Toca Boca Jr Hair Salon 4

3.9 (18.2K)
377.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Toca Boca Jr Hair Salon 4

3.87 out of 5
18.2K Ratings
8 months ago,
Amazing game but..
Toca hair salon 4 is an amazing game,and i just love it so much, and i play it just about every day, but a few things that i’m having problems with, is that every time i try to subscribe, so i can get new characters and stuff,it just loads,and it says “Connecting ” for about 15 minutes and it’s just rlly annoying, and no matter how many times i close, and reopen the app, it just says the same thing. “Connecting”. Also smth i thing that should be changed in the game is the control of the hair and more clothing options for free, that would rlly make me happy, and something else that i think would be cool, or something that you could maybe add into the game, is the ability to spin around the character so you can see the back, and front of the character. Other than that, this game is absolutely awesome 👍. Please reply I really want to subscribe and get makeup, because without it, Toca hair salon 4 is not as fun as i would like it to be.
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1 year ago, Livia Evans
Some things to help-emily
As you can see I’m Emily and I am more of a let’s play person 70% and not that much of a rateer but I usually do long reviews but I think this will be medium level of words maybe long cause of this but it’s ok I’m used to it so this game is okay there’s just not much of a good game to play but it’s a bit relaxing to brush and do the hair maybe they could add a back hair option and when you go to favorites you can update it or just have two arrows to show the back and front hair and MAKE MORE PEOPLE we’ve only got 3 pages of costumers how about we make about 50 pages of characters that would be pleasing to the eye to see the characters you make you could also put a scrapbook saying 2022,2023 and on I know it’s weird but I just think it would be cool the characters could give you stuff like rewards you could also add requests from the characters and you could have little hints like what utensil you need to use and you can add levels and each level gets harder and harder (there’s gonna be little of this probably please it’s okay if you don’t want to almost change the hole game sorry!) and for the hints you can watch adds sorry if it sounds crazy maybe I’m sorry but change the name 🥺you can change it to “Toca hairstyle match” sorry if it’s to crazy but sorry please add this anyway it would make me so happy to wake up and see the changes thank you bye
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1 year ago, Bido bear
I love this game but it needs some changes
This game is a good game. It really is but I can brush the hair in the way I want to. It’s fun but it’s not as fun as it would be with these changes. Maybe if you could add like a full body feature and you can see how the whole entire outfit looks like. You can make your own pants and your make your own cherub a tie-dye make your own outfit with heels and tennis shoes and whatever you want but then you can also make a full room we can make a room for these people you can get coins. You can make a room for this whole entire thing and make it look the way you want, it was a project makeover project makeover is a game where you get coins and get to make a room and dress these people and get the make up and style their hair and do whatever you want to them but then you also get the same amount of fun maybe if you just added a couple feature similar to project makeover then it would be way more fun. I do give a five star liking I do, but it needs some changes. Maybe if you could just get something different and knew then people would read it better cause seeing a 3.905 reviews and that’s not pretty really good so maybe you could get five to go with you if you just to see things to heart thank you and that was a bit of a bear.
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4 years ago, Micheline12#7890
I love it please reply 🤍🤍🤍🤍
So I wanted a app on my iPad so I was searching and I found this so I wanted to try it out and plus it was free. I downloaded it and I played it it was interesting then I deleted it because I did all the people’s hair then I was so so so bored and I was thinking well can’t I do the people’s hair more than one time so I re-downloaded it and I found out that I could do the people’s hair more than one time and I still have it on my iPad so I was officially addicted to it so I found a number 3 hair salon but it was $3.99 so I was officially addicted to hair salon 4 so why not 3 so my dad payed for it and I was officially addicted to it too so I think it was worth it. In hair salon 4 which is this app you could pay for stuff like makeup or clothes but I didn’t see that on hair salon 3 which is $3.99 so I guess when you pay the $3.99 you payed all the accessories too but because hair salon 4 this app is free I guess you could pay for some accessories. Toca Boca I love your apps even though those are the only apps I have from you but if I download some more of you apps I will probably love them. Please reply to this and I hope there will be some updates on hair salon 3 but I love the update that you did today on this app.
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7 days ago, ke,elk
I love this game!!🥰😍
OK if you wait alone like a long time then you can to unlock the make up even though it’s not unlocked there’s lots of people and it’s really fun to decorate and they do all that stuff there’s actually really cute outfits like this cute little baggy sweatshirts and certain stuff like that and it’s just so cool how you can wash off the make up and I love it I don’t think there’s anything you can change it to make it better there’s like no ads it’s like the best like bill anything cost money or is locked it’s just so cool and I hope see you guys if you guys are playing this any of you guys are playing this app you guys really like it because it’s really fun it’s like I don’t know how to explain but it is so fun I don’t know how to describe it anymore but it is so so fun I love it there’s like so many people I would like some more people but you know how to do that but I love them and I don’t know what to do with the crying and I don’t really know but like it’s so fun you can take cool pictures yes there is some things that are locked like some of the picture frames but that’s fine I don’t really care like I said many times before I love this game it’s my new favorite❤️💞!!!
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2 years ago, ItsBunnz
fun for all ages but a *few* problems!
omg i used to play ALL the toca games in elementary school. i’m a sophomore in high school now so there’s a LOT of nostalgia with the entire series of toca boca games! if you’re willing to pay a little bit of money (it’s not that bad if you only get a few packs and although i don’t have it, make-up is only 4$) and there’s SOOO much cool customization that is in tune with fashion today! although my one problem is how hard it is to use tools. you have to swipe on screen to look at more tools or go to a different area, but if you’re holding a tool or something if you swipe to move it’ll use the tool! sometimes this is that big of a problem, but i’ve noticed most of the time it COMPLETELY ruins the progress i made and i have to re-do something :( anyway, although it might be the nostalgia for this game dev speaking, this game holds up well and i think they did a good job working with current kids PLUS other ages and their style! i’m giving 5 stars because the tools aren’t *that* bad so if i had to give a more precise rating it would be 4.5/5. keep it up devs, you’re doing great :)
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1 year ago, mary schramm
Amazing app but one issue
I know I normally give five stars to every game I see this game I would give it 1 million stars if I could but this one issue is it issue is that the make up you have to buy at first I thought I didn’t have to buy the make up at all but I found a solution to this problem the accessory things although they’re not as great as the make up make up is way much more better and cleaner and I wish the make up was for free and I wish there were more characters for people who just started playing the game because you get four basic characters and I’ve been doing them over and over again and I wish I had more characters although I looked at the shop and somethings don’t make sense like make up and I have super tiny fingers and some items are also hard to grab although when I was little I used to have this game and I had the make up and a ton more characters and now revisiting it I don’t get how this works if the make up was for free then more people could have amazing styles
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3 weeks ago, 🫶Swiftie!!🫶
Very great game! 🤍✨ (one minor issue tho…)
I LOVE this game! It’s so fun to play and has a wide variety of customization, characters, accessories, and backgrounds. I enjoy this game very much, BUT one issue… I played this game today and when I got into the game it wouldn’t load. It would just be a blank white screen with music playing it was like the app didn't want me to get out, I tried and still couldn’t get out of the app I tried to turn my iPad off, restart my iPad and turn down the sound.. and none of that worked. But after a couple of minutes my iPad finally got out of the game. I tried to get back into the app but it would just repeat what happen earlier. My brother has the same app and got into it without any issues, I don’t know why or what is happening when I play this game! It’s SO annoying, bc when I want to play the game it does the exact same thing. I do have other Toca Boca apps and they all work the same but this one app is being weird. Overall I still like this game very much, it’s fun to decorate the characters and dress them up! I just wish that this glitch for me will be removed. Thanks! ✨🩷✨
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2 years ago, Serena,
Amazing! One suggestion
Greetings developers, and happy new year! I started playing your amazing game about a week ago, and I must admit, it’s one of the most addictive games I’ve ever played. I’d highly recommend getting it! I can truly appreciate the time and love Toca Boca put into this! It’s just as fun as the priced one! 😊 Personally edit: This doesn’t, and never will take any stars off the game, but I’d like to discuss the shop. It’s an amazing opportunity to buy extra stuff! However, occasionally it would be nice if there was in game currency. I only mention this because I noticed some makeup the characters in the game wear don’t match with the style or “look” I’m going for. In game currency might allow everyone to buy slightly more natural looking makeup that you can apply for free! For instance: blush, freckles, shimmer eye liner. It’s only a suggestion, which I would appreciate if you added, but I completely understand otherwise! Thanks for the astonishing game! Again, I’d highly recommend it! 😜
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10 months ago, Barbiefan0001
All Toca games are… whatever is a stronger word for awesome
Sorry I am a third grader. I don’t know a better word than awesome yet if I did, I would say this game is that word. I had this game for two days and it is super fine. The stuff you pay for it is totally worth it. I am serious. This is the perfect game zero ads, you don’t have to pay a lot, and the best part is you can do lots of really fun stuff! I do not usually make reviews, but I had to make a review. There’s only one thing I would prefer you not do. So when I make a hairstyle there for the character, then they just stick out their tongue and say blah. Kind of rude. Otherwise this game is super Duper fun you can dye their hair for no money there’s some free earrings and some clothes and you can give them. I like it so much I have given names of the characters. The blonde character, I name that Julia, I named the boy Vinson. I named you one with green eyes Kate and the one with pink hair Halle I think that is all of them anyways, this is the best game.
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9 months ago, The first reading
Best Toca games ever and also, please read this
It’s me again Melody your games are so fun but can you please remove the games that you have to sign your birth year because it’s not fun and I don’t know my birth year and my parents don’t either, so can you please remove that from this game but other than that this game is gonna be so fun I’m guessing because you guys always make fun games no one can ever get bored of Toca, Boca because it is so creative and so fun no one can stop playing this one day. I might retire but I always write reviews about when I was a little kid because now I’m seven years old but anyway. your guises games are fun even though I’m seven years old. I still play them every day. I’m not trying to be mean but you’re lucky I’m playing these games. I love Toca Boca always always. I love Luca. Boca always always look at the best hotel, you song yeah I think that’s a yes I love you very much. It’s so much fun to play this game. Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah🩷🩵🤍❣️💖❤️💙🤎💕💘🧡💜💞💝💛🖤💓💚🩶💗
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1 year ago, read this💅🏼
Please read
The reason why I didn’t give this 5 stars is because well this game is really great you should definitely download it, and so far I haven’t had any ads! Which is rlly surprising and I’m glad for that, but the problem is for me, is the makeup, my parents won’t buy stuff on apps but I really want to use the makeup thing, I understand that you need to make money because you don’t do ads but can you at least make a few things like eyeshadow, eyelashes and blush free? That’s it? Because I really want to do the makeup but I can’t so please make at least a few items in the makeup thing free it doesn’t have to be everything but just some things free, that would make me really happy! And I would play this game way more often, I also went to the Apple Store and it had this game and had extra characters and I looked in the shop and they weren’t there! I wasn’t going to buy them because I knew my parents wouldn’t let me but I didn’t see it, I hope you add it AND make some of the makeup stuff free, please respond to this, thank you!
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4 years ago, TocaNerd
Missing a few items
First off all it’s missing tweezers for the eyebrows, shaving them into a nice shape is REALLY hard tweezers would allow for a more in-depth eyebrow shape AND could be part of the makeup. Also you advertise the makeup as part of the game but it’s really a in app purchase which is very deceptive and disappointing. Maybe if you made a basic makeup pack for free and had more colors and glitter in the other packs that would be more fair. Also foundation would be cool! You have eye shadow shades that work as neutrals for darker skin but not lighter skin. Finally add teeth whitening and the ability to choose braces or none? I like the concept of some characters having braces but the yellow teeth throws off some makeup shades. Also better control of makeup and hair would be nice! Yes the crazy hair and makeup is funny but kids want to be serious too. Like for the face maybe you could make it where you can select the eyes or the mouth individually? Idk just some quality of life improvements that should be made! Love that the 4th game is free and very diverse! Will rate 5 stars if you at LEAST add tweezers, please and thank you
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2 months ago, Y y y ribeiro
Umm help?
Hi there I’m not here for an real review but I have played this game in the past so I gave it five stars now that’s over let’s just get into this so I’m trying to get this game right I downloaded it and I think everything’s is normal to remind you I just got this new device for Christmas anyway so I download it and it says open I press on it it does that to a bo a thing then after that it literally goes whit like and I’m like what song try to get out of the game nothing then I’m like is this a bug a glitch is it loading I’m like whatever so I try to turn my device off and it’s still white and like maybe a couple of moths later I decided to download it again I wait also it did turn off and restart like power off so then It says open I press it does the same thing I’m get a little frustrated and I try on my sibling device and it works so pls help is my device a glitch or what? Ps pls write back.
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4 years ago, Corgicute
It’s alright
I’m 19, so hopefully I can leave a helpful review. The best of the hair salon apps, but makeup is the only real new option and it’s priced at $4. Honestly prefer method of charging $3 for a complete app that toca boca used to do. App is valued at $10 with all IAP which is pretty steep given how limited the game is. The hair is as impossible to control as ever. Updos are virtually impossible, can’t separate hair in the front from the back, and brushing the hair doesn’t cause it to fall flat as it always bounces up at the end. Applying makeup is hard because the model doesn’t sit still so applying lipstick will often end up on the face. The hair ties are still purely cosmetic as they don’t bunch hair together and there is only two items in the base game that resemble hair clips so if you wanted colorful hair clips you’ll be disappointed. The game should be fun for really young kids but older kids may get frustrated as making realistic hairstyles is extremely hard. The character models are... odd looking and it would be nice to be able to change eye color. I just want to be able to make pigtails and cut bangs without also cutting the hair in the back.
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2 years ago, Spunky Spunks
Like it😬
It’s a really fun app! You really use your creativity and imagination. However, there are a few problems. You have to pay for the make-up and some accessories. There are only four people to do hair on. 3 girls and 1 boy. When your finished with all of them you have to start over again on those same people over and over. This can get quite boring. Maybe you have to pay for more people. Instead of using 4 people all over again and again I have an idea. Once you are finished with them you move on to new 4 people and then another 4 people. There can also be a library where you can see your works and if you want to go back and change someones hairstyle you can. That would be amazing. This app is so much fun and I hope it gets more fun with the help of the developers. Thank you so much for using y’all’s creative mind on this app! Have an amazing day filled with the Lord that loves you! -Spunky
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4 years ago, CatsRule101365
So fun
I love this game I love the facial hair in it and the makeup is fun I also really like the thing ware you can put the curser on the rainbow looking thing and get rainbow hair though I do have to say you promote this game to be free with hair and makeup which is kind of misleading because the makeup costs money so maby you should promote it different I also want to say I have spent almost $100 On your games all of your game are grate I am upesed with your Toca life games and I like this game and Toca hair salon me a lot to I also like your Toca kitchen games and Toca builder and Toca blocks I know this was long but your games are my favorite of all games when I was younger I had a Toca boca shirt But I grew out of it also is it pronounced taca baca or Toca boca if you respond I am very curious if you read Toca boca please respond this is how I fell about your games 😀😃😄😁😆🙂😊😂🤣😍🥰😋😛😝😜😎🤩🥳😸😺😹👍🐵🐷🐮🐻🦊🐶🐱🐭🐹🐰🐯🐨🦁🦄🦋🌟✨⭐️💫❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤🤍🤎💔❣️💕💞💓💗💖💘💝☮️ which translated into English means awsooooooooooooooooooooooome!!!!!!
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3 years ago, Toca crazy person
I love this game but some suggestions! September 20, 2021
I have some suggestions and this is going to shock you are I want to tell you that I Love this game but just some suggestions can you make some updates please I would like if you could make the game where it had different rooms, different themes, and, some new hairsprays these are some more suggestions I play this game a lot but I was thinking if y’all could make some more outfits and accessories that would be amazing and maybe some more clothes I play this game a lot I’m waiting for some updates but today I have an update so I would like if y’all could add a a Halloween and Christmas theme! That would be awesome!! OK am I being a little too sarcastic? OK I did not mean to say that or did I! OK I’m being a little sarcastic why do I keep saying that? Thank you if you can add those suggestions that would be awesome!/Toca crazy girl!
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3 years ago, Lovin it🥰☺️
Decent Game
So I’m a kid and I really love playing toca boca games. I wish they didn’t cost a lot of money though. Which brings me to one of my problems with this app. It costs money for the makeup station. It doesn’t mention that anywhere which made me disappointed. I really would love to do their makeup but my parents aren’t going to let me spend money on a game that once I delete it, the pack is gone. I really wish it didn’t cost money just to do makeup in a game. Also there’s not many choices for clothing, there all the same each time. Then, it’s hard to pick up items or do something with the longer end of the hair because the items are blocking it off. I also think there should be a redo button to make it easier if you make a mistake instead of having to start all over. Overall it’s a good game, so I give it 4 stars. There is still much things I want to see improved though.
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3 months ago, Lu,:,:lu
Sometimes Frustrating, but sometimes not
This game is a lot of fun but I had trouble so firstly, trying to make character had a lot of bruises on the body so I needed a lot of make up but then I needed to do the body you can’t actually do the body. if you want to get the make up set I recommend not. Second, one character had trouble because I was trying to switch to the make up wouldn’t listen and it would just go out and then I have to press it again I had to go in and do it and sometimes you just cut off hair. Third, it’s actually really hard to make what I do is just make the person if it’s a woman what I mean is like a man hairstyle, not actually bald then make the hair longer. overall, it’s sometimes annoying and frustrating, and sometimes very fun and non-frustrating thank you for listening have safe travels by the way you actually need money for this game.
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4 years ago, historybumm
I love this app, but...
Toca Team please look!! I really love this app, but wish some things were added. For example, I wish that the makeup was free because I saw it in the pictures in the App Store and thought it looked really cool (adding not just hair styling but also makeup). But the main thing I wish was added was something where you can change the eye color. If there was just another section in the makeup station for contact lenses or something to change the color of the irises, that would make the makeup purchase so much better. Other than that, I really love this game and bought all the add-ons. I play it all the time and it can even help with art (hair styling and form). I’ve always loved the Toca Boca games, and this is by far my favorite. I recommend this to anyone in search of a good hair salon game that’s also free. Thank you to the creators/Toca Boca!! ❤️👍
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4 years ago, WakandanKid2.0
Love it but ngl there r a few issues
I think the game is great! I don’t have any of the extra stuff like makeup or anything like that because I don’t have credit yet and plus I’m not rlly gonna spend 4 whole dollars for some virtual makeup. Anyway other than that I think the game is really fun and is pretty straightforward. I do wish that we still had the option to braid hair like in the previous versions, also if we could turn the characters around in order to do better styles that would be great. Also the characters move their heads all the time which messes up the hairstyle that I am doing and is just rlly annoying after a while. I know this seems like a lot of bad but the game is really good and I love playing it. I recommend it to everyone because it’s lots of fun and Toca Boca is the best game franchise (don’t know if that’s the right word but u get it) ever created and everyone should have at least one Toca Boca game! ❤️❤️❤️
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11 months ago, StarWarsLover66
Awesome Game!
I downloaded this game a few weeks ago and loved it! I played it for a few days, but then I started to run out of creativity😂A great feature would be to have a styling book with a bunch of ideas and hair styles for the player. Another complaint I would have is that they’re are the same people every time I play! I don’t want to have to style the same person's hair every time. It would be great to change the characters every few days or so. My last complaint would be that you have to pay for the makeup! If you shower the character with makeup, it all rubs off and then you have to pay to get more and no one wants to do that. Over all, I think this game could be even better with a few fixes. I think it’s very different and simple from the other games that I’ve played , so I would encourage to download this! Thanks for reading this!
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1 year ago, 1037482yeahhhh
I love it but I have a few issues!! 😁
This game is THE BEST EVER. I have always liked makeup and hair styling games, but they are all too childish or inappropriate to me; this game is the perfect match for me. I love how you can save your favorite hairstyles and have a lot of creative freedom. Although this game is truly exceptional, I have a few problems. 1) Sound. I usually like to listen to ASMR while playing games because afternoons are really the only time I can wind down and relax since I am in middle school. Usually on most games I can turn off the sounds and music, but I can’t for any Toca game, including this one. I know that you can turn off the radio in the background when you style the people’s hair, but the characters still make sounds, and it disturbs me and keep me from playing this game as much as I want to. I would appreciate it if you could add a settings button so I can turn off the sounds and music so I can enjoy my ASMR and the game at the same time. 2) I like to have a routine for the characters I customize. (Shower, style, dye, makeup.) and sometimes I already like the makeup the characters were preset with, but I don’t want to wash it off. I was wondering if you could have to shower NOT wash off the makeup, but the towel still can? Thank you for reading my review!! 😘😁
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2 years ago, PreppyQueen<3
😚🤪So FUN!
This game is very fun for everyone even for those kids out their suffering and the ones that also have autism or something else this game can also calm you down and help when your bored some advice tho you kinda need to lower down the money 💰 no hate and I think this game is a very loving game for children! I’m also a kid who is 9 and I turned 9 on the 14th of March and I got a tummy ache don’t worry! I’m fine now these characters also smile a lot and never EVER get sad 😃This game is so much fun!! I also play this game 24/7 now also like toca boca and all of that this game also makes me be quiet like a mouse 🐁 and I mostly don’t move a muscle except my fingers and when I breath like ♾times so I know this is not much writing like other people but that’s my advice! Even tho 99.9% of this won’t see this have a nice day and stay safe✨💚
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2 years ago, MinekaWill
Fun but can be a little bit frustrating to the newbies.
I love hair and I love doing them on dolls or even online, but when I was a new person to the game it was really really hard to understand it. Sometimes I would even tap on the wrong products and end up shaving someone’s hair off by accident. Also it is limited people that you can do hair on I think that you should design your own characters and do their hair and you can keep on design and designing as much as you want. A lot of the people were limited so if you got done with all of the people it was no one else to do Hair on so you had to do hair on the same people over and over again and that can be a little bit tiring and boring. The music on the game can be really really loud and it hurts your ears. The good thing about the game is that it have so many options for you other than the people. You can’t dye people hair you can cut their hair whatever you want.
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3 weeks ago, TheCrazSlushie
Hey! Some Sugeestions❤️
Hello! So, overall the game is enjoyable, btw like the thing where you get the things that cost money for free for 24 hours. Like a trial, when I downloaded the game I noticed the surprisingly lack of updates. So this is definitely one of my go to mobile apps if im bored or looking for a game that dosent have too much adds. So that’s a upside, something I like about this game is that you can just be creative and express your style which is pretty unique. One complaint, for me it lags sometimes (which is pretty annoying sometimes) So, that’s why i gave this game 4 stars, Aslo i have a suggestion! Although the developers will probably never see my review. So here i go! :D A suggestion i came up with is that you can paint the customers nails! I think this can be a nice function or mechanic to the game. Anyways, thanks if u see this!
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4 years ago, bellscrew
It is good! But...
First off I would like to say thank you for another amazing game and I love this game and think it is awesome! (This is constructed criticism paragraph so I’m not trying to be mean. This is for tips on how you could make your game better! I hope you take these into consideration!❤️). One thing I love is that the characters are very cooky and different, one thing I don’t love is that the makeup cost MONEY! Like I feel like the other games that cost and arm and a leg should make enough money as is but then you cost $4 for MAKEUP?! That is like the main reason I got this game was because I was so excited that I would get to do MAKEUP on the characters! But no, that’s not the case and I am positive that I will NOT pay $4 for makeup. I hope you take this into mind and please make changes not for me but others who feel the same way! 😁 Thanks, Your Friendly User❤️
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5 months ago, LightFury316
Last year I deleted this app and today I got it again, I went on the app and then boom it froze my screen and wouldn’t let me out of it or log out of my iPad and then when I tapped it like crazy it made musical sounds like what am I tapping right now? What makes this sound that I’m tapping so like when I get into the game just white screen it won’t let me get out of the app unless I just leave it alone and then when my iPad restarted and turned back on to the swipe to unlock, ummmmmmm it made the noise again when I was just on the Home Screen ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️😰😑😐🫥🙃🥲😕😒😞🤨🤨🤨🤨like uhmmmmm I’m not even on the app… why is it making the sound by itself 😒🫠😶😰😓😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰I was freaking out I asked mom and she said.. ITS A BUG DELETE THE APPPPPPPPP!!! Me:what in the world is going on..?! I do not recommend downloading this app AGAIN IN MY LIFE (unless u fix the bug……. Which would mean a lot to people that downloaded this app and same thing happened to them) :/
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2 years ago, slpiemix
the game has real potential. but the clothes..
what I like about this game than all the dress up games, you can be creative and make your own look instead of picking stuff like a certain hair style or makeup look instead of creating them, thanks to this app I expanded my creativity, but the clothes is the problem, i feel like there’s more men clothing then woman kind even sense there’s more women clients than men as the and there should be more neck accessories and earring like accessories for men and women as clients, and it’s so hard trying to figure out to get more clients cause on the bottom of client picking it’s 1/5, so where’s the other 4 client slots, but the game is good anyway, if I had to delete all the games on my iPhone or just this game, I would delete all the others! 😋
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2 weeks ago, Nacho breath
This game USED to be fun
I loved this game it was my favorite game and it was the game I played the most but then one day when I went to play it said something about Saga and Toca Boca working together or something so I was like “ok” and nothing really changed but then I kinda stoped playing so I didn’t play for like a month, so one day I was bored and I decided to play it and it had the Toca Boca intro thing but then the screen just went white and it stayed that way for like five minutes so I tried to swipe out of the game but it was frozen I also tried hitting the off button but that didn’t work either. The funny thing is that I could still touch the screen and it would make noise and stuff. I ended up restarting the device and trying again but it did the same thing I tried over and over but it never worked so I think there is a huge glitch to the game.
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4 years ago, potato the first
I don’t like this
The makeup nor anything to put on their head and I honestly think Toca hair salon 3 was better than this I have no words for this in the add it says you can color the hair and do makeup and when I saw that I thought I would love the app but it’s just like a rip off that you can’t do anything but cut and wash hair it’s way worse than Toca Boca 3 and I hate how they did that I hope they fix this and make the game money instead of all the stuff in the game Edit: the developer responded but haven’t fixed anything at all I might as well delete this game the developer really doesn’t care and the game is way to expensive can they just make the game money instead of the stuff in the game I’m deleting this app until they switch those around then I’ll pay for the app to get downloaded the developer isn’t doing anything to help and is saying sorry but not doing anything about it just switch it around and there’s a HIGH chance of your app NOT closing down cause if they keep this up the bad reviews are just gonna keep rolling in I’m really disappointed and I thought that Toca Boca could do better than this s Second edit- wow another developer response hey developer could you switch the thing around the game costs money instead of the products inside the app - also can you stop sending things referring to your other apps cause I know almost all of them cost money so why change that on this game
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4 years ago, RubysAesthetic
i really like this game but there are a lot of things that could be fixed. i like the makeup (i bought it) but it’s forcefully messy like i can’t make a good winged liner without it getting on the eye shadow same for lipstick it gets everywhere. and i think adding a color wheel for the face paint would make it easier for if you would like to make a foundation shade which i have tried but failed to find a color to match the skin tones or just like add for skin tone colors to the wheel thing. also i would like if it was easier to brush like in the other games u could control the hair more but it’s harder now. also i would like if we could have a side view so we can do things like ponytails and half up half down looks. over all i appreciate the work put into this app but these are the things i think could improve it from the other games. Thanks -toca boca user
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3 weeks ago, 1 star hate
The reason why I am giving 1 star
The reason why I am giving one star is because a long time back my friend Olivia downloaded this game and her screen went white but it was fine after a while so today we told my friend to download it to see if it still does it and she downloaded it and it said the Toca Boca sound and went pitch white we tried to power it off it didn’t work swipe out of it ,it didn’t work nothing made it work and it is still white till now I wanted to see if it was just the iPad and it wasn’t cause I wanted to see to and it did the same I tried the same things we did with the other one and it didn’t work but after 10 minutes it went back to normal but my friends iPad is still not working it is white still but when u press on it it goes to make sounds but u can’t do anything u can download for your self but u will maybe turn white so if u want this to happen don’t download this game on your iPad or any device
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4 months ago, bryleemadden
This game needs to be FIXED owner
So there is some things stupid I think who would want to buy the makeup more coach and background 1. That is so stupid I did a subscription, for 7 days then I finally realized that it needs to be free I can go download a different game like this and would definitely be a lot better so when the 7 days ended I deleted why this game is supposed to be educational i personally think for those games it should be free so I hope that the owner who created the game sees my review and understands my point I loved playing it then did the subscription I honestly think it’s a scam and waste of money I will NEVER download this game again until it has game fixed right now if I could give it 0 stars I would but I can’t because some people just can’t afford that and your kid wants it and you have to pay that because that’s what your kid wants and she or he wants to be so from now until they change their mind am not downloading it again sorry.
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1 year ago, 🧁🥮🥧🎂🍔🍟🍕🥞
Best out of all
I love hair salon apps, they’re so much fun, and I enjoy this version of the toca salons the best. Can you add in some more features though? I’d love to have the full body showing so you can see the whole outfit and not just the top part. Also, if you do that, please add in shoes! Then the characters wouldn’t go around barefoot all the time. Also, can you add more expressions the characters can make? All the other apps have the same expressions and I want something new. Maybe a hmm face, a victory face, an excited face, or even a good to see you face. Please make more people too I’m bored of seeing the same ones over and over. Plus, I love the thing were you can save your own design characters. Please think about my ideas. Thank you guys!
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4 years ago, Waddledee23
A few issues I have...
The game is fun, I love the graphics, music, and the clients are full of personality in both looks and reactions. My fave is the first client listed, she just seems so sweet. I also love the diversity, and as a queer person I feel like I can relate to a lot of the preset character styles. However, I have one issue, and I feel so bad complaining about this because I know how awful and tedious it is to animate natural looking movements. My issue is how much they move around while I’m applying makeup or cutting/dying their hair. It makes me mess up what I’m trying to achieve. It’s very frustrating, but I suppose its not the biggest of deals in the world right now. I also feel terrible criticizing such a well-done part of the game. Also, a suggestion: a game mode where you try to match random clients’ requested hairstyles! Sounds like fun to me :)
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2 years ago, iloveshibes
Really cute and fun game, even for adults!
Even as an adult, I am having fun with this game, and I can totally see kids having a blast with all the crazy things you can do with the hair! Some criticisms are that I wish the game were easier to style the hair— the shelf is in the way and I keep pressing the tools, even with a stylus. Also I would absolutely love to be able to make hair buns, ponytails, pigtails, and so on. At least with the free version it’s very difficult to create actual styles. Also the makeup should be accessible to free players, or at least cheaper in the shop. I get that the game is for kids and the goal seems to be the wackier the better, but at least allow for actual styles and updos to be created? Other than that, it’s a good time waster being stuck at home!
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4 months ago, loin girl/meme
Where did the shop button go??
So as you see the title says where did the shop button go, and I’m not the person to complain but I loveeee to do there hair and I was gonna buy some makeup but you have to do the subscription to do it??? I don’t really understand why because my friend bought makeup and she doesn’t have the subscription??? And I don’t want anything else than the makeup and I’ve been trying to find out if the app hates me or your fixing it. And it wasn’t to long ago when I could buy it and I just forgot, so where did the shopping button go to buy all the makeup ! SEPARATELY! Couldn’t you like makeup a bundle? Because I remember there being different makeup and stuff. So I’m just confused why the shop button isn’t there were I need it.
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3 years ago, Emme E.12
Soooooooo cooool read Toca boca and thank u.
This game is super fun and 😎 cool. In fact I think it might be one of ur best games. Most of ur games r on my Kendal because I can get the ones u pay for, free on there because I got free time. Now anyway there is a prob,😬u can’t put any makeup, cool stuff, or markings on the character if u don’t get packs. So I feel like it would be 4 or 3 stars if u don’t get the packs. But I am happy because in the past u would have to just pay for the Toca boca HairSalon games but with this version u don’t have to pay u just pay for some stuff if u want. I am happy because they have there right to just charge money in because that’s how they make there living, But they we’re trying to be really nice and just gave u the option to pay for packs if u like the game a lot so thx.
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3 years ago, kay hey eww im dumb
Great but a lot of glitches
I love playing the game it’s a great time killer. Some hairstyles for me take between 20 minutes to an hour. Anyways on to the glitches, there’s a lot of them. When you brush the hair sometimes it just keeps going up for some reason. Also, one time after I finished a style, I went back and the picture showed the hair all over the place. Of course I clicked back to see what happened and the hair was now ruined. Another one happened when I was dyeing the hair black or something, but some random bright colored hair started showing up out of nowhere. At the moment I can’t think of anymore. I hope they fix some of these glitches soon. ps. Apologies if my grammar is a bit bad and if I didn’t explain some of the bugs very well💗🥲🤚🏻
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3 years ago, drawclassic
Encore! 👏🏽 😊 🙏🏽
Dear Toca, The new update is great! Just one suggestion. Make a free trial on makeup. Five days to a week at LEAST. This game has so much potential and with a free trial you will get better reviews and much more downloads. And I have the makeup so please please please add more colors as their is no neutralizer for the lighter skinned characters. In addition, the control on the hair is a little hard. you can’t part things the way you want to, so controlling the hair is hard. Also, If you could also make their teeth a little straighter (they look insane right now!) that would be oh so helpful. Thanks so much, stay safe! -Your friend. 😇😘😎🤗✌🏽 Update! This braiding box is the bomb! There are so many more styles you can do!
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4 months ago, roblox Queen25
The app is great but it needs some improvements
The app is really good, they the update where you can choose many more characters that you what. I still want more updates such as making a 360 camera to see the back of the client’s head because it would be easier for cutting,washing,blow drying, and more. Another thing I want them to add is is the tool where you can see the color of the object for the makeup because I would like to find the right shade to do makeup. I want toca boca to add full the characters full body when taking photo. I want them add more products when doing hair too. So I want it to be more realistic like the characters walking in the shop and sitting down. I also want a list of hairstyles including braids,curly,straight
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4 years ago, Big toe nails whisk wiseman
Can’t reccomend it enough.
If you’re looking for a high quality FREE hair salon app with no ads, this is the game for you!!!! I love that this game was free to play, had absolutely no ads, and just generally really fun and creative! The art style is really charming, and the characters are cute and pleasant to look at. It runs super smoothly with no glitches, and it’s super easy to make your own unique style. I personally think the DLCs, especially the makeup kit are really worth it. I’m trying to buy the summer pack but it’s not working though. Please post the update soon! Seriously, the packs really are worth it if you can afford them. But the game is super fun even without them! I cant speak highly enough of this app. Easily my favorite.
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1 year ago, Mike Hunt 🤓
This is a great app for when you’re bored! i really recommend downloading if you like customization apps or games!! Best things about this app… 1.) No ads! I really appreciate how there isn’t an pop-up ad every five seconds, and it’s very a subtle set up! 2.) Different skin colors! It’s really important to keep dark skin and light skin people together for us to realize we’re all people in general! I love how it gives us different religions of people too. 3.) Details and added accessories! It’s really fun to play around with the hair curlers, straighteners, crimpers, and even braiding tools! I also think it’s great to have different shirts, and other accessories…though LGBTQIA+ shirts would be cool to have and maybe more girly shirts..? Reasons this game might not be for some people.. 1.) Makeup locked :( It’s kinda annoying that you have to pay extra for makeup and other things…a little unfair in my opinion.. 2.) The sounds.. Don’t get me wrong, the people and characters are cute but the sounds they make..not so much. I hear grunts, whines, and…moans? it’s a little unsettling at first but i get used to it. That’s all for now!! Have a great day, and maybe consider downloading! <3
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5 months ago, oiyrevmk
This is actually a pretty good game
I love this game and I personally think it’s great for all kids to let out there imagination by styling hair which I think is great there’s just a few problems for example when I switch to hair grower to hairbrush the game gets confused sometimes and accidentally select scissors and it ruins the whole hair. Also another problem is is that I’m really confused on some of the characters gender. I played this game with my older cousin, and she pointed out that the girl had a man voice which probably she just had a deep voice, but then we looked at another character and they had the same voice, only those two problems. I think it’s a really great game for everybody.
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1 year ago, Just a loaf of bread
Please read! ✨
It’s your fav 🍞 Loaf of bread 🍞 again! This game is fun for all ages, and pretty easy to use. I only have a few problems with it; 1; I dislike how you have to buy the makeup/face paint. Could you have like a few basic makeup things free, so, if the player wants more colors or extras they could buy it? It just doesn’t seem right to me to have ALL of the makeup only accessible if bought. I get the developers need money but if they were to just add mascara, foundation and blush, it would be a little bit better. 2; I’ve read a few other reviews and agree with them: the click box is very small or it assumes I’m trying to click something else. It’s incredibly annoying and frustrating. But those are my main problems. Plus side, I’ve never watched an ad in this game, which, as it is incredibly hard to find a game with little to none ads, I’m very proud. 👏 can get a little bit boring if you don’t have the bundles, but overall it’s an enjoyable game that is somewhat addictive. It’s fun for all ages, as I said earlier, and I would recommend to most people. Thanks for reading, Sincerely, your favorite 🍞Loaf of bread 🍞 ❤️🍞🍞
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4 years ago, ehuduhdhuduhebje
Love this app
This app is great and there basically no reason to have any complaints, there are no ads which is AMAZING because I’ve had apps that would constantly play ads (every couple minutes) and the fact that there isn’t even an add at the top or bottom of my screen is so amazing, you don’t need internet at ALL I’ve had apps that you needed internet so the app would be enjoyable but this app needs no internet at all for anything, there are so many different styles and people to style, I only have 2 problems, which is that this app DOES cost money (3.99 or 2.99 I forgot) and that makeup also costs money (which is also as much as the app costs). But other then that it’s amazing and I recommend it to anyone and everyone
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4 years ago, AlohoNorah
I love this game, except for one thing.
As I said above, this is an amazing game and it keeps me occupied all the time. I love the adorable characters and all the kinds of things you can do with their hair. My only problem is the makeup. For one thing, this app showed pictures of characters saying that you can put makeup and face paint on the characters. This was something I looked forward to, but sadly, makeup is EXTREMELY expensive and not free. Another thing about the makeup: most of the things in Toca hair salon 4 (clothes, people, accessories, etc.) are free. You start with at least 10 shirts, people, and accessories and you can buy more if you want. That seems fair to me. But with makeup, you don’t start with ANY. So if the reason you are looking forward to this game is that you can put makeup on your characters, keep in mind that the makeup costs 13 dollars.
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4 years ago, cece fe
I have bought very toca life game (before toca world)and really enjoy the Toca life stories on toca life mix! I also absolutely LOVE your games (especially the hair salon games) . But, there is one problem I really want fixed. When I am trying to put on high class makeup, the characters keep moving and it messes things up. And that’s actually all. (Read on for suggestions) 1. I think you should add some characters from other toca games to your toca life stories to make eatsereggs for the older kids. 2.i think the next toca hair salon game should have changes in eye color and a LITTLE better graphics. 3. (Final one) I think you should add a mission more to your next toca hair salon game and add braids. Btw the mission mode could just be like doing a specific hairstyle the customer wants, this will add more fun to the game for older kids! Bye eeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeee
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