it. I am sure everyone agrees that we want the old game back, and I heard about the packs being gone. So please, bring it back to the way it was. I would rate it 1 star but I will give it two extra stars for being a nostalgic game for me.
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4 years ago, Oddballistic
Ridiculous amount of Add’s!!!
We love the game! My 1 year old son is crazy about train and can play the games by him self for the most part, but the add’s take up more time than the game. The golden gear is great in the beginning but when once they have gotten everything for that track the gears should stop showing up. The game tells my some he is going to get a surprise and then doesn’t. Furthermore, every time I look the add for other tracks is showing up. Each set isn’t expensive but they do add up. It might work well as a reward system for a child a bit older than mine. I understand you have to advertise and the surprise mini’s are great but once they are gone the gears should be too. It’s super annoying when your trying help them fix the track and the game pauses multiple times to gain a surprise your not going to get.
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3 years ago, teachdifferences
My dad purchased all of the engines
So when I first had the app I did really good on this and you’ll have to see this and my daD purchased all of the engines I made myself awesome and guess what happened I made almost all of my engines super engines it was fun and that is it for this rieview and make sure you click the but make a reply of it and you could write about this app and will see yours and I’ll like and goodbye
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12 months ago, benjasmine
Please bring back the old version
My 6-year-old hates the new update. He cried due to all the changes. He wants the old version back. We missed the old styles and the old gentleman’s voice. Some trains are also gone like Yong Bao. To make it worse, all the packs we purchased are gone too. (We unlocked everything.) I tried restoring our purchase but it didn’t work. This update is wrong and ridiculous on so many levels. Please at least give us the option to choose which styles/skins and voice we prefer. Let us choose what we want! Please don’t ruin a perfectly fine game. Thankfully, I turned “automatic updates” off on one device. So we can still play the old version on that device. Thank you for reading.
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8 years ago, jonahbgfsh
Taking advantage of kids
My boys loved this app before the update. I didn't pay close attention every time they played, but I think they used to unlock trains by winning races. They loved it! They started telling me that all the trains were unavailable again, and now I see it's because the game designers decided to lock everything back up unless a parent is willing to shell out $12. This is annoying for two reasons. 1) That's a stupid amount for a child's game, especially when there are so many great ones for free, and 2) I'm pretty sure my kids unlocked the achievements on their own, and now the game has essentially taken them hostage unless we pay up. Really, at a minimum, they should get two different trains for free so Thomas isn't racing himself. I'll likely delete this game now.
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6 months ago, Boo Subscriptions
Unlocking engines
This game is cute and my 4 yr old loves it. My one complaint is that the free version only includes one engine and in order to play two player version you have to subscribe to a $7 per month plan. Wish you could purchase at least one more engine for a one time fee to play two player without the subscription. I’m never going to subscribe. I cannot pay a monthly fee for every app my kid likes. Wish developers would get a clue here. I see so many similar complaints in the reviews. They would probably make more money if they sold the engines and tracks separately than by subscription. They would probably get higher ratings too.
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4 years ago, PythonX21
Too expensive
This app only lets you play with 2 people once so now this game I can’t play with my little brother because it costs money, I think that is stupid. Now, you can’t only use 1 train for each sign during the 2 player trial, and you have to pay money to access a train, and there is no way, like missions, you can do to unlock keys for trains, there is also only one track you can use without paying MONEY. When the trial is over you still have to use one train only, this game needs to expand the variety and not make everything money based, because what’s the point of making it free now. It’s no fun for my brother now because I have to explain to him we can’t do any of those things and now he is sad Fix your game people, fix your game
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3 years ago, riyriygoode
Frantic fortress
Frantic fortress is a long map can you please make the map a little shorter because with the left is still kind of longer without them there still kind of long and it's like it takes you two minutes to get to the finish light can you please make frantic fortress oh little shorter please and make the other mats a little longer please cause funnel tunnel roaring Falls and daring docksThey are a little too easy so I need it to be longer please on and can you make less racing to become Gold racer and and superstar racer (๑`✪̤◡✪̤)◞ღԵհɑղƘՏღ🙂
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3 months ago, I don’t have a nicknamed
Bring back old update pls
The game was good but i like the old update better you could add a mode in the game where you can play the old update that would be amazing. Plus no new animations or anything all there is is new trains but the game is still good overall. Or maybe put the old game still available on the app store. Then i would have liked the game better. I HATE the new update and you have to pay for everything in the game and i don’t like the new update. Please bring back the old version. I liked the cgi better and bring back stream line Thomas pls.
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1 year ago, 040413N
Unfair game!😠
Today my little brother was playing this game and he has been trying for about 3 weeks already but he can’t win. When he reaches really close to the finish the other engine immediately wins. He has some of the best engines but he still can’t win. This mostly happens with the following engines,Rebbeca,Deisel, Emily,etc. he’s only 4 years old and he gets very upset and I try To help him and I’m 10 years old but I still can’t do it. I try taping in the start very hard but it still does nothing and the other engine wins. If you don’t have many story engines you will be very upset about the results. Thank you
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2 years ago, LAJordan1
Can’t Restore Purchases
I am very pleased with the app, my kid loves it so much we bought the expansion pack for the trains. However, the app was deleted from my iPad and when we downloaded it again the game is saying it cannot find any purchases and won’t restore it. It is very upsetting to not be able to access something I purchased and I refuse to spend money on the game again. Not sure how to move forward with this but other than that we enjoy the game
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3 years ago, Ms SonyaP
I love the game but I want kana from all engines go please ask Mattel first please🥺🥺🥺🥺
I love the game but I really want kana from all engines goI really love the update but could you add another update where are you introduce the all engines go characters Plus one more world I especially want kana she is fast please get Kana in the game🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 . From your biggest fan Drew. Ps also add reboot Thomas
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7 years ago, w.eatherman
Decent basic games, but overpriced and with ads
I downloaded his for my son of 4. It's a little basic for him but he likes Thomas so it's still fun. I was initially disappointed that the basic version was just Thomas racing Thomas but I spent the $7 for the full unlock - a little more than I would normally spend on such a basic game. But what really steams my dumplings is that even after paying for the game, I still get ads for the other games this company makes. Ridiculous. Minus one star for being so basic, minus another for the price, minus a third for the ads.
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2 years ago, ChuckNTX
Add The Skarloey Engines
My name is Brayden, I’m 13 years old and I like this game. I usually play this at night. A cool thing to add would be The Skarloey Railway Engines. Maybe add like the Skarloey Slate Quarry or the Blue Mountain Quarry. I also think Skarloey, Rheneas, Sir Handel, Peter Sam, Rusty and Duncan come along with it. If you’re feeling generous add Luke and Millie. I know your not going to do it but please add Duke as well. Anyways this is a good game I really like it.
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4 years ago, Please have it
Please have this option
When I very first bought this before the update I thought it was cool, but then there was an update that ruined everything! First,why does everything cost SO much money just for a character or two it's like 3 dollars just for a VIRTUAL train! Also, Why did you have to put the characters from the great race which no one talks about? Third, The Frantic Fortress is SOOO LONG please make it shorter for one more star. But anyway please,PLEASE put an option that's asks you if you want to play the old or new version, I'll add 4 stars if added
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11 months ago, AKMD13
Update is heartbreaking
The new update changed all of the engines and made my son loose the progression he had made with many of his favorite ones (Hiro, Yung Bao, etc.). My 7yo was heartbroken that the engine he had come to love, identify, and adore were no more. Instead of making a new game, the developers went and destroyed a classic. Not only that, the purchase we made of $20 prior is no more and now charges $6.99 a MONTH. Loosing loyal Thomas fans everyday . The trains are simply crap now and have lost the charm they once had. Whomever was responsible for this “rebrand” should be replaced.
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8 months ago, everynameisusedcantsubmit
Frustrating new update
My son was disappointed that many of the characters we had already purchased have disappeared. We purchased access to all of the characters and races a long time ago. Now some of what we purchased is gone. And to gain access to one new character, Bruno, it costs $6.99/month subscription fee? Now you try explaining to a child who wants to spend part of his allowance to purchase the new character that this is not a one time payment, but a monthly payment. This is absurd.
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6 months ago, character updates
Mattel I am dying not really but I’m going to wait for Thomas and friends race onTo be back
This game is just awesome it has so many new characters you can upgrade you this is perfect what does one game that more stands out and that is Thomas and friends Grayson I really just want you to release this Game it’s so good please I beg youPlease I want to enjoy the best racing game and this and Thomas and friends go go Thomas is in second place but there’s nothing better than playing Thomas and friends race on and this game is update actually made it worse. I hate you Mattel
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4 months ago, Love the way the color
Good game I love it no ads but it is really tricky but I still love it. Sometimes you need it to be a little bit tricky. You can unlock new levels you can upgrade and you can even just have fun.🤩and you can upgrade your trains even sometimes I can’t stop playing it😝😝😝😝😝😝😝
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5 years ago, yggvygfytfr
Go Go Thomas!
Its a great game, but here’s something i would like you to add! Where it shows you where you are and your opponent is at, instead of it just a straight line, it shows the track and where you and your opponent is at and your engine bubble is following the track! (Please add to the game) :)
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4 years ago, jonnyburt
So great game. Only problem is that my little brother, who is two, always tries to win but can’t because whenever he uses a speed boost, the other train stays the same amount apart, but goes ahead if that makes sense. But once again great game! But one more tincy little problem. THE ADDS!!!!!!!! They always pop up RIGHT after you finish a race or right as you enter the game. But other than that great game. 🙂
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10 months ago, Kristyawesome
Best game I have ever touched and played
When I first started playing I thought it was just a regular racing game but this game changed my life forever I hope this game gets new engines, tracks, and animations, I just want this game to reach new heights and be the most popular Thomas game on the App Store
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3 years ago, Enderboy2626353526
Go go Thomas
This is really fun you should try it out especially when you buy the pack that gives you everything this game is the funnest when you buy that One of the best games I’ve ever played keep it going and I want a go go Thomas 2
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3 years ago,
Great game please update
My son and I have been playing this game for a year. We love it a lot it so buckets of fun. However we noticed no new updates to tracks or engines. It would be awesome to see some new trains or tracks added to the game. Especially for Thomas’s 75th birthday, Thanks!,, hope u are still listening
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4 years ago, @#$%^&**(
No sound
I keep checking for a update as I hope they finally fix the no sound issues but I guess that is not a priority. Been several months with no sound other then the sound for their ads and that is at the max on sound. My kid loves these apps but part of the exits also with SOUND we will wait for 1 more update and if there is still zero sound I am done and my kid will have to live without the apps and I will not recommend these apps by this game maker as it seems they just don’t care.
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1 year ago, Somebody564
Why subtract?
I was having so much fun with this game, when it just reset my progress. Then I tried to restore my purchases and it said I didn’t have any purchases to restore. Also why did you make it so Percy and James and Emily and Toby aren’t part of starting progress? Now you have to buy them as well?! Why? I have a bit of fun playing this game, but I can only play Thomas. Please improve the gameplay. Thank you!
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1 year ago, dazenez
Hey update this game if you don’t ill give you one star rate
So can you make this game free to play instead of pay to play and pay to play is the worst and free to play players can’t afford anything so can you make this game free to play please not pay to play ok
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5 years ago, Haileycorina
This game is a really good one for my son his 3 and loves it but I had to delete the app because it’s painful it’s makes you tap the screen really fast in order for the train to race I helped my son play a few games and I literally was in pain for two days my thumb was throbbing . This game needs to change that to a lever instead less harmful on my baby hand . Loved the game please change the driving feature we don’t want arthritis or carpal tunnel thank you .
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5 months ago, Braylen <3
Good game!
This is a very good game, but most of the engines have the same horn. These engines include Kana, Carly, Farona, Frederico, Kenji, Sandy, Diesel, and the strangest one yet, Hiro, who is a steam engine. Also, I liked the older models better, I think you should make a separate game for the CGI engines. That would make the older fans more happier.
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5 years ago, morales jose
Unlock able trains
So i have played a lot of Thomas and friends games and all of them have one thing in common....they all have in app purchases which is dumb because it’s with every game have some style avoid repetition also every Thomas games has Thomas as the free one you start with him but here’s the idea give characters to people that have played for a long time which means it’s gonna take me along time because it just got these games I just want to be James in Thomas minis and MagicTracks also Percy and Gordon.
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5 years ago, Marc1761
Rip off
Although this is a very fun game for kids, I think it’s horrible of the manufacture to make you buy every time they complete this game will cost a fortune if you were to buy every single one of them after they complete one.
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7 months ago, That’s your Wubboxgirl
Fun butmake me unhappy 👎😕😐
Ok so I don't really like the game because 1 the old engines got deleted and let me tell you I had a all gear Thomas all gear Edward and I had an all gear Ryan and you know what was the ₩ØⱤ₴₮ MY FAVORITE THOMAS THE TRAIN CHARACTER WAS RYAN I AM SO SAD THAT YOU GUYS REPLACED THE OLD MODELS 2 ok so the trains used to be free but now you guys are charing me for like 1 dollar per engine this has got to stop please and I might delete the game over all 2/5 stars it's ok but not good either mark my words buage
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6 years ago, Haishdbdbjsishsh
You have to WHAT?!?!
Pay REAL MONEY to get other characters?!?! I can only play as Thomas WHY DO I HAVE TO PAY JUST TO GET OTHER CHARACTERS?!? However, it is a pretty decent game. I do like the fact that Diesel is practically hard but easy for players of the game. I still like Thomas the Tank Engine, but shouldn't I be playing as other characters? No? Also I don't like the fact that Diesel is unplayable. But I still give it 3 stars, because.
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3 years ago, cooltime freddy
This is just ridiculous 😡
First of all. This game is pretty good. If it wasn’t for making everything worth money. Every time you want get at least 1 just one engine it probably cost 3 or 5 dollars. It’s just ridiculous how all the games budge makes witch is also advertised for kids is just a scam for money. It’s not fair that we only get one engine and one map if we have to pay the rest. Well this why I rate this unfair game one star
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3 years ago, thomas fan 1000
the best racing game ever
I have always wanted a new racing game like this after the original got taken down, and i have found it. now i have everything unlocked and fully upgraded. The best racing game ever
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11 months ago, YZ89
One minute ago I sent in another one review saying everything I forgot a couple of things. Please bring back the older voice of when they’re saying your names. Please bring back all the regular change and stuff. Please bring back the little regular wheels are they were before, and it was longer a thing can’t remember but please bring everything back to the way it was.
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3 years ago, cool wuf
You should buy it
I love it it’s so good I just can’t stop playing I love it it’s a really good game play that every once in a while it’s really good so I wanted to share you this with you I can’t believe My mom bought this game
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4 years ago, dad of a go go kid
My kiddo loves the game but is getting bored of it
My son loves this game and plays it daily. He keeps super starring the engines in about a week and then resets them so he has something to do with it. The game needs more content and engines. The game it’s self is easy for him to understand and play
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4 years ago, Greyson Norin
Vvhhmvvjhj,gvjbjhbjhbjhbhbbb was my time to be the first to get to my house to see how this is how my mom is how you feel about your own body I know that you’re going to have a wonderful day today I love your hair you know how much you love me so much love for you
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2 years ago, Kimc124
Doesnt shut off
There is no way to get out of the game once you open it. You literally have to power down your iPhone to turn it off. Don’t bother with this app
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5 years ago, StacyS.4
Gets too difficult
My 5 yr old loves the game but gets so frustrated as the races get harder and harder. I keep having to reset game because it’s just too hard for him. He struggled so bad yesterday that all he did was cry. his entire finger is now nothing but a huge blister! There needs to be an option not to increase difficulty as they win so these younger racers can keep playing without constant need to reset game.
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12 months ago, Kefane275
No more Rebecca
My autistic 4 year old son is upset with this new update. He no longer gets to play with Rebecca and some of the older trains that are not on the All Engines Go show. And the $7 month subscription is too expensive. Is there not a pay once for everything option?
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