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Theatre Development Fund
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2 years ago
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User Reviews for tkts

2.96 out of 5
114 Ratings
13 years ago, Divanyc33
Ummmm ok
The app looks great but I want to be able to buy tickets right through my iPhone and be able to show a copy of the confirmation on the phone. In other words I don't want to wait in line..
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5 years ago, Wgarcia88
Horrible customer service!!!!
Waited in line for good one hour only to find out that the show we want to purchase are sold out 10 minutes ago. There we’re PLENTY of staff standing around that COULD HAVE announced the sold out shows so patrons would not be standing in line WAITING FOREVER. Meanwhile, the staff in front of the line are just chatting, or on the phone, not tending to the customers. What a waste of staff and wage for a very unorganized company. Definitely will NOT BUY here again!!! Corporate office, better check your slacker employees!!! What a waste of wages, definitely NEED better system!!!!
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5 years ago, GCM3214
New version useless
This app used to work flawlessly. Now it is totally useless. If you are a member and want to search Broadway shows you can no longer filter as the filter page has no way to activate your choice. Who wants to sift though over 300 venues to access 23 or less Broadway shows? The online site is the same so useless as well. Also it does not recognize renewals. Wish I had not renewed. Developers have ruined a perfectly good thing. Should have the ability to rate 0. One star is one too much.
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2 years ago, hbsays
Problem to fix
Yes. Keeps asking me to log in. Can not get to page where all shows are listed. Can only open individual shows listed in email. Serious glitch in your system. Shows will not be happy that we can not get access as members. Please fix immediately.
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6 years ago, Mvn4ak
Useless App
I was very excited to see a TKTS app was available, but what is the point of this app if you can’t use it to purchase tickets? You still have to go stand in line. I would happily see more shows (and spend more money in the city) if I could purchase tickets using the app and save the time that used to be spent standing in line. Without the ability to purchase tickets, the app is useless to me.
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4 years ago, Sleepy new yorker
hello? is anybody home?
I am a TDF member. The app constantly asks for my log in and doesn’t seem to commune with the TKTS side of the app. I cant view what events are available to TDF membership. Like literally: the purple view button opens nothing. Online is fine. Tedious use of date by date—why not be able to search by a date range. 21st Century here! Get with the program!
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3 years ago, Nickersly
Bought ticket to Ratatouille, sorry !!! Couldn't figure out how to see it. I have to remind myself: Never buy a ticket thru ToadyTix again. i can't help thinking they're into disenfranchising: Buy ticket, won't let me use it by making the process for watching complicated and time-consuming. I've spent more time trying to figure out how to watch it that it takes to watch it!!!
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6 years ago, Pop Rouge
Great app
If you can’t open the app, update your phone. Works great for me, on an up-to-date iPhone 7.
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4 years ago, sweetcar0l1ne
Doesn’t replace the booth
There is no point to this app. I thought that it would take the place of the booth- see what’s available day off, buy tickets through the app. Nope! You can see what’s available and that’s about it. Still had to go to the booth to buy tickets.
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6 years ago, disapppointed still
Frozen TKTS
My phone is up to date but the site has frozen and none of the suggestions.....App Store, download again, click on your few locations that keep sending me back to the original site work. It USED to be great. Now it’s worthless.
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5 years ago, toma Jk
Totally SCAM
They are not responsible for what they said. Definitely charge you more than official price. Use official website or theater ticket booth. Or you'll waste your time and money. From my personal experience. You should never believe what they say.
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1 year ago, Belinda035
Useless app
So you can browse to see showtimes but can’t purchase the discounted tickets on the app? You have to stand in line and HOPE to get a tickets? Then what’s the point of downloading the app?!
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2 years ago, RicoChulo
Still disappointing
As a TDF member I was hoping by now TDF would offer an app for members… but after years of waiting I still it is still an app for TKTS.
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2 years ago, cbcbcb425
Absolute scam. Don’t waste your time with this app. There is not a deal to be found on here and tickets are unable too exchange. I will never use this useless app ever again
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7 years ago, Bridge4me
Not much good if it can't be opened!
This is a problem that has happened within the last month or so.
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5 years ago, dmawwq
App is a mess
The app bounces around and issues inaccurate tickets. Never had this problem before. Not sure what happened to it.
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10 months ago, Jokesss
Deleted it for the 2nd time.
Scam likely. Fake lotteries and rush tickets to up sell you later. Will not be using or downloading again. A waste.
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7 years ago, brenda_xx
Crashes Immediately
The app crashes quickly upon opening it, rendering it useless.
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5 years ago, today8844
Go back to the old app version
Not every change is an improvement. App is useless now.
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7 years ago, SofiaNRage
Pretty useless as it crashes as soon as you scroll for more info Not worth the bandwidth to downloading
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7 years ago, pilotrtc
Won't open
Quits during startup screen
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7 years ago, Craigrusselllewis
No info.
Literally just a blank screen.
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13 years ago, eddieio
If only it updated its shows listing before you get to the booth...
On a recent outing to the South Street Seaport booth, the app failed to update the shows list as late as 50 minutes before the booth opened. Taking my chances that a show I wanted to see might be listed that day, I left my apartment for the booth which was to open at 11:00 am. As of 11:03, the shows list still had not updated, showing only the list from the day before and stating "The booth is currently closed. These shows were on the boards recently." Unhelpful. When they finally did update, I saw that my show was not listed. This after standing in line in knee-deep snow for 40 minutes. Note to TDF: the shows listing only works if it actually lists shows available for that day and before you get to the booth! Still, the app gets points for being a one-stop-shop repository of info for all manner of shows throughout the city.
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12 years ago, Mama Kibster
Great Way to find Tickets!
This app was all we needed to find shows during our trip to NYC. It lets you know how often TKTS gets tickets to individual shows, so you have realistic expectations. When I read that they never get tickets to Wicked but frequently get tickets to Phantom, I adjusted my plans accordingly. It also lists the show times for each production, so when I wanted to see a Sunday evening show (very few at that time!) I found one through this app. The TKTS employees standing outside the booths answering questions are using this app to get all of their information. What a great tool!
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12 years ago, Xdefchildx
Perfect app when visiting NYC!!!
The TKTS locations are the best way to get discount same day tickets to the best shows in New York, and this app makes the process even better. It gives you up to date information on the available shows and present discounts. It also gives information on the shows and show schedules. It also gives information on what to do and where to go once you get to the TKTS location. Great app!!!!
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8 years ago, tzm
Better with list view but...
Well... It took 6 months to bring back the list view but at least it's back. However, the sorting list in the main screen is gone. Meaning you previously could sort by musical, drama, comedy, etc... right in the list view. Now you have to go to another click button, check how you want to filter then return to list view. Ping ponging between filtering tab is quiet annoying. Why are you driving us nuts! Oh well. Back to version 2 again. Perhaps by December they will bring back sorting on the main page. Then you will have a five star app!!!
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13 years ago, BufferM
Best App for New York Theatergoers EVER
This app is amazing! New Yorkers (And tourists) alike can now see in real time discount theater tickets from anywhere! You still have to go to the line, but now I don't feel like I have to fight my way to a decent Broadway seat. Sooooo good. Whats more, it actually has a search where you can look at all the shows information. Broadway has never been more Accessible! AND ITS FREE!
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12 years ago, remelila
Works great!
I saw some earlier bad reviews from last year, but they must have fixed the issues because the app works great. Clicking on a show name gives you full info about the show, as well as info about the theatre itself (address, facilities, disabled access etc). Next-day matinee tickets are marked by a star. It's a well-designed app and invaluable if you want to hit up the TKTS booths for some shows.
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12 years ago, THEATRE CHAT
A Theatre Chat favorite!
The other locations sell tickets at 11am so you can get an idea before they post for the Times Square location. Great way to see 1/2 before you get in line or choose a show while in line. Now give us links to buy from our phone. : )
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8 years ago, GMapsuser
Bring back the old app
This app used to be simple, easy to use, and provide great info. Now it's slow and bloated with graphics. Everything takes forever to load, the info is harder to read (% off far away from name of show; tons of scrolling), and valuable info like how often a show is on the board is now gone. Before you overhaul an app, maybe you should do some research to find out what your users actually like about it!
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13 years ago, Chris O. CH
Still waiting in the freezing cold...
You can't actually buy the tickets, just see what's available right now. If you want to see a show, you still need to make your way to the booths, wait, wait, and wait some more, and then hope that the tickets you saw 2h ago are actually still available when you finally stand in front of the cashier. This app is no real value add unless it allows you to actually purchase the tickets.
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13 years ago, Scrapple
Awesome ... Finally!!! AND FREE!!!
Why pay a buck when everything you need to know is right here for free!!! As a regular theatre goer I love that I can find my discounted shows here before I make my way uptown!! I am so happy ... Love love love the features ... So glad you guys finally did this!!
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12 years ago, numale
Push notifications wanted
I would like push notifications when a show is on tkts site, like those occassional shows that are rarely at tkts. Coming from Fairfield County I find this app to be priceless!
Show more
8 years ago, Another-name127
Bring back the list!
Update now provides available shows in a horrible messy picture format. The old list view let you see everything at once rather than scrolling all around. At least provide a list option for those who don't need or want the candyland version. Also, the data doesn't match the board. What a mess - the old version was so simple and informative.
Show more
13 years ago, djmentourage
Major Glitch today
There was only ONE show coming up on the Times Square page, yet the two other pages had every show listed. I don't think the show producers would by happy to know that their shows weren't coming up on this listing. It may give the people the false impression that the tickets are not available. THIS IS A BIG PROBLEM. I am deleting this unreliable app. I know it's free but, no thanks.
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8 years ago, J3d1master
Not simple anymore
Really all I needed was a live feed of the TKTS board. The new interface takes too long to see the times for each show. A simple text based list is all I needed, not a data hog that means I need a full LTE signal to load the list with pretty pictures. Sometimes simpler is better, and this is one of those times.
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13 years ago, lumbab
Worked great!
I must be one of the lucky ones! This app worked great - used it last week during a trip to NYC! It was very accurate - no troubles at all.
Show more
13 years ago, vvts
I luv it..
Just downloaded it. I luv the fact that in real time I can get what ishows are discounted... Also luv the fact that all locations are available... About time..!
Show more
10 years ago, Pollux524
Broadway at your fingertips
Extremely helpful app that lets lets one know what is on and off broadway in real time. Ability to save $$$; now what is better than that?
Show more
8 years ago, Marina_Gasolina
Broadway addicts, this is for you
Great app! Just added everything I want to see, set up notifications and I'm good to go. Looking forward to using this as my go-to.
Show more
8 years ago, Liz from Calif
Love the new format! Will make it so easy to quickly find out what's available when I'm in NYC. Fam in DC already using it. I don't mind scrolling -- sometimes I find hidden gems.
Show more
11 years ago, Sonokid7
50/50 chance
When it works it is a great app. Mostly I receive can't connect to server errors. I usually can connect after 8pm but what good is that as the booth is closed and the curtain is up!
Show more
13 years ago, EricaTWNY
The app does what it says and more. Really helpful for planning a trip, and researching shows in advance. Show schedules are awesome help.
Show more
13 years ago, Becky1970
Really bad
I downloaded this app the other day and it was not so hot. It kept shutting down just when I would be on the page with the information I needed. It was supposed to make buying tickets easier, but I should have just walked to the booth instead...not good stuff.
Show more
8 years ago, NicholasTrienens
Faster than ever
Nicer list view and the images load
Show more
8 years ago, Karl Nislow
Love the new design!
I just re-downloaded this app after not using it for awhile and what a cool new layout and design!
Show more
8 years ago, Superhappyfunman
Makes it so easy!
This is the best way to find out what's currently available for cheap on Broadway.
Show more
13 years ago, Folook
Fantastic App!!
I love it! I am a theatre lover from out of town and this is such a wonderful way to see what's playing. High five to the developers!
Show more
10 years ago, sundevilgrad
This is my go to app for Broadway and off-Broadway theatre. Lots of info to browse through. Great navigation and easy to use.
Show more
12 years ago, Jericho 2
I want my TKTS back!
I found this app not that long ago and it was fantastic. Knowing what was available at the booth gave me the incentive to show up! It's been more than two weeks now that this app has been "experiencing technical difficulties due to a Verizon outage." I hope it is resolved soon so I can come back to the booth!
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