TI-Nspire™ CAS

4.6 (404)
78.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Texas Instruments
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
15.6 or later
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User Reviews for TI-Nspire™ CAS

4.61 out of 5
404 Ratings
7 years ago, slsommers
Perfect for tutoring
I use this app to support my tutoring students that have nSpire CX calculators. Sometimes they have trouble learning to zoom on their calculator & the iPad's pinch & drag mode makes resizing graphs much easier. Once they get it where they like how it looks, I have them copy the x-y settings so they learn more about their calculator. I just wish this had some more of the teacher features like the press-to-test mode so I didn't have to break out my real calculator to get them used to preparing for exams.
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6 years ago, Aji Gote
Good functionality with poor interface
It would have been nice if the user interface was the same as the actual calculator, but for some bizarre reason, the developer chose to make something that bears absolutely no resemblance to the TI Nspire, or any other calculator for that matter. It pretty much uses a glorified iPad popup keyboard as the main input, which, to put it mildly, is very clumsy. Since part of the purpose of this app is to be able to use and learn the calculator when you don’t have it with you, it makes no sense to have designed the app the way they did. What is really odd, is that the in PC version of this app the interface is almost exactly the same as the Nspire, so why they didn’t do that here is beyond me. Despite all that, It’s a powerful calculator and it’s great having a CAS on the iPad. Overall, it is a great tool despite the frustratingly awkward way you have to work with it.
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4 years ago, Zach37473772
Well worth it
Good app to get if you want to use your ti-nspire abilities on the iPad. $30 is a steal considering the real thing is $150. Make sure to get this one (CAS version) because the cost is the same as the non CAS. You’re probably not going to bring an iPad to an exam, so the CAS version is nice to have.
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4 years ago, Dr BigJim
Great version of the calculator, just missing iCloud Drive support
It would be a much better solution if it supported iCloud Drive in addition to DropBox as I will never use DropBox and iTunes sharing has been removed. Otherwise I am impressed with the provided functionality. The greatest thing about the calculator is that it takes advantage of the iPad rather than attempting to mimic the interface of the actual calculator. This alone makes this version much better than the actual calculator. Too bad the calculator does not take advantage of the full screen size.
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7 years ago, A n y M o u s e
Incredibly difficult to figure out
Not intuitive at all. Even after reading the 'manual' and multiple website help pages, I still can't figure this app out. I'm probably just too stupid to use it. The TI-83 and Voyage 200 both worked for me for years without any problems. I've written many programs over the years for both of those calculators, and also for the Mathematica and Maple Windows applications. So when I bought the TI-Nspire app, I was expecting either a graphing calculator app (like the TI-83 or Voyage 200) or a math program (like Mathematica or a Maple). Unfortunately this app is neither. In fact, I'm still not sure what this app is. :-(
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2 years ago, oof4dayz
Interface needs work, but great CAS system.
I have the TI-Nspire CX II CAS handheld. However, I figured that I would get this app in case it ever got lost or stolen. For $30 USD, I do not recommend this app until Texas Instruments updates it to support modern iPadOS multitasking. (The ability to have this app open with another at the same time) It makes it an absolute pain to use as I have to constantly switch back between my notes app where my math work is and the CAS, sometimes multiple times during the same problem. I strongly prefer using the physical handheld device over this app.
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5 years ago, OliverY2012
It was a good app
This is a very useful app. I had trouble with the newest upgrade and TI immediately responded with a solution and it works great. Definitely recommend if you are a student of math, science or engineering.
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4 years ago, MuciMausi
Great calculator
I am a college mathematics professor. I use this app on my iPad quite often in the classroom. I recommend this app as an alternative to buying the calculator although students can not use it on an exam per my department policy.
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6 years ago, Jmitchell242
Great product
This app helped me through college algebra, statistics, etc. it's now helping me with my daughters high school math. It's a little difficult at first. I've had to watch a number tutorials to master! Would give a five it was easier to navigate.
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5 years ago, H3h5an
Request for update/feature or fix for bugs
I like the app very much, however, there is this little problem that's bugging me and slowing me down. Every time I switch apps, I have to re-open the calculation sheet. Can you fix this problem so that when you open the calculator it is where you left it?
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7 years ago, D_Snow
Doesn’t look like real Nspire
This makes it nard to learn as the videos on the web are so different. Also it only works in when the ipad is held sideways, while the real calculator is held upright. Took 5 minutes to discover that one must click “New” to even see anything that looked like a calculator. So far I am sorry that I spent the $30.
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7 years ago, Youitry
Excellent, but...
I was unable to use this app at all until I, at last, located a downloadable manual. This, and an introductory tutorial, should be presented immediately to new users and kept highly visible on the main menu.
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4 years ago, YuzuNya9
Same functionality as a real nspire
Wish they will add an emulator just like the desktop version
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7 years ago, Victim_12jan2014_mad
Good product
The software is content rich and is easy to use. It is more powerful than the calculator.
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5 years ago, Tech Shop
The app crashes in iPadOS
I used to love this app before I updated to iPadOS. Now the app keeps crashing whenever I try to use any of the modes in the app.
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7 years ago, Holly Hoops
I use this all the time. Of course, we teachers always want more, but, hopefully you're working on more! (Priority--Data Quest!)
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6 years ago, Zokygfevghn
Need better integral support
Can’t integrate Gaussian distributions which is needed in physics.
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7 years ago, hilltrot
Doesn't fully support iOS
This programs does not fully support iOS despite its significant cost. Hopefully, they change this in the future.
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5 years ago, justinpallo
No Multitasking Support
Let’s be honest: I have a calculator on my iPad to do homework on my iPad. To do this, I need two windows so that I can both see my work and do the calculations. You can’t do that with this app. Sure, you can overlay another app on top of it, but when you do that, the in-app keyboard crashes, making the app totally useless. It’s a great calculator, but without the ability to have two windows, it’s pretty useless. I requested a refund from apple, but they won’t grant it.
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4 years ago, I don't wont to share my name
So good
It can awnser so much it is in the add button it has documents
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4 years ago, Moe'z
The best
Easy to use
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3 years ago, AvengerPod
crashes on startup
The app crashes if you try to open anything, so infortunately it is completely unusable. Hopefully they can fix it.
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3 years ago, Ronsardf
The best
The greatest calculator on the market.
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5 years ago, Mr. Protocol
Doesn’t work on iOS 13
On iOS 13 (or is that iPadOS 13?) the app crashes as soon as you tap on the table of contents to move off Page 1.1 of any workbook.
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4 years ago, Micah Focht
Constantly reading clipboard
Why an app for a calculator needs constant access to my clipboard is beyond me and a massive invasion of privacy.
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4 years ago, RomanticGuitars
Tremendously Difficult to Follow
Unable to get correct documentation on very expensive application
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4 years ago, Adiaz84
Keep it free!!!
Please make this app free!!!!
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5 years ago, Hyesun & Lee
TI for teachers
Don’t download this app if you are a teacher b/c it cannot fill that role. Otherwise it works fine as an over-priced calculator.
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3 years ago, mathguy1987
Mattie loves this!
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6 years ago, Grunkmump
Where is the financial solver?
This is a great app but needs work. Where is the finance solver?
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5 years ago, BowerPower²
Love it.
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4 years ago, tricksteretskcirt
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10 years ago, C-Donk.
Very Intuitive!
This app is really fantastic. I'm using it in my precalculus algebra course, with embarrassingly little background/familiarity in math, graphing calculators, algebra and calculus, but am still able to navigate features and commands comfortably and intuitively. I am very excited about how simple it is to apply the things I'm learning, plus it's super-convenient that I save so much time over traditional standalone calculators when entering in equations and using the touchscreen. At first I thought it would be nice if there was some kind of real-time "tutor" mode for people like me who are less familiar with the tools and commands, but honestly, it would add unnecessary bulk. As I grow more familiar with the studies, the app just makes perfect sense just the way it is, becoming even more enjoyable to use, too, so the only real critique I have is that I wish it were a little less "sticky" to make selections of lines and labels on the graph. I'm really looking forward to using the advanced features and games!!
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11 years ago, Daniel_ _ _ _ _ _ _
Improvements Needed - Scrolling Speed
This app is quite astounding. I'm very happy to see it in such a lovely interface. My largest grievance thus far is the scrolling speed. I understand that the TI-Nspire itself does not have such abilities, but my IPad can scroll with 'momentum', and it would be greatly appreciated if this app offered that ability. If, perhaps the slow scroll is intentional for not having I information go too quickly for some, I suggest an option screen offering different scrolling speeds that can be altered to match the user's preference. If the text itself could be improved graphically to match higher image quality, that would be aesthetically pleasing. Another, amazing feature would be to select particular lines of and export them in LaTeX form via email or other document type. A PDF reader for particular tutorials built in? That's not absolutely necessary, but might be nice for some programs that have accompanying pdf files. Perhaps more Cloud storage, like Google Drive, Box or even iCloud? That could be potentially wonderful! Overall, this app is very nice and I hope to see continual improvements and tweaks to keep this app quick, responsive and stream-lined.
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11 years ago, the_gr8_dane
Powerful, but hard to use
As a first-year college student studying engineering, I use math apps every day on my iPad. I was about to buy the TiNspire (or however they spell it) CAS graphing calculator, but then I saw this app, so I thought I'd give the app a try before purchasing a $130 calculator. For the price that I paid, this app is worth it. It does almost everything that I need it to do. However, the app isn't very easy to use. The 3D graphing is the part that I need most, and it is unfortunately the hardest part of the app to use efficiently. It only allows me to enter equations in the z(x,y)= format, and I was hoping that it would allow me to enter equations in formats such as x^2+y^2+z^2=1 (the equation for a sphere). Despite my disappointment in the app's 3D graphing capabilities, it is a very powerful app nonetheless and will help me when I get stuck on math homework. Additional note: Unfortunately, the app's power may be a little too much for my iPad to handle, as the app has crashed occasionally for me. I'm using an iPad 3. If the crashing is fixed and the 3D graphing is improved, this app would deserve 5 stars.
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10 years ago, Kurufinwe
The best calculator on the market
Short version: Unless you're a student and aren't allowed to use your iPad during exams, this is the only calculator you'll ever need; get it now. Longer version: This app is a very nice and powerful scientific calculator, with features such as graphing, programming and symbolic calculations. It does everything the physical TI-Nspire CX CAS does, for only a fraction of the price. The iPad's large touchscreen also makes it a joy to work with graphs and curves. I've been using the app for a few months and I find that it has completely replaced my physical calculator, as well as most basic uses of Matlab and Mathematica. Beware that the in-line documentation is often lacking and you might find yourself stuck if you don't know how to do something while offline. A recent update added the option to download a 140-page PDF manual detailing the app's main functionalities, and you should definitely always have that with you. I also recommend you get a PDF of the Nspire CAS reference guide from TI's site – good luck figuring out the syntax for the differential equation solver on your own otherwise!
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8 years ago, Coded Games
Updating my review
A while ago I wrote a much more positive review of this app, quite a long time ago. The app works alright, it has all of the features of the TI-Nspire calculator. Although, none of the features that I recommended have been added and they are getting much more needed as time goes by. The app still doesn't have split view support, which makes this pretty much unusable since I use split view constantly. Along with that, this app still hasn't been updated to use the 12.9 inch iPad Pro screen, which just makes everything more difficult to do. Everything from typing to navigating the UI could be so much easier if you made use of the larger screen. I'm still hoping that one day we will get these features and when that day comes this app would easily be 5 stars. But as it is there is just so much that needs to be added.
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8 years ago, moveover1
Very useful for quick experimental analysis
I find this program to be very useful for quick analysis of electrical data taken over short periods of time. The program is loaded with features that make graphing extremely easy. Solving for roots of polynomials and similar electrical circuit analysis is extremely useful, especially as I find the screen and plots much easier to read and navigate than my TI calculator, although I still use that too. What I really appreciate is the fact that I do not need to refer to my math handbooks as often as I have in the past, especially when using a calculator. The fact that I can just connect to the internet if I do get stuck, keeps me productive.
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8 years ago, Prof.Abreu
Dr. Jaime W. Abreu Ramos
This new generation of graphing calculators is revolutionizing the teaching and learning process. The development of this program (TI-Nspire) for iPad is truly amazing. My geometry students are happy in the way we connect geometric and algebraic representations with the TI-Nspire. Graphics calculators can be used for a variety of purposes: facilitating a search for patterns, creating problematic situations, supporting concept development, promoting number sense, and encouraging creativity and exploration. I extend an invitation to all teachers of mathematics and science to buy this program. By incorporating this technology in their classes students will be grateful.
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11 years ago, Calcster
I bought this app as soon as it became available. Paid the whopping $30 for it. Well, I felt it was worth the $30 at the time and do not regret it. I'm glad it's cheaper for a couple days… Now my students might be able to afford it. It's really a great app. I use it in my AP calculus class along with the handheld and navigator. With airplay (and reflector on my mbp), I can pop it onto my computer and the digital projector. Once I got used to the interface, things went swimmingly. I still need Navigator and handhelds, but this app is a treat to work with.
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11 years ago, Rsal876
Very satisfied
I'm an undergrad engineering student and I needed a new calculator after I lost my ti-84. This app has so far lived up to my needs and expectations. I'm very satisfied with this app even after paying full price. It will do graphing, derivatives, definite integrals, indefinite integrals among many other features I have yet to explore. I was pleased to find the app fairly easy to use. If you're in the market for a new calculator I highly recommend this app.
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8 years ago, Skiintiger
Great app, split screen?
Great app. Does all you would want it to do and functions well. If you like TI calculators you will love this app. If you have used an Nspire handheld it will be very easy to use. As a math teacher I use it to help students learn concepts and show the steps they can take on their handheld. Now that the iPad offer split screen multi tasking this app really needs to take advantage others feature. It is common when working on your iPad to want to see the problem you are working out as well as see the calculator. Please make it so it can go split screen soon!
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10 years ago, Avonbraun
Awesome - with a fatal flaw?
I had been migrating my engineering work from a beloved TI V200 (essentially a TI 89 Titanium with a QWERTY keyboard) to this app, but now wonder if it was premature. The latest upgrade appears to have erased the several dozen user-defined variables I had entered. If this is to be expected with each future upgrade, then I shall have to go back to the V200. I was hoping to not have to carry around another gadget. Maybe another app will offer the units feature with persistent user-defined variables, or TI will address this issue? Otherwise, this app was the closest functional match to the V200, and the only one with the same ease of units conversion.
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11 years ago, Gray Cloud
Almost there
Excellent interface. It takes a little getting used to, but so did my transition from graphing calculator to a "handheld" learning device (for some reason, TI doesn't like calling them calculators or even graphing calculators). There are two things I would like to see added: a presentation mode that allows an external monitor to only see the "handheld" screen and the ability to read/create PublishView documents created by student or teacher Nspire Software. Well done. I'll be looking for tweets during t^3 this year.
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11 years ago, Jack Humphries
Very good
Texas Instruments did a good job with this app. I love being able to bring just my iPad to class, instead of the calculator as well. The app works exactly the same way as the real thing, so it's really easy to follow teacher, but the multitouch gestures make graphing even easier to do. Texas Instruments has also been making improvements to the app. I no longer experience memory issues.
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9 years ago, rtheis
Absolutely the BEST!
I cannot possibly think of any algebraic, trigonometric, calculus, numeric, or symbolic engine which is as versatile and easy to use as this one. It does everything you could ever want and MORE. I usually don't write many reviews for iPad apps, but this one is a sterling example of what can be done. Yes, it costs a little more, but it's worth it! Thanks to TI for an outstanding calculating engine!
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11 years ago, Mike22284
Great user friendly, amazing program!
Love this program, I had the TI-nspireCX, but didn't realize there was a CAS version when I bought it. I got very used to the layout and screen of the calculator, but when I went into calculus, the CAS functions were needed, I was very very pleased that I could download this program instead of getting a whole new calculator.
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10 years ago, Coal101
No Pi!
So since you are forced to use your iPad keyboard to enter in your graphing window there is no way to enter in Pi as an x scale. I don't have a Pi button on my iPad keyboard and you cannot use the symbol library while you are setting the graphing window. Other than that (yes this is a pita because it kills it's use in assisting students in trig.) this is a great calculator. I wouldn't complain but I had high hopes of bringing this to class and using it!
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11 years ago, michaelkenji
Split Screen please
I now feel ripped off because I purchased this app earlier at full price.. I am totally missing the ability to have up to four applications to each page with the various layouts and custom split available. I really hope this gets included in an update. But so far, so good.. Takes some getting used to, though, with some of the functionalities cleverly hidden.
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11 years ago, Lucky_day
There's a lot of great functionality that you won't find elsewhere but it will need tweaked a lot from user feedback before its a top app. Unfortunately, with a company as big as TI and no updates since January, I'm concerned they'll just leave it and count on their niche market to recover their investment. It's a powerful app, but YOU WILL find something you either can't figure out or that doubles the time of your input because its so difficult to do.
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