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User Reviews for TMZ

4.84 out of 5
151.2K Ratings
5 years ago, Anh8815
What happened!?
I’ve had this app for as long as it’s existed and have always loved it. However, two problems have persisted through multiple updates. So what bugs are they actually fixing? 1. last year the captions stopped working for gallery photos. Halloween is a perfect example. Tons of people in costume and normally you see the photo once, tap it, and the same photo becomes captioned with the names. Not anymore. It’s just the photos. So annoying as there are always new celebs I’ve never heard of. I’ll google them and learn about a show they’re in that’s supposed to be amazing and tada! A new favorite show! Now it’s just some random person. Sometimes I won’t know a single person so it’s basically become pointless content. 2. The app support link takes you directly to the app. There’s not a single way to report problems. That’s crazy! There could be an issue that causes a TON of people to delete the app and they would only find out after a bunch of negative comments and reduced users. Why would you not want to learn about an issue right away so you can solve it? Fix these and you have 5 stars from me.
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4 years ago, Ms.Grown & Sexy
‘Memba them” ???
I enjoy TMZ and this app, but the section titled “ ‘Memba them” no longer provides the names of the celebrity pictured which makes it difficult to know who you’re looking at. The names would be very helpful for anyone interested in looking up info on that particular celebrity. The second thing I noticed are the vile and hateful comments left by some visiting the site. I no longer click on it because it can be unsettling to see how inhumane some people can be. Most of the comments have nothing to do with the article and generally serves no purpose whatsoever other than to spew hate, bigotry and political bias. If there’s a section that should be deleted instead of the names of celebrities in the Memba them section why not disabling comments?
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2 years ago, cireb1
Par excellence 2022 best TMZ “news gods”
Great folks , the show is on point love the energy of each and every person. The show finds the truth and if they are wrong TMZ says sorry and correct the miss communications . We are always family but what happened to the other black dude it seems like he disappeared from the broadcast a few months ago ? It seem a bit different without that great talent in the family . Did he say something wrong or quit the show please let me know TMZ style . Please include me as a honorary member of TMZ and let me hang out at your holiday party this year . Thanks in advance Eric
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11 months ago, robear1965
Sneaky ratings interactions
This is a great app for pop news with a slant. In the original app, there was a full on comment section were customers to this app could leave, but then it was altogether removed to control free speech. Now there is a lame “which emoji do you feel like” which is ok but there is no emoji that out right says you got this wrong or at least a “disagree” emoji. I get it, this isn’t done by real reporters but then again America stopped having real reporters a long time ago. There was a time when a reporter would bring out the story without telling their audience what to think but instead give both sides of the story. But now correct thinking is allowed and wrong thinking will not be tolerated: Think as I do or be cast out!!! Thank you for reading this far, you’re awesome!
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1 year ago, preimer914
Rethink your notifications!
I got this app, because I wanted to keep up with the entertainment business. However, if your entertainment interest does not align with reality TV shows and the KardashiansJenners, you will not like this app. Not gonna lie, I just deleted it from my phone. it was infuriating to have my workday interrupted anywhere from 6 to 12 times a day to hear that someone from the show Vanderplump, which I have never seen a single episode of, had a new outfit or was having a junior-high-style spat with someone. Or that Kendall Jenner had hugged somebody after having dinner. Is anyone actually waiting with bated breath to hear that someone got a new outfit or hugged someone?! I couldn’t take it anymore. If your life is too busy to care whether someone bought a new outfit, that Kanye took his daughter shopping, or some other D-list celeb ate food at a restaurant, then this is not the app for you.
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4 years ago, KimS910
Some big improvements!
I’m glad that now captions show up on my iPhone for picture series like for the series where you see a picture of a celebrity as a child and try to guess who they are (I think this was a problem the app had with Apple devices, maybe). However - the biggest improvement is not allowing the awful comments to go up. The comments were often racist, sexist, and irrelevant to the article they were attached to. Shame on me for not complaining about them but kudos to TMZ for removing that forum for hate! 5 stars!
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5 years ago, Babybluelex
Pop up adds are causing problems
I love the TMZ app but lately it has been so frustrating to use. Adds are popping up in the middle of reading an article and then the whole app freezes or after the add it won’t let you exit out of it. I have tried 16 times to read the same article and it keeps happening. So I thought maybe it was just a glitch with that one article but no when I tried to read another one same thing happened. Please fix this problem so I can read the articles!!
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5 years ago, SL-USA
Sudden “messages”
I love this app (despite its erratic program updating schedule and such) but I suddenly have a little red circle indicating I have 15 messages or notifications or something? What is this and how do I get rid of it?? Also trying to fast forward is virtually impossible. I love this app’s content but technologically it’s a nightmare. But seriously, why do the live episodes air live, but then take forever to post? I often can’t join the show until midway thru (erratic schedule so I never know exactly when it’s airing) and then want to go back and watch the beginning part I missed. Takes forever for it to post, which makes no sense. It’s especially bad if the episode you want to see aired on a Friday :(
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4 years ago, MBinAnnArbor
Deleted it.
Had it for years. Best app for breaking celebrity deaths. But after the last update the app now gets one of those red bubbles in the upper right hand corner showing you the number of alerts you missed. There’s no way to turn this off in the app, and it’s annoying as hell having to open the app to clear the notifications. So I follow TMZ through the iPhone News app instead. The alerts come through at the same time on both apps, but without the OCD-irritating alert counter in the corner. You’ll still find out who just died before all your dumb friends on Facebook do, but without the weird baby boomer culture warrior commentary powered by Disqus.
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1 year ago, whatever man and man
Hey when I was growing up we had The Enquirer, and I wanted to work for them. Now TMZ, and I wouldn’t mind doing the same for them. I’ve always always been fascinated with Celebrities 😁. Go TMZ!!!! I don’t believe any other magazines or shows but them, they check fact. Still disappointed about Van being let go, you could clearly see other dude wanted to be top dog. He should have been let go too, he’s a agitator. He knows what he’s doing, watch back other ppl that’s still there 😬.
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2 years ago, woodnymph79
App Freezes too much
I have to go to the App Store to open because when I click on a push notification it’s stuck on the previous article I was reading. AND I’m hoping to find an update available for it. It’s been going on for so long, I finally decided to write a review. My iPhone is newer and updated but this app is still full of bugs. Wish they’d fix this and update the app.
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11 months ago, Malibu#18
Fan 4 life
I’ve have been watching TMZ since it came on tv. It’s my go to for updates on what’s going on in the news and Hollywood. Not to mention, there the first network to get the total story. I have even seen other networks tell the same story the next day and have to recognize TMZ for there work. Harvey and the crew work hard to gives us new updates asap. Now that’s why I love TMZ. So for that I SALUTE all that work there. 💯✝️☮️🙏✝️
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1 year ago, Mr.scratch666
Boom boom boom
You know what it is I freaking love this show I just have a “funny way of showing it” all the coverage is diversive informative and for the most part accurate as possible , tmz live and all the celebrities who participate include the audience in a way that no other news coverage quite can the comic twists the staff the faces it’s amazing I love this show and all who make it happen ……..I’m not a lawyer but I’ve got your backs sixxx strings slay slow !
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5 years ago, taxicatz
The only thing that bothers me is when vindictive people write on threads that have nothing to do with the article..it all becomes political...most comments are filled with profanity and don’t make sense at all...very few constructive threads...most seem to be by low life and seedy people calling each other names and degrading comments...I like TMZ they are the first to report what’s happening, however, the comments are pushing farther and farther away from TMZ ..thank you
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4 years ago, jeepster 13
I love the app and check it daily the past 2-3 days the images above the articles won’t load and the stories themselves won’t load or are delayed for long periods of time. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app and I’m still having the same issue. Just wanted to let you all know or see if any else was having this issue. I still think it’s a great app just hope it gets fixed soon.
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5 years ago, champagnemami4L
Love Hate relationship
I love TMZ always have , have had the app for years but that’s when it works, I have issues with it not opening or closing while I’m reading an article ): it does give me an option to send a bug report but it’s been a year now since this issue starting happening and I’ve been upgraded my phone but it’s still having issues please fix this otherwise I’d give it 5/5 👌🏾 Edit: they still haven’t fixed it, still having issues loading a story it kicks me out and reloads continuously , so annoying!
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1 week ago, Angel551
almost every time I look at photos I have to delete app
Where is the spot to tell you of issues. Multiple times while I look at pictures the app goes either all white or all black. This is all I will see. Can not move to another page or anything. Opening and closing the app does not help. so I have to delete the whole app and re do the hole app. Getting tired of doing this. I guess I will have to find another news source if this is how you want it. used to love tmz now not so much. Still again pictures viewed and white screen had to delete.
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4 years ago, Whocares009
Nothing but liberal BS now
I remember a time when TMZ reported on everything, now there is a clear bias when things pop up and you see racebaiting foolishness and liberal politics come up all the time. Harvey has lost control in an effort to try and seem relevant with his young ultra pandering liberal staff, it’s sad! Interesting TMZ only talks about race during specific isolated situations when a certain race is the victim, but ignore each and every time it comes up in the reverse! Long story short, I don’t need a news app that tries to manipulate and reframes reality into some nonexistent fairytale that promotes fear hate and bigotry! Report just facts each time and stop trying to virtue signaling! TMZ will be officially removed from my device! PS TMZ if you think turning off comments on your web space to suppress facts is going to change anything, you are wrong! PPS ... we all know what BLM is really about, and it’s not about helping folks otherwise the masses would be in places like Chicago trying to stop the B on B killings! #facts Another miss for TMZ
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6 years ago, BossyBrooke
Can I get a sentence in?
I cannot read more than one sentence without an ad taking over my entire screen, and not just an ad you “x” out of. Nooooo, it is an entire video that you must watch in its entirety until you’re given the option to “x” out. Oh, but it’s not over then! Once you get the article back and are one sentence in, there’s the SAME video taking over your screen again! I am an avid reader. It doesn’t take me forever to read one sentence. I hope this is a big they will SOON fix and not just a money grab ruining this app. Uninstall.
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3 years ago, dak to arty
Generational differences
TMZ exposes the generational differences in America and how short the current generations memory’s are. Look back to old shows that I remember the panel looking down on Korea town and referring to their eating dog meat..Switch go today and anti-Asian statements are looked down on by same panel, look back to the day when Hip Hop street credits were given to a performers endorsement and participation in violence and the general tolerance of violence by theses performers is seen as good quality. Look at your old tapes Harvey!
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7 years ago, Penny Torres-Spinnler
TMZ Review
I Just LOVE you All! I so look forward to right before I go to sleep watching Stephen Colbert to laugh my arse off and then I open my TMZ app and have so much fun and laugh and some stories are "feel good" stories and before I go to sleep you're my secret pal i read and listen to just to find the same faces, read the same writers and have a good laugh or heartfelt moment before I fall asleep. Ya'll are one of "look forward" to evening rituals! Thank You TMZ!!! 🙏😍💝🌸🦋🎏
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4 years ago, CKMalloy
The comments are awful!
I love love LOVE this app, but the comment section is disgusting! I’ve had this app for a couple years, and it’s always been like that. I’ve seen complaints about it in these reviews, but nothing changes. When are you guys gonna do something about that? The people who comment are homophobic and racist, to say the least! I’m on the app all the time so I can keep up with what’s going on, but I just can’t with the comments. They’re so bad that it almost seems like the same people, or maybe it’s someone in your end. It’s just mind-blowing. Besides this, I have no complaints about it. I love TMZ. You guys just need to wake up and do something about this.
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6 years ago, tricheb
TMZ opinion
I love tmz. Unfortunately I choose to watch less because you talk about race too much... specifically anti white rhetoric. I am a gay Mexican man and it takes over a lot of the show. You can say well the President is making things divisive and so that causes our coverage, but you control your own show and you choose to be hyper Democrat and dismissive to men and white people in general... yes you cover all bases but most of your coverage has become biased, while in the past it wasn’t. It was more fun to watch
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6 years ago, Elita1234569
Decent info. HORRIBLE APP
Constantly crashes. When you finally are able to get into a good rhythm with the stories, they take you all the way to the top of the screen like I wasn’t just three weeks deep into the stories. And my FAVORITE part of this app is when it takes me to the App Store without warning to offer me an “ABC Mouse” game. I’ve never even seen abc mouse advertised on the site so how am I supposedly clicking on this ad? This app makes me feel like I’m in 1990 and I’ve opened an email that says I’ve won a million dollars. So glitchy and slow and just bad. Guess I’ll just have to rely on the sites that use your stories because this app is the pits.
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3 weeks ago, xXCoRiNnAXx
TMZ only
I literally don’t believe anything unless I hear it on tmz! And u are usually the first to report anything that happens and its legit!! U make sure to dot the i’s and cross your t’s!, And love the deep trusted knowledge of the laws! U all know ur ish! And I love it, also love the deals that are added lately! It’s always a deal on something I like! 🤍thank u to everyone that makes tmz up, for my trusted latest celeb content always! We love u !! C c
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2 years ago, V's mother
Best & Most Accurate News Source
I have been watching TMZ and reading TMZ for years. When Kobe Bryant died and they were the first to report it I knew their Newsroom was unrivaled. There have been NUMEROUS instances where NO other “mainstream” media is reporting on breaking news but TMZ is right on top of it. They deliver poignant stories with a sense of respect and authentic empathy. I TRUST them 100% and I truly CAN NOT say that about any other news source.
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6 years ago, missuga8fan
Let’s talk about more than the oh pinions of the typical person from California
We grew up with mike he didn’t not have a regular child hood . If he did something wrong let it be that he should have went to jail ! He did not !!! He did show us love and family and we grew up with that and it was good ! I feel bad he had to be a kid at a very late age! I can relate! God bless his family and people that Appreciate his good music and is good heart
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5 years ago, Jacknite01
3rd time it crashes my phone
This app has been on my iPhones since it came out. I’ve only just realized that its this app, not my phone, who keeps crashing my iPhone. It happened 2 years ago with my iPhone 8 plus, the iPhone X, and now iPhone XS Max. Every time it was during reading an article on this app. I’ve been lucky to have backed up the phones on a weekly basis. Another issue with this app is that it has a lot of spam apps. It takes me to safari to open up the app store and tell me about an app they want me to download. How is Apple allowing this? Maybe I should give TMZ a 5 star for and Apple a 0. Is anyone else having the same issues as I am?
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2 years ago, unicornsand rainbows418
Sometimes your swipe between stories and it starts playing videos or showing a gallery that I had zero interest in seeing. Sometimes it brings you back to the beginning if you swipe too much. It’s so frustrating to have swiped through 10 stories and click on the one you want to read and then it sends you back to the first instead and you gotta swipe all through again to get back to it.
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6 years ago, OneEvolMan
Love the most of the app. Best and quickest news available. However when scrolling through stories and coming to an ad, lightly resting your finger on the ad to swipe up/down causes the ad to open. This same behavior doesn’t occur on the stories, so I am forced to believe that the application developer has done this on purpose to increase the number of people that appear to be clicking on ads. This is not acceptable. Please change it soon.
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8 months ago, Mr. DoRyt
Since The Beginning
I love this platform and what Harvey and his team have brought forth. I’ve been following TMZ since it’s debut. It’s the lead in entertainment news as far as I’m concerned. Although, I miss some of the previous staff members, the new/current staff members are just as good. Thank you for being a force to be reckoned with in WeHo (Los Angeles) as well as across the country. Best wishes to you all!! 🤎🙏🏽 Jim Brown, Jr.
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5 years ago, kathyqmarco
Rochelle needs to be Ebonics shamed !!!
This app is amazing!!! I don’t get an aired version of tmz live till 3 am the day after it airs so this is great!! If ya wanna short-cut it, you can just watch all the headline news w pics , then delve into the ones that interest you. Great job on the app IT!! Harvey, Raquel is literally coming across as ignorant and uninformed and you letting her get away with it lowers the standard of your delivey! And give Van a raise ! You all rock keep it up!
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4 years ago, g rizzal
First and Always on point with the info!
Anything I want to know or see is true I look to TMZ! Most of the time the information comes from TMZ if there’s a major situation and I tell my friends they end up hearing it from me and than they hear it hours later and call me back” saying how the hell did you find that out so fast???” And I just say ! I heard it from TMZ! Always first and always the truth!
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3 weeks ago, PizzaHooray
From my point of view.
You stir the pot many times, those posts, come across as “forced” really trying to make more of a story than needed. We read between the lines and can easily see that. Separately, I admire your accuracy and follow up. Wish some of your writers would report in the middle rather than give us their liberal spin. Just the facts. We don’t need their opinion, I come up with my own.
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3 months ago, Dyej001
Very Sensitive
I love TMZ and have been an avid viewer online for years… finally got the app. Love the news but I constantly need to “back out” of screens that populate with even the slightest brush. I don’t have this experience in other apps - don’t know where the difference originates but it’s annoying. Nothing will ever stop me from reading TMZ however I hope this is seen by somebody who may notice others are having a similar experience. It could be better.
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6 years ago, TS STAAR
T》M》Z《 you are one of my favorite social media apps and as well as live television shows I would ever stay stuck to any device to get the Hollywood scoop the true Hollywood scoop from this perspective any day before watching any other program aired on television or through satellite Sellier phone app viewing. Harvey you are the best since People’s Court teehee. You are genuine heart whos seen a lot! Love you guy😉 Your reports are fast vast And always accurate up on my reviewing therefore meaning I’m never kicked out from watching that this here is always welcome this is T》M》Z《 in for that cause alone much on her to this broadcast system as well as THIS RIGHT HERE!!! being thee Internet!!!!!!!! Sincerely yours - #MZzSTAAR (Staar Adony’A) - SKY⭐️💸🌟💵🌟💫📀✨📸😁
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5 months ago, 1dovelove
Finger on the social media pulse
Hey, thanks TMZ for knowing fun truths about celebrities, local news, and the like, I trust TMZ News over fake news! Keep up the cool work..I understand it’s totally entertainment; however, love the TMZ team and fact checking too. BTW where is team Charleen& her blond girlfriend? Also, the blonde sexy surfer dude? We love adorable Charlie, we met him so cool!! Your TMZ CREW are now their own celebrities! LOL LOVE IT ! Smart work HARVEY! 2 chefs kisses..
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7 months ago, raedawnblue
My Opinion on TMZ
I love being up to date on the celebs and their lives are entertaining and interesting…I also think Harvey checks the stories out before making them public…also TMZ seems to be the first ones to report on most of these stories and it’s like I said they’re usually right on the money!
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5 years ago, amberlina
Excessive Redirects
Way too often the app get stuck in this loop of redirects to the App Store. It makes it impossible to read any of the articles when it happens. Also, the when launching the app, it will get stuck and doesn’t do anything for a few minutes and eventually will close itself. I can go to the website from safari with less hassle than this. I did give it one extra star because it seems to do notifications well, you just can’t read the article when the above issues happen.
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2 years ago, Thirsty.For.Knowledge.
Perfect, except for random glitches.
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE TMZ!!! I’m the one in my family who knows the drama before everyone else. My only problem is the app glitches almost every time I use it. It completely freezes and I have to close it out completely then go back in, losing my spot, every time. Other than that, TMZ is my lifeline to all the drama!
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4 years ago, Hazyville
Videos aren’t working
Was a decent app but the last few months the videos aren’t working! I thought they would fix it but it hasn’t happened. The advertisement videos (typical) work but that’s it. There’s been to update to fix “bugs” but problem still persist.
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6 years ago, Mismicdar
Fix the ads please
I can’t even use this app at all right now. EVERY time I open it a pop-up video ad loops over and over again and even though I wait through the whole video for the “x” to appear, the video won’t close, causing me to hard close the app. When I re-open, same thing happens. This is an ongoing problem. This will happen for a day or two or more so I stop using the app then go back a few days later and it’s fine. Still has the pop-up videos but at least you can close after watching. This app is just not consistent enough to recommend.
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6 years ago, liv9284
Constant Crashes and Ads
The app crashes almost every time I open it and ads pop up repeatedly while trying to read a single article, if you happen to be touching the screen at the same time it takes you right to the ad on safari and away from the app. Try to go back to finish what I was reading and the app crashes again. The issues within the app really deter me from using it and at this point I may open it once a week. Having an app that is essentially unusable is pointless.
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3 years ago, James J 1984
I like TMZ I like all the stories they have in the videos the show. I wish they had the chat room again where you could express your opinion I really enjoyed that a lot. I guess they dropped it because there was just so many negative comments on there but I still like TMZ💰💰💰💰🎩🎩🎩🎩🎩⛄️⛄️⛄️⛄️⛄️
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5 years ago, SWB-Apple
4.3.3 Update on iPad Renders News Feed Unloadable
After the recent 4.3.3 update, The News feed won’t load on two of my iPads. The TMZ animation takes place, and then the screen stays black. All other feeds: Photo, Video, Sports, Shows are loading fine. This doesn’t happen on iPhone, only iPad. Would love it if this got fixed. I use it on my iPad every single day.
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3 weeks ago, V- Man-19
Entertaining and informative!
I’m love the cast/crew. I think what makes this show better than shows similar to this is the banter between the crew! Everyone has a different personality and perspective. I’m also impressed with how they get the breaking news so quickly! I now use TMZ for that reason as well
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9 months ago, A very happy costumer!!!
Always first to deliver news! Always on point!
Such a resourceful news media! I love that is so accurate and never with lies. Sometimes they post trash news like Kim Kardashian flirting with one of 1000 guys out there (who really cares) but most of the news are interesting and always the latest updates. I love TMZ!!!
Show more
7 years ago, Jazzyaimee
Love TMZ
Honestly, I'm tired of seeing so much negativity in the news all the time, that TMZ does not have, it is in ways up lifting because of the humor n light heartedness of it all. Let's us laugh n keep updated on famous people as well as worldly news. Not all gossip, when news is important I can rest assure they will also cover that. Thank you TMZ.👏🏽❤️
Show more
6 years ago, Kelly Parisi
Mixed bag
Love TMZ stories but their app takes up 10GB and regardless of phone or OS, the app constantly crashes or hangs up....all the time and what seems like daily. I I've noticed more and more ads being served up which is kind of annoying when scrolling. So 2-stars for sub-par UX. (I would have given them 1-star but their creative writing and coverage is entertaining.) Also, their reporting/publishing is really light on the weekends which is noticeable so I know to look elsewhere then when interested in current events.
Show more
8 months ago, Boheski
Great News
I really like to thank you and all the wonderful hard working people who put out this great content I understand hard work being a Former Combat Marine on many front lines of the Military Wars from Beruit Lebanon to the Gulf War Delta 1/1 from 1 Marines and you can always fact check my words 🇺🇸
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