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User Reviews for TIME Magazine

4.51 out of 5
1.7K Ratings
3 years ago, Franklin 2020
Can’t download issues since April of 2019
I have tried reinstalling the App and syncing but can’t view any thumbnails or download any issues that are dated after April of 2019. I have had no difficulty logging into my Time account but it gets me nowhere. When I go to the home page I am asked if I want to buy the latest issue even though I am logged in. I am a long time subscriber of the print edition. Update: Tech support was able to quickly fix the problem for me and get me access to all my missing issues as well as the current issue of Time magazine.
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1 year ago, glbkkkk
Why can I not restore my subscription by using the same iCloud account?
I subscribed Time magazine in apple App Store for one year in this April. I had stopped reading it for about two months. Recently I wanted to read it again, but I found the all the issues I had downloaded in my library had disappeared. When I chose to download the latest issue, I was notified to buy it again. Actually, my subscription is due until next April. The purchase can’t be restored.
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3 years ago, Jeffsyrop
Very nicely improved!
I think you guys really listened to my criticisms a couple of years ago, because I am finding this app to be just about perfect now. In the past, I had logon issues because of differences in the app and accessing via the Web, and also I had to logon after updates. That is no longer a problem, and I’m finding it’s very useful to have the whole paper magazine on my iPhone, every single page! Thank you TIME magazine. If you can find my old review, please delete it.
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3 years ago, Yooper Shari
Why I enjoy Time magazine
I started reading Time in 1977, the year after our youngest child was born. I have fallen behind in the past, but stuck with it until I managed to catch up to the current issue. I want to learn and grow. Being able to read Time on my iPad is incredibly useful. No matter where I am, I can download the most current issue as soon as it is available. Please keep up with the excellent reporting. A happy subscriber, Shari Baron
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3 years ago, Jonathon1900
Cannot view recent issues
I am a print subscriber who has no trouble accessing the app and did not have trouble accessing the magazine. However, recently I have not been able to view new issues without being asked to buy the issue or start a free trial. I have reinstalled the app but that doesn’t resolve the issue. This seems to be the same problem that another reviewer wrote about. Update: The developer helped resolve the issue. I needed to log out then log back in and sync my library in preferences. It works well now.
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3 years ago, knowsclassic
Does Not Work
The iOS app does not function. It shows a white splash screen and a buffering symbol, but does not open up at all. Can this be looked at please. Update: The iOS app now functions flawlessly. Thank you to the developers for looking into this and responding expediently to fix the problem. I now have access to the app and read my purchases.
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5 months ago, Keiloon47
Good but could be better
I like this app but it is missing an important feature. It needs to have the dictionary enabling so that I can find the definitions of words or terms that I am not familiar with. It would be nice if there were more news and less content written by people who are not journalists. I am tired of these lists of 100’s. Content written frequently by people who are more interested in writing about themselves. Boring stuff. But cheap to produce. It is easy to navigate to the portion of the magazine you want to read. Extra digital content is a bonus. It would be nice if there were an option to download the videos when you get the magazine. Sometimes I am not able to get these as I read the content. All in all I like most it. I have switched from reading the paper to the digital completely. 40 Year Subscriber
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5 months ago, Seahorse One
Annual renewal not recognized yet again this year
Why isn't this fixed? Another year goes by, same story, the App doesn't recognize that I have renewed my subscription through the Apple App Store and I am being asked to renew again or pay for individual issues. The contact support screen through the app assumes I am a paper magazine subscriber and wants my customer number from the paper mailing label. TIME isn't even listed in the drop down. Come on people please get your act together! Someone please tell me how to get the App and the App Store talking to each other so I can download issues I have paid for.
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4 years ago, Meggie451
I can no longer my digital subscription
I have a print subscription with Time Magazine which allows me to also read the digital version. I’ve had no problem doing this on my iPad until today, when I open the app my only options are to purchase a new subscription.
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9 months ago, CasualMcLovin
Digital subscribers can’t login
Most of the recent reviews from digital subscribers have an issue logging in, myself included. The dev response mentions contacting support, but too many people have had this issue for too long. If the dev is reading this, know this is unacceptable, and if this has been figured out in other cases, figure out a way to retroactively solve the problem. If you’re a digital subscriber experiencing the same issue, let Time know this is unacceptable and consider requesting a refund if access on Apple apps is important to you.
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3 years ago, ljbob2
Time Magazine App Review
The App is new to me (2 months); since first syncing it, I have not read anything in the paper copy. Some minor problems: Have not found a way to get the pages or PDF bottom menus to show reliably; it seems almost random, but I’m managing ok. Really need click points for these in all reading modes. When mag simulation page is manually expanded for easy reading, it is sometimes impossible to move forward a page, so have to go back first, then it goes on forward.. Otherwise, it is great. This week’s library display says June 1, but it should say June 1/June 8.
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3 years ago, ChicagoCritic1
Can’t download issues since September 2019
Looks like many complaints with similar problems not being able to access issue. Also looks like it takes months to get a response. Ever since I renewed my subscription in September, I have not been able to download a single issue . I have put in new subscription account and reset password multiple times. Have frequently had issues with app over the years, but this is the first time I can’t get access to any issues for nearly 6 months. Help will be appreciated.
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4 years ago, mmaarryy16
Time Magazine
Enjoying the Time Magazine app quite a bit. One feature that I would enjoy more would be having the app remember and open immediately to the page where I left off reading. All of my book and library apps do that. With the Time Magazine app, I have to always select the magazine issue first, then press read to get to where I left off.
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1 year ago, Ship714
Access Problems Again - August 2022
Once more I have the problem of getting the sign to “Buy Issue $6.99” on my IPad when I already have a paid digital subscription that was renewed in mid July 2022. Have had this problem before, in fact every year when the subscription is renewed. Really frustrating. I won’t be renewing again if this continues. This is highly unprofessional. Please resolve! Is anyone there? Is anyone listening? Hello! Hello! If you can’t give me access, then refund my money!
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4 years ago, J0baby
Trouble at least once a year
For the past 3 years my app has stopped working, even though my subscription is valid. Every time takes about a week to get the correct person to help me. Each time is a different problem. None of my other online magazines have ever stopped working. When this subscription runs out I will switch to Newsweek even though I like the Time content. Don’t understand why they have so much trouble with the app.
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4 years ago, mdwhad
Why pay twice?
Why have I lost access to the magazine issues themselves? Since the summer my only avenue to issues is through Apple News +. Otherwise the app asks me to buy each issue again or subscribe through iTunes in addition to my magazine-and-digital subscription though TIME itself. Meredith and ZINIO blame each other and, meantime, no issues since July so I wait for my week.y hard copy. Please fix!
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3 years ago, thecaptkidd
Kudos, eventually, to ZINNIO.
As with many others, after renewal in March, could no longer access my Time digital subscription. Spent an afternoon between Time and Zinnio customer support without luck and gave up during a chat with a Zinnio rep. A week later, I received an email from Z restoring my access. Better late than never and appreciated the follow-up.
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4 years ago, Math spouse
Can use landscape again
Digital extras are very good, digital edition is available one-to-days before my print subscription is delivered. It's nice to be able to access the latest edition when I travel.
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1 year ago, markbyrn
Seen better days
Back in the day before the Internet was a thing, Time Magazine was the defacto standard for a news magazine. A weekly read and you were informed on the most relevant current events worldwide. In the present era, it’s a bit of tiny noise on the digital information overload highway. Don’t see it standing out from stalwarts like the Guardian, NYT, etc.
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4 years ago, Kingsmountsin
App is worthless
The Ipad app stopped showing new issues in the Library several weeks ago. I have an account paid for. Attempts to work with this app did not work. I refuse pay double for print and digital, which is what I see. I cannot locate any tech support options. Problem solved now. Time should make support more obvious. I will raise rating to 3 stars.
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3 years ago, PinkyPPinkler
Cannot Access Issues! UPDATE
The developers fixed the issue very promptly and I can now access current and past issues. Thank you! This is so frustrating and aggravating! I have deleted the app, reloaded it, logged out and in so many times. The FAQ on the app is not helpful at all.
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3 years ago, Wobomagonda
How dare that paleface orange man create prosperity for all, while Making America Great Again! Yippee for molly Nutsack and the Twisted Ignoramuses at time for fortifying the Rigged election! Thanks for helping our leftist Nitwits destroy the country! We can all sleep peacefully knowing the chuckleheaded morons at time Ragazine have are backs! Stop the Fortify!
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4 years ago, _Boz_
Good except for annual subscription problems
Agree with other reviewers that there are frequent issues with authenticating a subscription. Usually happens to me when the app pushes an update. Support usually addresses the issue, but I have to deal with it at least once a year which is frustrating to say the least. Not sure I will renew again.
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3 years ago, Zza124
Love it!
I love the articles and how easy it is to access the magazine better than going to the news page on the cell. Keep it going TIME!
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4 years ago, Disgruntled Customer 101389
Problem App
I’ve been a subscriber to Time for years and used my iPad to read while traveling. I can no longer download and read current issues. Every time I try to select a current issue I’m asked to purchase the issue. I’ve reloaded the app and logged back in and have the same problem. I’m rethinking whether or not to renew my Time subscription if this is the way long term customers are treated.
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2 years ago, Monte Bricker
Can’t download
Same problem as many subscribers have reported. The app tells me to buy a subscription. I already have one. Just want to download the new issue.
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3 years ago, Cowboy Kay
Once again, does not work
It seems like every time you “update” this app, it stops working on my iPad! This is the FIFTH time I have had to complain because I can’t access my issues. Now, after the 9/17 update, the app won’t even open!! After the last failed “update”, I changed my subscription to month-by-month; seriously, why do I continue trying to use this app?!!!
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4 years ago, Hbaxi
Worst app I have experienced recently
In this day and age if a media company cannot figure out their authentication issues then they don’t deserve to have a digital presence! I signed in using my print+digital subscription credentials and I still cannot access any content in the app! I continue to get asked to pay for any article I want to read!! Can you please get your digital act together Time magazine??
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3 years ago, JoelTB2003
Great magazine, imperfect app
Why are all the articles randomly out of order when using the text view? In PDF view, all is OK. Makes it a bit difficult when switching between iPad and iPhone.
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4 years ago, karen in Oregon
Continual problems with issues
I have had this app for several years but in the past year I have had continuous problems with issues not showing up and the app saying I have to pay for them even though I have an active subscription. Trying to get help online is useless.
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1 year ago, LRBM007
Enjoy the digital source and paper too . Articles are deeper than most streaming feeds.
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3 years ago, PochitNYC
Unable to view my subscription
I tried many times to delete and download the app to correct the problem. But as soon as I was able to download the issues, I’m not able to access the magazine. The screen just becomes empty. This has been a problem for over 2 months. I cannot view any downloaded magazine .
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4 years ago, Betatthelake
App not downloading current issues
App not acknowledging my subscription. I haven’t downloaded issues in months because I was reading the magazine itself. However the app library does have all my old issues, but it won’t download any current issues.
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4 years ago, Salma2012
Notes or export PDF
Hello, I like to take notes and highlight sections of what I’m reading. Why does Time Magazine not allow that feature? I know you mention copyright issues for exporting PDFs - but there has to be a way to make us be able to highlight and take notes on magazines we’ve paid for. Thank you
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4 years ago, ruslanu2008
Good app, great support
I had to contact support due to the fact that recent magazines weren’t shown. That was resolved in fast and professional manner, which is great.
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3 years ago, G_dforsaken
Not enough TIME
I can never have a successful week unless I have read my issue of TIME from cover to cover, sometimes even including the ads like the tutorials about why China is really GREAT(?).
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2 years ago, Ashienoelle
I love this app
TIME did a great job with this app. I love how it looks just like the magazine but digital and super user friendly. Great for reading in bed!
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1 year ago, Slgdmario
Does not allow me to log in.
I purchased the digital subscription and the app is asking for my email address but not my password, after I enter my email and hit log in it gives me an “incorrect password” message even though it never prompted me for one. Please help so I can use the app.
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6 months ago, Thang B
I rely on Time
With our increasing lack of time, TIME is what I rely upon. The best standard of journalism, complete, easy to read, good to read. Thang Bui
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3 years ago, Goode314
Nice layout but slow to load compared to other apps.
Great graphics and layout, but this app is so slow to load. I find I have to go to other media apps and then come back and wait some more.
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1 year ago, iGreeley
Not updating
Update: sent an email a week ago, as instructed. No response. This is silly. I have an iTunes subscription. I am logged in and have synced and restored the subscription a number of times. Still stuck in March 2021. I have deleted and redownloaded the app. Still no go. Per Apple, subscription is active. Please advise.
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1 year ago, krishnamurali
Time magazine
I have been reading this magazine since1975and even today I read it same awe Muralikrishna
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3 years ago, vermie73
As always Time delivers with very informative information found no where else lol👍🏾
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4 years ago, TimeDigitalSucks
Cannot download paid for digital issues and support not available
I am a digital and print subscriber. I am unable to download the recent issues and there is nobody I can talk to about it. I contacted TIME customer support - had to wait on the line over 30minutes just to get an email address for the digital issues support.
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4 years ago, Of writing
iPad access lost
Used to work great. Now after just renewed print and digital, no new issues are available after April 2019 without payment for each. Wasted much time and money, phone support was worthless and when contacted by email as instructed by phone customer service, never got response.
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12 months ago, perryke
Time Magazine won’t restore Apple subscription
I’ve downloaded the Time Magazine app on a new iPhone and iPad. After hitting the “Restore iTune Purchases” on both. On both devices a non- modal window reported, “Restoring purchases” which never goes away after hours. Dismissing that window and hitting the “Library” button results in the Restoring purchases window that never finishes. Should I cancel my long time Time Magazine subscription since it doesn’t seem to work? Frustrated, Kenneth Perry
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1 year ago, afthyu
Can’t log in to app
Digital app on IPhone does not allow m to log in. When app prompts me to sign in. When I enter my email address, the response is that my email address or password in incorrect. Which it isn’t. I see many other people have this problem. Please fix it.
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2 years ago, Mtn Papa
Unable to download issues again
When we try to download issues, we get an error message. This has happened before. We’re also longtime subscribers.
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4 years ago, Kure Tom
Surprising how bad the app is
Never seems to work well. When you cant figure out why you can download the issues in your subscription it says contact customer support and provides no contact information. If I want to read Time I guess I am stuck with paper magazine. I expected more from Time.
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2 years ago, 21tyabot
Can’t sign in
Despite confirming I am using the correct email address, I can’t sign into the app on my iPad. It asks me for my email address and then says there is something incorrect. When emailing customer support, I was told to submit feedback on the app itself, which is exactly what I had done. Waste of a subscription so far.
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