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User Reviews for Thrillshare

3.33 out of 5
6 Ratings
2 months ago, Boomer1Sooner
Great App
The app is amazing and is easy to use at events or when you need to get a quick message out. An update that would useful would accessing images and helping with conversion to instagram. Phone call are better done on the app. Social media and written communication is way easier on the computer. I appreciate the work you all do.
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2 months ago, CharonTheFerryman
Very good app
The app is very easy to post updates from, but the ability to send Alert messages would make a wonderful addition. Customer support is always very helpful (thanks Elvie!).
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5 years ago, MarkNJ88
Great for live events
I love being able to add photos to our live feed when I’m at off campus events.
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4 weeks ago, Marcy E
Not a fan
This app is not user friendly. I hate having to give a description for pictures. You are limited to 10 pictures, can’t upload videos, and I wish you could allow parents to comment on post. Not a fan at all.
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2 months ago, Cassandra Binkley
Great App for an Awesome Program!
Works great when on the go posts are a necessity for our school system.
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1 month ago, Amanda04
We switched to this and I hit the notification settings and the app just shuts down. I can’t view anything. Not sure what the benefit is versus canvas that rarely has these issues.
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6 months ago, Toxic Bot get destroyed
Fix this
Once upon a time, there was a school district that relied heavily on the Thrillshare app to communicate with parents and students. One day, the app started crashing every time a message was opened. The school district’s IT team tried everything they could think of to fix the issue, but nothing seemed to work. Parents and students were frustrated and communication between the school district and the community came to a standstill. As the days went by, the situation only got worse. The school district’s reputation began to suffer as parents and students became more and more dissatisfied with the lack of communication. The IT team worked around the clock to try to fix the issue, but it seemed like an impossible task. Unfortunately, the app was never fixed and communication between the school district and the community broke down completely. Parents and students were left in the dark about important events and announcements, and the school district’s reputation was irreparably damaged. The district was eventually forced to shut down due to a lack of enrollment, and the community was left without a school system.
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6 months ago, Coach McRae
Thrillshare is top tier for school communication!
We have been using Thrillshare in our school district for several years now. Thrillshare has saved us more time and hassle than I can even explain. It’s simplistic layout and design allows our team to focus on content. Having the ability to post news, photos, updates, etc. to all our socials at the same time is a game changer. We have recently set our teachers up as “moderated users,” (teacher access to post content) and this has enabled us to provide more content from the classroom than ever before. The new “Rooms” feature has streamlined all our teacher/parent communication issues. No more downloading multiple communication apps dependent on what your current teacher likes to use. “Rooms” has provided us the opportunity as a district to direct people back to our app, and our website. The new “Behavior” feature is being implemented in our entire K-6th Grade. The kids LOVE the ability to keep up with their behavior points and turn them in for cool rewards. Thrillshare has turned into the one stop shop for our district to accomplish so many of our needs. Their ability to provide updates that provide value will keep us using Thrillshare for the long haul. You’re missing out if you don’t give this app a chance!
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3 years ago, DaltonRussell2
Best app for school communication
Thrillshare has been the best way for our comms staff to easily keep everything & everyone up to date. It's easy to keep the website up to date (LiveFeed?), send out school alerts & notifications, and also to update our school apps (also made by Apptegy). Highly recommend and it looks great too
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7 months ago, TeacherLady663
Not the best for home-school communication
I’m an elementary teacher and my district pushed this communication app for us to use. It’s not the best. I get that it’s still fairly new and bugs will happen. But it really does make it inconvenient and frustrating when communications from both teacher and parents’ end does get through. In elementary we also like to be cute and celebratory. Comparing it to ClassDojo, this app is just plain boring and have a very “corporate” feel.
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5 years ago, curlsindaclouds
Pocket Saver
Love being able to update scores for games live on the app. It’s also nice not needing to get out of bed and on a laptop to send a text or call that school is closed. Live feed let’s me send a post to all our school websites, apps, twitter accounts, and facebooks in one single click!
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11 months ago, MGDough
App crashes
The app crashes every time I click on the settings button. I wish our district stuck with Dojo.
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10 months ago, Julieanne76
Network connection always times out. Not impressed. Broadcast messages have no select all function. Not student friendly.
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2 years ago, ReviewApp222
Errors and bugs
App will not let me sign in. I have tried multiple accounts. It keeps telling me I have to use the app to login and that’s what I’m using.
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2 years ago, Irwins_mahone
Doesn’t let me sign up
I tried multiple times to sign up and it won’t let me I’ve tried with 2 google account.
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5 months ago, Haishdjs
My kids school uses this app and it won’t allow me to even create an account. Literally no matter what I do
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7 years ago, Mswafford
The app crashes every time I tap the plus sign to add anything new to the live feed. Only one of the three people I know who use the app have had success.
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11 months ago, EPP123456
App Constantly Crashes
The app crashes every time I open it. I am unable to use any function of the app.
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11 months ago, vickyvikster
Won’t let me sign in
I’ve tried multiple accounts and it won’t let me sign in
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5 years ago, Lukewarm81
Cant access
The app will not allow me to access it. I try to log in to google and microsoft and they both get errors.
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10 months ago, dfmjkl
Won’t let me log in . It states that I have to use the app and that’s what I’m using to log in
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6 years ago, Bulldogs#1*
App is awful
The app is good in concept, but the concepts don’t work. Updates, spellcheck, and something to speed up posts are desperately needed.
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6 years ago, lehmanmatt
App keeps crashing
The app keeps crashing! Fix please!
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7 months ago, Kekeandthings
Not let me sigh in for my kid school
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