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TiVo Inc.
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User Reviews for TiVo

1.98 out of 5
3.1K Ratings
6 years ago, Jmille22
Latest Version Not Good
I agree with some of the latest reviews I’ve seen, this latest update was not an improvement. Just the look and feel makes the app less user friendly and not as intuitive as the previous (Colors? Font? Functionality?). One pet peeve, why not make the Download list view the same as the recorded All Shows view? The vanilla Download view is an eyesore, and doesn’t contain enough information (such as the dates on the right hand side) to compare and determine what you’ve downloaded and what you have not. It takes a lot more analysis. And the list resets each time you go back to it, so you must scroll to the bottom for the latest downloads each time. The All Shows list is sorted the opposite, with latest recordings listed first. I agree, bring back the old interface please.
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4 years ago, rjrustia
Could Use Improvement
I use this app on a daily basis. I bring my iPad with me wherever I go. I don’t like the fact that I can’t stream some of my shows due to flags set by the cable company, but I can live with that. I agree with others that downloads should appear the same as the my shows view. But I rarely have problems streaming shows, and on the rare occasion that a download fails, I delete the download and start it again. Adding cellular download ability is great! My biggest complaint is that the app will not download while streaming or download in the background while using another app. I use several streaming apps and they all download in the background. Also, the buttons are too small for my big fat fingers. No reason to make them so small, and not give the user the ability to enlarge them. I think the developers are young, and don’t realize older disabled users have trouble with small tightly grouped buttons and fine print. Fix these issues and you get 5 stars from me.
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4 years ago, DrJose
Ever time it just seems to get worse
This app could used to be better. Problems: 1. when you set it up to record a program, even when you set it to not record duplicates, it records the same program twice; 2. connectivity is not great, difficult to watch shows as it often says it can’t connect even when you are a few feet away from the modem; 3. you can only transfer to an apple product; 4. often you have to manually update the app, it should do that automatically; 5. About every other month the app just quits, when you try to transfer recordings to an iPad it just gives you an error message saying it was unable to transfer, but provides no rationale or solution, so I end up having to delete the app and starts all over again which is very frustrating for someone who travels for work. You would think TIVOwould hire a team of computer engineers that could make an app
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5 years ago, JingoroKitty
Can’t swipe to delete from My Recordings any more
The latest release has more snazzy graphics but makes it much harder to do one of the primary tasks I use the app for - managing my recorded shows on the box. I used to be able to swipe left on a single recording from the main My Shows view to delete it, or in the case of series, swipe left on individual episodes on the series page to delete them. Now I have to go into each episode to delete, and there is no option to “stop recording now and delete” for something actively recording - have to wait till the recording is complete. I don’t need more pretty graphics or “more ways to discover”. I just need basic recording management back, in as few taps as possible. Please!
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5 years ago, Foto Man
Get rid of the pictures- give me back lists
I really, really dislike this latest version. We finally got the app in the previous version to stop buffering so much (we have G-speed broadband) and you had to bring THIS out. Yuck! We sometimes record a month or even a whole season of a show to watch later. Do you have any idea how awful it is to scroll through all those pictures to get to the episode we want? We want the list back! You take up all that space with pictures and then the text is micro. Then we’re having buffering issues again. No, our network is fine, thank you. Other streaming apps work just dandy. I had it when the app refused to load the new data from our box today. I threw it away and retried. No. So I’m trying downloading it again which is why I ended up here. Did I say I really, really dislike this version?
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5 years ago, Victorian-charm
I don’t like this new version
I work in Information technology so I am not adverse to change. With that said this app has a lot of bugs. I use this app to schedule my recordings and trying to find out what is on for movies is impossible. 1). I get halfway through the list and it produces an internal error. I checked my network and rebooted my box, but still gets the error. EVERY TIME! 2). Movies are shown on channels I have to pay for. And not eve for channels I subscribe to. If I want to pay for a movie I will go to that app. The old version of the app only showed free movies. I prefer that. I do hope they fix this.
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1 month ago, TheRealPFlacky
Audio only
Was waiting for this app to finally get updated so I could “see” my recorded programs instead of only hear them, but better luck next (1-3) year I guess… When starting a program, about half the time it will start up displaying video and playing the audio, but if you skip ahead/fast forward or rewind, when it resumes you will only get a blank screen with audio. Sometimes skipping ahead or back (till you hit a sweet spot) will return it to normal but if you over/under shoot and try to go back or forward a little to compensate, you lose video again – downloading the video to the app is even worse since 100% of the time there is no video. iPhone 14 PM with latest firmware - been this way the last couple(?) years…
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5 years ago, Luke-7
Update ruined it for me
The main thing I use this app for is to remotely record shows, mostly sport. The previous app was fine for this. Now, I search for a game, hit record, and it records standard definition. I canceled that, and scrolled to the HD version of the game, and selected record. I went to watch and it was recorded in SD. I did this previously and it worked, but now it seems hit or miss. Why SD would be a default in late 2018 is beyond me. This needs fixing... Still not fixed, though now if I GO to the HD channel to record it will. I searched for Red Zone, the infographic SAYS HD. So I hit record. Still records in SD when searching and select record. The only way around this is to search for the show date/time (if unknown), then MANUALLY go to that date and time on the SPECIFIC channel and only then will it record in HD.
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5 years ago, EJ.2018
Worse than ever
The app overhaul is poorly designed; downloading has become essentially nonfunctional — shows partly download, stall, and can never be started again; shows that do download often cannot be played back in their entirety (“a problem with playback” isn’t a very helpful error message) — the interface is too big (only 2-3 downloaded shows appear on my iPhone before having to scroll, and the text is too wide as it fades off the right side of the screen). The app has always had some minor problems and occasional streaming/downloading issues (which seemed to get worse over the past month). But this “update” has rendered the app nonfunctional. Wish I didn’t have “automatic updates” turned on or could revert to the old version.
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5 years ago, db1126
New version is a disaster!
The latest update is annoying. Can’t easily find what I’m looking for anymore, can’t see all the upcoming shows for a series easily if you don’t already have an episode recorded, no more basic handy remote controls on the top bar to pause or stop. All these things were in the previous version. Wish could go back to it! Update: this version is such a disaster I’ve resorted to digging out my ancient iPad2 running iOS 9 so I could download and the far superior previous version. NOW I can find my shows easier, use the app to select a live program from the guide to watch, and easily pause the live tv from the app. I wish I had the option to go back in my newer iOS devices. The people that approved this new version should be fired!
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5 years ago, fedupwithtivo
Dec upgrade is crap
I waited as long as possible to download the latest update being as I’ve had issues in the past. This one is by far the worst. I’m in the process of downloading ALL my previously downloaded shows....WTH! Why am I having to do this? This is ridiculous. Now I’m no longer able to see the air dates of my shows which was a previous feature I actually found helpful. I also can’t figure out how to toggle between shows I’ve recorded and those I’ve downloaded to my IPad. “improvements” aren’t IMO! As per usual I’m sure some poor employee had to come up with this update in order to justify his/her job when there wasn’t any real need to change the look or feel. Was anyone complaining I wonder!
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5 years ago, Jlwhitten
Suggested improvements for new UI
Put the remote control icon and access back on the top of the main page. Plenty of room at the top of screen (next to search icon). Shouldn’t have to switch pages to just to call up remote to then pause, skip commercials, jump forward and back, etc. Seems like selecting to watch something on Live TV should more intuitive and require one touch only. Just my own situation, I understand why TV on and off can’t work in app, but a nice compromise might be to provide a toggle to blank the screen (to black) when desired.
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6 years ago, buddug brehines
I have no idea what this app is doing
I wish I could attach screen shots. The app is so frustrating! My show list, when sorted by date, lists folders in an order that doesn’t correspond to the actual contents. The folder will have today’s date, but the contents will all be from months ago, with everything already having been seen. Similarly, I get a “New” flag in folders that don’t actually contain new content. Additionally, the app no longer registers that I’ve watched an episode. I use my phone and my television equally, but they don’t sync information. Lastly, the mobile interface is clumsy and outdated by a few years: flat design isn’t going away, guys. Your TV app is beautiful ~
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3 years ago, BeamerDude
Horrible Development
You people are absolutely terrible developers. I have used this app for years and it still has the same problems - shows get interrupted during streaming, have to constantly set up streaming (really?? you can’t do this without the user having to interact with the software??). I have extremely fast internet upload and download speeds with very low latency. My home network is extremely fast with a 1Gbps backbone, also with very low latency. The user experience with your app is so awful! Why haven’t you fixed your streaming problems? Every other reputable app developer can get an app to stream, reliably. Perhaps, you don’t care? Then, terminate the app!!
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6 years ago, STPLOX
Works for me
Some may have different needs than I have, but for me this app works flawlessly. WiFi allows me to see what’s on and when, set a one pass if i wish, watch what’s on my play list no natter where I am. And if I wish, use the app as a remote control, find shows I enjoy and note when to watch (or record), in my home network watch a show away from my TV on any connected device (I do this often while in my workshop etc.).
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5 years ago, PurpleUrge
Search doesn’t reflect what you’ve recorded
When I search for a movie/tv show, it shows me the options to view it (prime, Netflix, etc), but if I have recorded a show and overlooked it, it never shows me that I already have it on my box. Hard drives have gotten so large now it is easy to scroll past something. I feel like this app should always show me if the show I am searching for is already on my box, before I pay to watch it elsewhere. Otherwise, I generally like the app. The buffer can be a little short and that can be tough to watch.
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5 years ago, bogie100
Terrible App Now
They took what was a reasonable app from just ok to terrible. The GUI is so much worse, made it difficult to navigate, can’t search for a channel # if you know it, fonts and background has terrible contrast and size some labels are unreadable. I’m middle age and have a very hard time reading the labels and navigating. I would say I have above average technical abilities for my age group and I have a very difficult time with this app. Some suggestions: make fonts easier to read and better and higher contrast, make this be much more functional and able to select a program to record at a current or future time slot more intuitive and easier and quicker.
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5 years ago, MM-Maloney
UI was good... now not so much... download gotten worst
The app was a bit difficult when downloading before but now it is even more challenging. But the worst are the UI changes. Why is the download group of videos not treated like the main?? Where is the folder groupings of the shows, where is the option or order by the season/episodes. And what happen to swipe to delete a show or folder? Now I have to go into the item to remove it. Some of the ease has been lost... please bring at least the UI in download up to speed and it would greatly improve the app usability!
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5 years ago, Poolmwv
Who made these decisions?
Although there are some aspects that I like about the new version (I like being able to come up immediately to my to do list) it is no longer possible to left swipe on something that is recorded to delete it. You have to go into each program and delete it. Please bring back that feature. It would also be nice if we could save our preferences for recording. For example I never want to get streaming versions. But I always have to choose recordings only.
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3 years ago, LK====
Downloads stop playing hourly
App has stopped allowing streaming from my iPad. My only recourse is to delete the app and reload. Doing so will permanently delete all my downloaded shows and movies. What’s the point of having this service if I can’t count on saving my shows? Downloaded shows stop playing hourly unless I interact with the show. Even when I’m in airplane mode. Your chat support says its a known “feature” created during the last release but can’t tell me what the benefit to the user is supposed to be. Please learn how your users want to use the app. I want my downloaded movies to play until the end without intervention from me.
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6 months ago, cwoody222WNY
Out of home streaming not reliable
Usually works great within my network, although it often loses my signin and I have to login again. It very often forgets it’s been set up for out of network streaming and requires that to be set up again - which needs to be done within network, which isn’t helpful if you’re away. That bug bit me on a recent vacation. I prepared beforehand by confirming out of network worked… and then it didn’t.
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6 years ago, Seale69
Mostly ok but could be a lot better
I’m glad this app exists because I can set up and edit recording plans when I’m away from home. Search could be improved and interface is off in parts. I tried to use guide to look for a show in the future but didn’t realize I had to click on the black bar’s blank space to get it to take. Wished the search worked better then I wouldn’t have to use Google to find the actual times for a college football event.
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5 years ago, texastechguy
Big disappointment
The new user interface is poor in numerous ways and a big step back compared to the earlier app (prior to the big change in the UI). The app is also very slow to start. It’s not easy to switch between different units in different rooms. Imagine your remote taking 5 seconds to work each time you pick it up. Fail! The shading that attempts to show which option is selected in various locations images makes it difficult to see which option is selected (white vs off white). Why not use color? The fonts used are tiny and it’s just not intuitive.
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5 years ago, has29650
Frozen now
I have had the same issues with downloaded shows. The download often stalls part way along. What I do download often does not play well. Now the app just want start at all. I have downloaded about 10 shows so I hate to delete and reinstall the app. I think I am just going to try using the browser interface to watch my shows. I had started downloading because streaming with the app was hopeless. It would stop randomly and when you restarted streaming it would go back to the beginning of the show. Hard to imagine any app that functions more poorly.
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5 years ago, Bad artist!
A big step backward
This app was never great, but at least it was more functional. As many other reviewers have noted, the last major upgrade made almost everything more difficult to use and navigate. Downloading shows now take more steps. And the list of downloaded shows is now horrible. It is not grouped by show and there is no information about the show unless you click into it. Please bring back the old interfaces or at least try to fix it. Maybe have a test group of users since it doesn’t look like they used one last time around.
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5 years ago, ritterml
V 4.1 has network connection issues that are unresolved.
Despite being able to login to my account through the website and to login on the v 3 series of this app, I cannot maintain a network connection to my device since version four. It constantly says “network connection error”. UPDATE: After uninstalling and reinstalling the app it connected, but the network connection issue persists soon after. UPDATE 2: now to watch a show I have to find the channel then click a button for “watch and record“ then tap on TV then tap live TV. This just is not user-friendly at all!
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6 years ago, Bobbi 1234
Sound when advancing through commercials
The sound is VERY loud when you use the advance button or select button for that matter, any button that has sound. When I try to turn the sound off it does not work. It is louder than the actual program I am watching and is almost not worth hearing it to change anything. Everything else is great about the app. Love that you can program and watch shows through the iPad.
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4 years ago, Johnish
Reconnecting... reconnecting
Was a decent app at a time. Now it’s mostly unusable. I would only use it to search for upcoming shows and to set it to record when I was out in the road. However, doing this now is a struggle. The search feature is shockingly bad with results that aren’t being aired in the future, which are then not very relevant. Once you do find the show to record the screen will refresh with the word reconnecting and you have to start over. Took my 4 tries to set it to record a show.
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5 years ago, KenFromSanDiego
User Interface on v.4.2.0 is worse
I really loved the older user interface before the “dark mode” overhaul. U.I. is subjective and it would be great if developers offer “classic look” or something. Anyone can get “used to it”, but I value data over graphics. When I open a group recordings I get a bunch of icons. Why? I prefer the list that showed be the info data with each show. Now I have to press the “Edit” button to give me that list. I hate the Channel list as well. Why not the old-school grid design that shows more than just the current hour’s shows.
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5 years ago, Jim020764
Old was better
The download function has gotten worse. I still don’t understand that when you download something in a less that perfect WiFi network you end up with a download that can’t play. Downloading files has been something that has been done already even in thought network situations I downloaded a 3 part thing and the first episode craps out in the first 10 seconds. Completely unacceptable. And let’s not talk about the bad way of displaying Downloaded files
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5 years ago, AriaLHM
Needs some improvements! 1) Add the option to choose a smaller buffer for high-speed connections, & a larger buffer for low-speed connections. This will solve the problem of people not having enough hard-drive room/RAM to prevent their streams from freezing. 2) Add the regular fast forward & rewind buttons. I will stop & watch commercials if they look interesting, this way. Skipping forward by 30 seconds almost guarantees I won't watch them. 3) Add the ability to see what channel all the tuners are on, which are recording, and which is being viewed on the TV. 4) Allow viewing of shows/movies/events without recording them. 5) Be able to select different Channels or recording dates when modifying a recording. A future recording shouldn't have to be deleted to see what other recording options there are. Please make these changes for an app worthy of 5 stars! :)
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5 years ago, jaybrennan
Latest update removes useful functions
What were they thinking? The previous versions had a virtual remote with a scrub bar, making it so easy to move backwards or forwards through a program. There was also a pause button in the menu bar. Both are gone now. When you opened the program guide in the app, it was always on whatever program was playing live; now it’s on whatever channel you navigated to in the guide previously. The whole app looks more cluttered
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6 years ago, NotSoMuchAnymore
Streaming Quality Not So Good
Streaming quality for a small screen, like a phone, is acceptable, but streaming to a large screen via AppleTV is unacceptable with low resolution and reduced frame rates (see Slingbox as the benchmark of good streaming quality). It would be nice if this app could natively connect to AppleTV without mirroring (it would fix the reduced frame rate issue). It was also be nice if this app could natively connect to a Roku box. Both of the later two functions are available on the Slingbox app, and work wonderfully.
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4 years ago, jjddgg
Fix the Login!!
For my purposes, the app works well ... once I'm logged in, that is. Credentials expire quickly enough that I need to verify my identity just about every time I use the app. However, it's not integrated with iPhone biometrics, so touch and face ID are not available. This makes logging in a huge pain in the rear since I use a long, complex password stored in a password manager. For a long time, the app and the manager didn't play well together.
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6 years ago, DrugRixhTre
Needs update and iPhone X Support
The remote app needs an UI update instead of directly copying and pasting the look and feel of of the remote. So much space was wasted doing this which forces users to scroll up and down for remote control access which is a bad design. Needs iPhone X support which would help this scrolling issue alot but that's not a solution to that problem. Haven't tried streaming outside of the house so cannot say if that needs improvement or not. Will give it one star because the main function of this app is a mess.
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6 years ago, SMU Control
Date/time selector still broken
A simple fix that goes unaddressed with every release! Still no label on the button to select a date/time in the selector. I can select “Now” or “Tonight”, but if I scroll the date/time, I have to know the secret of touching in the black void next to “Tonight” to select my scrolled date/time. Why not label the void with “Select” or “Go” so that selecting a time is not a secret? Just look at the number of calls/comments you get saying that you can’t change the date! FIX THIS!!!
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5 years ago, Tearose8375
Wish I could give zero stars
This newer version is horrible. I don’t have to use it often but every time I do, it makes me log in again AND usually makes me reset my password even though I’ve recorded my password from the last time. If I search for something on Live TV, it used to have a simple “Watch Now” option. That is gone. It’s a guessing game of hitting options until you find the right one. Trying to set a recording is an even worse nightmare. The remote portion of the app used to look just like the handheld remote, making all the functions easy to find and use. That was awesome but of course they got rid of it. Now it’s just a flat chart of “buttons” whose placement makes no sense whatsoever. I only use this app for the simplest of functions but it can barely do that! Bring back the old version at least, but definitely scrap this one!
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6 years ago, Rasterman2
Way better
…that a few years back. Been using it with a rovio for 6 weeks. Downloads are fast and reasonably efficient. I particularly like that I can start playing soon after downloading has started. It also worked seamlessly when I was away from home and streaming over the net.
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5 years ago, khooper_0919
Very difficult to use and confusing
The new apps for iphone and ipad are very difficult to use and confusing. Looking for “upcoming” episodes, and trying to see which episodes are recorded, swiping to delete a recording from the “My Shows” or “Manage Recording List” (feature now gone), are a couple of examples. Overall I wish we had the old app back. It worked, it was straightforward and easy to use. You’ve tried to “fancy it up” for no reason!
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4 years ago, TivoFan4
Wish List
The app loses connection gives error message and requires me to log in on a regular basis. No other app does this to me. It’s frustrating when you’re in a hurry to record or use the app to quickly find something. I can’t find how to see upcoming episodes for my season passes, and it used to be easy. Overall it is really handy to have, since setting up recordings on the Bolt is more cumbersome.
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4 years ago, VanHalensing
Too cluttered
The app has become too cluttered, and doesn’t even work with all devices. Specifically, it doesn’t work with the Stream 4K. Their newest device isn’t supported. Even if they had 2 apps it would be better. One for all devices that’s a remote and basic functions, and one for all the fancy stuff that is cluttering the app. Or, a mode to turn those things off. Whatever works for them. Right now they’re caught between doing too much, and not enough.
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5 years ago, Nickname314001
They should stop trying to improve the experience.
The current version makes it more difficult to record a program and delete a program. Also whenever you try to use your phone or iPad to find something to watch on the TV it will insist on steaming it to the device instead of changing the channel. Why can’t they just go back to the software they had 3 years ago. Also if they think people are going to choose their device over a proper streaming device like a Fire or Roku they are high.
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5 years ago, noSMSspam
Used to be a good app
This used to be a good app. Then I made the mistake of updating it and have had nothing but problems. The new downloaded-shows interface is awful; it doesn't even group together multiple instances of the same show. I often get an error when I try to download them; others download. Turns out I can only select one show to be downloaded at a time. Until that completes any other show I tell it to download gives an error. Ugh.
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11 months ago, RandomNickname74574
It started working fine as I watched my first show. Then 15 minutes or so into the show, it abruptly disconnected and asked me to “set up streaming”. Umm, what was it doing for the previous 15 minutes? I click on “set up streaming” and it fails. Try again. And again. And again…. Obviously I have Internet access or I wouldn’t be typing this review. No changes to my network in the middle of the show. What gives? Garbage.
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5 years ago, tinac1
Accessibility issues- text too tiny to read!
Unfortunately this version of the app has such a tiny font, it’s almost impossible to read the text in your recordings list unless you have pretty excellent vision. It doesn’t have any way to make the font larger, nor does it support Apple’s dynamic text so it ignores your system font settings. This version has made improvements in streaming and audio so it gets 2 stars instead of the 1 star I was going to give.
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6 years ago, BanjoBiker
Keeps dropping audio
I like the freedom this app gives me, but I get annoyed when I set up a stream and the video plays with no audio. I have to skip ahead several minutes into the stream to acquire audio, then go back to the beginning. Many times the audio is still gone, but after several tries and restarts, it finally appears. I hope this gets fixed soon. It is very irritating.
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6 years ago, rhodabe
Good, Could Be Even Better
I love that I can use this, away from home, to set something to record when I have just heard about it, so I don’t forget. Yes, there are more advanced options missing that several other comments mention, but I would rather have an app that gets my major needs right than a sketchier one with a bigger reach.
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6 years ago, BitburgDan
Uhm...where’s the ‘Back’ button on the remote
I really like my new Bolt and the new UI. When I updated my Mini it told me that the new UI heavily used the ‘Back’ button on the remote which doesn’t exist on older remotes. OK. So I need a new remote for my Mini. But imagine my surprise when I went to use the remote control emulation in this app and discovered there is no ‘Back’ button for my Roamio, Bolt, or Mini. WHERE’S THE BACK BUTTON? Come on guys. Try actually using the apps you publish. It’s not like you aren’t providing the hardware AND the software. Fail.
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6 years ago, Old Engineer Tim
OK but works but not always
Works OK, but could be better. When logged into app and I go to another app, it has trouble staying logged in, have to close all apps in order to login. Sometimes have to reboot my iPad. This is a time consuming process. Why does it have so many Login problems. Please fix, this has been like this for a long time.
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2 years ago, klodesigns
Works well, invaluable when traveling
Even on a bad 5mbps connection it is usable, but on a good connection it is great. When mirroring to an Apple TV it’s a little confusing to FF and reward you have to use the remote and not the in app controls. Very happy with this version. Most of the bad reviews are for the older version.
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