TicketSwap - Buy, Sell Tickets

3.8 (145)
100.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
TicketSwap B.V.
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
16.0 or later
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User Reviews for TicketSwap - Buy, Sell Tickets

3.82 out of 5
145 Ratings
5 years ago, AAAAaZZV
Home page needs section of quick link to your tracked events/ticket alerts
Great app, Would be good if home page had quick links to the events you want to track. When an event is popular and it’s hard to get tickets, every time you click your notification and no tickets are left, you press home when you really want to go to the event page.
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2 years ago, fueledbypanic32
Great app, but some improvements could help
I love the concept of this app and it worked perfectly the one time I have used it to sell tickets so far. However, I think it’s missing two things: an option to save listings / tickets for later, in case you are not ready to buy a ticket yet but want to come back to the event page later. And secondly, a way to sort search results by date. For example, if you search for tickets for the weekend, being able to look at a specific day at a time, or being able to set a custom date range in the search. Other than these missing functionalities it’s a great app!
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5 years ago, MariaTheBrave
Great, convenient app!
Stumbled across this app unexpectedly and was really impressed with the results. Bought one ticket for sold out pool party and sold two tickets for a friend as well. Very happy :) Did have a minor issue when the ticket was scanned sine it was ticket 2/2 but they were able to confirm ticket 1/2 was scan and not ticket 2/2. Will definitely use again.
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2 years ago, Maricastro
I really don’t know how it works or care — but it works! I was so sad I hadn’t thought to book Van Gogh Museum tix in advance. I set an alert on the app for any tickets in April and would get a notification anytime someone put them up for sale. Within a day I got the tickets I needed and I went to the museum today, no problem at all. Ily ticketswap. Museum was awesome btw
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2 years ago, Verky560
Good for selling tickets
Great platform to sell your tickets. I couldn’t find another one that let me sell my tickets. Here I can enter the event manually instead of certain apps only accepting specific events. You have to verify your identity before selling and the app checks if the ticket is legit.
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5 years ago, YFM21
Easy to navigate
I enjoy TicketSwap because not only is it easy to navigate , but you can purchase tickets all the way up until the last minute .
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2 years ago, F Aroundtheworld
Sham site /scam central
Go elsewhere for your tickets. I purchased 2 tickets to an event via this app, and upon arriving at the event, security told me that the tickets had been used already, and I was not able to enter the venue. I reached out to the original seller and TicketSwap and received nothing but generic responses from TicketSwap. They have zero customer service and it seems that the only way for me to get any kind of attention on the matter or refund is to have my credit card dispute this charge.
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3 years ago, joserion
Worst customer service ever. Going to cost me 400 euros.
I have been trying to contact customer service for a week without luck. I bought tickets on their platform which I can no longer use. Tried to verify my identity to be able to sell but can’t do it because of a bug in their system. Have received zero help and now I will probably lose 400 euros because of them. Won’t be able to sell my tickets before the event.
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5 months ago, EAZY CHEEZE
Don’t use!! Got scammed and ticketswap won’t assist
The venue informed us they don’t sell or allow ticket transfers through ticketswap. I’ve attempted to go through the follow-up process with this service to work out a remedy, but I keep receiving error messages and can’t proceed past clicking a button letting them know that the tickets didn’t work. Waste of money and time. Don’t use this service
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2 years ago, Lsilbey
New Raffles feature makes it worse
The new feature where you enter into a raffle as opposed to trying to be the first to buy a ticket makes what was slightly annoying into a total mess. Now one has to wait 100x longer to ‘maybe’ get a ticket for the sake of fairness. What a huge waste of time this is and massive headache.
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6 years ago, pennyz26
Great idea, need more users
I think this is a great idea and there’s a lot of potential for this. They just need to market this app more and increase their user base.
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2 years ago, bobbbbbb73748492934
Really frustrating to sell a ticket. The app will not accept you to input your information and then you are stuck with a ticket. They also take forever to respond. It’s fine to buy a ticket, but to sell one is quite difficult in my experience.
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5 years ago, GiovanniO789
Bad experience
I wasn’t able to purchase any tickets through this app. I’ve used many apps to buy tickets and never had a problem. I was blocked and given the run around with back and forth in emails with no valid reason. I don’t really know why to this day . Unfortunately this was the only chance I had at buying a ticket to a sold out event .
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3 years ago, YYYKKK00000
It doesn’t let us pay
My partner and I are trying to get a ticket and we got it multiple times but it never let us pay by our credit card. I really hope that no one will use this system ever so that we won’t waste our day just sitting in front of computer for nothing.
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5 years ago, MicaellaFarias
Tickets for Sagrada Família- Barcelona
Excellent!!!! Everything went great with my tickets 🙌🏻👏🏻
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8 months ago, Vivian218
Cant accept my payment
It won’t let me pay with my credit card or debit, I even tried the web version. Just kept saying that “something went wrong”. I have a credit card from the USA and it’s been working fine at local restaurants and stores.
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5 years ago, Nubbs1313
To many bots buying up all the tickets
It is impossible to buy tickets on this app. I will literally sit with the app open, staring at it and as soon as abticket becomes available click and its already gone. So one of two things are happening. Bots have overrun the app or Tickeswap sends bogus notifications to make their app seem more popular then it is.
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2 years ago, Jenmariec71082
Couldn’t reach any support several times over a 2 week period. Couldn’t sell my ticket because I registered it to my husband, he couldn’t sell or transfer it to me. Ticket sales closed a week before event with no warning. Be very careful using this app. We lost hundreds…… 💔
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2 months ago, Sebastosh
False Advertisement
They market themselves as a face value + a small % above ticket prices but they let people charge 2x and sometimes 3x the face value price of the ticket. Not to mention they let bots buy every ticket available for high demand shows.
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1 year ago, appexplainer
Fake notifications
Those are fake notifications that say, you are late. I got more than 20 notifications, I open them immediately but it say, I am late.. which looks fake to get app engagement:(
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3 years ago, Muctonata
Filled with bots
Don’t expect to be able to purchase tickets. There are bots moving ticket prices around constantly. This is a sham site.
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12 months ago, Cros5e
No buyer protection
The company is all about making money from both sides without any buyer protection. The sold ticket did not work for me, no compensation or whatsoever.
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6 years ago, taco guru
Taco fest Norfolk va
Dope app and very useful keep up the good work guys
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3 years ago, Art Julian
Raffle doesn’t work
Raffle doesn’t work and preventing me from buying tickets. App used to work, now it’s useless.
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5 years ago, 270527
I brought a tix to go time warp and I made a long line in the rain and I end up paying 150 on top of what i spend in this carp app to get in .. everything was a scam .. do not trust this app !! Scam scam scam
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4 years ago, Meeeeeshhh
Trash company trash app
I regret every downloading this app. Do yourself a favor and buy your tickets somewhere else.
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5 years ago, Ggoodvibess
Tickets via Ticket Swap
Goeie snelle service! Betrouwbaar!
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6 years ago, Frannytown
Game changer
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12 months ago, Benny Big Pants
Overrun with bots
Overrun with bots. Maddening. Frustrating. Waste of time.
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7 years ago, neurontome
Easy, safe, and fair
This is the perfect app for people that are looking for tickets or need to sell their tickets due to unforeseen circumstances. They verify all of their users, there is a great supply/demand dynamic, and they cap profit on tickets at 120% so you don't run into for-profit ticket sellers. I highly recommend!
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6 years ago, Full-Time Bartender
Location is wrong!
Upon opening the app the location was preset to Chicago as the “nearby”. I clicked to allow the app to use my current location to show what is nearby and it keeps saying I’m in New York! I’m in North Carolina and want to view tickets for events in Charlotte at Belk Theatre/Blumenthal Performing Arts Center. My location is correct in all of my other apps including my maps and weather, so it is only this app that isn’t using my correct location. It’s very frustrating that I can’t search by venues and that the app can not recognize my exact location or just allow me to type in a location instead. I’m using an iPhone 7 that’s updated to the latest software and the latest version of the app! Fix this bug!
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4 years ago, Nikita Kalchenko
Nikita Kalchenko
Cool app
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1 year ago, Lupalmol
Se han quedado con mi dinero
La peor App que he usado. Vendí una entrada en la que ponía claramente el día y la hora del evento y una vez que pasó el evento me anularon la venta porque el comprador dijo no tener suficientes datos. Al intentar comprobar los datos me habían borrado toda la información.
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2 years ago, Keyaa_
Disappointed I couldn’t sell my tickets
I couldn’t sell my tickets. If anyone happens to come across this app and was looking for Future & Friends tickets I have 3 of them. You may contact me via Instagram @k.nikeyaa_
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