Time Timer

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Time Timer LLC
Last update
4 years ago
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10.3 or later
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User Reviews for Time Timer

4.59 out of 5
11.9K Ratings
6 years ago, shanebailey
Adult ADHD User: Love this app!! Used on iPhone and Mac for years now to help with my ADHD.
I’ve been using this app on my MacBook Pro and iPhone for years, little more than 3, and this is an incredible app!!! AND NOW it runs, not just alerts, on the Apple Watch. Awesome. Am looking forward to future updates that will allow graphical updates of remaining time and/or disk on the watch complication. I’d be more interested in a disk complication update more than a countdown, that would be pretty much the same as the native watchOS timer. In the meantime I’ll make sure with double pressing the crown to see the disk status. Funny how that little disappearing disk has helped me so much over the years. If you’re an adult with adhd it’s worth a shot to see how you like it. I’ve also liked that the app has the ability to keep from locking the screen while I’m working on a project with the phone out on my desk. But the watch addition has made this even more useful to me. The entire reason I got the Apple Watch was to help speed up AND limit the number of alerts I get in a day to the most important- if you have adhd you’ll completely understand. Best of luck with this 5-star “As is” app! And I do look forward to the updates mentioned.
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2 years ago, Wfrance3
Love your app!!
Have a suggestion - could you include an option to have the timer continue after the set time? I use your app for music practice and liege the idea of setting the timer for, say 10 minutes, being alerted at 10 min, but have the timer able to continue so I can get “credit” for any amount of time over the 10 minutes. [ADD EDIT] This feature would also make your timer app additionally valuable for public speakers. If a speech or a talk were to be 15 minutes, it would be helpful if the timer would continue , but maybe change color or something that would silently notify when the 15 minutes was up, but then just keep going.
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6 years ago, Yonkers-Man
Aarrgghh! Latest update!
I’ve come to rely on this app for a number of things, but especially doing laundry in my apartment building. (I was so dependent on it, despite wishing I could see time left on the lock screen, I even bought one of their hardware clocks for guest speakers in a group I belong to.) I could have “4th Flr Washer,” “8th Flr Dryer” etc saved as clocks, each running concurrently. When I opened the app after the last update, all my saved clocks had been renamed with generic names. Okay, annoying, but easy to rename back. But I couldn’t get one clock off “paused” so I closed the app and reopened. ALL my pre-set clocks were gone (not even just generically renamed) except for the one running when I’d closed the app! Will keep trying to figure out how to work around these bugs for awhile, this is a plea to the developers to restore the quick set option (go one better and make it possible on *any* clock; that’s most satisfying UX of any such utility app!) and restore the stability and former simplicity of using the app with multiple clocks stored. (I highly recommend their hardware products, however. That’s sincere, not a bribe to get the app fixed!)
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5 years ago, Seek29
Does what it says- some design issues
This app overall is good: it lets you set alarms for tasks and visualizes time counting down. There are some UX flaws. The Time Timer logo us front and center in bold dynamic type at all times, while the important information, the name of your timer, is in small and innocuous font. Your eye is forced to go to Time Timer before going to the name you need each and every time. So an alarm for adhd and focus already has a distraction built in. The skeuomorphic buttons for shutting off your alarm and vibration functions are reversed: pressing them “on” turns them off, while the shadow on them indicates the typically “off” position for real buttons. The numbers along the dial are thick, chunky, poorly spaced and again, weirdly distracting for an app about focusing. The only well designed type in this thing is the logo. Lastly the alarm is ear-piercing: I get that it is to be a no excuses reminder, but i dread it going off. You're essentially being acoustically punished for staying on task.
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2 years ago, Zoey Inanis
This is such a useful app!
Okay so, beyond its advertised uses, it has an option to only sound the alarm once. This is GREAT FOR ME, because I have a dangerous bathroom that displaces the air with water vapor and doesn't intake new breathable air. If you're taking a shower, a normal clock app will sound the alarm until you turn this off. That means you have to get out or invest in a waterproof phone or enclosure of some sort. This app only plays the alarm loop once unless you enable endless mode in the settings, which is a lifesaver when you only need one alert for something for any reason.
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4 years ago, m53rd
Want to love it
I really love the concept and design of this app, but I’ve started to realize that it’s not accurate. I’ve been using the app for a couple of months and thought something was up. However, the work I’d been doing was causing me to hyper focus, so I figured that it was just me losing track of time. After being pretty sure that it was off by 20 minutes on Wednesday night, I decided to keep better track. Over six runs on Thursday (set to 60 minutes), sometimes it was accurate, and sometimes is was off by 10-20 minutes. I think it may have been partially to do with mirroring to an Apple TV. I love the multiple visual timers and the fact that when my phone is on silent, I get a simple notification. But I feel it’s time to retire this app if the timing aspect can’t be trusted.
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4 years ago, hatter lord
Request for feature
The app is incredibly useful and I use the watch app all the time. A few updates would improve my experience so much: 1) In the watch app, please allow the option to customize the timer color. The red and white are a little alarming to look at frequently. If customization option is not feasible at the moment, please change red to a pleasant color (teal, saffron, mint, etc) and the white to black so that it merges with the background 2) Please remove all the other elements from the screen so that only the pie is visible. The clock on top right cannot be removed but changing the modal screen should be able to get rid of the back navigation on top left. ********************** UPDATE 30 Jul 2020 Thanks for the developer response. I understand how to change the timer color now. Please add a feature to change the background color in the Watch app. Thank you!
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5 years ago, lizannstaff12
Love it, but start button hard to find and use.
I would love to give this 5 stars, but it loses a star because it's *really* hard to start a timer as the start button is tiny and right on the bottom right corner of the screen. This placement is harder to hit when you have a drop proof case like the Unicorn Beetle or any Otterbox. The button is almost impossible to see, too because of the placement and because it's blue on dark gray. I'd like the next update to have those bottom buttons to be bigger and easier to see, or to have this like the physical Time Timers where it will start once you set it. Make this simple change and I'll give you 5 stars.
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3 months ago, Mic-E-Say
Did somebody buy the rights for this app? I went years without an update; now there’s an update every week. That I’ve gone years with this thing speaks volumes. It’s like a stern piano teacher; never letting you off the hook until your time’s up. Maybe getting a little too complicated. As I understand, the original was built from a mechanical egg timer —you twist the knob; it starts counting down. (I still have one) It was that simplicity that made it so entertaining. Five stars down to four only for that. I use this every day as a weapon against my ADD. Don’t overkill it
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6 years ago, JDraschil
One of my favorite apps!
I love the Time Timer. I use it all of the time. It is the perfect way to visually communicate at-a-glance how much time remains without needing to engage my brain in calculating what it means. I’ve bought the iPhone, iPad and Mac Apps. It is also my top-used watch app! (I love the latest update to the watch app with multiple timers and color support.) Developer Request: I just wish the watch app had the same option for “Continuous Alert” that the iOS versions do. The alert on my watch is subtle (one ding/buzz) and I often do not notice it.
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4 years ago, polmgjttt
Great customizability!
Great for helping kids develop “timeliness” and “mindfulness” life skills! This is a great app for frequent unobtrusive reminders when needed. I like how you can create just a simple chime alarm to ring once every five or 10 minutes over the course of an hour. This is great for helping kids to learn to stay on task and to recognize how much time is gone by, and what they’ve been able to accomplish in a five minute period; whether they are making affective use of the time or getting lost in daydreams.
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3 years ago, Laynaa
Apple Watch functionality
I have a big problem with managing time with clients during hands on and exercises treatment. After several apps failed to perform the way I had hoped I decided to try time timer. Using it on the phone was perfect- I could label the timers to know when sessions with clients were half over and when to begin to wrap up. Exactly what I needed! However, when I loaded the app to my Apple Watch those labels vanished; so now I have to do math in my head about how much time is left, which is not working. Is there any way labels could be added to the timers in Apple Watch?! Please!!
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9 months ago, jewelg2000
Just opened my Time Timer that was gifted to me by a parent for my classroom. Just finished familiarizing myself with it and love, love it!!! I had been using my iPhone for the past 2 years but love the idea of it being magnetic and being able to be visually available for my students. It was a great recommendation from a teacher. Looking forward to using it this next school year!!!
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6 years ago, Sagerchatter
Will change to 5 stars (times a million) if you bring back the quick timer!
We’ve had the original Time Timer at home for 7 years, and it’s been life changing. It has helped teach both my kids the concept of time passing (“when the red is gone” is a common phrase amongst our family) and the mobile app has kept us from many a melt down at the park(or at least softened the blow.) But the last update has erased the quick set timer option!! I set it exactly to the minute in the am and pm for how long the kids can play before school starts and how long my daughter can play before we meet brother when school is out. PLEASE, please fix this! I can’t remember the exact name of the feature but I’m lost without it!
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5 years ago, Sarah in Riverdale Park
Great app, but wish it didn’t sleep while timing
I’m a big fan of the Time-Timer. This app is easy to use, and is like having a physical Time-Timer right on my iPad! That said, I really wish there was a way to keep the timer open off screen without the app going to sleep. I know this is possible because my GPS doesn’t let my phone go to sleep when it is on. Right now what happens is that I set the timer while I’m giving presentations, and then my iPad goes to sleep and I have no idea how much longer I have. Not super useful for that purpose.
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1 year ago, MochaBear459
A part time timer
I don’t usually leave reviews but I’ve been struggling with ADHD and completing simple things at work. I’ve been watching videos, and many people have suggested using a visual timer. I was really excited to see there was an app that looked similar to the physical timer. I have this set up on my desk using my iPad. This works most of the time but frustrates me more than it should. The Good: - I love that there is a visual timer and it’s fairly easy to set The Bad: - When the timer is minimized or I switch apps, the sound, nor the vibrations go off - this app does not support split screen on the iPad - When I have my iPad set up (horizontally) on my desk, I cannot select a new timer in full screen. I have to get out of full screen and then select a timer. - A lot of times, when positioned horizontally, it will not allow the timer to go into full screen Overall, it is not bad, but it could definitely use some work
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2 years ago, Cece_3000
Could be better, but useful!
I’ve been looking for an app like this to serve as a timer for my toddler when we’re not home. At home we have a visual timer and it has color coded animals on the sides to even help him more since he can’t tell all the numbers yet. I wish this timer app was able to flip to match the timer we have at home. This one has 55 on the right where as the other has 5 on the right. An really if there were animals on the side or some different colored dots ! Would do amazing for toddlers.
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9 months ago, lambmob
Simple, clean and works!!
Ive got severe ADHD and one of the biggest annoyances of it is time blindness. Basically it means there is no internal awareness of time - just now and not now. As a result one needs an external (ie outside of one’s self) visual animated prompt to show decreasing time. Countdown timers where the aesthetic changes like a living pie chart is best but most are 59min max so useless for a 90min burst or 2hrs etc. The key is keeping “time remaining” front of mind when you’re engaged in a task. This seems to work. I’ve literally tried dozens and they all try to do too much or “jazz” things up. It’s the simplicity and visual minimalism that gives it the power to be effective. I’m so so so glad to have found this. It’s now on my home screen.
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4 years ago, GadgetGal_
Great on Apple Watch! Feature request.
We use this for our special needs son. It is indispensable. To the developer...Can you please create an option to control timers only on the iPhone OR password lock on the watch once a timer starts? My son accidentally pauses, resets, deletes running countdowns on his watch. If there’s a way to lock it so that he doesn’t do that, it will be a game changer. Thank you.
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5 years ago, Chris10_Design
Loving it for work and around the house!
I’ve been using a physical Time Timer for about a year now, and it’s really improved my productivity. The app is great too because I can take it anywhere. It’s really kept me honest on my work tasks - and is great when I cooking in the kitchen and want to do other things around the house. I love the colors and ability to save my favorite timers!
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5 years ago, Griccardi123
It doesn’t make audible ticking sounds
I’ve heard so much about this app and it’s accompanying physical timer that I purchased it without looking at reviews or even looking at the description. It’s so easy to look away from the red disk that having an audible ticking sound would be the perfect and constant reminder and motivator whether you’re looking at your phone or not. I’m not sure this app is going to work for me without that.
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2 years ago, MDVILLARREALE
Just great
This app lets me set separate timers for different things, like the timer for cooking rice, a small session of brisk walking in the middle of the day or just how much time takes to bake a cake or set the timer for 20 minutes and fold the freshly washed clothes and put them in the closet, no more sitting around in the basket until need it.❤️
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4 years ago, DLL3000
Good timer
This is a good timer app, and I really like the big red wheel giving a visual indication of the time left. Lots of customization options, too. I gave it only 4 stars because it hasn’t been optimized for my iPhone XR, and some of the controls end up underneath the little Home indicator at the bottom of the screen. This is the same form factor as the iPhone X, released in 2017! It works very well on the iPad, though.
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3 years ago, disappointed in Easton
I tried using this to time my 6 yo to do various activities because he has trouble staying on task. I’ve had it automatically pause or end when I leave the app to do something else on the phone which renders it useless so I will have to move on.
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4 years ago, LazyFridzy
I like it but needs improvement.
I have time timer MOD but it’s sound function is broken so I bought this app. I love this simple app but I think it could be better. I need bigger start/pause button and the button’s locations are too low(I use iphone xs max). And if audible option can be functioned at silent mode similar to ios’s native alarm, I really appreciated. Adding an widget will be good too! Thank you.
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5 years ago, DSCoder
Great tool for facilitators
I saw this timer at agile games New England in April and I knew I needed one I am happy to have it with me in my pocket all the time with the app And having a physical one is so easy and obvious to use m. Thank you Time Timer For creating such elegant and simple products. I’m glad there are many products (phone app, physical timers and also on a computer)
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4 years ago, andhaus1
Love it, one request
I absolutely love this app!! Developer did an outstanding job! This will really come in handy when I go back to the office. I will be deleting my other Timer + app. Excuse this one is amazing One request though - in the next update, can you please show history and have an export option?
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3 years ago, Nityasree
Great, just one problem.
Warning. When you press the play button on your set timer, be sure to check to verify it’s running. The same button also pauses it. It will jump from play to pause if you’re heavy fingered. It happens a lot, that I’ve checked the timer only to find it’s been on pause the whole time. Other than that I like the app.
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1 week ago, Rak011
Why no sound?
It is one of the most important things for me with Pomodoro timers. I NEED to hear time ticking to get pressured to work and no to get distracted additionally by looking every few minutes how much more I have to finish the task or until the time expires. No idea why is this so hard to add as an feature. Other than what I underlined and what is a deal breaker for me, app looks good and is simple to use.
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2 years ago, Tfrog5489
Great product
Time-Timer is totally awesome and I like that the products have very reasonable prices and I like the fact that the Time-Timer app is free which is totally awesome. I would strongly recommend this to anyone who likes to keep a routine with any Time-Timer product.
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9 months ago, Dieezay
Good concept, lacks functionality
I can see where this app can be helpful. Unfortunately I’m unable to get this app to notify me without beeping, need it to vibrate only but even if I select vibrate and turn off the alarm portion. Either it’s just the alarm that goes off or nothing at all. Would definitely give this app another try if that was addressed
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2 years ago, Mr. Pokeeto
So easy a child can understand
Time Timer has been part of my classroom for years. Elementary through high school, special education through advanced theatre arts it provides quick visual feedback to show ow much time remains. I love it. So will you.
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1 year ago, Annabelle1782
Stops whatever you’re listening to
It’s a timer, with a visual component, and a tiny bit of extra functionality. It stops whatever I’m listening to, and since I always have something going (audio books, music, white noise, etc) that’s quite annoying. For me, it’s less useful than just a timer in the clock function. I can see how the visual might help some people though.
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5 years ago, motoJill
Complication needs update
I paid for this app because of the complication, meaning I can start or stop it from the Watch face. Unfortunately, the developer hasn’t updated the complication to work with the new Infograph Watch face, so I’m stuck using only old Watch faces. I’ve waited for a month, thinking it would be fixed. Complications for all my other 3rd party apps now work with the latest Watch faces, but not this one. I’ll update my review when this is fixed.
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2 years ago, Jandji
We have one of the large timers in our classroom, but it had stopped working so I Googled instructions on how to fix it and then saw there was a timer App available. I just downloaded the App and tried it out. This will be useful. Thanks
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4 years ago, doaproductions
Dark mode fix please
This is a great MultiTimer for and I’ve used it for so many different purposes. I will say however, please fix the dark mode. Currently unable to read the titles of the alarms I create due to the font color being dark. Fix this and this app deserves a 5 star rating.
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3 years ago, Fiona2429122
This is amazing!
The time timer was recommended in an article about helping ADHD kids with homework. When I went to the website, the 3” time timer was sold out but the iPhone app is free because of COVID. I downloaded it and started working with it right away.
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8 months ago, Beehiving
Please make a watch complication!! +
Please. And please make the timer stay on my watch face until completed. I have ADHD. Out of sight out of mind. I can’t hunt for the timer to see how much time is left and I don’t want to open my phone or I will lose focus. Ugh! Please help. This has so much needed potential!!
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3 months ago, L98002
The sound alerts on this app are unreliable. Sometimes the app makes no sound. Sometimes it stops after 4 beeps despite having the continuous alert function activated. And no, the silent mode on my phone is not turned on. An unreliable timer is worse than no timer. Deleting this app.
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4 years ago, Mom on the spectrum
I love Time Timer!
I have relied on physical Time Timers since discovering them some years ago and getting them for my kids. As I find myself not having enough of them physically, I am glad to give the phone app version a try. I so benefit from the red visual. Thank you!!
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3 months ago, egrace63
Absolutely THE BEST timer app
Great help in Organizing myself. Awfully helpful during meetings of all sorts. Especially like being able to see it while working on other things on my laptop etc.
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3 years ago, MonDouxAmour1
The timer helps my children with Autism
My children have a hard time transitioning. The timer gives them a visual understanding of the quantity of time needed to complete a task and the quantity of time allotted before we transition to something else.
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1 year ago, jennyed42
Would like the “time past” feature
Works as well as I expected. I was hoping it would show the hand keep moving after the time is up, to show how much time has elapsed after the allotted time has expired.
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4 years ago, E.R.Burrows
Need to....
Need to add the option, when viewing on the watch, to be able to also eliminate the current time displayed in the top right corner. Then you would have total concentration of the timer you implemented. Please provide that option. Then I’ll give it 5 stars.
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12 months ago, padwasabimasala
Doesn’t play sound when locked
The app only plays the sound if the screen is not locked. Also, the numeric display of the count of plays on the settings screen disappears after pressing the + button. Would give five stars if if played sound or had option to when locked.
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3 years ago, bk_ny
Simple repetitive timer
I was looking for an app which alerts me at certain time interval and vibrates in my pocket when I am on the streets with lots of background noise. This one is doing it without complicating over and the only one which vibrates.
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3 years ago, Kcgg-Kcgg
Great app! Love it!… my only comment will be that Since this is an app great for kids, it would be nice if we, as parents, could have the option to change the direction to clockwise
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2 years ago, rlorlen
Numbers backwards???
Why are the numbers the opposite of a clock??? This app seemed simple, nice looking and perfect. I like that you can preset multiple timers like piano or reading. BUT it reads and counts down backwards from what you would expect of a timer. My kids are learning time, so confusing them won’t do. Also, I was hoping for the function of the entire time being a pie that slid down, or a large count down…a more visual representation of how much time is left for my little kids. Like a 2 minute timer on this clock is such a small wedge they can’t look and tell it’s half gone. Good, but not for little kids.
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4 years ago, D s n
Time turns dark after a few minutes
The Time timer for iPad turns dark after a few minutes. Unable to see anything and unable to set it to stay awake. I was trying to use it while swimming so I would have to stop swimming, go out of the pool . Start the iPad, etc. it’s much easier to use Sir and say “Siri set a timer for twenty minutes” and just wait for the iPad built in countdown timer to send out a loud alarm when the IOS timer is up.
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4 years ago, Andrew Strand (IL)
Does What A Digital Timer Should
Keeps track of time for not just one timed event. The visual representation of the time remaining is easy to read. Glad I found this app. Planning actually to purchase some of the Time Timer analog products.
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