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Current version
Autodesk Inc.
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Tinkercad

4.62 out of 5
9K Ratings
4 months ago, RootAdmin
Powerful App - Great for Complex 3D Models
The 3D modeling capabilities of Tinkercad are phenomenol. In particular, the boolean functions are able to handle subtractions and merges of extremely complex objects. Very few apps have this level of mathematical computational power that can run on an iPad without bombing out. There are people who claim Tinkercad is a toy app, meant for kids, and not adult draftspersons or engineers. Don’t listen to them. Those naysayers don’t know what they are talking about. Tinkercad is not CAD, but is a much faster tool for visualizing and drafting in the 3D space. The dimensional accuracy is high and the precision is to the hundredths of a millimeter, so I’ve used Tinkercad for rapid development of tools and parts to outsource for DMLS production in aluminum, steel and titanium — and where I’ve managed the entire design to production chain on an iPad while waiting a few hours for connecting flights. To the new users: once you learn how to merge and subtract objects, there are no limits to what you can do with Tinkercad for 3D modeling. I am amazed that such a powerful app as Tinkercad is free. I hear that Autodesk is no longer developing Tinkercad and is developing something even more powerful with tiers of paid subscription. Whenever that comes out, I’m “in”! Kudos to the developers and engineers at Autodesk for Tinkercad. Great app. 👍
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4 years ago, BerenV
Buggy and not as good as the web interface
First off, I really appreciate that Tinkercad is free. I used to use the web version to design all my simpler stuff because I was too lazy to learn Fusion 360 or Onshape well. It’s pretty amazing what you can do with a simple little CAD. However, the iPad app is not nearly as good as the web interface. I honestly could live with the clunky interface if it weren’t for the major bug I’m seeing when you tap a dimension and enter it with the keyboard. After hitting “OK”, the keyboard takes a long time to disappear and most of the time that same dimension box will come up again and require you to enter the number yet again and hope it works. It was just frustrating and significantly took away from my experience. If I notice that the bug gets fixed I’ll update my review to 5 stars. Now after getting an iPad Pro, I decided to try out Shapr3D and absolutely loved the user interface. The integration with Apple Pencil is very seamless and intuitive. It’s a powerful CAD tool with a lot of potential but of course it’s not free (subscription service too...)
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3 months ago, TheTrainOfBrick
Worked great for more than a year, then it didn’t.
Love tinkercad and use te web browser all the time now. I recently attempted to log on as normal (so keep in mind I had not been on the app for easily more than a year) but when I try to get on now, it gets stuck in this strange loading page where it’s not quite done with the first loading screen but another screen behind it saying “Connection Lost” is also trying to load at the same time. The then create a weird pulsing screen affect from the blue first loading screen and the second white loading screen that is an infinite cycle and does not appear to ever resolve itself (it was running for more than an hour doing this). Even after uninstalling and reinstalling the app it still does this. Would be a 5 if not for the recent problems above, but overall a really great app and I’ll most likely continue to use the web browser whenever possible.
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2 months ago, jrmc5636
Bit of a learning curve, but very good!
I tried dozens of 3D CAD programs after a hiatus of 6 years from 123D. This one works well everywhere since it is browser-based except on iOS where it is native. It’s pretty intuitive — a major requirement IMHO. For my limited needs, it worked very well after a few tries and going through some tutorials. Docs are useless. Blogs only a bit better. Email support was instantaneous when I asked about truncated cone dimensioning. Support of Apple Pencil is very good.
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10 months ago, Oisact
Totally web based / online
I use tinkercad web-based cad to design various odds and ends that I 3D print. When I saw there was a “dedicated” iPad app I was excited to have this capability on my mobile device. However the app is merely a web browser that shows their website. It’s basically the same experience you get if you visit their website on safari. Thus it requires 100% online connectivity on your iPad to function, and it is not tightly integrated for tablet use at all. For example when dragging a new object with your finger or Apple Pencil you see a prompt “Hold C to…” which is clearly designed for laptop / desktop use. Still giving 4 stars because it’s free and very useful. However their “dedicated” iOS app is misleading.
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3 years ago, sarahbohrman
Good for children and beginners, not advanced modeling
It fulfills everything someone who knows nothing about modeling or someone only needing simple designs would need, however, beyond that it can create more frustrations than necessary if you are wanting to make more advanced models and don’t have a ton of time to make every small detail from small shapes… And if you do make it to the finish line with very detailed models, it can be a pain to transfer to a slicer if you are using the program to 3D print. Other than that I wish there was a way to search through the collections of shapes without having to go through tabs manually.
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1 year ago, monafone618
Not bad.
I really have a lot of fun with this app but I do have some suggestions. One is I would like to have an erase option to just take square edges off. I would also like a better way to tell if the object is in the print bed. I have made things that looked anchored but would up in the finished print with supports under them. I also have a problem of deleted objects showing up when I go to slice. I can get rid of them but it’s aggravating. I think it would be great to bring photos in to make 3D items. I still recommend this.
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4 months ago, 😘😍🥰🤩🤩🤩🤩🥳
I love making Things like this
You should get this game it is really fun. You gonna make lots of cool stuff and if you really like doing sciences would be the game for you or if you really like building stuff and playing with stuff doing stuff then this is the thing for you so open Tinkercad and play that it is really fun. This is how you know you should get this game. Get it it’s the best I cannot stop playing I just started but it is really fun so please play it.💗💕😃😄😍😘🥰please open it!
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2 years ago, LoveSpaceAlot
There’s a Blazing Problem
The software is highly useful don’t get me wrong, but “Remember Me” in the accounts only works for like a month until I get logged out, and I’m getting tired of trying to remember my password. I know it’s there to keep people from accessing the account while it’s logged in, but it should be able to be permanently on unless it is disabled by the user, then he shall log back in every time he opens the app.
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2 years ago, BryceTyce
Best App Ever
This is the best app ever. I love how there are shapes that would be extremely hard to build ate pretty much just handed to you. It’s a fun app that’s getting me a 3d print. My dad says if I can build the project we’ll make them. Witch requires a 3d printer so he’s been looking for all the stuff we need for a rosen printer! And the controls are easy to get used to it’s a lot of fun!
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9 months ago, Devourer1
Great program but theres a huge problem
So I was publishing a project that was a award for my friends, Somehow It won't let me publish it, Everything keeps lagging and I don't know why, I might have installed a virus or something because when i was doing stuff SOMEHOW a unknown error that no one have seen on TINKERCAD. I'm Domino150! by the way. I've created great projects even my friends. I'm unable TO SAVE MY PROJECTS. I love tinkercad but Would you fix the glitch because this error is doing something really bad!
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3 years ago, cbhf mvlrkgmvorjgjvv
Buggy, but good overall
Yeah, this app is practically everything a beginner designer needs! It’s organized and nice with one flaw. It’s extremely buggy. One simple mis click and your progress is gone. I tried pressing the undo button multiple times, it didn’t work. I eventually managed, but this is actually a good app overall. I would recommend getting it if you are starting out to design, model.
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4 years ago, Braaaaaaandooooooonnnnnnnn
Unfulfilled potential...
I have to say when I first heard this app was available I thought it would be amazing! As a new owner if an iPad Pro 11 inch with an Apple Pencil 2 I rushed to download the app only to find out that there’s no support for the Apple Pencil. All you can do from my admittedly short time with the app is drag objects onto the workplane and select the different points. Notice I said select, you cannot drag and resize with the pencil, you have to use your finger and at that point I might as well open it up in Safari. Uninstalling until they add Apple Pencil support, thanks for the effort but like another review stated just seems like a port of the site.
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4 years ago, Slight Success
UX is lacking
Obviously a lot of thought went into this app, but navigation is clunky in lots of places. For example, imputing any number requires two clicks on the iPad in order to access the number keyboard. Also, tutorials will instruct you to press buttons that are unlabeled without pointing out where they are in the UI, and in my case, the hints didn’t get me through. I do at lot of procedural modeling in my work and was excited to play with this, but am constantly hitting obstacles that would be easy to tune up.
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1 year ago, stephmur123
Just too fun!
I love this app, both here and on the website. Fusion 360 is a lot more complicated and capable, but usually this is all I need. I know fusion has parametric functionality, but usually I can just make a copy of my model, ungroup the parts that I need to change and make the mod’s I need. Highly recommended.
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2 years ago, Y.A. Nickname
Lost Connection Error
I haven’t even used this because any time I open it, it loads and loads and says “Lost Connection” despite being connected to strong Wi-Fi and or cellular service. And it’s been doing this for over a year. Worked great on my Chromebook though.
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4 years ago, originalsteve751
Delighted w Apple Pencil iPad Pro Support!
Back in January, 2020 I got a 3D printer and began to design for it with Tinkercad on my Mac. I learned enough to be dangerous, so I got an iPad Pro w Apple Pencil 2. Alas, apparently iOS 13 regressed pencil support. But Tinkercad 1.2 released March 2 has fixed this problem. It now works great! I also see that original Apple Pencil is supported. Good job!!
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4 years ago, LeighPDX
Could have more features
This app is painfully basic. If you aren’t a first time CAD user, this is a very frustrating experience. Compared to Shapr3D, this app is like child’s play. That being said, this app is designed for kids or new makers, and I think does a good job. However, the controls and interface vary so much from other apps I have used, I think I would find it tough to learn on this app and apply those skills to another.
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2 years ago, Frogoaks
Great App
I used the web interface for educational classes I taught at a local nonprofit. When the app came I was very excited. I’ve used in in educational settings as well as in my business startup to design enclosures. It’s easy to use and the libraries help a lot.
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4 years ago, Esther Mofet
Free! And Suggestions...
Certainly useful. It appears to be a port of the desktop app. Can we have a Help function for tools or lookup for techniques? Not seeing a meaningful method to scale objects other than touch+drag but it appears to only affect a single dimension rather than all three simultaneously. Still an incredibly useful app. Huge bonus that it's free. Long-term maybe we'll see the inclusion of a Slicer concept.
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2 years ago, Quiviran
Lazy app developer
All the instructional lessons give instructions oriented to a laptop. Login process uses NONE of the normal iPad protocols. Better to log in using Safari if you want to use your iPad. I want to love this app, but I can’t get enough done to know if I even like it. Not Autodesks best work. But, the price is right, and Autodesk does support the community of makers and learners. Feels kind of cheesy to gripe, but wasting time with unjustified expectations should be avoided by everyone. YOLO.
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4 years ago, Bedrock Gamer
This is an amazing app!
So, if you have never made a 3D model, this is the right app for you. This app I have been using for over 5 Months and it is amazing. I went from being a total Noob at 3D Modeling to Making Buildings with architectural software. So if you want to make a 3D model, then download this app!
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4 years ago, aubermey
I have used this software for about a week. It is easy to use and gives you a lot of different shapes to start with. I recommend it to anyone who is interested in cad.
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3 years ago, Nickname C137
So much potential, so many bugs
The good: easy to use after some practice. Free. The bad: importing size limitations. Controls can be quirky causing annoying problems. The ugly: Buggy. Can retroactively change your creation after you save; so upon reopening your work, everything has changed. As it reloads your work, it is loaded as every modification you made individually. Suddenly your work is a mass of rectangles ungrouped and completely useless. I seen a final product I made look amazing. Then I tried exporting it. Not only did it fail, it inexplicably went back to an unfinished version of my work and ungrouped all my modifications. Maybe another year or two of updates will fix this cool yet highly frustrating app.
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7 months ago, Gaighque
iPad problems
Continuously crashes. Tutorials provided by the app do not address the iPad at all and instead show you how to use this from a desktop/windows perspective. Very unclear how to use and very unprofessional there is no clear education or tutorials or manual for creating or saving your files. There are no objectively effective tutorials at all for using the iPad app in general severely disappointing -0 out of 10 would recommend
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2 years ago, stinky pool 470
Why……. 😡
I was so excited to get this app because I have it on my school chrome book. I’ve made a lot of cool things so that why I wanted it on my device that I’m using now. But when I opened the app and it said I had lost connection then when I looked at my internet I was on and nothing was wrong but I guess the app though wrong. So I waited until I gave up. So is it my device or is it just the app messing up?
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8 months ago, Christopherchea
Amazingly perfect!
I had no experience whatsoever, I started using this app and watched a few videos, here we are 3 days later and I’m already designing 3D prints to solve my problems 1 at a time ;D
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6 months ago, The maker guy
It’s a good idea, but it makes geometric patterns that mess with the printings. And so I checked out fusion 360 because Tinker-cad said that it would not have this problem but it would not even let me in because apparently to get in you need your own web team, company, etc… so I might use a different app.
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3 years ago, Asickoe 107
Was working great but. Now it doesn't .
After the last iPad iOS update. It No longer logs into my google login because Java scripts error. Now the app is garbage: better off using the website off of Safari
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9 months ago, FelixRico71
Need to make iPad, user-friendly
This is great for using on the computer, but on the iPad it is somewhat difficult. they will give you directions to use a touchpad that’s hooked up to a computer, but nothing for an iPad, which the controls are a little different.
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2 years ago, TJCAFITZ
Buggy; Couldn’t Use
Was excited to give this app a try. But the drop down menus all froze so I couldn’t scroll to any options other than the initial ones shown. Also, buttons were overlapped (i.e. the export and work plant buttons were on top of each other). The bits of the tutorials I could do seemed fine, but due to the layout bugs I couldn’t actually get to do anything of my own.
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1 year ago, slingcrap
Good learning tool
I am retired an interested in 3d printing. I needed something to create an object/model to print. This app has worked fairly well in helping me learn something new in my golden years.
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3 months ago, Doehunter2
Keeps Freezing
When I get in the middle of a project it continually freezes and won’t let me move or anything.. I love tinker cad and enjoy using it until now is there anything y’all can do to fix it for iPads?
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2 years ago, hdyebcuneufnienufneifnifnrjv)d
Hi, I love your app and I’ve created a lot of things in it. But there’s something it needs… a Animation Feature! I think it would add a lot more to this game so plz add it. And if you do… I’ll try to add 6 stars ;)
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4 years ago, Ambichichan
User Friendly
This app is extremely user friendly and is packed full of tutorials and informational videos. 10/10 would highly recommend.
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2 years ago, JLN6
Cool app
It’s a really cool game and it’s really cool for building it’s good it’s just the more you add the harder it is to render so after a while of building and getting a lot of stuff your screen will just freeze while trying to render a different view
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10 months ago, youtube kids all the way
Can you make a new update about the new borad
Based on my enjoyment, it may be time to add a raspberry pi to a circuit project so then, that way I can build my own PC in Tinkercad, so it may be time to add it
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3 years ago, JoltKing627
Great, but does not work with touchscreen as advertised.
Thought this would be a great design program... but unfortunately a lot of the functions require a keyboard, which most touchscreen devices will not have. You cannot group items, because you cannot select multiple objects. So why have this as an app if it doesn't work properly on a touchscreen?
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8 months ago, 3d creator2000
Well good but...
I got it on my computer and it’s AWESOME you can easily put the file in a 3D printer but it won’t load on my iPad. It might be my iPad is like 10 years old but it’s only on this app. So I think it might be the app.
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3 years ago, Cavman168
Certain things are uneditable
So... when I use this app I experiment and stuff... but some the connectors, pieces and others are uneditable and I’d like to be able to edit them. Otherwise this app is amazing for learning to 3D model.
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5 months ago, avtechron
Does not work with my iPad Pro 4th generation
I downloaded the app opened it but all I get is a blue screen with the animated logo. It never finishes opening the software.
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4 years ago, brbebbrbrbrbr
This is good
So here’s what I like abaout tinker and #1 you can make whatever you want (only if your good) you could make fnaf stuff or ww2 or anything you can also name it what you want like the b-17 or somthing but anyways great 👍🏻 app
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1 week ago, JimothyReviews5763728
I got the snap to 3-D model but i got much more than that! I love making bowling alleys and videoing them! Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to create and learn. Perfect for beginners
Show more
2 years ago, Effrider
Simple easy awesome
Simple, genius interface, and so many ways to use it. A joy to use such an ingeniously designed piece of software.
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1 year ago, 2manycrashes
Impossible to use with a stylus and left handed
The app is great, a small bit of a learning curve. That is to be expected. My issue is that I use my left hand or my left hand with a stylus and the constraint button is in the left side. There is no way to flip the menu around. I’m disappointed.
Show more
3 years ago, Cathyfc1
Tinkercad is for more than Kids!
It is a great beginner learning tool but it is also a very powerful design tool. And the app ads so many fun things.
Show more
1 year ago, Adhdhotdog
Old man looking for a new hobby, easy to follow. And free? Amazing tool. Thank you for giving me a resource to try and restart my career path after 20 years
Show more
2 months ago, Eeveegirl3659
used to be fun
so i downloaded tinkercad and was actually having some fun but i opened it a month or so later and it was flashing and all “lost connection “ and i tried deleting it and downloading it again but it didn’t work i tried restarting my ipad and i tried opening it and closing it YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND HOW MANY THINGS I TRIED this app is broken FIX UR TRASH PEOPLE
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4 months ago, Fivestareviews
This app is buggy but overall good
The app is good for beginners who don’t know a lot about 3d modeling, but it does have a really weird glitch where the whole app freezes and I have to close it and reopen it. Not impressed, Autodesk.
Show more
2 years ago, Kyle Popo
Great Option
Some aspects are easier with touchscreen than a computer but some are also harder. Mainly it needs a nudge option like the 4 directional arrows on a comp
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