TMJ4 News

4.5 (161)
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Journal Broadcast Group, Inc.
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2 years ago
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User Reviews for TMJ4 News

4.5 out of 5
161 Ratings
6 months ago, 30 eight
Time lapse oval way to big. Return to old time lapse at top of map
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5 years ago, Patty S of Belguim
The BEST News station in Milwaukee!!!
I have watched Channel 4 news for virtually my entire life. Their reporters are very concise and seem to ask all the questions I would want answered for every story. The weather staff is very dedicated and , most times, dead on with their forecast. They are the ONLY ones I TRUST for my weather information. The Sports staff does an INCREDIBLE job as well. They give me all the information I look for all the local teams. Thank You can tell everyone at Channel 4 love the work they do AND who they work WITH. The TMJ4 app is very easy to use and find the information I am looking for. And I always look to the Storm Sheild App when the weather looks to be changing. I truly am a TMJ4 fan for LIFE! Keep it up and THANK YOU for all your years of providing all I need to know on a day to day basis!! Patty Schmidt
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5 years ago, Franzmon
Great app for the iPhone. Sections are easy to navigate. You can get alerts on breaking news on your phone if you want them. I usually want updates on Sports scores or local weather and it is a handy app for me!
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2 years ago, sresje
We watch and read WTMJ4 every night. The only station we listen and watch every night for our news and weather! We know we will get the best of both.
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4 years ago, SuePQMelvin
Ads Too Long
I like your app, and I prefer your news over other local stations. However, the channel 12 and 58 apps allow you to skip the ads after 5 seconds. Your app makes you watch a 30-second advertising video before every news story, which is extremely annoying. For that reason, I hardly ever use the channel 4 app.
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4 years ago, kkeener
This is rating the app....
I am noticing that some people are rating the news station on here. News...great. That is why I downloaded their app. App not so great. Downloaded it specifically for live updates on COVID-19. I get the update that they are live and click on it and it is clunky. Does not auto launch the live news conference. Sometimes I can NEVER get the live stream to open. JUST BAD.
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5 years ago, Royal Doulton1001
This is a very informative news app. The content is well organized. Update: As a result of this app and Storm Shield - I have now gone back to watching TMJ4!
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3 years ago, Raypegg
Live in the south now
I love to be able to keep up with what's going on up where I used to live!!! Thank you!!!
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3 years ago, MMEK53
Old news
Seems they just can’t find any up-to-date news stories. They keep the same stories for days. They are never current. A lot of the stories are just junk. The extra star is for the weather. I like that.
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4 years ago, Racine Southside Tommy
Great news outlet
Very informative. Really appreciate the hard work and dedication of the TMJ 4 news anchors and reporters during these challenging times. Thank you!! Chris N.
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4 years ago, Bonnie Jesn
Bonnie Mikulecky review
I really appreciate the timely updates keeping me informed on important issues especially with this pandemic. Thank you.
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5 years ago, dusoda23
Used to work until the latest update....
I can’t even get the app to open, it crashes immediately. It was fine up until now. 🤷‍♀️
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4 years ago, Harlans MacBook Air
IPhone X App Crashes Alot
I want to love this app even more, however it does crash a lot. Annoying. Especially on Weather videos.
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14 years ago, Blessed2BAMommy
It's about time that channel 4 put out an app. I especially like that I can now listen to 620 and 94.5 on my iPhone. In general, the app is easy to use but I'm disappointed that the weather section doesn't have radar like channel 6's app. For those that complain about ch.4, if you dislike ch.4 that much, then don't get the app. No one is forcing you to get it or use it.
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4 years ago, cabom
Always top notch
Always fair, with good writing and straight-forward presentation of material.
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6 years ago, jeremy1069
Latest update crashes or tries to crash. iPhone 7 IOS 11.2.6
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6 years ago, Mwm 1
Great App!
Simple, to the point, factual, non-bias. Love it! Perfect for local news.
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5 years ago, Chris Sobye
I like it ,simple to use.
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5 years ago, Door919
Always great news!!
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4 years ago, Isekknowledge
What the what?!
There are times when I open the app, and I find a black screen. App has its quirks.
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10 years ago, Re-Pete
App was good two years ago!
I used to love this app! I am not usually the sort of person to give a bad review but I don't understand how an app can take giant leaps backwards!! I still use the app a couple times a week so I guess ill give it two stars. It used to be that you would go into the video section and just push play ONCE and it would play the local weather forecast without a single problem! Now go to the weather section, wait while it loads, Yes use my current location, wait while it loads, push play, (new play icon) push play again, loading, (new play icon) push play again, loading, 30 second BS political bashing commercial, and now I finally get to watch Jesse Ritka give me good news!!! All I want to do is watch the forecast and get a general idea of what the weather is going to be! I don't need it to use my current location just to tell me that Brookfield is going to be 2° warmer than downtown Milwaukee. I'm sure someone put a lot of hard work into making this app but you really need to rework this entire thing. You could cut out 80% of the garbage and it would be simple and user-friendly. I can deal with the ads but they don't have to be so long and it doesn't have to be the same GD ad over and over and over!!
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10 years ago, Sean Wallace
Pathetic excuse for an "app"
The developers of this app must be assuming its users are fools who don't recognize a real application from this polished piece of "you know what." This app is nothing more than an encapsulation of the mobile version of TMJ4's website. Go ahead, try it, fire up TMJ4's website on your iPhone or iPad. Guess what, it looks the exact same! Please, stop using UIWebViews to just display the mobile version of your webpage. Instead, go back to using some API/JSON/XML backend parsing engine feeding nicely designed UITableViewCells inside a real UITableView and not just HTML! If the primary motivation here was to simply display more advertisements without any additional features, consider that goal nailed. There's a reason why you make an app and not just a mobile version of your website. The reason is you're going to take advantage of knowing what hardware you're going to be running on, what advanced features you are afforded in the form of a programming and UI environment, etc. Since this app is merely just a portal to the website with push notifications, you might as well call it just that. I've been with this app since near the beginning because I like the journalism that TMJ4 provides, but even that isn't enough to keep me around any more. Forget it, I'm going to FOX6's app, it's beautifully designed and works MUCH better than this ever will.
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8 years ago, NoName316
Great job!
I wrote a review on the previous version and gave it 2 stars, do to numerous problems. But I am happy to say it now deserves 5 stars. Here is why: 1. The live stream is back! One of the biggest problems was that the live stream was taken away. It is now back! 2. Before if you wanted to send feedback or help, it took you to a Las Vegas news website. That has been fixed and directs you to the WTMJ website. 3. Crashes have been reduced. Although you will still get crashes every once in a while, it has been reduced. 4. The new weather improvements are amazing. With on the left screen a forecast, and video and on the right screen an amazing radar. Plus more. Overall, I am impressed to see that you guys were able to fix almost everything in one update. And take time to read feedback to improve your app. Once again, great job!
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11 years ago, Alisonjns
Too many notifications
I appreciate getting the push notifications with important breaking news updates, but I hope you start thinking carefully before sending out an alert that has no effect on most people. Send me alerts when things will affect me, not when you want to tease ahead to a newscast. Also, when I do want to "get more details in the app" it's difficult to find, and sometimes the story has no more info anyway. If I swipe to open the app when the alert appears, is it possible to open the related story directly instead of arriving at the standard home screen?
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8 years ago, mfd529
Ver 6.4(1) is not so nice
I hope TMJ4 didn't pay their developer too much for this last update. Since free TV runs on paid ads wouldn't you think the app developers would make sure the ad would actually play out in its full entirety? Every news story I wanted to view today was preceded by an ad that only played 3-4 seconds in length. Only the sound was heard and no video. Well folks since you are required to watch the ad before you can jump to the news story…. guess what? If you don't view the ad you don't get to see the news story. Time to uninstall this and hope someone wakes up and fixes it. iOS9.3.1 iPhone6
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10 years ago, Colleenita24
Used to be pretty good. Now it's ad after ad, the scroll seems to jump around and stories take forever to load. Biggest issue, though, is the actual content. I can only assume that online new stories are treated as an afterthought. Left to interns. Who have been drinking. Stories often seem poorly thought out or incomplete. The other day someone posted a story about preparing for winter that referred to raking up "leafs". Twice. Are you kidding me? These are supposedly journalists. Downloaded the Fox 6 app that same day and I have to agree with the previous reviewer who said that's the much better local news option.
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11 years ago, Number craze
The app is great at keeping us up to date on the latest. But when you don't see the alert pop up, you have no idea for what when you open it. That's a bit frustrating when you have to search for the reason you were alerted.
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11 years ago, Thpyeman
Listen to the live stream everyday.
I work in Indianapolis so I use the app to keep up on WI happenings and compare how we report things vas how Indiana does. Things to improve on: don't have the app reset when looking at a different app. When switching from this app to another that uses sound this app doesn't turn itself off (ex. Switching from wtmj to pandora)
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10 years ago, bubbalubba
Great if you like adverts...
First let me say that i have over 70 apps that i use regularly. I am a very HEAVY user, ridiculously so. This latest incarnation is by far the worst. It takes forever to load stories, once you get past all the adds in the way. It takes forever to scroll through the stories ,( if you can find them )when they finally load, if it actually loads completely at all. Will delete this app after this review. And i was a HUGE fan prior to this. Open the app and the first thing it loads is full screen add, what a joke, asta la vista ....
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8 years ago, Wonderer5678
The new look and function of this app stinks. It's impossible to quickly navigate through the screams and menus. When scrolling through the news it is very easy to accidentally go to an ad that takes you to the Internet. This means you have to start all over at the home screen- very frustrating. Not sure what the developers were thinking. I thought updates were suppose to make thing easier for the consumer not harder. Makes me not even want to use the app. Change it asap.
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7 years ago, jteichmiller
Beware of ads!
At first glance this looks like a decent app, but after just a few minutes of using it I realized this app has ads all over including over areas that one needs to tap to access (ie. current radar map). Everything in the app seems as it was thrown together without much thought. With that said it's a free app. Download for yourself and make your own opinion. UPDATE: Still a horrible app, try to watch live news, does not work and when it does work closed captioning enabled.
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10 years ago, ShumpKhan
I don't like the recent upgrade. I can't pick the stories I want to view, it appears to repeat and I have to search through the scroll for what originally wanted to view. Scroll keeps repeating even trying to read story. Frustrating. Also news seems stale. Yesterday news or even longer. I have gotten so frustrated & disgusted that I go to Ch 12 news. See someone also suggested ch 6, which I will try. I have given feedback twice now, so time to switch since no improvements.
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11 years ago, tfox
Worst programming
I'd first like to say that even though this Is the worst site, I will still be a tmj4 fan. This site and app are extremely difficult to navigate. It's slow and you have to click a million links to finally get where you want to be. It's not user friendly in the least bit. We had a thunder storm last night and it took me at least 5 minutes to find whether Racine was in the severe weather or not. The app/site is just bad. I hope you hire a new developer.
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11 years ago, Klausgb
Decent App
Not a bad app for free! The ads really aren't bad, after all, this is the broadcast industry with revenue primarily from advertising, this is yet another venue for WTMJ to pull some revenue from advertisers. I particularly appreciate the messages when breaking news is reported - it keeps me in touch with current events.
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10 years ago, Valued reader
Nice but two many adds
Like the layout but when you get alerts and then open the app, you can't tell which cell( news, sports , weather, etc) the alert is in? Have the alert also show up on the correct cell once you open the app?
Show more
9 years ago, Phone view
Good option
I like being able to watch the morning news from my phone every morning. Wading through the ad screens to get there isn't my favorite... But there are no commercials to "watch" either.
Show more
12 years ago, dschommernyc
Great start
Congrats to TMJ4 on their iPad app. Nicely thought out interface and simple to use. I haven't used it long enough to know how frequently the news is updated but I hope they stay on top of it.
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8 years ago, Pink2425
Can't watch live news stream in the morning
I have never had an app that with an update, it actually got worse. Now I can't watch live broadcasts in the morning?? Gee thanks! That's the whole reason why I got this app in the first place because I can't get TMJ4 in my apartment. Now I can't stay up to date with the weather and hear the news stories. Crappy update!! Bring back the live stream of the morning news!!!
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9 years ago, JESUS MUSICK
Great News App
I use this app for traffic and weather. It gives you the local weather and local traffic where you are.
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10 years ago, lsocks0517
This is NOW the most useless app out there for news, etc. very difficult to use and when you view an article, and want to go back to where you were, it goes all the way back to,the home screen and you must start over. This is the same app that Tucson KGUN9 uses, and both are very bad. The old one was much, much better. Channel 6 app is quite good, so use that if you want to know anything.
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11 years ago, SomeoneVeryCool33
Hate the new weather section
This weather update is impossible to find. I want it written out plainly with all relevant info. It is so bad now. Very disappointed. Going to find another mil. station app. Old review: Like this app for news and weather. My son is 8 and he enjoys checking the weather forecast. It has the wind speed and complete descriptions. Wish some of the news stories were a bit longer.
Show more
11 years ago, Noah Monster2813
Great app
I am a highschooler and even i enjoy the layout of this app. Being able to check school closing, weather, and news at just the tap of a finger
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8 years ago, NickCE11
Endless commercials with live stream
I primarily use the app to watch the live stream. Recently noticed that I get caught into repetitive commercials (i.e the SAME commercial over and over) instead of watching 1-3 commercials then the news. This seems like an error to me. I get frustrated and then just go to your competitor's app to watch their live news. Hope you figure out the fix. Thanks!
Show more
10 years ago, Discgolf is amazing
Hate the new update
I hate the new update! As you scroll through, it seems to bring you back to the top randomly. After scrolling past the numerous ads and actually get to a story to read, when you try to go back to the newsfeed, the stories are in a new order so you have to do a lot more searching to find the next story you want to read.
Show more
11 years ago, JennyJunkYard
I don't care for the new weather section. Took around 2 weeks for it to actually work but it still has bugs. I don't want to click in a round-about way to get the 7 day forecast. Also, spell check should be used throughout the site.
Show more
13 years ago, rvdreamer
Lots of info
Has a lot of features. More informative than fox 6 news app. Just wish they would make a specific app for IPad, so letters not so fuzzy when displaying app at 2X.
Show more
10 years ago, BobbyZ521
Unfortunately Bad
Poor navigation with no thought given to usability. They are more worried about dishing up ads to get them money than delivering the news in a usable way. I have even pressed the watch now or read now buttons and have been taken out of the app to the App Store to download things like candy crush. Poor flow and a big waste of time to navigate.
Show more
11 years ago, ishtein
Slow and non-responsive
I like having local news on my phone, but hate having to open three windows to see a weather forecast... and allow the last window to "use my location" (which doesn't change the "local" forecast... duh) ... and then hit "read more"...
Show more
9 years ago, SKichura
Could be easier
This app is ok if looking for general news, but specific stories are impossible to find. You toss out notifications and can't find the full story!! Just now you sent me a notification on the weather, I clicked on it and only led me to the forecast, not the story....and couldn't find the story! I find your app more frustrating than informative!
Show more
11 years ago, Milwaukee_Mike
Best free Milwaukee news app
It's not the best news app hands down, but this is by far the best way to get Milwaukee news. Definitely better than the other Milwaukee news apps. If you have this and a Milwaukee events app like Boozall you've got all you need to know what's going on in the area.
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