Times Tables Multiplication

3.9 (106)
373.2 MB
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3 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Times Tables Multiplication

3.86 out of 5
106 Ratings
6 years ago, Tashina Howey
Easy to learn times tables
This is an amazing app. My four years old became a genius at mathematics after using this app for just two months. I like the fact that this app is simple and easy to use. It also has clear voices and smooth touching sense which has helped him to memorize the times tables from 2 to 10. Now he remembers all time tables and still enjoys taking multiplication quizzes from this app. I hope you guys release a new similar app with times tables of 11 to 20.
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6 years ago, Ashlea Diener
Shows visible results in 2 weeks. LOVED IT!
I'm a mother of twin sons. One of them had memorized the times tables well but not the other one. He could not learn even with the help of his brother. I decided to download this app as my neighbor suggested. With in 2 weeks, my son who couldn't learn times tables was able to memorize them all. Now both of my sons enjoy the app and have memorized the times tables. Best decision I've made. Definitely an app worth purchasing.
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6 years ago, Melynda Clendening
Encourages my son to learn times tables
I downloaded 4 different apps before I found this one. THIS IS THE ONE! I needed something simple and easy to teach my 3rd grader multiplication. HE LOVED IT. He was able to learn times tables of 2 to 5 in just two days. I've also found him progressing in school with his mathematics subject. I'm glad I installed this app! A must installed app for anyone with a kid who has difficulty in learning times tables. 5 starts deserved.
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5 years ago, ta__haB)
4th grader loves this times tables game
My kid likes this time table app. He has never been so interested in learning before! The app is simple and it teaches him the multiplication of the numbers from 1 to 10. Most children find memorizing the times tables difficult, I think that this math educational app is the solution. Really loved this app, it was worth upgrading for all the time tables.
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5 years ago, Libby Whitehead
This app is so good if you want to learn multiplication!
I wanted to learn my multiplication early and i found this app the best way to do it is a half a hour everyday or may not everyday as long as you do at least once a week that's what I did and I have learned all the times tables. I always get better at a problem I struggled with before.
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6 years ago, Daria Bank
Best times tables app for kids
It's a very helpful app. I had lots of trouble in teaching my kids the times tables but ever since I installed this app, it has helped me alot. I don't have to use my energy to teach my kids because the app teaches my kids by itself with games, sounds and quizes. Thank you for creating this app. It was worth purchasing.
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5 years ago, Lucy Dyer Brady
Worth downloading for learning times tables
I love this app I helps me with my son's times tables practice because he is really bad at them. It has some adds where my son clicks but overall it’s a pretty good app if you are bad at your times table. My teacher told me to get a math app for my son so I looked it up and found this it’s really amazing!! thankyou.
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4 years ago, senitex
Wonderful times table lessons
This is brilliant for any kid! I love to use this app when babysitting and children fall in love with it. This is a wonderful way to begin teach multiplication and the Times Tables and allows all the kids to have fun at the same time! They don’t even know how much they are learning until they take that knowledge to school!
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5 years ago, LeslieBennedict
Get this times tables app for your kids!
My 5 yr old daughter loves the game, and she now easily answers when I ask her any math multiple from her 4th grade math book. her multiplication skills have really gained and she also enjoys learning with this time table app. I am happy to see her learn while playing a game. Great app.
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5 years ago, Summer Noble Ava
A brilliant app.
I’ve been using times tables multiplication for a few months and we love it. My children have developed quick recall of their times tables. They love saying the time table along with the sound. I’d highly recommend this app for all who want to learn their tables in a really fun and easy way.
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6 years ago, Miles Hunts
Very clear voice and smooth graphics
I loved the graphics of this app. Good aap for my daughters to learn different times tables, they never get bored with this aap and always take quizzes and win. It has also helped them to score well in their school examinations. I'm glad I installed this app.
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5 years ago, Hayden Lawson Zara
My son has learned all the times tables with in 3 months!
My son is in year 5 and there is a big push for the children to have completely learnt ALL their tables tables. This app has taken away the conflict at home of trying to get him to learn the tables. I really loe the app. it's very educational.
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5 years ago, SerinaCC
Best for times tables quiz
This app has been really helpful for me and my 4th grade kids, they all have now easily learned the multiples of 1 - 10. The quiz mode in the app is our favorite, it let's us test our knowledge in an interactive way, the best time table multiplication app so far!
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5 years ago, Jack Gardner Porter
Really interactive multiplication app for kids
Memorizing the concepts of multiplication. Finally an app that does this. Being able to control which times table I want my kids to work on is great. Really like it. thanks for this times tables app
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5 years ago, Elise Long Forster
Great learning tool.
Such a great learning tool. U can practice the easiest times tables first. Such as 1, 2, 5, 10. The times tables may be a bit difficult for kids but they can now learn all the math tables easily. Such an awesome app. Definitely worth purchasing!
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5 years ago, BobGameOfThrones
best 4th grade times tables app
I found this app very useful for both adults and children since it teaches numbers multiplications in a very easy and fun way. My little sister really enjoys playing it and she has learned many time table.
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4 years ago, Noone4289
Granted I was trying to help an older elementary student memorize the times tables but when we went to erase the advertising-heavy annoying app another option was to share. He said, “never share that with ANYBODY!” Hope you all like it better. It is only a childlike robot voice speaking the times tables. The teacher eats an apple or shows you a big pencil if you click on him. Adds popped up over the screen. Had no idea that it was a trial.
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5 years ago, TEEHEE_12
Very nice times tables app
This app has been very helpful to me because it let's my 4th grade brother practice his time table daily and learn them better. All the children and kids must have this app for learning multiplication.
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5 years ago, Ben Ross Daniel
It helps A LOT!
It helps to make your math facts and concepts easy and it times you so you can do them faster and faster!! also can be used for children and elders and that's why the times tables app is VERY helpful!!
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6 years ago, Eloise Morrison
a 5 stars app
I got a lot of problem when I tried to teach my son about the time tables, but after finding out this app, it’s easier when it contains a lot of things that can help my kid
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6 years ago, Emma Coles
great idea
Some children have to face with the problem which can’t be easy to solve but with this app, the problem is solved because it helps the preschool kid have enough knowledge before going to school
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5 years ago, Ace_8989
Best math app
This is a really good app with math times tables. My kids love it and it’s honestly better than any other app I’ve used for this type of math. Really enjoy the user interface and how the whole app is set up!
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5 years ago, Luca Forster Henry
Good math learing and teaching method.
Seems pretty good! Learning the times tables with my 6-year old. We rally enjoy learning the time table of all numbers 1 to 10 with this app! Nice simple app with sounds. I'm very happy with my modest investment!
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6 years ago, Connor Arnolds
great sound effect
The sound of this app is so good that can make some children learning through listening and understand it easily
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6 years ago, Jasmine Palmers
the great app
My kids still haven’t read yet. But thank to listening feature, it helps my kids a lot when they use it.
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5 years ago, pan zala
Great concept
I recently download this app for maths time table and I really liked this app for kids education, learning app for my kids, mastering for best learning app forever, great thanks developer 👍
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5 years ago, Lydia Dennis Luca
Multiplication made easy for kids!
Great way to learn math times tables and have fun at te same time! Older kids can alsotake quiz in this math game. I would recommend this app to everyone.
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6 years ago, Ethan Hoopers
download it now
For the parents who haven’t used it yet, should download it for their kid to have a bright future and easy learning time tables
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5 years ago, paul kevin sa
Awesome math learner app
You can learn math happily with this app. Kids will not feel boring. My kid love this app and enjoy doing quiz. Please add more math for different grades:) will recommend it to other parents!
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6 years ago, Billy Griffin
It seems so great
It’s an amazing app, when time tables sometimes makes us get bored, but thank to this app, our kid never feels it anymore
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6 years ago, Liam Gibbonss
It’s simultaneously help my kid to understand the time table before going to school and help them without any stress when learning it
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8 years ago, Jacob MikeAs
Nice app for kids
Very useful for my children. This app help us very much. I happy when see us learn better
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4 years ago, Melissaj1993
Unable to sign up
I am directed to sign up on the developer’s web site but the site hangs *every single time* I try to enter my information. I’ve tried on multiple iPads now and I always get the same result. It’s hard to believe that all these great reviews are even real. I’d love to revise my review if I can ever sign up to use this app.
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4 years ago, Lexi391
Great app
It’s really helpful for my kids to learn times table. He got much more interesting in learning than usual. Love it.
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6 years ago, Rosie Alexander
the helpful app
This app helps my kid not only learning time tables but also learning the number. And the quiz is so funny, my kids love it.
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5 years ago, jay siddik
Best app for kids to learn tables
The app is so interactive and most important it keeps the kids interests to practices more. Nice animations and sounds . Good job by Developer
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5 years ago, Brandon Lynch Jones
My 7 year old likes it.
My daughter enjoys this app and it's a fun way for her to begin to learn her times tables.
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5 years ago, Arthur91BR
My kid loves it!
I’ve been using this app with my son and he’s addicted to it! I recommend it to all parents!
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8 years ago, SuhasM7
Best suit for kids
I liked the way it goes, it's subtle and sounds are good, hope u guys upgrade till 20th table.
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8 years ago, Joely Tee
Great time table for kid!!
Great app for make attention of kids to learn the time table. It's very useful for my kid to learn table form 1-10, Great app for learning :)
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8 years ago, Haiderjahan
Great maths learning app
Awesome app for kids to learn Time tables from 1 to 10 fun and learn with music and sounds on iPhone
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6 years ago, Harry Ryans
5 stars for this app
I love this app just because it can help my kid learn very easy the time tables. Thanks for this app. Loving it
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4 years ago, snipe-no
Am I missing something?
I feel like I’m missing something. There are no actual games in this app. All I can find is a page that shows you the times tables and a place that quizzes you on them - no games. And a bunch of ads for other games.
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6 years ago, Lala Guhar
Good for revision of times tables
Good App for learning Multiplication Tables Please Unlock the other times tables and need more till 20
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3 years ago, bidens oldest girl
The worst app I have ever seen.
I have changed my review this app should be illegal when I deleted the app I got it again and then you my daughter told me that she saw a add about a boy kiss her girlfriend inappropriate part this app should be removed from App Store 😡
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8 years ago, Alexmercer600
Wonderful Tables
Looking evertime for like this amazing educational wonder and attracting app for parents
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4 years ago, 183650201846
Terrible ads
The game itself is fine but I have this downloaded to help my kids with their math facts (obviously) and the first ad that popped up was a pregnant girl walking in on her boyfriend in bed with another woman cheating on her. The game is for kids. I’ll be deleting this app immediately.
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6 years ago, Jessica Bradshaws
it's very great
the kid will study very easy about time tables which so difficult for them at the first time they know about it, so this is the app can help us to teach them about it.
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4 years ago, hebbv 1
Too many ads
My child couldn’t use the app because adds and commercials popped up every 60 seconds. Is there a paid version without the ads.
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8 years ago, zack-stone
Good tables
Thanks for amazing table i used this for my son for developing skills
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