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Chattanooga Publishing Company
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3 years ago
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User Reviews for Times Free Press

4.59 out of 5
3.7K Ratings
2 years ago, Em's_etc
Upbeat local news
Compared to my home town paper (which got pretty dark over the last decade) the Chattanooga Times Free Press is typically a very upbeat read! They report on the hard stuff too, but it always feels very even, and I feel like they put a lot of effort into reporting on all the great things going on locally. Also I love the new iPad system! It is so cool having videos attached to articles, and also getting to listen to the articles!! As a slow reader and a constant multitasker this is a huge help. Did not take me long to figure out that I can just tap the title and it will take me to a larger print version of the article I’m reading and pick up where the article left off on its first page. I recommend this local paper to everyone.
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2 years ago, neuzjunkie
Digital 👍🏻 crosswords👎
Got my TFP iPad a few weeks ago. The adjustment to getting my news digitally was an easy one. Navigating the stories is super easy plus there’s nothing to recycle, except for the Sunday print copy (LOVE having print version on Sunday) BUT, and this is a biggie for this avid puzzle fan, the crosswords are less than user friendly. Very time consuming and frustrating due to the layout, lack of ease navigating between across and down clues, having to constantly toggle to full screen leads to so much frustration that I usually just give up. For instance, the simpler crossword that historically took maybe 3-5 minutes to complete in its digital version would take 3-4 times as long if I had the patience to stick with it. One or two tweaks would make it much simpler to navigate: if the user wants to move between across and down on a particular set of two words, being able to double click the first letter in a word to change direction would be so much more efficient than having to toggle and scroll to locate the clue in order to switch between the two. Another suggestion to try: put the whole puzzle on a single page and allow the user to zoom in. I am a long time subscriber and support journalism in all its forms but I really hate the format of the crossword puzzles as they are currently available. Thank goodness for the Sunday print edition with its Perspective section!
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2 years ago, June Kempson
Can’t use this iPad
If is so frustrating. The pages jump around and what I try to read will disappear while I’m reading. When I turn the page there will be a blank space. Then I can’t find the part of page I want. The page gets real small and is stuck and won’t move. Sometimes I can’t enlarge the type and have been using my magnifying glass. Sometimes messages pop up on my page and the page disappears then I have to go look for what I was trying to read. If I barely touch the screen it flips away and I have to go to back to square one. I hate it. I’m ready to quit. Have only read 2 or 3 of last 15 papers. How much is it to just get Sunday paper? I am so disappointed in the iPad. I loved cutting out recipes and articles I wanted to keep. I don’t think I will be able to do it. What causes the pages to jump away and why does page 2 not follow page one and jump to page 4 and I can’t go back. If I try to go back it will flip to the library page and I have to start over. It’s crazy! I don’t think I will make it. Sorry. I have been taking the paper for 50 years starting with the Free Press. June Kempson South Pittsburg TN
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2 years ago, TRBigger
New IPad of our paper
Although quite hesitant upon hearing our daily paper would go away…..the new iPad has surpassed our expectations! My husband and I both enjoy the convenience of the daily news Don’t miss a surplus of papers that occasionally would appear around our home. I also enjoy my other news feeds and emails on the device throughout the day…… call me a convert that although initially skeptical, am now embracing my added layer of technology!
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2 years ago, jrddip
Free Press Appreciation
Thanks to the staff of the Chattanooga Times Free Press for your dedication to our community and your contribution to holding our elected officials accountable by keeping us the public informed and doing the work necessary to keep us informed. You provide the necessary and important work to help keep our country and our community a truly free and democratic society where our representatives are held to high standards of conduct and the tenets of our great republic are held high. Thank you, we need you! John DiPrima
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2 years ago, Edjmahn
Digital transition
The Chattanooga TFP is transitioning from the daily delivery of a paper newspaper to a digital version of the newspaper. Part of this transition is an iPad, provided by the TFP, with training on additional features of a digital newspaper. Reading the daily newspaper on an iPad is wonderful! It is very intuitive and easy to share articles with family, friends, and social media. Hopefully this transition will be smooth, have more subscribers, and keep local news alive and well. Well done TFP!!
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2 years ago, Carrol M
Following Dad’s good advice
My dad has gotten the paper since moving to Chattanooga to work for railroad-Norfolk Southern in 50’s! He would cut articles from paper with his pocket knife. One was a job opportunity for TVA-Sequoyah NP that he gave me to apply on. I did and had almost 30 year career! Dad at 87 decided switch to the electronic version and learn the I pad. He is loving it and prints off his favorite puzzles to work. I followed suit and now getting Chattanooga NFP on my new I pad.
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2 years ago, BA in Chatt
First rate paper, best tech
The only independent daily left in Tennessee and one of the few papers where opinions are mostly kept to the dual left-right editorial pages. Still covers very well locally and selects well on larger stories. Proofreading isn’t so good. But the app platform is the best I’ve seen - even reading the facsimile on an iPhone is reasonably satisfying. Plenty of online puzzles but inconsistent and frustrating tech on those.
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3 years ago, crewmemn
Increasing liberal
From the very biased AP news source to the supposedly right-leaning opinion page, they have become so biased and one-sided that I get annoyed every time I read. Not much of a pleasurable experience any more. I hope they know their local audience who still read a paper, but not sure they do. They have worked out bugs in app so it works well.
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2 years ago, J Mac 65
Great Information Source
The Chattanooga Times provides timely information on an extended variety of topics both national and local. I live in Dalton and especially enjoy the local coverage in the Region and Sports sections. I am glad to see that this paper continues to provide quality extensive coverage in all sections in spite of the challenges newspapers across the nation are facing.
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2 months ago, jcc9092
Excellent app, better newspaper
The Chattanooga Times-Free Press is one of the best papers in the country. A great mix of local, national, and world coverage organized in a well designed paper. Newspapers are the backbone of our democracy and the Times-Free Press has been able to bridge the digital gap extremely well. The app os easy to use and very user friendly. Thoroughly impressed.
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2 years ago, mixmasterbrio
Support Our Local Newspaper
The Times Free Press is an essential part of our local life. We can support it by giving subscriptions to friends and advertising in it. Management is cutting distributions costs while retaining its news and editorial staffs. Other cities have lost their local papers. We are fortunate to have the Times Free Press. Frank (Mickey) Robbins
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4 years ago, tdff??$$/
Lost your way
The Times Free Press has lost its way. You had a editorial article on Sunday on the FRONT page that things were not so bad in Portland. While you placed the sex trafficking recovery of 30 CHILDREN in Georgia and the hurricane recovery on the back pages, you tell us families are getting gyros and listening to street musicians in downtown Portland on the front page of your paper to minimize the burning of that city. You want to cover the incompetence of local officials in those areas. This is purely political. Take your families to Portland on vacation. Change your motto. After my 33 years of reading your paper, it is a lie.
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4 years ago, killerbait
Last Man Standing
This is the last paper with any journalistic integrity in TN. Please don’t sell out to a National Group keep it real and local.I began reading this paper a few years ago when Chatt. was part of my job responsibilities. Now I continue to subscribe because Ganet has totally trashed the News Sentinel and local coverage is a joke in Knox and surrounding areas.
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2 years ago, mollybran
Digital version
I have found the digital version is much easier to read because you can increase the print size. Also it can be managed with one hand while you play with or pet your puppy with the other hand.
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2 years ago, John Eagar
Writing by AP is jaundice. Consider Dropping your policy statement on page 2. Please Let Pam Sohn editorialize on her page. Tell the other writers to just state facts. Your democrat stance really drives subscribers to cancel subscriptions.. Nice to have a few non political articles. Grateful to have a quality local newspaper. Godspeed.
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2 years ago, Fwgrovegorebels
Better Than the NYTIMES
I wish the NYTIMES layout was as easy to read as the Chattanoga Times. I’ve even told the NYTIMES that our newspaper is easier to get around on than theirs. I would recommend the Chattanooga Times to anyone who wants to keep up with local or foreign affairs.
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2 years ago, Bobbye Rae
I love the digital version of the NF!
I like the digital version of the NFP better than the paper copy. It is available even in the wee hours of the night if wake up and can’t sleep. I don’t even have to go out and get it which is helpful if it is raining.
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1 year ago, Valdurham
Love this paper
I very much respect the professional journalism, balanced in terms of world and U.S. affairs as well as local. The editorials and commentaries are so well presented and thought provoking. We are lucky to have this level of professionalism here in our community.
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2 years ago, uwonttakecriticism
Dislike vehemently
Doesn’t always enlarge and when it does, it frequently goes back to miniature on its own. Swiping doesn’t always work. It keeps going back, again, on its own. The puzzles are difficult to finish due to the page changing on its own. Then I can’t seem to be able to swipe out of the puzzles to the sports. The paper should not be a frustrating challenge to read! Really dislike this format.
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2 years ago, helptire
Doing fine with the digital format.
The adjustment was not difficult at all. iPad is very easy to learn. All is good.
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3 years ago, Losey service!
Need new perspective!
Every article written is very liberal. Frequently the content is incorrect and sometimes the information has no basis in truth. Also, your Facebook posts are plagued by trolls who don’t subscribe. You really need to do a better job of blocking those from your page! Frequently those trolls don’t even read the article because they are no a subscriber! Please straighten up your act! Remember the majority of your subscribers are conservatives!
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1 year ago, AgingWithGrace
Just when we finally got used to the digital format, the sudoku format changed. People who don’t use the games/puzzles to keep the aging mind sharp can’t appreciate the easier color coded puzzles that are no longer offering the challenge the over 50 population uses as a health tool. How unfortunate.
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3 years ago, chocolate gravy and biscuits
Times Free Press in the morning.
Love starting my day reading the TFP! I save Clay Bennett for last, he nails it every time, and he usually cracks me up! Increased Alabama sports coverage would be nice🙄
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4 years ago, Weedmule
Getting your newspaper on line is truly amazing. Better than walking out in the cold and snow. Weedmule
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2 years ago, Mart*
Love online access
Easy to use
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1 year ago, Chatt reader
Print newspaper
I find that I read the Times Free Press so much less since six of the delivery days were eliminated.
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2 years ago, tnavenge
Not working
On a trip, can’t get todays paper.
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1 year ago, allbadvol
Less fake news from leftest
The paper leans way too far to the left.
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10 months ago, hot mad fan
Great paper been reading for years
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7 months ago, tteas43
To pricey
Love the online edition but $34 a month is to much. Online should be cheaper than print. Been thinking about canceling.
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11 months ago, susumill
Thank you.
Great well balanced local newspaper.
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4 years ago, SDhardtoplease
TFP Newspaper
Good presentation. Good speed. My only complaint is that the App must be connected to the WEB. Saved or new files are not available unless connected.
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7 months ago, Someone else1qqqqqq
Need update
This app hasn’t been updated in over a year. Doesn’t work on IOS 17.
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7 months ago, Sensible Human
Broken in iOS 17
Have called support and they refused to acknowledge the product being broken in iOS 17 or when the product fixes will be resolved. Help!!
Show more
2 years ago, TNCatfancier53.
Until you devise a way to work the cryptograms & cryptoquotes I will not give a higher rating. Everything else I enjoy.
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2 years ago, chatt kid
Well thought out and executed
Very good!
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3 years ago, ericboyd
Beyond disappointed
I am BEYOND DISAPPOINTED to learn that you’ve decided to stop the paper printing. What a very selfish and stupid idea!!! You’ve brought GREAT stress and unhappiness to the elderly people that read the newsPAPER from one end to the other!!! How dare you!! My dad has dementia, but not so much that he doesn’t understand the world around him, he will know in an instant when that newspaper isn’t there. How can you do this!!!??!!!
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6 years ago, MintmanDan
App crashes immediately after opening
Useless app. Immediately crashes after opening. I tried deleting and downloaded again. Same result. Using iOS 11.2.6
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7 years ago, Tj300911
Great App
APP is great, just as the newspaper it represents. Sports section is award winning, and I can see why.
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4 years ago, myfreespeech
No News Feed for over a week
Can’t see any info for past week. No news. No sports. No weather. No obits. No help. No means of login. No support. Nothing.
Show more
5 years ago, bocjonah
Crashes with pop ups like Comcast. A disaster. Just look at TFP online
Show more
5 years ago, Dodad057
Keep the presses
Keep the printing presses in order. Don’t go digital until you have a working app. Tried to sign in and have been turned down so much I feel like a bedspread.
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4 years ago, $ongbird
Poor subscriber support
I’ve been a loyal print subscriber for over a decade but they can’t seem to remember me for more than a few months. I keep having access denied.
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2 years ago, mamallama30741
No to digital!
I much prefer the printed version. Sunday we were missing the Parade, and both front page sections.
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3 years ago, urcrazierthanbedbugs
Liberal Times
I am tired of the liberal cartoons and editorials attacking our president and conservative values. I am considering dropping my subscription.
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1 year ago, Don't like bugs
Way too expensive for what you get!,
Show more
4 years ago, 1nationunderdog
Like an app from 1999, before there were apps
Who decided an app should show a tiny picture of the newspaper, with pink boxes around the story headlines? Embarrassing. Have you ever seen a newspaper app?
Show more
2 years ago, mike42337363
App isn’t working since March 3
Newspaper app not working
Show more
2 years ago, Lyn & Cha
No paper
Has not put a paper up on the website since Wednesday, March 2, 2022 No paper delivered either
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