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7 months ago
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10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Tips

3.81 out of 5
1.3K Ratings
7 months ago, A Very Fluffy Kitty
Add New Tips Please!
Hey Apple, I have an iPhone 6s with iOS 15.8. If you could add a whole lot of new tips for my phone/iOS please do it. I already read all of your current tips a million times. I want something new so please add some new ones. Thanks!
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2 years ago, Incollegeforlife
Please Add This Feature, Apple!
Love Apple products, have them all, but one feature I can’t wait for is a reminder bell, urgent/important marking, changing the color of a conversation to make it stand out, or a star button for replying to text messages. Just add it to the options when swiping left, please! It would be helpful to myself and sooo many others that get swamped with messages to reply to or receive them at times we can’t reply and then we forget to message back when we have the time and capacity to do so. It makes so much sense, would really, really help those with ADHD, and from the many I’ve talked to about this, we can’t see a downside to an added feature like this. Can you please add it to a system update? Thank you!!!
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8 months ago, COC AND CR DEVELOPER
"Apple Tips: A Missed Opportunity"
In the face of stock market crashes, the never-ending discomfort of school bus seats, and the perplexing challenge of deciphering analog clocks, the Apple Tips app proved to be a disappointing digital companion. With a promise of enlightenment, it fell short, offering mere morsels of information amidst a sea of confusion. Its tips, rather than illuminating the path through life's complexities, often left users more bewildered than before. In times of need, when clarity was paramount, Apple Tips served as a stark reminder of missed opportunities and unfulfilled potential.
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4 months ago, kalmichael
Search and share
Great resource, but in an isolated way. Being able to search and share tips with others is important wouldn’t you agree? Friends and family that needs support… if I was able to search a great curation of tips and share it would quickly solve their problem.
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2 years ago, bfn ehsksnsn
Great app
I have Lear’s so much from this app that I now use in my every day life and I really like how it shows pictures of how to do what it’s telling you but some times the stuff it tells you doesn’t make any scents.
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10 months ago, lonewolfbb
Pretty good app !, however it does not keep up current data very well? I have learned from it. I don’t use it often but is an asset worth the time.
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2 years ago, Omran79
Very helpful
So as the title says “Very helpful “ this app is actually very helpful. My friend thinks that tips is boring but I think it’s helpful because I learned tons of new stuff :D so I’d give it a 4.5 rating :).
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1 year ago, O ILY
This app is amazing but I wish it would make sounds when notifications arrive
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3 years ago, App_Reviewer346
I would rate it 5 stars but there aren’t really a lot of collections or tutorials or something. What’s good is that you can see some cool new features in your device but what’s the problem is that you don’t have a lot of freedom and that it’s just limited collections.
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2 years ago, shellllccciiieeee
My iphoneIs telling people that my notifications are silenced when it’s not and I’ve done everything that I can to turn it off and nothing will work because it doesn’t say that my notifications are actually turned off and I’m getting every notification so what the heck is there a tip for this?!
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3 years ago, Dnorth86
It’s essentially spam
Even if you are already using certain features, the tips app will spam you them as suggestions. There should be built in intelligence that can recognize you already know this and not contribute to notification fatigue.
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9 months ago, P R
Useful app but …
We need the ability to share the tips via text , also more tips for useful short cuts in iPhone . Thanks
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2 years ago, Huggster
Since there is no Apple manual, this is great!
Being retired from the analog era, I miss manuals so this app really helped with my 16 pro max, especially when it comes to tricks and shortcuts.
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2 years ago, Zefasil
the newish you really want to know.
Never fails tips shows things don’t and the newish you really want to know. How to do
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1 month ago, Stuffoslay
Not too shabby
Okay, doesn’t do much and can’t do anything
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2 years ago, That computer guy 1212
Absolutely essential!
This is a really handy app. It tells you how to do really cool things in super easy to understand ways.
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2 weeks ago, Nardos Msgna tesfay
I love tips
Thank you tips for this information about iPhone please and thank you
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3 months ago, AP-Empire-2008
Idk why people hate this
It’s educational not stupid tips for getting “rid” of body fat. It helps teaching me tips and this is my fav app.
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5 months ago, awesomeness lady girl person
Read NOW
Who made this? A kindergartner? At least add new tips! Ugh! It’s the same ! Whoever Made this, UPDATE IT !!!!!! If you can understand this, that is. Emma OUT 😑😡😤🤬😖👿😾💢
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2 years ago, MrGamibg
This app has let me know and learn so much about my apple products and tricks and shortcuts in apps!
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2 years ago, Garchomp23
Still bragging about the screenshots.
Why are you still talking about the screenshots we know about it so talk about something else for once! But sometimes it does have good advice so… yeah.👍👌☹️😞
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2 years ago, you are chosen
Doesn’t really do any much
The app really doesn’t have anything interesting or something new on there that I’ve never seen. So what’s the point. (Also I get that it would be amazing for sure people who have never seen different features on here too)
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2 years ago, nonof you business
I don’t like it and I don’t want it on my tablet..
I don’t know why the stupid Tips thing Hass to be on there and because I really don’t care about it pops up on my screen and I don’t give a rats rear end. They force all these apps on our tablets and phones for why to control it to control us
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7 months ago, YtFanboiii124
I got my trollstore and that’s all I care about
Also I recommend misaka, trollbox, cowabunga, delta, uYou+, and AppStore++
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10 months ago, Barsha Ghosh
App will not open
The app keeps loading and will not open no matter what.
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3 years ago, -H_I_M-
Always Something New I Didn't Know About The iPhone!! 👏
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4 months ago, nivå av oro
Not customized to the iPad
In a lot of the spots in the Tips app, it refers to an iPhone instead of saying iPad seems kind of lazy on Apple’s part.
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6 months ago, kenziepassmore
5+ stars
Innovative, user-friendly, and relevant
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2 years ago, GTF OFF MY PHONE
Why is this app even on my phone?
I didn’t order it I don’t want it I don’t need it. Please someone help me get this crap off my phone. It’s costing me $19 a month and it’s nothing I use or will ever use so I want to get rid of it pronto!
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2 years ago, J.Yos
Watch for an 80 year old????
Too confusing for an 80 year old person
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3 years ago, Beny23
Apple still bragging about screenshot.
Every iteration of ios bring less and less. This being said apple is bragging about screenshot. Look at the pictures from this app.
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2 years ago, daisy lilly grace
How do I get more tips? For me there’s only 5 and I know all of them! How do I get more tips?
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2 years ago, pls dont hate its my opinion
I use it a a lot of times helps me :)
Show more
2 years ago, BT, BT
Need more tutorials for laymen! Or non computer users! Love the watch!
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5 months ago, Nkgctsch
Useless and pointless
No point of having this tips app to navigate. Things we already know…
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2 years ago, faustolariosssssss
Just awesome like all the Apps for IOS
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4 months ago, RominoGanio
Save the year of 2019
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2 years ago, Morefin
Issue with the widgets
Hi I noticed that the widgets for this app appears as a yellow tiles and areas where the content is supposed is a deeper color.
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2 years ago, ik300k
This tips app is bad
When I get on Twitter tips tips app then there are just a few tips which are useless. Just some are on useless
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1 year ago, Chicken tricks & routines
I have learned 1 or 2 things from this app but I know of the tips on it tho. So 2 stars ⭐️
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2 years ago, Leilanisakani
Information Not Working
It wasn’t working I tried the tips I wasnt working Even if you try to say that I was doing it wrong I wasnt
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7 months ago, harrrrkyyyyy
i love troll store
this app doesn’t matter to me i just use it for troll store
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5 months ago, ———Anyone———
TrollStore is very good
Install the TrollStore in tips
Show more
7 months ago, Aimٰ
Troll Store 2
Nice Tanks for Basic Encryption 😁
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2 years ago, furddfedcdjwcw
I love it
This is great
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11 months ago, followmeonrobloxneo4us
Who needs tips
Show more
2 years ago, 020203#
Your mo
Your mom
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10 months ago, winter Ray Daniels
IT LITERALLY IS THE WORST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Everything doesn’t work I hate it So stupid Do not get it! I well warn you once!
Show more
9 months ago,
In the photo area they proudly showed a you-know-what couple kissing. I am deleting this app.
Show more
3 years ago, mdmustan
Its really good Love from Bangladesh 🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩
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