Times-News MagicValley.com

1.7 (19)
29.9 MB
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Current version
Lee Enterprises
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Times-News MagicValley.com

1.68 out of 5
19 Ratings
7 years ago, kevinkendall
Crash, crash, crash
The title says it all. I installed it, and it crashed pretty consistently when I'd have individual news stories open. Fullscreen ads ya gotta get by, too. Needs work, DEFINITELY. I'll be uninstalling it in a few minutes. It obviously wasn't tested well enough before the app's authors released it out to the public.
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4 years ago, Juanhooknows
And the webmaster is...
Probably someone who went to school in Idaho. Biggest problem I can see is that it runs on garbage software. That and it turns the bargain between publisher and reader on its head. Here the news exists to promote the commercials and app purchases. On REAL news sites it’s the other way around. Also, as noted in other reviews, whoever’s job it is to keep page current must be named Van Winkle, because he’s been asleep a long time
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2 years ago, Hffsdgubdbkf
I don’t write reviews but I have to on this one. This app is horribly set up, does not function well, and only consists of teasers—you must pay to see. Problem is, I’d never pay because it fails to have relevant content. At most, I’d look at one or two stories. Most of what I really want to know I’d have to get through another news app.
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4 years ago, jefdag
Where is the elections for around Magic Valley?
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9 years ago, Stipiddumbass
Cheap Sucky Jerks
Started out that you could look at news on this app without worrying about paying. Now to see obituaries you have to have the premium package. That I am guessing that you have to pay for, just like on their web page. While reading news articles it keeps going to the internet for advertisements. Every since the Times News was bought by an out of state company the quality of news and the affordability went off a cliff. Save your memory for a better app. Try KTVB much better app.
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8 years ago, Tyler The Great
Better than mobile...
...but not perfect. It's better than paying a subscription fee but the app is bulky because of the ads. I don't mind ads. Of course that's how money is made and content is provided. However, it feels like the app freezes over the ad and while you're trying to move it a long you are forced to inadvertently click the ad.
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8 years ago, Brown man...
Let down
Whoever is in charge of keeping this app updated needs to do their job! Local stations and other media will have big headlines, and a lot of the time this app won't even be updated. There has been a lot of times I'll click on this app because it's supposed to be a convenient way to get informed to find they don't even have anything posted about current affair. In fact most of the news that's on this app is crap.
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9 years ago, Peaved77
Horrible app by a bunch of greedy jerks.
I downloaded this app some time ago just to catch up on local news once in awhile. Today I'm trying to read an article and you can't even scroll without being sent to the App Store in the hope that I will download another garbage app so they can get click thrus! Just a horrible app from greedy people. If I could rate zero stars I would. Crap
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13 years ago, prijontwf
Awesome app!!
Great app. Thanks for giving us an easy and user friendly way to keep up with what's going on in and around the Magic Valley. Keep up the great work!!
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9 years ago, J2132313
This app would be much better if not for EVERY TIME I scroll through reading an article I didn't get sent to the stupid App Store because I tried to scroll past the ad in the middle of the story! KMVT is more informative anyway and they update their info faster! Deleted
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14 years ago, Trav-I2154
Amazing app!
Love the app, great way to keep up on local news. Well maintained, and always updated!
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9 years ago, Pibbles!
Pop-up Ads
Advertisements pop up randomly causing the app to close! You can close the ad, reopen the app, only to be diverted right back to an ad! This makes it difficult to read the news! Get the app for KMVT instead!
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7 years ago, Shayners567
App needs updated
This app needs updated to make it more user friendly. Worst app don't download!!
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14 years ago, Da man in Twin
Tre bien.
Nice work. Highly recommended.
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8 years ago, Hornetaggie
What happened??
No more local news.
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