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User Reviews for TitanTV

2.82 out of 5
102 Ratings
2 years ago, V. Marcil
The new update is the same as the previous. Still buggy.
I I am able to see the lineups but when choosing one the shows do not show up. In order to get the guide to show up is to hit the back arrow. But that puts the guide 1 hour in advance, The back arrow does not respond The window on the top left side does not allow the changing of the time or day in the guide. When choosing the forward arrow button to get the guide to show the guide ended up 3 hours ahead of time. I just hit the forward button to make the guide show up. This time the guide landed 12 hours in advance. The guide lands on a different hour each time even within its own time zone.
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2 years ago, Taogal
The latest update is bad
My main complaint, in addition to problems already mentioned by other reviewers, is that the app now has a black bar at the top and bottom of the schedule grid. That makes it impossible to see the time on the top of my phone screen, and the icons at the bottom of the schedule grid. I often want to check which shows are coming on in the next hour or so, but when I’m looking at the app now, I can no longer see what the actual time is now. So to check the time, I have to click out of the app, look at the time on my screen, then click back to the app to look at the schedule. That’s really inconvenient! Also, of I want to search on the app for a particular show, I can’t see the the search icon now, it’s buried under the new black bar. I’m not sure what the app designers were trying to accomplish with this new look, but it’s nothing but a PITA for actual users. I hope you fix it soon, otherwise I’m going to have to find a bee TV schedule app. That’s a shame, I’ve been using TitanTV since at least 2010, if not longer. 😐
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2 years ago, fjpoblam
Proved again tonight. Best TV listings, bar NONE
We’ve been using TitanTV since we got cable. Now, *that’s* a long time! Always accurate, even when the cable provider’s listings app is not! Proven again tonight. The cable TV’s listing showed one thing, and even the banner on TV showed it. But TitanTV knew what was actually being broadcast. Nuff said. TitanTV is now always available as the authoritative opinion, bookmarked Favorite as well as app. Superior listing descriptions (including date of show’s first broadcast!), superior filters, superior forward *and backward* search. My only tiny gripe is that the app is a little more cramped than their website: it surely would be nice to have font-size/grid-size tailorable up and down for greater legibility.
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6 years ago, ecklin19
Great app
This app lets me add my streaming tv lineup and my over the air channels. Right now I am using ‘DirecTV Now’. Setting it up to show the channels I have in my option package worked best in the browser app. Use one Titan TV account. Set up first in the browser, many more options to fine tune your listings. Then when you sign in on the iPad or iPhone app, it’s all set the way you want it. Using this instead of the less than user friendly guides provided by the streaming companies in their apps, I don’t have to stop watching a show to browse what else is on. I have been using this app for years and change my line up listings whenever I change TV/cable/streaming providers.
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3 years ago, AnnieGL7
Used to work better
The latest version does not allow me to customize my settings like previous version did. Now when I open the app to check the evening’s listings, instead of starting with 7:00 pm where I had it set, it starts with the nearest hour to the current time. It also won’t open my account settings to change anything and instead of showing over the air programming, it shows digital cable, which I don’t have. Too much work to use it now, I’m looking for something else. UPDATE: since writing the above review, I deleted Titan TV from my iPad and reloaded it, now I don’t get any program listings or even the grid, just the ads at the top and bottom. I’ve changed my rating to one star since zero is not an option. I’m running the latest iOS and have tried restarting my iPad, still nothing.
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3 years ago, Dcamonkeys
The app was better a few versions ago.
I currently can only add a reminder for a show; I tried following the directions to add a calendar event and it doesn’t work. Also, when scrolling to the next hour, the grid resets to the top. There are channels missing/mislabeled as the lineup hasn’t been updated to what my cable company is currently offering. It would be nice if the digital add-on channels offered by local stations were identified with which channel they are (Charge) instead of “DT3”. I guess I should be glad that I can at least automatically add reminders again rather than having to type them in.
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3 years ago, timmy0&7
Update is still messed up
4.0.3 Still does not allow saving to the calendar, just reminders. Can you just go back two versions till you get it right. I’m sure you can go without the extra ADs you’ve added for a couple of weeks while we enjoy the lost functionality. On my main device I’m still 2 versions back and it still works great, I will Not be updating. It used to be a great app. it’s a shame you had to mess with it just to take up more space with ADs, just sad 😔 Down from 5 stars for usefulness to 3 stars for greed
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3 months ago, Hafcanadian
Lately a glitch
Titan TV has been my go-to guide for many years. Occasionally the displayed programming is inaccurate, no boggy, but tonight for the second time in the last week or so the app is “frozen”. When first opened it goes to the right timeline, but won’t scroll, and all its tap buttons don’t respond. That issue lasted a day or two I think last time, and I had to use another TV Guide app I don’t like as well for its readability. Then Titan began working ok again… until just now when it’s frozen again.
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3 years ago, bunkman3
Newest update broke the app
Not only can I not add shows to my Calendar (it only allows Reminders now), but the new date picker requires twice as many steps as the old one. Please fix! I relied on the old version to set up my viewing schedule, due to the ability to easily and quickly add events to my Calendar.
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2 years ago, Apfelmaennchen
Pretty bad
This app has the look and feel of the first version of a promising app project put together by a 12 year old. After tapping on a channel I get to see a filtered view for that channel but no way to remove that filter and see all stations without restarting the app - has anyone even tested that..? Also there is no customization without leaving app and going to the at least somewhat better looking website in parallel. That website does not work properly in dark mode, many buttons are just white and as such useless.
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2 years ago, Francie 3
Update works better but one thing no clock
This update has removed some glitches. For the most part I think it’s improved & I already liked it before. My really only complaint & it’s kind of big, is that the clock is missing. So I don’t know the exact time when I’m looking at the guide. I’d like that fixed but otherwise no major complaints & I really very much like your app.
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5 years ago, Cincobayou
Favorite TV app
I have been using this app for 4 years and it works great for me! We have cox cable and god only knows how many channels are on it! But this app lets me scroll and see what’s on 2 hours at a time. Easy to set up to your own local tv listings according to what tv provider you use. We have never had a problem with it.
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5 years ago, Ioweejun
IOS version does not support filters avail on web version
5 Star for web version, but iOS version does not support many web features. No “new” filter, no “favorites” filter, no “now” selection, etc. Also prefer larger font size of web version. Does integrate with website channel customization which is a big positive. Would gladly pay for in app upgrade that added filters, etc. from web version and removed ads.
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3 years ago, ED325650
Getting Worse!
This used to be an excellent app for seeing exactly what was on (for me) local Broadcast Stations easily, at any time for up to two weeks ahead. Sadly, no more! This latest update has done away with the simple date / time search wheel, and when “arrowing” forward to the next time block, sends the screen back up to start with the lowest numbered channel on the grid! Definitely an update designed to alienate its users.
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3 years ago, judyereese
Ads very annoying
I’ve used Titan for a while but both the desktop version and this application have way too many ads. On DT I found an ad blocker that helps. But in this new version of the app the ads are at top and bottom, take up too much screen space, and are very annoying. I like the content, but will look for another option for an app. Would be willing to pay for the app if they’d remove ads.
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3 years ago, JOE B - regular user
New version doesn’t work
The newest version doesn’t work. It won’t add my reminders to my calendar and it keeps jumping back to the current time when I’d like to leave it at prime time. I also can’t set favorites. Please fix it. Great app otherwise.
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3 years ago, ttocsmij
What happened?!
I haven’t used TitanTV for a while but tried this morning and got zilch. Checked to make sure version was up-to-date (it was). Page opens, ads come in too and bottom, two selection boxes appear, and bottom menu bar opens. Period. Rest of screen stays blank (i.e., no content). Checked the selection for chart (Time Warner Spectrum) and that was still selected. But no content. Not good. What happened?! iPad iOS 14.8.1
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5 months ago, fusanne
This used to be a great app but not anymore
I used Titan TV for years, even before it became an app. For the last couple of years, it’s just been junk. The listings don’t come up and all I ever see is a blank page where the show should be. I’m finally going to delete this app. All it does now is take up space on my phone.
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3 years ago, RedDog929
Just TV Schedule
As many of these app increased with lots of add ons, videos, that slows down the whole process, etc. - this, Titan, has been staying on the basics. Just schedule, simply easy. And that was exactly what I needed.
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3 years ago, Mr_Greg4
It’s better than others
Main gripe is that when I scroll downward, the time bar moves backward. I’m using an Apple Mini iPad and everything is up to date.
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3 years ago, CRDFilm
Update broke Titan TV
The January 4 update did nothing to fix anything the last update broke. Still no option to add selected show to iCalendar, only to Reminders. Grid still does not adhere to settings on Titan TV website. I have mine set to a 3 hour grid, primetime hours. The app will only open to current time and only shows 2 hours. Very disappointed.
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6 years ago, VanEagle
Good when it’s not locked up
I like Titan TV a lot when it is working. Very often anymore when I go to use it, it’s sits there searching for whatever and never pulls up the programming. I suspect they have a problem with their software. If this were not the case, I probably would give them at least four stars.
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4 years ago, Kathryn426
Best TV schedule app
I’ve been using this app for 5 years and it works flawlessly for me. I set up 2 lists for my digital and non-digital cable boxes, and I use it all the time.
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6 years ago, Neal Starrett
Love The Web Site But
the app version leaves a lot to be desired. There is no way to customize by adding or deleting channels which is huge if your a over the air digital user. You have to do that in the web version. The color scheme is not as good as the web version also. I don’t see the point to the app.
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7 years ago, Garyalex11
Needs work
As has been mentioned, the most recent version has an issue that makes it nearly unusable. Scrolling vertically through listings will cause the app to scroll to the left. This causes the user to see listings for an hour to two hours previously. It's really annoying.
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5 years ago, JohnnyUSA🇺🇸
I’ve been using TitanTV for 6 years!
I have about 8 different custom lineups. For my mothers house, my house, my house in Florida. Another for my local area cable system -to see what I’m not really missing since “cutting the cord”. I hope they will make my life complete and make an Apple TV version soon. I’d pay, with pleasure ten dollars for an Apple TV version, because I could access my extensive custom lineup/ list. Thanks Titan TV
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8 years ago, EastTnKen
Update listings
Titantv, thank you for your tv listings, but some of the programming for tri cities TN area is not right. And your not listing all the channels we pick up. Try listing programs for a 100 mile radius or better. With the antennas that pick up more channels!
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3 years ago, klorty
Needs a update
Works great, it’s color coded and user friendly, it just needs a update for network names. The N is teennick and a few other channels please.
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7 years ago, Gammon8tor
Please fix touch screen!
For the past few months, even a slight touch pushes the screen to the left. Irritating! Didn't used to do this. Hard to be too, very careful to scroll absolutely straight up. Scrolling down is less sensitive. Please fix. Thanks for your otherwise great TV app.😀
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3 years ago, Skeebosh
What happened?
Used this program for years and it was the best. Recent changes screwed it up. Now there is not even time displayed at top of page and the number of listings is shortened from top to bottom.
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5 years ago, Chaotic-sanity
Works great!
Never had any issues with this app or tv listing info. My family uses it daily.
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7 months ago, Cabingrl
Too Many Ads
Always liked this guide, but had to delete it when they went to an overwhelming number of ads.
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10 months ago, Creek Cracker
Used to be good until September 2023
I’ve used this App several years on my iPhone & loved it, but the last several months it takes forever to download?? Why?
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3 years ago, cmotomn
Great TV app but recent update broke it!
Great TV app but recent update broke ability to change day & time. Please fix ASAP!
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8 years ago, Bjpf27
Log out, then log back in
Opened TitanTV, empty cells greeted me. You have directions that don't help. However, logging out and logging back in brought my listings back. You should mention that.
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1 year ago, vquincy
Suddenly Stopped Working
App has been working fine. Two days ago suddenly stopped displaying TV listings. Logged out and back in, deleted and reinstalled app. Won’t work!
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8 years ago, She voice
No ad free version
Wish there was an ad free version for purchase for a nominal fee
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4 months ago, HaloDeb
App comes up blank
Just the ads come up, nowhere to log out or sign in. I was hoping this update would fix it, but it’s still not working. So disappointing.
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4 years ago, SML4Q
Latest iOS update does NOT work correctly
In the latest update I can no longer add shows as favorites! I can turn off favorites on shows but can NOT turn favorites ON! I am NOT HAPPY! In addition, the help link from the App Store does NOT WORK EITHER!
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5 years ago, Jpickelusa
Once upon a time this was a great app.
Now, in 2018 & 2019 when you pull it up all it does is sit there. No updates in forever so it looks like the crew has moved on to bigger and better and more profitable areas of app building.
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3 years ago, Tundraman00
New version is terrible
New update created a lot of bugs and issues. Please go back to the previous stable app build. This build is not useful.
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3 years ago, Tompurk
Missing several channels
The listings for Comstock TV are missing several channels that are actually available. The app needs an update. It is currently not usable for me.
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9 months ago, Bigjon750
This app has been down on my 12.9 ipad pro for many days. It is 0% responsive.
This app has been down on my 12.9 ipad pro for many days. It is 0% responsive.
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3 years ago, dewdropsanothernameattempt
Latest update broke the app
Day and time drop down no longer works. Please fix and test your update attempt.
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10 months ago, Iamprophet
Blank screen
I haven’t been able to use this app for months. All I get is a white screen.
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2 years ago, Wunderthink
Updates have ruined one of my favorite apps
Much harder to use. Harder to select different times and dates. Takes much longer to do. And the obnoxious, flashing ads are horrible. Make an inexpensive paid, ad free version that is as easy to use as the older versions were. Otherwise—bye bye.
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4 years ago, JCS290
No longer loads listings
This app no longer loads listings. The refresh wheel keeps spinning. Once a great app to get digital subchannnel listings. Please fix the loading issues!
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2 years ago, C W Griswold
Broken unless you’re interested in banner ads That’s all you get
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2 years ago, dodihitjhh
Only shows one or two hours of listings at a time.
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3 years ago, Ken83651
The app is no longer working. It can’t connect and display information.
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