TLC GO - Stream Live TV

4.8 (106K)
107.4 MB
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Discovery Communications
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for TLC GO - Stream Live TV

4.77 out of 5
106K Ratings
6 years ago, spideyjohnson
Love the App
I love being able to watch some of my favorite shows when I’m away from home or when I want to watch something different than what my husband is watching. To all those who think they can watch all the episodes of every show if they cancel their cable or satellite service, please be aware that all those networks, (including TLC) have to be able to pay all their talents and to make their money also. They wouldn’t be able to produce those shows if everyone cancelled their tv service and was able to just download the app(s) and watch all the shows for free; that is just ridiculous!! Please be reasonable!!
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5 years ago, ZeusAppollo
What’s up people
After reading the reviews for this app...I really don’t understand others. I love this app! I get to catch up on episodes of shows that I missed over the past several months or even a year. See, you do not subscribe to cable, dish, or have an antenna. We watch a lot of Redbox movies. But, when I visit my family in PA, I can watch all of those stupid shows that are really useless television. No lessons learned, family values (already raised my children), or vulgar language. So, I really only have two shows that I watch on TLCgo. They are: My Big Fat Fabulous Life, because I can relate to Whitney with being a large person at one time of my life. Plus, if I could get ahold of Todd, I would be telling him, “The world does not revolve around you and grow up!” The other show I like to watch is, “90 Day Fiancé “. Because people are ssooooo darn stupid to think that person you brought not our country is here for your love.....think again!! It is a rarity that the marriages really do work out. As for the commercials, at least the app lets you know how many commercials you will be having. Regular TV does not do that, and then you never know when to leave the room. Is their going to be another commercial or not, do I have time for a drink, etc. Plus, it is a free app....just be grateful for that! 🖥
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5 years ago, Molson125
Honestly, I expected a lot more from this app. The idea is great and I really do love the fact that I can catch up on episodes of shows I missed. But the app is too flawed for me to be able to use it effectively. It requires me to resign in to my tv provider every time I open the app which is frustrating. Even after signing in sometimes it won’t let me watch episodes I’m usually able to watch because they’re “locked”. When I click on them to see why they’re locked, it says it’s because I’m not signed in even when I am!! Then once I’m finally able to watch episodes, they will often skip. Meaning, I’ll start watching the beginning of an episode and out of nowhere it’s skips to the end! This is so frustrating because when I try to rewind it back to the beginning, the app glitches and then will shut down. These are only a few of the problems I’ve encountered, trust me there are a lot more. I truly love TLC, and wish they would put more time into working out these bugs so I can properly enjoy the app and episodes I miss.
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3 years ago, Aeteeley
Ludicrous amount of commercials - terrible and takes advantage of their customers
They need to bundle this app with discovery+ for one price or have a version that doesn’t require you to watch a million commercials when you pay for cable. 1. It doesn’t recognize where you left off on a series even on the same device. 2. If you go to fast forward through an episode you watched on another device you have to watch a ridiculous amount of commercials. I literally watched 32 commercials just to get 30 minutes into an episode I had started on another device (on the same network). Then I was able to watch about 5 minutes before having to watch 8 MORE COMMERCIALS. 3. You can’t pause a show during a commercial. 4. I pay for discovery+ (and cable) but I need both apps to watch all spin-offs and new seasons. 5. Even though I pay for discovery+ I still have to watch a million commercials for it on this app. 6. The episodes and series appear in reverse order and automatically defaults to the last episode of the most recent season. 7. It doesn’t recognize the last episode you watched so in the “continue to watch” section it isn’t even close to what you recently watched. Edit: saying that you only have the same number of commercials as if the show was watched live doesn’t make it so. Plus, the app doesn’t save the progress of a show on different devices so now you’re forced to watch the commercials multiple times.
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5 years ago, jmarilyn713
Needs work
There are plenty binge worthy shows on TLC but the app needs some help. I don’t suffer from the commercial problem.. not sure why. I get 4-5 commercials ever so often, not the 8-12 some others say they get. However... it continuously tells me “this program is for users who subscribe to TLC” WHILE my account is logged in.. and I do have TLC in my cable subscription. I’ll watch a few episodes in a row (I usually put something on my phone while I clean, cook dinner, etc) and then when the 3rd or 4th episode starts, I magically “don’t subscribe to TLC” and it won’t play.. I then have to log out and log in to be able to watch it. Super annoying. Also - I watch with the app on the fire stick as well. Yes, we have cable but I rarely use it lol we just use the apps and pick and choose what to watch when we want. So I go to pick up where I left off on a TLC show on my tv that I started on my phone - it’s never accurate. It’s always further behind than I really am or further ahead
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4 years ago, britt.m.luc
Works 10% of the time
I always get signed out of my xfifnityon the app and have to re-sign in to my cable provider and it takes 20 minhutss or clicking around to get to unlock epidaodes. Last week it would close me out of the app anytime I tried to click on an episode of 90 day fiancé. SoI tried other shows and the same thing was happening. What’s the deal? Why is this app so buggy. It takes way too long for me to finally get an episode to play. Let alone the 6-8 commercials between every 5 minutes of the show and it’s the same commercials of all-state over and over and over again. Not happy at all with this app but It’s one of the only ways I get to actually watch my shows. I just got a response from the developer to try to uninstall and reinstall the app. I have done this three times already, signed out and exited out fo the app and went back in. It never did anything, it still was glitchy and kept signing me out every time I attempted to unlock an episode and sign in.
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4 years ago, JMB0803
Definite issues that need to be fixed!
i love that there are so many show options and that you can binge watch previous seasons, but the only time the app works correctly is on my phone. if i try to use the app on my firestick or roku it either immediately says there is an error and kicks me out or i am able to start watching an episode of something and shortly after it will show the error message. it is very very seldom that i am able to watch a full episode any place other than on my phone and i do not want to watch on my phone when i am home and could be watching on a bigger screen. after reading other reviews it seems these issues are not just happening to myself and have been this way for quite some time now. there are other apps like the syfy app for example which i have never encountered an issue with so i’m sure if syfy can figure it out, a bigger network such as tlc should be able to do the same.
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5 years ago, #JustWantToWatchT.V.
App doesn’t work.
The app doesn’t work at all and if it does it stink because of so many commercials. On tv when there’s a break it’s like three or four short commercials, but it’s like six or seven commercials in this app and there constantly coming up. Also for some reason when the app literally breaks down I can open the app to the logo screen and then the app just freezes there and does not let me into the main use for the app. Usually how I fix this is I have to delete the app and redownload the app which only takes a couple of seconds, but it’s not even really worth it because 10 minutes later you either get tired of commercials or it breaks down again. I suggest that TLC GO! app needs some major improvement and issues worked out because I’ve never seen an app so buggy in my life. Even the free game apps aren’t this bad. Whoever designed this app and is maintaining it if they are should probably be fired because there doing a terrible job. TLC please fix the app because it’s terrible.
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4 years ago, kaylaasana
Shows are great, App needs WORK
I love the shows and think the once I CAN access play well. However the app itself doesn't function properly and features need work. I have tried to log into my cable subscription multiple times but it won't connect. It's not my credentials that are the problem, the app accepts them and then immediately logs me out. I can only watch what is available to anyone which is frustrating. On top of that the episode will restart any time I exit out, it will not save my spot and begins from the beginning but marks that I've watched part of the episode. I also think that there should be more functions while playing an episode besides play/pause and to move the timer on the bottom to different parts of the episode. I recommend a forward/backward option and consider adding a 10sec back button like many other apps. I hope this helps! Would love to see the app function better!
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5 years ago, KrystalD
Lay off the Ads
I find that typically when watching ads from any other channel’s app, you end up watching less commercials overall than you would when watching live TV. I would never have thought you could watch more ads in one episode than the program itself but TLC has managed to make that possible. Specifically with their TLC go shows, in a 15 minute episode, be prepared to sit through EIGHT commercials after every three minutes of show. If you’re lucky, it’s only 7. But one of them is probably extra long so not really. Also, can someone explain to me what the purpose is of having a “previously on” and “next time on” for a 15 minute episode? They upload them all at once. Are there really people watching one episode and coming back days later? Maybe only because they got annoyed by having upwards of FORTY commercials in an episode.
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3 years ago, CLBBR
I enjoy this app, just way too many commercials. If/when I rewind I do not like that I have to re-watch the same 8 commercials, they should be skipped over and go straight into the show if they have already been played. It would be nice to have a 10 second rewind option so that doesn’t happen, or if I’m interrupted or have to stop watching and come back later and I rewind part of an episode, it would be nice to not have to watch the same commercials again to find your place in the show if you have to go backwards a segment or 2. It’s annoying and a big time waster. I understand the need for commercials, but there are a lot, and repeating in the same place commercials have already been played can be frustrating.
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6 years ago, suchacritic
Soooooo glitchy!
I had originally connected my direct TV information into the app and it was working well overall. The shows do have some glitch issues though that often cause you to have to start the episode over and then go through SO MANY COMMERCIALS to try and get back to where you left off. But at least I got to watch the shows. Somehow it lost my Direct TV account info and now when I try to access an episode or to go into settings to try and reconnect it, the “processing” circle comes up for a moment and then just goes away. It never allows me to reconnect my account. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling with no change. So now I can’t really watch anything, even though I should be able to!! Also, it never seems to be able to keep my personal settings. I added a number of shows into my favorites category, but after a day or so, they’re not there anymore. I went back in and added them again only to have them all disappear again. It also fails to show the “watched next” stuff either. So frustrating!! And many commercials!!!! I don’t mind some, but DANG! And they’ll repeat the same commercial multiple times. Come on... Really such a glitchy, glitchy app. I don’t understand why they can’t get it to run smoothly. If they did, I would definitely give it 4-5 stars! But as is, it is often not even functional.
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5 years ago, allnamesaretaken010203
Stop the Insanity with Commercials
I love catching up on my 90 Day Fiancée shows and I totally understand that TLC needs to pay for content and I have to watch commercials BUT there are literally commercials every few minutes. Rarely, it’s a reasonable 3-4 but often it’s 10, 11, 12. Yes, TWELVE in one break. And for extra fun, sometimes they repeat. Not to mention that sometimes you need to search for where you left off because the app crashed or for some reason puts you in a wrong place and every time you try to fast forward or rewind, you guessed it, commercials... It’s obscene. Stop it TLC. No other provider does this. It would be useful to also be able to download episodes to be able to watch on the train or other places where signal or WiFi is spotty or unavailable but this app doesn’t allow it. I would imagine that it’s because they can’t control the commercials and it would get in the way of their plan to slowly drive their audience mad.
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5 years ago, Kcooke521
Great Channel, Too Many Ads
I love TLC! Most of my favorite shows come on this channel. I love that there’s an app because I watch most of my shows on my phone while doing chores around the house. There are two things I really dislike about the app though. There are way too many commercials!! It is super annoying. I usually don’t finish an episode in one sitting because o get frustrated. Also there is an issue where sometimes it does not save my progress in a show. This becomes an issue because of the ads. As I’m trying to find where o left off o get stopped by ads. I use this app enough that it would almost be better to have a paid no ad version. I hate saying that but the ads are really just that annoying plus they are always the same thing!
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6 years ago, BRIDE2BE2021
Unlocking shows
When I decided to cancel my cable service I thought this app would be the best solution to getting my say yes to the dress fix. It is far from it actually a lot of the episodes aren’t even unlocked for my viewing, I had then decided a better option would be to download the season from iTunes which is a much better solution. But now as far as I am seeing, season 16 will not be available to me and I am not going to be able to view the show the way I want to for quite some time since TLC does not want to unlock the show for up to date viewing. Normally with iTunes it is normally available to view within a few hours of the air time now I’m going to have to probably wait weeks since most of season 13-15 is not available on this app for my viewing pleasure. Hopefully the show will pop up on iTunes but I’m not holding my breath since TLC wants to force us to use this app or some form of tv service.
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3 years ago, Alex70460
Doesn’t have all the seasons
I used to really enjoy this app because I could watch the shows and all their seasons or at least most of them. I use to have issues with the commercials because there was so many but it was a minor sacrifice so I could catch up with everything. Now they’ve taken off most of the seasons of the shows that I am trying to watch currently. My only guess is because they’re with discovery+. I think it was a trashy decision, people who are already paying to watch TLC with their service providers now has to use a different app with extra fees in order to watch their shows. I think it was a horrible choice and is not fair to the people who’ve enjoyed the app in the past. Worse yet is the fact that even though they do not have all the seasons for their shows they still have just as many commercials
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6 years ago, Not completely pleased
Too many commercials
I hate that there are so many commercials and you cannot skip through them. Then if you let the commercials play and return to the show, it skips around to different parts. I exited the app without closing because a commercial was on, and when I reentered the app it has taken me back to the beginning of the show. When I tried to fast forward I had to watch two more sets of commercials before I was able to see the show and I have no idea which parts I may have fast forwarded past-because if I try to go back I have to watch 6-8 more commercials. It’s ridiculous. I have no issue with there being commercials, because on regular television there is also. I have an issue with the fact that this is an app and besides the fact that you can’t skip past them, they are the same commercials over and over.
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3 years ago, Mooooooooooolg
Super Enjoyable
I’m very thankful for this app being free and allowing me to catch up on my favorite shows as well as cast to my television. The only issue I have is regarding the commercials. I don’t mind having the commercials considering it’s a free app, my problem is that if I have to exit the app or anything like that my progress into an episode isn’t saved. So, when you go back to finish watching it you have to try to slide through and find your spot and every time you do that it puts commercials on. I think the app would be about perfect if there was a way for you spot to be saved in an episode or for it to disable commercials while trying to fast forward to where you left off.
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5 years ago, Bobbileighe
Should name it "Commercial Go”
First of all.....great access to all the shows I would want to watch (& I only watch TLC on the app) No complaints there....BUT I hate the app with a PASSION!!!!!! Reasons this app is horrible: 1. Excessive commercials. I understand and expect commercials while streaming cable TV but 5-7 commercials every 5-8 min is nuts!!! 2. You cannot close the app (or switch from TV to iPad) and continue watching a show where you left off. Even though you're logged into both. You are forced to start from the beginning...which leads to the next reason... 3. When you are forced to start a show over, even after watching it for 50 minutes, yes, you can fast forward it. BUT..the app forces you to stop at every commercial break and you have to watch the same 5-7 commercials again. 4. It doesn't automatically remember what shows you watch. For example, I'm currently binging 90 Day Fiance, when I sit down at the end of the day to watch more, first I have to search for the show within the app. Then I have to try and remember what episode I was on. Tonight I couldn't remember. I sat thru over 20 min of commercials before I found the episode I was half way through. Bottom line....if you can watch TLC programs through your cable subscription, just do that. Don't bother with this app!!!
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4 years ago, beccamv23
App never works
This app is terrible. I’ve been using it for a few weeks by signing in through my tv provider and after a few days it will tell me I can’t watch episodes because I need to be signed in with my TV provider. But I’m already signed in! Logging out and logging back in doesn’t help. The only way to resolve is by uninstalling and reinstalling the app, but in 2 weeks I’ve held to uninstall the app 4 different times. When the app does work, it’s still really annoying. If you stop mid episode it doesn’t always allow you to pick up where you left off (there’s a “continue watching” section that *should* let you pick up where you left off, but it only works about 50% of the time) so I need to fast forward and then the app makes me watch 10 minutes worth of commercials while I try to fast forward through the episode to get to my most recent spot.
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5 years ago, canahrwold
Kind of annoying 🤷🏼‍♀️
When I first downloaded this app it was great. Besides all the freaking ads. Some are okay. But I swear I watch 5-8 ads at least 5 or 6 times watching a show. I’ve unfortunately gotten used to it at this point. But my next problem is that when I stop watching a show in the middle of it, I go back to watch it and I have to start it all over again because it NEVER saves it. And then when I try to go and remember where I left off, I have to watch a ton of more ads. It’s just annoying. Another problem I have is that I tried to watch on my computer but it doesn’t save any of my favorites or anything from my account. It’s just annoying that I can only watch it on my phone because that’s where all my shows are saved at.
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5 years ago, desw58
My only complaint used to be that you couldn’t pause streaming, because the app would crash...and that was VERY annoying. But I got used to just closing the app and reopening it when I was ready to continue. Now, I think I am absolutely DONE with’s not even worth free! Never mind the constant little spinning circle showing me it may, or it may not actually ready itself, but after waiting MANY minutes, and sometimes having to clear it out and try again, just when I think I’m in, there’s that obnoxious little red key saying it’s only available to those who receive TLC! This sometimes even happens in those times I have to close it to pause it... as in... I was JUST watching your faulty app! I’ve followed all the help suggestions time and time again, only to have to wait a few days for it to decide it’s going to work again. Seriously, NOT WORTH FREE!
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5 years ago, AleighB
Running in Circles
After signing in to my tv provider yesterday, I was able to watch two shows before it said I had to login to watch the content because it was only for paid cable subscriptions. However, it showed that I was still logged in. I had to log out and log back in. I was able two watch two more episodes between yesterday and today. But then it gave me the same messages before stating the 5th episode. I updated the app hoping this would fix the issue. Now it’s telling me that I have to sign in to watch content, so I sign in and it takes me to the Discovery Channel site. When I go back to the TLC app, it says I’m not signed in. If I click the button to sign it, it’s says I’m already signed in and takes me back to the Discovery Channel site. I’ve tried deleting and downloading the app, turning my phone off and on, nothing works.
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4 years ago, Hannie jesus
Way too many Commercials
I love TLC so much and lots of my favorite shows are on there! I love outdaughtered, I am Jazz, 7little johnstons, and my teen is pregnant and so am I, and many more. My problem with this app is the commercials...there is commercials about every 5 minutes and each commercial break there is about 5-6 commercial, sometimes even 8-10! Also if i misheard something i will go back to see what they said and if what i wanted to hear was before the commercial, they will show me the part and then i will have to watch the 5-10 commercials all over again! I love this app and I really hope they consider the problem with the obsessive amount of commercials. Thank you, User of TLC GO
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4 years ago, saivakan
During covid-19 who doesn’t like free!! Love this App get to watch alllmy favorites shows limited comercislAnd they let you know when I go to commercial like Law & Order used to be Do you only thing I do not like about this app is that when you put it on pause you are not losing what are you left off it and it’s hard to navigate through the app to find what you were watching that’s the only downfall so I suggest just deleted play instead of putting it on pause because you may never be able to find what you watching again specially if it’s got lots of episodes I love my 600 pound life it’s so much drama n funny
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4 years ago, CassyGibson
So buggy it’s nearly inoperable
If you’re going to start an episode and finish it in one sitting, you should be fine. But if you ever try to stop in the middle and expect to have your place held, forget it. Some of my episodes that I HAVE finished permanently have a random save spot on them (I can see the bar that normally should indicate being partially through the episode). Sometimes the ads freeze or screw up the feed or something where none of the video controls work, the episode is playing and yet I still see “advertisement 1 of 4” written at the top of the screen and the loading wheel is right in the middle of my episode as if it’s trying to load more ads. Like, does ANYONE QA this app? You just put it out there? Didn’t even play an episode on it?? I’m losing my marbles over this.
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3 years ago, Sarah sunshine 40
I genuinely don’t write reviews, but this is one of the most frustrating apps I’ve ever downloaded. The app has a serious problem with keeping you signed in with your cable provider after not using it for awhile. I basically have to uninstall and reinstall every time I want to watch anything (this happens with the Roku app too.) The browse feature has categories that, when you click on them, have no shows listed inside. Plus the app doesn’t have Cake Boss? Which is the only reason I downloaded it. It doesn’t make sense to me, as the Roku TLC Go app has Cake Boss available to watch. It’s cool you can watch the TLC network live though. TL;DR: Please add all of the shows that TLC says are available to stream onto this app, fix your multiple cable sign-on problem, and make things more accessible.
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4 years ago, 29tigers
Only got this app because I thought it would be easier to use rather than constantly logging in through safari, but honestly watching through the web browser on your phone is a better option. There is no picture in picture, you cannot mute ads because the sound automatically goes back up - which is ridiculous (how are you not going to allow me to change the volume on MY phone??!), and it seems there is more ads than usual. Going to be deleting the app and just continue to watch through my web browser. I can watch while doing other things on my phone and can mute the ads whenever they come on. Only gave this app 2 stars because it does the very minimal, which is play the show you choose to have on.
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4 years ago, I:-l
few annoying bugs
my only issues with the app is that it does not save my place in the episode when i stop watching which causes me to have to constantly fast forward or rewind to find my place. any time i do that, i sit through commercials so i end up just rewatching what ive already seen (super annoying). the shows im currently watching also NEVER show up on the continue watching so i have to go through and find my shows (yes i know i can add them to my favorites but it should still show in the continue watching section). the show selection is fantastic but there are still so many bugs it makes it frustrating to want to watch them.
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1 year ago, cali.for.nia
Commercials are so annoying
I really like this app because TLC shows are super good and very entertaining, BUT THE ADS ARE HORRENDOUS!!! I understand you need ads to maintain a free app, but it’s ridiculous. why are there so many? I’m literally watching more ads than I am the actual show. I’d much rather pay for no ads ever again then sit through the same commercials every 6 minutes. also, you really need to include a picture in picture function, every other streaming service allows for you to watch your show while also scrolling through your phone, it’s very annoying you can’t with TLC. The shows you guys produce are great, but dear god, just let me pay to not watch these ads
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3 years ago, Whit1249595
Keeps locking episodes
I have tried for 3 days to watch a show on here. I use this app often and it stays logged into my directv account. It is now saying everything is locked that I want to watch. I have uninstalled the app and reinstalled the app several times. I have turned my directv off and back on in my settings and it’s continuing to say I don’t have access through my cable when I in fact do and have used this app for months to watch shows It’s incredibly frustrating and I have no clue how to fix it!!!!
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4 years ago, Eh There are worse things to do with a buck
Do you really need that many ads for a 10 year old reality show?
Skip the app use the website version instead you get half the amount of ads. I don’t mind some ads but with the app for every 5-6 mins of show you have to watch 3-5 mins of ads. These are cheaply made reality shows. They are known for being made on the cheap. There is no reason 10+ year old reality tv needs to be supported by this many ads. One block of ads had 7 ads! Ridiculous. And the constant medical ads are also depressing. Gonna stick with the website. ✌️ **Edit: The cut and paste reply from TLC is hysterical. Again SISTER WIVES SEASON 1 WAS FILMED TEN YEARS AGO there is no need for this many commercials. You also cannot fast forward through them like you can with the web version. Basically stop lying. Thanks!**
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4 years ago, Purple Nubian
I really love this app - when it works! I do not understand why certain shows won’t work. It will sign me out. It will say I cannot access because I don’t have this in my cable plan - but I do! This app works on my phone but my fire stick it does not work. Every time I try to go activate it I click my cable provider then it tells me that we’re going to the login screen but it skips over it and then tells me I can’t watch anything! This is so frustrating!! I want to watch my shows on my Big tv and not on my cell phone!!!! PLEASE FIX THIS!! Yes I have already deleted the app reinstalled the app updated the app cleared my cookies in the app I have done everything and this still does this every single time!
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6 years ago, Blah blah llalalLlall
Pretty good. Commercials tho
If you have tlc already as part of ur tv plan, this app is great. It has almost all the episodes of shows and I love it so far. Entering your tv provider is free if you have tlc already. The commercials are a bit much. Then again, that’s how it is when you watch tv. And the commercials aren’t even that long so idk why people are complaining so much. I love this app cause I’ve been looking all over for somewhere to watch Kate Plus 8 cause I love that show and I was so happy to see they had so many episodes. I highly recommend this for people. (The reason I took off a star is cause I’m not a fan of the commercials but they aren’t that bad)
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5 years ago, Hollywoood Lady
TLC survey
I like the shows but I’m turned off by 5 or 6 ads at a time. I gave up!! It’s too annoying and also that the network is piling stories on top of stories and the dates are out of order and it’s frustrating to see the same episodes over to find the one you want to catch up on. Also, I can’t find the replay for Pillow Talk on app or on Demand. Having said that , all that filming and viewers give up. The worst is too many ads, it’s sickening. That the only reason I gave it a 2. I have to work at 4am and would like to be able to catch up with the show on my hours.
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2 years ago, Natural K
App still good but latest update is terrible
My issue with the app is that the latest update removed the ability to cast. The cast button is still there but when I select it, it doesn’t show my devices but rather “nearby devices”. When I try to connect using the pin, it attempts to connect then fails. The app first updated on my iPad but I was still able to use my phone to cast. But now that the phone app has been updated, I’ve lost that ability entirely. It would be nice if they could remedy this soon.
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5 years ago, Pauline13760
Binging say yes to the dress
I recently discovered say yes to the dress. I know. Have I been hiding under a rock? Anyway I downloaded the app so I could watch it. This app is better than watching it through my cable providers app which freezes and doesn't save my spot where I left off. I didn't give it a 5 because of the commercials. Happens 3 times during an episode usually 5 of them but there is a countdown timer to let you know when the commercials will be done. I like that so I know I have time to take a quick shower to or I leave the room to get something and I come back and the show is back on.
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4 years ago, 4cricket4
Have to reinstall EVERY DAY
Every time I use this app I have to reinstall it to get it off the main red TLC screen. It will not progress further. And then I have to enter all of my cable service info all over again. I love the app when it works but it’s a pain when it doesn’t. I watch this during nap time so it’s used every day just about.. PLEASE FIX THIS ISSUE!! I was told to reach out and I did and basically they told me to uninstall and reinstall and see if that helps the app. Which is why I gave one star because I literally have to do this everytime/every day I want to watch the app to get it to go past the red loading screen. Sooo... that obviously didn’t fix the issue. I think there are some bugs to be fixed because this didn’t used to be an issue. Would love to change my rating soon.
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4 years ago, Surhov
What is wrong with y’all? What is up with the Ads it takes me almost 3 hours to watch one episode of 90 day finance. If I can give this 0 stars I would it’s the most annoying thing. Maybe run 1-3 ads Max with each being max 30 seconds y’all running 9 Ads 3 minutes have y’all lost your minds. What Makes you think people watch Ads on live TV, we just change the channel until the the Ads are done and come back to it. Nobody watches ads we do something else while it runs. Same thing with the radio in the car, if you want us to watch your Ads and stay happy and not completely erase your APP and stop watching your shows then reduce ad time to 1-2 minutes max since we can’t Skip the Ads and have to watch it. Come up with a better solution if you can’t hire me I’ll come up with one.
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5 years ago, Tinkerbell315
This is ridiculous!
I paid for Philo so that I could use this app to watch all the 90 Day Fiancé shows. They never release full episodes, just 30 minute chunks. In the 30 minutes you have 4 commercial breaks, each commercial break being 6 to 12 ads. Within those breaks the same commercial is repeated multiple times. Today while watching, 5 of the 6 ads during ONE break were the exact same ad playing over and over. I’ve had it. Sick of only being able to handle two 30 minute episodes at a time instead of binging on my night off. If you need the money, just offer a version that is ad free which people can pay for. Watching the same ad 5 times in a row and then watch it another 3 times in a row in 5 minutes with the next ad break is ridiculous.
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6 years ago, realcatmagic
Commercial catastrophe
I love TLC programming and was very excited to try this app. I was incredibly disappointed to find out though that there are seemingly more commercials than actual programming! Not only are there an insane amount of commercials, they are often the same ones repeated on end. Often the app freezes and you are forced to watch all of them again just to get back to where you were in your show. I just can’t handle it. I’ll have to go back to recording the programs and fast forwarding the ads. If it were one or two per break I could understand, but there are five to seven every ten minutes! I understand you are trying to make money from ad space TLC, but as you can see from these reviews, your viewers are not happy, and many are turning away such as I have.
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4 years ago, stopitapple12345
Ads galore
This is possibly one of the worst apps I have ever used. The interface on both the tv and iPhone is awful, as well as almost unusable. There's literally more ads then there is show. Every 15 minutes is a new ad, multiple ads, usually 8+ ads at one time and its absolutely god awful. It doesn't save where you are in the show, and it doesn't show you what episode you've already watched . So if you try to find out where you are, good luck, because you'll have to watch 15 ads before you even find your place in the show. I never write reviews but this app is so awful i made an acceptation. It almost makes me wanna stop watching all tlc shows because im not even watching the show anymore, im just watching ads. As i write this right now, it is displaying me an ad.
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4 years ago, jeh1302
Needs Fixed
EDIT: the developer response is now blaming my TV provider for having to sign back in... I don’t think the TV provider would ask me to sign back in after an hours worth of watching on the app. Someone needs to Take responsibility for their broken app! This app would be great if it didn’t glitch so much. If you sign in with your cable provider you can watch any show, but the app randomly signs you out or says that you don’t have a subscription, which makes you unable to continue to watch shows. I have read similar complaints in older reviews and the developer just responds that they are sorry and to try to restart the app. Maybe instead the developers should just try to fix their app!
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5 years ago, monkeys563
Great when it works
It’s great to watch catch up on shows, watch old series, or live tv. When it works that is! It loads stuff slower than my other tv apps which I can live with but it constantly telling me the show I selected is only available to people that have TLC as part of their cable subscription and not allowing me to continue my shows is super irritating. I have a cable subscription that includes TCL and it’s currently signed in at the time the messages pop up. The app has gone through many annoying glitches that prevent it from being usable half the time this is just the latest. UPDATE: gets more unusable day by day. Is actually useless. Will “automatically signed in” then the pop up is for the discovery website and you are not able to loggin at all.
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5 years ago, Skiier_46
Ads and consistency issues
Everyone has mentioned the massive amount of ads so I won’t focus on that. However, on both the app and on the website I’ll log in with my cable information and half of the time I can’t access anything. Where in the world is the consistency?! Not here. To make matters worse, this is a known issue that you can find on the website’s FAQ page. I watch quite a few shows via app and I’ve never had an issue with any other apps like I do with this one. Discovery, please address this issue in a different way because your current way isn’t working. Thank goodness you have a few decent/high ranking shows on this network, or else no one would be using this app or watching your shows.
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2 years ago, Shan J2704
A bit glitchy
I like and enjoy the app for the most part. However, there are some critical issues that should be addressed. After reading a few of the reviews, I see that I am not the only one experiencing the locked episodes while logged into the app via my cable provider. I also have the issue of it not seamlessly stream-cast my shows. I have had to start episodes over 4-5 times, if not more, to watch via AirPlay and it’s extremely frustrating. An error message always pops up and requests you to retry only to start your episode over from the very beginning. Please fix these issues.
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6 years ago, vanesitapita
C’MON TLC! Give us a break! This is More like Commercial App!!
Obviously we expect commercials, but there shouldn’t be more commercial time than the actual show you are watching!! An hour show takes almost 2 hours to watch thanks to those commercials. Ridiculous!! Also, Where are the 15 second fast forward and rewind buttons. Sometimes you miss something, but with the TLC GO app it is not user friendly AT ALL to rewind or fast forward. If you do try to use your fingers you always end up going to far back or too far ahead and boom!! You're stuck watching 7 commercials when all you needed were a couple seconds to rewatch something. Omg. Basically just wait for your the show to come on again on your tv. It’s the best way to ever watch and get through a show!
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5 years ago, Tiffanie_J
So many commercials...
I hope you enjoy ads that you can’t skip 6-7 times in one episode. EDIT.... There are FAR MORE ADS THAN WATCHING THIS ON TV! The app crashes on the 9th ad, and then starts over watching the show on air has never done that. And I use the app in hopes to avoid watching on air! What a ridiculous response by the developer... an attempt to publicly educate/humiliate a reviewer on something as obvious as the necessity of ads like they haven’t been on tv for a millions years - but ignore all the issues stated. Thanks!!! Sometimes I want to throw something on to watch while I’m getting dressed but after I get through the first set of ads I’m dressed! It started out with 3-4. Now that I’ve been watching more frequently there’s 9! Sometimes the ads are the same over and over. Like 4 out of the 9 ads are the exactly the same it juSt goes off and starts over again. Also, let’s say you have to exit the screen for some reason during an ad, if it’s over a certain time period it starts all the over!!! Agh! The fact that you must be a paid subscriber makes it a bit odd that they would force you to watch these advertisements.
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6 years ago, peanutpan
Was super excited but disappointed
I was super excited to download the app to catch up on all the shows I miss. I’m normally busy so I don’t get to see them live and my family hoards the tv to themselves. When I downloaded the app it wasn’t very easy to use and I had to search the show I wanted to watch which wasn’t a problem but I couldn’t favorite it to go back to. Then I went to go watch it and it wouldn’t let me because I don’t have a tv provider on their list. Like Verizon I s a popular provider is it not? Yet they don’t have it?? So now I’ve missed 3 episodes of my favorite show and they aren’t shown on tv or the app and I have no way of watching them... really disappointed since I was looking forward to it so much.
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6 years ago, ang7190
Awful app not worth your download.
This is not a user friendly app. It is hard to navigate, doesn’t keep favorites, or hold in the middle of a show if you have to come back to it, and finally whoever has control over the commercials are a joke. I’ve had the same commercial play over and over 10 times, no exaggeration for one commercial break. The breaks within The episodes are a joke all around. Multiple times I’ve had problems with these things and I’ve only had this app for about a week. Once I finally get through the show I’m trying to catch up on I’m deleting this app immediately, as this is the only way I can catch up with a show I really like to watch. Get it together if you’re trying to make an app that is user friendly.
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