TicketSmarter - Event Tickets

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3 months ago
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15.5 or later
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User Reviews for TicketSmarter - Event Tickets

2.89 out of 5
72 Ratings
4 months ago, Gghhmmllddd
Not enough support
Cannot find a history of purchased tickets and no support to investigate this.
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2 years ago, GlennWest
Worst experience I have ever had trying to buy tickets
I first heard about TicketSmarter on a radio ad and thought I would check it out for some New Orleans Saints tickets. Checked out what was available and the prices didn’t seem too bad. So I took the plunge and placed an order. Ordering process was easy. Then the problems began. I accidentally closed out the app trying to look at my receipt and could not get my receipt back with my order number on it. So I went looking for an email. No emails. I managed to get into their website and get a message to them that I may have mistyped my email address when placing the order. They changed my email and then I got a couple of emails but none containing a link to my tickets. It is now about 72 hours after placing my order and a couple of live chat sessions later I am still waiting for an email with a link to get my tickets into either my Ticketmaster or SeatGeek app. Should have just used them in the first place. DO NOT USE THIS APP OR COMPANY FOR YOUR TICKETS. TOTAL WASTE OF TIME. JUST TICKETMASTER OR SEATGEEK OR WHATEVER APP YOU NORMALLY USE FOR YOUR TICKETS.
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2 months ago, Lines on my face
Beach boys
Several months ago, I purchased tickets to The Beach Boys here in Bend, Oregon. I also purchased insurance with payback if I couldn’t make it. I have called and called and spoke to several different people and no one seems to want to help. My wife who is going to go with me became critically ill and is now in hospice care and will not be alive when the concert happens. I explain this and they don’t wanna believe me. They say I need a doctors note and all this and I think that’s just wrong. I’m suffering to worry about losing all this money to see a concert that I can’t go to, I don’t know why I bought insurance if they’re not gonna honor it. Do not use this company go to Ticketmaster instead.. No one has reached out to me to help me and I have gone through several different channels even the company that that I bought the insurance from.
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8 months ago, zpdhktedfhuiygf
Buggy site and illogical
Bought tickets because I had an overview through my credit card company for 10% cash back. At first glance the tickets are cheaper than competitors but when I checked out the fees ended up making the tickets substantially more expensive. When you order the tickets, they don’t just send you the tickets. They give you an estimate time you will receive the E-tickets. Which doesn’t not make logical sense. It’s not a physical ticket so why should it take multiple days to get the email for the tickets. They finally sent the tickets 30 minutes before the show started. I almost just bought tickets at the door thinking I got scammed. Hard pass for future ticket endeavors
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3 years ago, offthetop04
I purchased tickets for a 7pm show, when I printed my tickets they sent me tickets for the 10 pm show. After spending 2 hours on hold, “no one will ever answer so don’t waste your time.” I was emailing support while I held. Support says there system didn’t make an error so I was out of luck. I ended up purchasing tickets from a real company for 7pm and will file a fraud claim with my cc company. Apparently they just provide what ever tickets they have on hand regardless of what was ordered. Complete and utter junk. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE SCAMMERS
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8 months ago, Howiek1
The only place I shop for tickets! The best!!!
I’ve tried so many ticket places over the years. I’ve never had a Breyer experience getting the GOOD tickets for the best price than at TicketSmarter. Thanks so Much for everything and giving me access to the best events wherever I am!
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2 years ago, huertan02
I got an offer from my debit card to use this service to purchase tickets for a concert I had been wanting to go to, and earn some cash back in the process. I bought 2 tickets and paid about 120. Once I received them it all came through Ticketmaster. After I was looking at the details on my app for the show it said I paid 50 for both tickets. This is just a scam reselling service. I could have saved 70 DOLLARS if I would have just checked Ticketmaster first.
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2 months ago, Realllexperience
Terrible experience
This is a terrible company to work with . You don’t get the tickets till the day before the event or the day of the event . if the tickets don’t come through from third party you have to look for new ones which are higher in price and run the risk of tickets being sold out and can’t even go to the event . . Customer service is no help and try’s to get you off the phone as quick as possible.
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8 months ago, Alpackaaaa
Great App and Company
App is really easy to use and very intuitive. Really easy to grab tickets and see available options. Great company for all my concert and comedy show needs!
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8 months ago, JasperReads09
New update is great
Saw that this app updated with new features that make it way easier to use than other apps.
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8 months ago, mherdman
Easy to use, feels like web experience
Clean, easy to use app. Will be using it going forward for all event tickets.
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8 months ago, JayBe77
Super Easy to use
The look and feel is great. Simple to use - very streamline. I like search - add a location - app give me Performers, Venues, and a list of Events. Great ticket avaliblity to event and concerts I want.
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5 years ago, J/\C[]B
Great service
Really good app. Easy to use, intuitive, fast loading and great deals. Would recommend to everyone that ever plans to buy tickets in their lifetime.
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2 years ago, dcdc26
Absolute Scam
Decided to risk buying tickets here despite bad reviews, terrible choice. We had planned a trip across the country to the rose bowl, and it’s 24 hours before the event and we have received nothing. No update, no tickets, nothing. Customer service is impossible and waiting on the phone is a waste of time. Don’t make my mistake, use a real company like Ticketmaster.
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2 months ago, Clarita Andrade
They sell invalid tickets
I got tickets from them today when I drove 2 hours to the concert and security scanned them they were invalid!!! I call costumer service and they asked me for proof!!? They open a claim after keep trying to get a refund but they just said that is hard because I don’t have proof
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8 months ago, CharlyMBA
Love TicketSmarter
I love TicketSmarter. Their app is easy and intuitive to use, but the service and selection is what sets TicketSmarter apart. TicketSmarter is always my first stop for events!!
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8 months ago, Frost730
Scam !
I would give this a 0 star review if I could, I bought Akon tickets for $370 and soon as they took the money from my account I got an email saying that my order was cancelled because of the seller and I’d get another email in 24 hours about my refund. Never received a second email.
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5 years ago, Roryedavis
Fantastic App
My go to app for ticket purchasing. Highly prefer this to any competitors! I would recommend this to any fan or entertainment goer. 5 STARS!
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8 months ago, Ticket Ticket
Love the new app!
Kudos to TicketSmarter for the slick update to the app! Easy to use and easy to purchase tickets.
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5 years ago, Lady JoJo 1234
Great app!
This app is so easy to use and ticket selection is great! Highly recommend!
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7 months ago, RRRROCKNRIC
Sorry service
I will not use TicketSmarter ever again. Tickets are not delivered until September??? I would like to cancel my order but there’s no way for me to do so. There’s nothing Smart about this company!!!
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2 years ago, Kenmccasland
Buy only - no selling!
How are you a good reseller if you can’t sell tickets from the app? No account management. No log-in. Just ability ((I guess) to buy. Use Ticketmaster! Tried and true.
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6 months ago, W-W. .
40% service fees? Same crap as ticketmaster only less popular and reliable
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3 years ago, EEeEeEeEe201
Bad company
I’m not sure if it was TicketSmarter or Ticketmaster’s issue but I am IT and if I couldn’t get it to transfer nobody can. Caused me anxiety and an increase in ticket cost. Charged it back to them with my Amex. DONT BUY!! App stinks too.
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6 months ago, MoiGurl
Worse app
Why bother with this app? When it does not track your order does not make life easier.!
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3 months ago, 1livvy1
Tickets aren’t there
I’ve paid twice for tickets to the Big Ten men’s basketball tournament. They haven’t shown up on the app. It is very frustrating.
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3 years ago, frank120803
Az cardinal tickets
I bought tickets but can not print them out no one has called me back
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8 months ago, Concert goer!
Great App!
Great app and even better pricing!!
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12 months ago, wlpop
They never send my tickets and they didn’t refund my money
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3 months ago, Hammersharkster
Big 10 basketball tournament
I would give a lower rating if I could. when I’ve gotten tickets online from other services I have a text or email almost immediately confirming. My first purchase with you I got nothing. So I ordered again and nothing. I checked my junk mailbox and there they were. Now I had 4 tickets I only needed 2. I sold 2 tickets back to you. You sold all 4. I had to order again. This time I ordered 4 as 2 friends wanted to go. I was told on email I would have them by Thursday. Thursday evening came and no tickets. I spend time emailing your service trying to find out. The best I get is one response telling me my tickets have been retransferred. I send another message asking do I have the tickets or not. No response. I do get 1 email showing a tiny ticket so small in my email I almost missed it. I enlarge it to be able to read it. Still there hasn’t been anyone telling me how to access my ticket. The game is Friday. I go to another service order 4 more tickets, get confirmation right away and am directed how to access my tickets. Access my tickets and save to my virtual wallet. To my amazement when I access those tickets the ones I bought from you are there also. Now I have 8 and only need 4. Now I’m out $400 as it’s too late to get tickets resold at least they didn’t resell. With no way to refund my money lost of course you will get my lowest possible rating. All that was needed was directions to access my tickets. Directions did come Friday morning. Tickets were ordered and paid for on Monday!
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7 months ago, iswrit
Why the heck is there a shipping fee on a mobile ticket. That’s ridiculous.
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2 years ago, amisatisfied
Bad App
Lots of bugs. No customer service to resolve issues.
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2 years ago, lexes01
Don’t use it
It’s total scam
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3 years ago, 18483926272
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2 years ago, ajmv_15
Compre boletas y nunca me llegaron
Compre entradas y nunca me llegaron , dijeron que me iban a llegar un día antes y nunca pude ver el show , se roban el dinero y nunca contestan , no confíen por favor
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4 months ago, chefshea
Love this
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3 weeks ago, Forcing a nickname is bad!
They will not deliver what you’ve purchased!
This is my experience while attempting to purchase pre-concert tickets for Shakira on this website. On the day the tickets went on sale, I diligently waited in front of my computer, eager to secure 4 seats for this highly anticipated event. I successfully completed the entire purchase process, including selecting seats, providing personal details, and making the payment ($8,354.51). I even received a confirmation email, with my tickets in "pending status", stating I would be notified via email once the purchase was completed. To my utter shock, I received an email NINE DAYS later informing me that my order had been "rejected" and that I would not receive the tickets. This delay in communication is unacceptable, especially when dealing with time-sensitive events. I am outraged that this website would display tickets that are not genuinely available for purchase. If they are not sure of ticket availability, they should not be displayed as available for customers to buy. This misleading practice wastes valuable time and causes immense frustration. I have used multiple ticketing websites, and I have never experienced such an issue. Once the transaction is finished, customers should be able to receive their tickets without any ambiguity. Their current statement claiming "Easily Get Your Tickets Fast. 100% Guaranteedr sTickets" is highly misleading. It would be more transparent if they disclose on their website that "if we can get the tickets you've purchased, great. If not, we will tell you in 9 days." Their reliance on a third-party to fulfill orders means that customers never have the guarantee of receiving the tickets they purchased. Due to this terrible experience, I am now forced to buy tickets at a much higher price, which is unacceptable! I'm sure many other customers have faced the same problems. Stay away from this website & use Vivid Seats (best costumer service ever) or Ticket Master. When you purchased on these sites, you will get your tickets right away!
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5 years ago, pancho lopez
They just take my money
George Lopez Warfield Saturday, Dec 14, 2019 @ 7:00PM in San Francisco, California Section: Orchestra • Row: P • Qty: 2 This is what I buy from you but you never send it to me, also I call and you said I can found my tickets on “will call” but the wasn’t real. I waste all my day, my day’s friend, money and energy just because you dill my money from me. I will never buy I again from you and I still my money back because you are not going steal from me. 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
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