Toca Boca World

4.3 (519.4K)
618.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Toca Boca AB
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Toca Boca World

4.27 out of 5
519.4K Ratings
2 years ago, carnavile set dum dum
Great game just a few things 👍
Hi TOCA boca! I love your game and I’ve been playing from 2020 to 2022 now, I love and I thinks it an awesome game, I’ve never had any problem with it until now, first off one day I was playing and I just got kicked out, it just automatically brought me back to my home screen without and warning, I went back in, and all my cloths I had collected and everything I had built was gone, the only thing that was still there was all the houses I had paid for and obviously bop city and everything. Also another error is when I try to make a new character on character creator, it deletes one of my others characters when I still have 20 more people to design. One more thing is, whenever I move stuff to a new location, it freezes and I can no longer move or use it. That have to complain about, and I hope you can fix these things, but again I thing your game is ✨amazing✨ Just some ideas before I submit this. I would like to be able to play with friends on here, like have a button to play in houses while our friends are online a lot of my friends agree with me on this. Another idea I have is to be able to make it rain and snow and stuff. One more thing, I think it would be cool to have more free stuff a lot of people think the game is boring because they’re parents won’t let them get things with money on here or Thayer simply can’t afford it. Thank you reading my review and I’m obsessed with your game! Bye!!
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2 years ago, fbhxeggvffr
I love it here’s a few ideas
Hi I absolutely love this game and I have a few ideas to make it EVEN BETTER!!! I’m also really into wolves and dragons so I think it would be super fun if you could make wolves and dragons apart of the game it would be super fun to play with but not just one or two dragons and wolves I mean whole bunch I role play with characters I created and they can like turn into wolves and dragons but I usually have to improvise I just really would like wolves and dragons in the game. I would also like it if you could make a pet creater like character creater but pets because it’s honestly really hard to find a pet that I really like and I just would really like to create my own and as many as I want and again with the wolves and dragons can you please make it possible wolves and dragons it would be soooo cool and in the pet creater you could also make horses, cats, birds, lizards etc. so please consider these ideas I really want y’all to make it it would be so awesome and I’m sure that other people would agree with me for a pet creater and for dragons and wolves so again please consider it and one more idea is making a monster creator or being able to put real ears and tail on our characters but like there can be multiple of different ears and tail also if you could make it possible for our characters to be fairy’s that would awesome I know you already have mermaids so why not fairy’s please and thank you for reading.
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6 days ago, Googlefruit
I love toca boca, I have been playing for a long time the game is great with a bunch of things to do, you think the game is all peachy but truly it’s not all sunshine and rainbows, I find it hard to believe that people still play the game after everything they worked so hard on disappears, I had a world in toca boca which I was very proud of but then one day it logs me out of the app I go back in and everything is gone even my gifts are, I search up why this keeps on happening to me and it says that I might have logged out but not have left the building I was in, just to be clear I was not in a building😐 also I am very disappointed that they are now giving certain buildings for free when people have been playing it for a long time have to purchase it, I think that the creators truly have no idea what this bug is and how to fix it so yeah the game has many bugs so it’s not worth the hype if you are patient and are ok with your whole world resetting and then you having to build everything again go ahead and get you will looooove it but if not, and your a normal person it’s very frustrating, I would love toca creators to respond to me so that I know that you guys are actually trying to fix this horrible bug, I know I sound like I hate the game but I don’t that’s why I am rating it 5 stars because without all the glitches and bugs it’s a great game!😅🌺💋🎀
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10 months ago, Vavou0901
I love it, but
Hello, my name is Eva and I really really love this game. I think it is so much fun and it is such well done and the passes are amazing. I have no very bad feedback but I do have a little bit so my first one is I would really really like the game even what if like the characters could you know you could buy your own car for the characters and it would be really fun they could drive in it and maybe you could like control it it would be really really fun and I also think for my second to suggestion I think that like you should make the characters like a little bit more interactive, because the musical care but like when I’m doing like a romantic meaning or a funny thing, I want them to really feel like I’m listening to like that and like I want to listen to touch in the kissing one because like it’s so romantic and sometimes like I take a little videos, and like I said my family and it’s not realistic at all so I would really really love it if you guys can make like the woods a little bit more you know interactive in real but that’s all after all that I really really love this game I’ve been playing it for about two years now and I’ve been loving it so like I started when I was seven years old and now I am nine years old and I’m still playing this for babies and then it’s like four and up or whatever but I really think this game has a lot of fun things to do so keep it up Toca Boca
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10 months ago, 'sjskfhuffj
Plz fix this
I really love this game I really do but there’s this one glitch though that’s really annoying it like you’re playing and then say you go to your house and the game kicks you out or you say go to the theater it kicks you out plz plz plz fix this because I am at the point where I am gonna delete this app 😢😞😫😖😣😤😠😡🤬🤭 and my 🤬buildings in the game are all black (not being Racists) and it’s annoying so ya plz fix tysm for your time and game like I said I absolutely love( and when i say love I mean love )😍🥰😘this game but plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz fix this though I do have recommendations like ..... you can earn coins and with money (Toca boca money) u can buy new outfits or furniture oh and u should call the money toca bucks or boca bucks maybe toca boca coins idk but plz take interest in my ideas and for those who want to download this game do it u won’t regret it unless you can’t see your buildings like me once again thank you for your game and time mr And or ms creator #toca boca for life # Tbfl ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🥰😍 ps for fun tire and others stuff you got pay real money and i rate it a 4 I only put 5 so I could be the first one also I asked my friend have you heard about toca life and she was like no 🤨😤 and I was like 🙀 girl have you been on the moon all this time or are you sick the end anyway u should advertise more and I know u hear this all the time but plz plz plz make a zoo tysm #tbfl #zoo # 💋💋💋💋❤️ tysm for making toca boca
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3 months ago, Jsbucks 50
Toca Boca is an amazing game. It’s great for literally every age. If you’re even 1 years old, it would be fun to play. You could move around the characters and build houses, and explore all of the different buildings. It’s great for when you’re in the car going on a long trip, or just bored and need something to do. This app does not need any internet at all except for the store, which has pretty good deals unlike other games. The prices are as low as 99 cents for a pretty big pack! That’s a great deal. But if you don’t want to purchase anything in the game, that is 100% fine. There are still loads to do without in game purchases. Which is so cool! But one thing that I really enjoy is that when you join Toca Boca, you get a super cool, free, cozy, and aesthetic bakery for no money! I would say it’s a cute little “Welcome gift” 🎁 | —> | IDEAS FOR THE GAME: | 🎀 | Hey Toca! Maybe since not everyone has all the gifts you give out, you could maybe give everyone that uses the game all the gifts you’ve ever gave out in the Post Office 🏤? | A lot of people would really like that, and im sure you’ve got asked that before, since I’ve seen people talking about it. | Next, maybe give just 1 or 2 more free buildings and clothes. Otherwise, it’s a pretty good deal that you made with the free things and in game purchase things! 💝 | PLEASE TAKE THOSE IDEAS! otherwise, toca boca has my heart 🫀
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4 months ago, gdjfyfbfnckshdugogn
Adorable game!!🩷🩷🩷🩷🩷
This game is so cute! I only play with the pets though. I love how you can create your own people! I just have some ideas. Lets start out with the good things: This game is adorable and you get free stuff all the time! Plus, in the post station you can see all the last updates, and if you missed it, just grab the stuff from there! I also think all the animals and creatures are adorable. Some animals are normal and some are original and cleverly designed. Oh- and also, these owners are NOT LAZY!!!!! They animate for every new trailer and create new and cute content for all they're players! Now the eh things: Some of these people like the crazy burger, i really want to see it hold something in it’s mouth. Also, I think you should add emotions to all the characters, cause they are really creative, and i just wanna see the crazy burger’s emotions to be honest. Also, I get like no arias!! Sure, there is a whole city and a few other buildings, but i get nothing else!! And all i do is play with the animals I get, so its not much cause there is like 1 animal in each place!!! You also dont get that many items to customize with in custom houses. You only get like 2 cute furniture items, and i would really like it if you added more! Overall, i think you should really get this game, its really cute and worth it. Sorry that this review is long, thanks for reading!!💞💞💞💝💝💝😄😄🌟🌟✨✨✨🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈
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2 years ago, Cristalc13ar
Perfect for all ages!
This game is literally the best game you’ll ever play in your life you can play it at literally any time if you’re pulling an all nighter or a soon as you wake up if there’s just a few more hours before school there’s tons of stuff to do in this game so many things I probably couldn’t tell you all of them but just to start with a little thing everything in the game that you can buy is so reasonably priced it’s not like Roblox or Minecraft or you pay like $10 to buy a rare item in the game everything is perfectly priced and you get a good amount of stuff for each pack or house or furniture thing that you’re buying there are so many different things to do! You can build houses create stories there’s even a little icon on the top corner if you’re in a building that lets you film your own videos so you can experiment and do whatever you want it is so fun there’s tons of emotions that you can use at the bottom at the bottom left corner so you can really bring your characters to life you can make your own characters or go around checking out all the different places that you can go or make a shop of your own! I understand I’m rambling but I’m just so passionate about this game it is absolutely so much fun I really recommend anybody please play it it will not regret it! Ps. This is written by a fourth grader which is probably why it’s so long and so boring and so childish
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2 years ago, An0maly321
Great Game!!!
Hi this is an amazing game and here is why you should download it. Iv’e been playing this game for 3 years and I wanted to write a review soo.... 1. Cheap Prices and Great results! This game is FREE to download and you get a whole area there for FREE To get everything else the prices go from 1 dollar to 3 dollars 2. New things everyday - New Gifts every Friday or if you live in CA you can see it every Late Thursday - Short clips from Toca Stories every Saturday - Enjoy new things very soon they are always making something 3. Unlimited things for a small price You can get so many houses you get to design and for a small price you can design 30 characters but you can start off with 3 characters to design There are much more things and as you can see it’s so awesome you have to download this app Suggestions: Hi Toca can you please make a paleontologist area to dig fossils and add clothes for it I would really appreciate that. Also when making the dinosaurs for it please use some facts to design them because it really bothers some people when it’s wrong. Another thing my friend and I have been wanting a place to design your own clothes for your character. Basically there will be another building in creators campus and you can design clothes there and then when you want to use them there will be a section when you are putting clothes on the character where you can find the clothes you created! Bye!
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7 days ago, Kaden and Paris
I love this game so much but there is this one specific glitch that a lot of users have been having to deal with. I was doing a roleplay then all of a sudden it kicks me out onto Home Screen then I get back in go to my house then all of a sudden my data disappears and all my furniture is gone. It would be really helpful if you guys fixed this glitch I’m begging you. Another glitch is when u place something on the floor it disappears and it’s really annoying. Please fix these glitches and bugs and I have a few suggestions for the game. One suggestion is to give more free stuff and when u go to post office all gifts are in the shelf’s so we can have it even if it did not say we had a gift. Another one is to include your outfit packs in the character upgrade pack cuz we paid 5 dollars and I really want the other clothes but then the character upgrade isn’t worth it anymore. Also could u add like toca money so we don’t have to use real money? One word CARS PlEASe we all want cars SO BADLY. Can we have a clothing shop ??? Lastly can u please please give us like an Apple Store cuz the phones in the bop city are kinda bad *really sorry if this offends any of the developers*. These things would be really nice if you did them. But this game is GREAT 😌 I LOVE IT 🥰 BUT Please fix glitches and maybe some of these suggestions? ThANK YoU So mUCh DEvelopers fOR LIsteNing to these suggestions <3
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2 months ago, Tay⭐️🌸
Toca review
I love love love love this game. I play it literally every single day when I get out of school I can’t even do my homework because I’m so focused on doing it again not in a bad way. I guess straight A’s but I really love this game. It’s like the best thing that has ever happened to me. It’s only second to probably Roblox or TikTok or something but other than that I really love it. Attar world is OK but Toca Boca on top like I really love it like I play every single day if you are considering it, I would definitely get it. It is just that good you’ll be stuck and glued to your phone all day the number one thing on your storage or on your screen that pops up that she has been playing every day is going to be Toca Boca because just how funny it is it’s just something that you wanna be on every single day like it’s just so good, but I have like 20 I have I bought like 20 things already so yeah I basically have. I basically have bought the whole store like I only haven’t bought three things. It’s like every month or so they add new things like I updated that’s really good kids like to stay functional. They don’t like to play same thing over and over again that’s how Toca Boca is every time they update with something new. I am telling myself not to buy it but I end up buying it because it’s just really good so if you’re considering getting this app, get it and read this review love you bye💗
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10 months ago, EvilElf1904
Please fix these glitches!
Hi! So I have been playing this game for years now, and I have experienced some glitches along the way. So I had already built a house, and sometimes I only just make the characters after. Let’s say I made three characters. I exit from the character creator and I’m in the main entrance. I go into the character holder, and there are only two of my characters. I don’t know if there is a way to fix this, but the only way I know of, is deleting the game and re-downloading it. And sometimes I take HOURS to just make one house because I really love designing. And for all of my hard work to just be erased!? And this has happened more than once. There is one other glitch that I have experienced and it is about the characters hats. Once I made two characters, both wearing hats, I dragged the first one into a house and it went fine. But when I went to drag the second character into the same house, he disappeared. He was nowhere to be found and I could only get him back by exiting the game completely and re-joining. But when I re-joined, his hat was completely gone. I couldn’t find it and I had already made many houses and characters that I didn’t want to delete the game and re-download it. And it was a hat that I found in the post office so there was only one. Please fix these glitches because they are very annoying and hard to get past. Sorry for writing so much and if you got here thank you for reading.
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11 months ago, L 1 s 😟
Nice, but i have some suggestions
Super cute game! I love how everything is very affordable and nice, if you wanna buy a house it would be like 1-5 dollars only. But i have some suggestions that can make this game better. One thing is making customizable clothing, like having the option to add print or a type of fabric on it, i think that would be pretty cool. I saw someone else say this also but i think you guys should add necessities, like having to go to the bathroom or needing to eat or restock of food. I feel like this would be making the game less boring because you’d constantly have something to do. And having the option to turn it off or in. and another thing is remodeling some buildings! Places like the elementary school should be bigger and the college campus should also be bigger. And another thing is, adding more things such as scrunchies or squishmellows, etc. Also instead of having only 4 age options you should also have sizing up and down characters that way it’s so much easier to make preteens and teens and older kids. You guys should also add a cosmetics store, ice cream shop, and a bigger mall. About the mall, PLEASE MAKE IT BIGGER! I know it’s already big but it has so much potential ! Lastly adding events at schools, for example adding a stage for a elementary graduation or adding a middle school for a dance, maybe a high school as well. Anyway, thank you and i hope you and the team take this in to consideration.
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5 months ago, laugh my boo
The funnest game ever
Toca Boca is the funnest game ever not Roblox my last review I said that Roblox is the funnest game ever but is Toca Boca Toca Boca stuff I just can’t ever but it kicked me off sometimes but that’s OK cause I love Toca Boca Toca Boca is the best game ever I could never just stay off of Toca Boca like I’m on it every day when I get up from yeah but yea Toca Boca is the funniest game ever not Roblox my last review I said that Roblox is the funnest game ever but it’s Toca Boca Toca Boca stuff I just gave ever but it kicks me off sometimes but that’s OK cause I love Toca Boca Toca Boca is the best game ever I can never just stay off of Toca Boca because Toca Boca is the funniest game ever no one can say that anything is funner than that because just everybody knows that talk about that is the best game ever ever to be made I don’t know who made it but they did a great job on it I just wish I can just that yeah Toca Boca is the bunny funnest game ever I just wish that I made the game cause it’s the funniest game ever no one can say that any games other than us then talk about that no one can say that took a Boca is the least funnest game now this is if if there’s anybody that hates talk about that you’re wrong like Toca because the best game ever you don’t know like yeah well that’s today’s story I wish you all the way the swell if you could that you were we don’t have a phone or an iPad and does ask your mom and dad to buy a iPad or something for you
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3 years ago, toca the great
Some ideas I think we should have
Hello toca boca I love your game I’ve played it from 2018 to now it’s so fun and I love playing it and role playing with the characters I have a few ideas I would want that will make the game even fun in my opinion. First I would want to have more worlds like I make a lot of role plays and I want to make new ones but there is only one world can we have a button where we can have newer worlds so we can roleplay more? Another idea I have is playing the game with your friends I really like the game but would it be more fun if we can play the game with our friends? We can have a button where we can see if our friends are online and go to there world and play they can come to our world to and it would be so much fun. Can we have a button thing where we can make it up for day time and put it down for night time? We can put it in the middle for noon or midnight or something. Also can we have weather like sunny, snowy, and rainy? It would make the game kinda more realistic and I would love it. Than you for reading my ideas and I hope you at least put one because I really want one thank you for fixing some bugs but there is a bug that when I put on my clothes it doesn’t work and the zeke movie chair thing when I sit on it, it just freezes and I can’t move my character. Thank you again and again I hope you read my message and fix the bugs and at least put one of my ideas!
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3 years ago, P¡ckle
hi!! love you so much!!! 💙💙
honestly, you guys had raised me as a kid, and technically i still am one. my mom would buy us all of your games and we loved them, and i still do!! the quality of them makes it so worth the price, yesterday i didnt have any power at my house and i was incredibly bored, and i remembered your games! i asked my dad if i could buy the beginners pack and the character creator thing, and luckily he said yes!! i actually have a suggestion for the character creator thing (the one you pay for!), what if you added like the option to add marks? like how on some characters they have a bandage, or a dirty face, or dirty arms or scratched up legs! or also maybe you could add the option to remove a limb? like if someone didnt have a certain limb(s) and didnt have a prosthetic then they could make themselves more easily in the game! i also came across a glitch while transporting some of my crumpets in one of those little houses, it happened when i tried to put one of them into my character's hand and it kept kicking me out of the game when i did it, not sure if thats just a problem on my end, but if its not, then it would be greatly appreciated if you took a look at that! the quality of your games have gone up so much! theyre all so worth the price, i may be a BIT addicted to toca life, but i just really adored you guys as a younger kid and i still do adore you!! happy 10th birthday!!!!
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4 years ago, frostbyte112YT
Great game but unfortunately.....
If your looking for a game to play because your bored or looking for a fun game for your kids, this is it! Both of my siblings play and it keeps them quiet most of the time (which gives you parents an opportunity to take a break from the kids) When I first got this game, I was looking for a game that my siblings were freaking out about because they were at chilies and played a Toca game they fell in love with. I downloaded this for them, played it with them once and immediately saw why they liked it so much! You can run your own town and do things like get your hair done, go to the store, visit the aquarium, be a vet, cop, spy, vet-spy-cop, and more! I must recommend this game, I’ve had it since who knows how long and mg siblings and I love it. This has always been so much fun, but lately... when we try to create a new character or redo an old one, it crashes and everything we’ve done since we started up the game will be deleted. I know you have a lot of games, and your probably really busy, but if you have the time could you please fix this? When we delete characters, it’s fine but when we try to edit, it works for half a second then crashes. Other than this, this game is honestly so much fun that I’m a teen and still play. The game sometimes messes up and if I unpack things from the home store for my new house, then when i close the box, it all disappears until I reopen the box. Thanks!
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12 months ago, Dora Dora says slay
Why I love toca boca
I love toca boca bc it is so much fun and when u r bored just click on it and u will enjoy the game and there are many things to play on and sometimes I just feel like they should leave the prices alone and the team are free and I feel like every time they play or people play if they play for two months they get a new place or a house and they should put a graph of what they could get for the two months and I feel like they should be like houses, and like new pets and new places so that they can visit my place like the winter place and other places to hang out because it be so much funner with the other place but like it’s just a game and like we don’t really have to pay for stuff because like Toca, Boca and I had like like two houses and it just like canceled all of it and I don’t get my house back and my mom won’t let me get another house until like I find out what was wrong and that’s what I think that we should not pay for the items in another reason why I don’t like to go because because because it’s like fun and when you’re bored, I will just make her entire day like it makes my day I just get on it and like makes my entire day and it’s pretty good. I love how it is in. It has a lot of cool features and an I can’t believe I’m writing this much but I don’t want I could say about toca boca I can’t even explain it because I love it so much
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2 years ago, Alantic is cool
I love toca world but the GLITCHES please read ...🤝👋🏾
I have played toca world for about a year my sister and I love it it is awesome and amazing but we hate the glitches. The glitches we have been having lately is that our own created people are not showing up. I mean some of them are but not of them all of them. The clothes erase for some reason I don’t know why but they still work but like it erases and we have to redo them. The clothes and the character that I have created but other then that for the glitches. It is overall a great game I think you should add a zoo, maybe a fall festival add some more jobs maybe, possibly make one more beach, high school, maybe a make up store so like there people can do make up at home it would and buy it I think it would be cool to have, a yogurt or ice cream shop. Possibly Add a aesthetic house or apartment ,Rita,Leon,zeke and nari’s homes and make it a home designer, the foods that they eat in the episode’s and to make the parents of Leon, Rita,zeke,and Nari. It would be really cool to have it in toca life world. I would also like it if you have accidentally lock your self out your iPad and you lose all your data like previous gifts if you could put that Restore purchases or just if for 2022 you could get all the gifts from 2020 please also do you know how I can get my gifts back if I deleted my game can you make a button do get all your gifts please
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2 years ago, TheRealBianaVacker
good but needs a little work
toca life world is a satisfactory game, but, like all games, it could definitely be better. often times when i log on, i press the post office to receive my daily gift, but the app just crashes. i have tried exiting the app and trying it again, also updating the app, but nothing changed. the app also crashes sometimes just after you finish filming something. also, another thing: my sister has this game as well and she encountered a glitch in the theatre where all the items on the stage were out, like she had pulled all the ropes and the items stayed, even though she didn't do anything. when she tried to pull the lever to get rid of them, they just stayed there. here are some things that would get me to give you 5 stars: -more Hanukah/Kwanzaa decorations. most of the decorations at the moment are for Christmas, but not everyone celebrates Christmas and that calls for a wider selection -vitiligo option -wider clothes option one more thing: i understand you need to make money, but could you please consider maybe making like, a different singular building free each week? but toca life world is a really great game overall. you can play games, make food, put on plays, build houses, and get a job! this game is a great time-passer as well and kids will love it thank you for taking your time to consider and read my review and i hope you have a wonderful day and holiday season🎁😊💕
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1 year ago, TheChildPlayz100
I have another great idea!
Ok, ok, ok! So I was reading other people’s reviews and I have a great idea for a free thing to add to character creator. How about you put it so that we can add highlights to the hair. And yes, I know that there are some hairs with highlights in them but u can’t choose the color and me may want to put highlights in other hairs as well. So you should add a thing where u can add highlights to the hairs and beards, and we can choose the color highlights we want in the hair, and it has to be FREE or else it wouldn’t be fair, and it wouldn’t be as fun for people who can’t make in app purchases like me. Also… I thought this was a kid’s game! But did u seriously have a free post office gift be pads! 😳😟😨😬PADS! You just caused millions of uncomfortable parents, like for real? Pads! A whole bunch of kids are going to be asking their parents “Mommy, Daddy… what are these?” And their parents are going to be acting the same way I am, this game is supposed to be for kids, not a conversation starter about puberty! I’m old enough to know what pads are, but some kids who play this are little, and boys! Wow, toca, wow, I can’t believe it, you actually put pads in your game, that is just crazy, putting pads in a kid’s game, wow (yes I do understand that adults play it too, but so do young children) plz take my suggestion into consideration and do something to cover up the pads, thank you and have a blessed day! 😊😇😄😬
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2 years ago, Egoinmyapple
I love this game, I have bought several things and am addicted. I just can’t stop playing!! I totally recommend this for young kids and 10-13 year olds! They will most likely love it. I showed this game to my friend a few days ago, and she plays it so much she plays it when we are with her at her house or at an event. She is more addicted than I am! And that’s saying A LOT. I have an idea for one of the emotions, and possibly something in a future furniture pack. I think it would be cool if you made an apartment for people to decorate. It would be more expensive than the other decoration packs and houses, but it would be cute! And it would have lots and lots of furniture. So you could charge quite a bit for it!! And people would totally buy it! And with the emotions, I think it would be cool to have an eye rolling emotion, and an emotion where their face turns red because something is spicy, a laughing so hard you’re crying emotion, and a dizzy emotion! I think these would be really cool. Anyways, I really like your games! They are so creative and cute. Totally worth getting!! 10/10 would recommend. Bye bye Toca Boca! Edit: Whenever I go to the Bop City grocery store the whole entire building has a blue line! This is getting slightly aggravating, because I’m trying to record a video in the store, and there is a blue line across my screen. Anyways, I still love your game! ❤️❤️
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3 years ago, Zodiac572
Great game but…
I love this game so much and have all the updates and is always exited for new things, and I play it everyday. But there are a lot of glitches that haven’t been fixed yet, first, there is this glitch where I just finished re furnishing a house and the game kicks me out, I rejoin but when I see the house it’s empty and all of the furniture I put in it is gone. I don’t know if this just is my phone or the app but if you could look into it that would be great because I’m pretty sure this has happened to other people too, the other glitch is when I have one of my Toca boca characters holding a lot of boxes or suit cases with a lot of stuff in them, I move them to another location and sometimes some of the stuff is gone and it’s not in the previous location or in the present one, the next bug is in the new ‘Vintage Vibes’ furniture set, the teal ish round luggage, (I don’t know what it’s actually called) sometimes when I put stuff in it and make a character hold the luggage then bring the character and the luggage to a new location the luggage is still there but it won’t open. I love this game a lot and would love to see more updates with more bugs and glitches fixed because I know that there are some more other problems other than these that a lot of people have to deal with. Otherwise this game is really good just needs some touch ups
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3 years ago, vickiwlls
Awesome, love it
Love this game! Things to do, role playing with yourself! You do need to buy almost everything to actually have a good experience. But the free stuff aren’t the worst, you can get a small house for free, you can get you can get a whole piece of land for free. You can get free gifts, you can use for your role playing and for a decor in your house! But I have a few issues. You only get 3 character slots. I know it’s free, but I think they’re should be at least 6. Yes, you can edit some of the characters that you get to roleplay with, but you can’t do much like you can with the start by scratch character editing. Next issue is, literally most of the things are money. I did buy a lot of the stuff in the game, I just think it’s so frustrating that everything is is money, you can be like, hey, wanna get another house? It’s 3.99! Then if I want the cabin, then you be like, you want the cabin? It’s just a few bucks! And that’s just so frustrating. Everything you want is money, I think you guys should lower the prices, or put like one thing for free. Like the cabin, or something cheap. Or something new added for free. Like you guys can make a free NEW place so it’s fair for people who already bought that one thing, then it goes free. That’s just waste of money after, so I think some things should be free, something new added. Just because things always cost money.
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1 year ago, #silkiechickena4life
I love it
I love this game but you do have to pay for everything unless you are fine with crummy stuff and a small house, and my parents aren’t rich so they wouldn’t pay for anything but I really wanted a bigger house and some other stuff, but my mom said she wasn’t going to put any money into it so I payed for everything myself and it was definitely worth it and funny story I was playing it and I used all the money in my account and I was wondering what would happen if I tried buying something without any money in my account so I did, and my iPad is very glitchy bc it’s old so I’ve been trying to save up my money for a new one bc I don’t get a phone till I start driving and anyways I tried buying it and it worked and I was like OMGOSSSSH😱 finally my glitchy iPad comes in handy well little did I know my moms card was hooked up to my Apple Pay and turns out it wasn’t a glitch I was spending her money and when I finally realized it I stopped buying stuff immediately and I was like shuckkks how will I get out of this so I stopped buying stuff and decided not to tell her bc I didn’t want to get in trouble and she called me in her room one day and asked me if I had been buying stuff and I said yah and then I told the whole story!😳 but she wasn’t mad she just told me not to buy anything else, unless I have money in my account. So yea hope you like the game!
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2 years ago, 🤍Toca Bunny Luna🤍
🤍!Toca Bunny!🤍
Hi my name is Toca bunny I am so amazed that you guys made a game that I was waiting for for so long you made so much updates on hundred locations sounds like a lot you guys worked on it a lot making 100 locations going to take a lot of weeks or days or years you know I mean you guys are probably tired making all these things but she just wants to make it for the kids I just know I’m a result so I’m still a kid anyways I gotta watch sensibilities but your games are so amazing I can’t stand it 100 locations a lot of characters dirty characters to make anything you want in this game is like in real life or something or in Gacha life and Gacha club anything it’s just like related you guys work so hard I just wanna give you five stars five stars like this ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️I will give you five stars because you guys work so hard and I just don’t want to kiss you first I was like two or one or zero I wanna kiss you fight your hard work is peach lighted lotta glitches in the lagging I hate her a lot but it’s not sharp problem it’s just a game and is my region sometimes I rage but I don’t watch all day and I get off the game and give you five stars syrup or one I just don’t wanna and fix my problem in my attitude thank you for everything! From:🤍 Toca bunny Luna🤍 Sorry some words don’t make sense in the paragraph just skipped the words that’s not in it that’s not supposed to be in: note
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2 years ago, my @ on tiktok is .kvrromi
Suggestions and Issues
Hii! So I have been playing for 2020 to now and One suggestion I have is you should make more free stuff. For instance, make houses or locations free. Another thing is have like better clothes. What I mean by that is have like Nike or adidas etc. Third suggestion is you should have a clothing shop, like a clothing shop that is full and full of clothes.i know that there is a clothing shop in the mall but like better clothing. My fourth suggestion is like play with friends. For example, like there is a button and when u press on it you can add friends on the top and then on the side of someone’s profile it says “add friend” and if u press it that person is your friend and u can like join then what ever place they are or place they were last even if you don’t have the place. Here are some on my issues, so I have an rp in the modern mansion and since I got the care & core package I was remodeling the house. And I had left the game when I was almost done remodeling the house cuz I got tired. And the next day I went back to finish the house and once I went back down stairs it just quickly kicked me out and I kept trying to see if it was the game until I had to update the game and it still is kicking me out. Please please help me. I hope you see this I took time writing this. I really love this game and I cant play without it kicking me out please help.
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6 months ago, kittycats_arethebest
I love it so much!!
this game is absolutely amazing, I love everything about it! I would definitely recommend this game! I do have a few suggestions though! First, I think it would be really fun to make your own outfits! So, for example, people that play toca boca, can create designs. It won’t just be like, coloring a shirt or something, but more like you can buy a game pass and it would give you choices, or if you’re an artist, you can contact toca boca and maybe have your outfit on toca Boca! I’m not sure if you have this already though. I also want to recommend a game pass with tons of new food, and maybe a cookbook or something to create many different kinds of food! I know you already have many foods, but I’m saying you could add more? New ones maybe? I also think that since you can buy the game pass that gives you more customizable characters, but maybe add some more space because I have run out of it! I also think that we can have little quests to earn items like pets, clothing, furniture, crumpets, and so much more! So for example you have to find 10 gems or something, and if you find them you get an outfit or a piece of furniture added in to your building space! Thanks so much for reading and hopefully you can try and use some of my ideas! Toca boca is so fun, and theses are only a few suggestions I have. Thanks again!!
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1 year ago, mmaaddeelliinneeeeeeejddjdjdj
Somethings that should happen in Toca Boca
First off I love the game and it’s a really good game, but there’s a few bugs and some things that would be really fun to add one of these things that would be really fun to add we maybe be like a setting that tells what time it is like it’s like 1 o’clock 1:30 something like that next it would be really cool if we could have more close options if we don’t buy the clothes thing where we have 30 characters and we have more clothes but I think we should have more clothes for free instead of buying more clothes and we should have a few free worlds to like 2 free world instead of just one and when you can be like a little shop where we can get close to maybe.I think that I do you have a problem with and I don’t know if it’s just in my game but I’ve updated my Game and my food’s not going into separate pieces it’s all just going into one could you please fix that, and sometimes my game will just freeze I could still pick up my characters but I couldn’t move the screen to do anything else could you also fix that please thank you.I thought that was bad I can’t open anything I buy something can’t open it nothing at all I went to see if it need an update nothing this has never happened before and I’ve been playing for4+ years PLEAS FIX THIS this has made the game up playable thank you
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3 years ago, corgi411
A W E S O M E!!! 💖
this is literally the BEST GAME i have ever played!! DOWNLOAD now. i mean it! so aweome!! yes, you have to purchase almost everything, they give you a small town and a started house - but the purchasing is worth it! only one prob.... actually two- so 1 is that when you make characters- sometimes if you make a whole bunch at once (if you have the special character pack you can make up to 30) , then some won’t show up? i am confused. even if i edit them again to see if the rest will turn out... it doesn’t work. number 2, WHY DOES IT DO THIS?! it’s been a constant problem for me. is it just my phone you ask?! NO. same with my friends and my my other friends. IT CUTS OUT AT RANDOM TIMES AND RESETS THE GAME- and at the worst times!!!!!!!!!! like all your hard work of setting up is GONE. thankfully it doesn’t reset like your purchases, but STILLLLL. anyways- thanks! i love it and can i just say HOW MUCH LOVE YOU GUYS for making the modern mansion?!?!! it is literally what i have been waiting for!!! THANK YOU!! i just can’t say thanks ENOUGH!!! you guys are the best!ooh sorry one more thing/ it would be kinda cool if you could make your own furniture too?? like in the house decor setting thing. i love the furniture, but maybe you could click on like a living room section and click on couches/chairs and choose a color, design and shape! that would be nice. and also if we could change the weather?? like sunny snowy rainy etc. anyways THANK U
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3 years ago, Lexibrownthe@gamer
Good but I have suggestions
I have been playing this game since it came out and I couldn’t get off of it! Toca world is a wonderful game that you can make wonderful characters! But I have some suggestions please take these problems seriously because they are real problems (Remember these suggestions are my opinion but are real) I am not a robot I’m a real human writing this review. 1: there are packs in the game to make the lives more realistic but as we all know they cost real money! Now I feel like it is not fair that it cost money because some of the parents don’t have enough money to buy it and especially if the kids are young that won’t know the issue and it would make the kids feel like the parents don’t care about them!! So maybe if you can make a couple of packs free? I spent 40 dollars on 1 pack!!!😡😡😡 please make at least 1 pack free? ( remember this is my opinion) 2: so when I wanna change my characters clothes we have to leave the building we are in to change!! Maybe there could be a button at the corner of the screen that can take us to the clothing options? (This is my opinion again) 3: when I first started playing I was VEupset. Everyone knows that button that can reload your screen back to normal so you can get anything you messed up back to what is was originally. Well I pressed that and it restarted my WHOLE game! All my purchases were Gone!!😡!!! I am not saying
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4 years ago, fartbutts
Please fix this bug that has been going on for ages.
Toca life is an amazing game, but there’s just one thing that bothers me and the majority of Toca Life players. It’s this bug that’ll reset everything and you’ll loose all your progress and will lag the game out. Please fix it. From what I’ve seen it’s been going on ever since it has been created, and I will admit I haven played when it was created, but I have been playing since the beginning of 2020 and the glitch has been going on. All I’m asking is for you guys to fix it because I’ve been spending hours and HOURS collecting stuff just for it to reset or crash a second later. Please fix it. Also, the glitch is sooo bad when you try to bring other items from other worlds, it’ll just lag the game when you try to load a place (sorry if I didn’t explain it good, just read the other reviews for a better understanding). But yea, I’ve been in the Toca community for the longest (ever since I went to the phone stores and played Toca games on the phones displayed phones which when I was about 4/5), and I’m just asking for you guys to fix it. Most of Toca Life community won’t care because they’re from tiktok which had a spark in early August. So please fix it. Overall conclusion it is a good game but fix this major bug. Love ya guys, and I doubt y’all see this but most of the reviews are about this bug. Bye.
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4 years ago, Medhorn
LOVE THIS APP! Just a couple things....
I absolutely LOVE Toca Boca I have been playing it for years!! However I have noticed sometimes that their have been weird glitches where all my customized characters won’t have the clothes I put them in and sometimes my stuff goes missing. And I am very precise and a perfectionist so there is a place for every object in my world etc. I haven’t had a problem with it in a while but I wasn’t sure if my world was the only one or if this has happened with others. Also this isn’t a problem or anything but since new things are added to Toca Boca World very so often could you consider maybe making more houses for Toca Boca character and families? A big neighborhood if you will. I know you already made a neighborhood but it’s more of apartments or could you maybe consider making a large family mansion or estate of sorts? Or could you maybe make it able to create houses like you can create characters??? This would make it SOOOOO much easier to make characters and places for them to live!! And I’m not saying that we should be able to make Andy kind of building we want but maybe just houses!!!This is weird but I have certain houses for certain families and it is hard to find houses for some of them so I think either making even more/bigger houses or being able to CREATE your own house would make it even more fun!!!!Just some feed back! I absolutely ADORE this app!!!
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7 months ago, RaylynnWeasle
Great, but….
Ok, so I love this game and I think it’s been executed beautifully. There’s just this one glitch that is SOOOO annoying. This glitch has occurred for me now 5 times and the most recent 3 times have been in the past 2 months which is ridiculous! So I will be doing something like purchasing a pack or changing a character and all of a sudden I get kicked out of the game. Then when I go back in all of my houses have been undecorated!!! This has become extremely frustrating and annoying because it takes me a good hour to decorate a house and to have to redo it right when I just finished it is so aggravating. PLEASE fix this!! At this point I just don’t feel like decorating my house again because it will probably just reset again. Also I have some ideas for the game as well. It would be cool if you had a different height between the child and teen. Or you could have a scale for height instead that would really allow us to personalize the characters. Also can we have hearing aids in character creator. I have searched all over and I am surprised not to have found any. Also for new locations I think there should be a play ground. Also maybe like a town square with a fountain or something like that. Anyway please consider these recommendations and please please please fix the glitch it is so annoying and has severely down graded my experience with your game. Thank you for reading and great job on this masterpiece of a game with endless possibilities!!
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3 years ago, kawaii creater
Love it
I love this game soooo much. I’ve got all of the updates and the ad ons and I love them. I just have a few things that I think would be fun if you included. 1. A YouTuber or content creator house creator pack. I think if would be fun if you made a pack where our characters could be YouTubers or steamers. There could be cameras and microphones and others things like that. 2. A movie theater. I think it would be really fun and cute if there was a movie theater I know that there is already the theater but it would be fun to have a movie theater. There could be different rooms and a snack bar. And since there is already a movie making place there should be a place to display them! You can play your own movies that you made it the theater. 3. A rose or flower themed house pack. I think that there is not enough plants in the houses, so I think there should be a house dedicated to have more flowers and plants. And they could be any type of plant. 4. More makeup. I love the new makeup feature I just feel like there should be a little more. Like foundation and more brushes, a beauty blender and more! I know this is new and you might already be making more, but just in case you were looking for more ideas for makeup there you go. 5. A Zoo. There is already an Aquarium so I feel like there should be a Zoo! There could be tons of animals, just like the Aquarium. Those are all of the ideas I have keep doing what your doing! 💕
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2 years ago, cutie pie number1
A few issues
Hi, so I absolutely love Toca world I think it’s great, but there are a few issues. My siblings decided it would be great to delete my game so I’m trying to get everyone back on it, but I can’t get half my stuff. I redownloaded all the other games I had to get their buildings into my world but I can’t figure out how to connect them. It keeps showing that it knows I have the apps but whenever I click to add to my world it just takes me to the App Store. So I’m not sure how I get all my stuff back through that. Second, I absolutely love the new free character creator outfits so I made some characters wearing the clothes, put them in the world and changed their clothes so I can keep the ones their wearing in my house and change their clothes so I have all the clothes in my world (I cannot get character creator so I can only have three characters at a time otherwise I would’ve used others to grt the clothes). However everytime I come back with characters in the new clothes, the old ones disappear! And it isn’t just the clothes, glasses, hats, any accessories. And not just the new ones, any previous clothes that were already in character creator disappear as well. It’s just so annoying because I can’t get all the clothes I want on other characters. If you could find out why those things are happening and let me know how to fix them that would be amazing! I still love the game and the gameplay, those two things are just really annoying. Thanks!
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8 months ago, @mazing_3lephant
Please fix..
Hi Toca Boca developers! Very disappointed that this happened. My youngest daughter has been playing Toca Boca for almost 3 years now. She’s been playing every week ever since. She has bought everything in the app. 2 months ago, I was at my sister’s house (My daughters’ aunt’s house) and my youngest was playing your guys’ app. She was enjoying until it kicked her out. It gets worse than this though. She went back into the game, and everything she had made was gone. The only things she had left was the stuff she has bought. The things in her houses were all reset. All her gifts in the post office from 2020 all the way to 2023 has been deleted. She was so upset!! 💔💔 She cried and cried. We felt soo bad. Now, fast forward to today. She just got the new Family Home in Toca Boca. Once she was all done decorating the new house, it kicked her out once again. She went back in the app to see that all her data was removed again. She sobbed on her bed 😔 Again, we felt bad. Now she said she hates this app. Please please fix this. I don’t want this happening to her again, or anyone at all! I hope you guys will see this 😢 Edit: It happened AGAIN!!! Oh my goodness can you guys fix this?! She cried each time and it’s so sad.. Edit 2: I happened to me on my iPad. It’s just so upsetting. I started Toca Boca in 2021!! I lost everything. All my progress. I ended up deleting the entire thing. If you actually want people to keep playing your trashy game, then fix this.
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1 year ago,
Not letting me use a certain amount of custom characters.
I really like this game but there is a problem that makes me frustrated and sorta not want to play the game. I have purchased the 30+ characters kit (forgot what it was called) and I made around 5-10 characters for a role play. When I finished creating the characters, I was not able to find half of the characters I had made in my character log thingy. In other words, I was not able to find them and bring them out into my Toca world. But I was able to bring out as many pre-made characters that I wanted. And.. yes, I could use the pre-made characters but they are not pretty. Honestly, they are actually pretty ugly. Their noses are huge and weirdly colored and they have unrealistic hair colors. Also, they have hair styles and clothes that literally no one would ever wear unless they were mentally insane. And yes, I could try to fix them up by taking them to the tailor (the clothing shop) and to the salon but there is only so much I can do to help them look not mentally and physically insane and like a psychopath. Also, you are not able to take a pre-made character and take them into avatar editor and fix them up. If I was able to do that, I would be playing Toca World right now, doing my role play, and not even making this review. So in conclusion, TOCA WORLD PRODUCERS- PLEASE please PlEaSe pLeAsE PLEASE FIX THIS PROBLEM!!!!!! (And I’m sorry that this is so long lol)
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3 years ago, jeremy1rose
Greatest game ever! I have suggestions though.
Okay, so… I LOVE THIS GAME! Me, my brother, and my sister, LOVE Playing this! And i have suggestions for updates that i wanna tell you. (My sister suggested some of these to!) 1. Profiles. I would like to have profiles and the ability to add a password to them! And also make them unlimited profiles, instead of like three profiles. Games with only three profiles are annoying!!! 2. Recoloring option in the house creator. There is a LOT of furniture that i wanna recolor! So being able to do that would be amazing! (Im not the only one that wants this!) 3. More places to put custom houses. I like the small place you made to put the custom houses, but i need MOREEEE! OKAY, SO, you recently added the snuggle cubs furniture pack, and its AMAZING! (And adorable!) and i was looking at the new toys in that pack, AND THERE ARE SAGO MINI CHARACTERS!!! OKAY OKAY OKAY, when i was young, i played sago mini games a bit to often. And now i play toca boca instead. And when i saw these sago mini characters, NOSTALGIA!!! Okay so other then all of that, this is THE BEST GAME EVER! I really think it should be more popular, and more people should play it. So yeah! The things in the game dont cost any more then 4 dollars, and its just so fun. Thats my review! I would rate it 1000 stars if i could! I hope people read this review before getting the app. Sorry this was a long review! Buh bye!
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5 months ago, XxSusuxX8134
Great but add more
You should like a big new home designer workspace with 4 floors I even have way more Ideas so first is like you should add like beige basics but home designer with 2 floors and second is what I’ve been waiting for years to come and tell you you should add everything you have in make your own characters too home designer so you don’t have to look all around the world to find the best clothes you can choose and hang it in the rack in the home you are designing the third one is that you should be able to get a free pack where in home designer you can use name tags in the toy icon and the fourth thing is that you should add like a basic house like the blue house but like it’s just like the family home and the blue house mixed together but it just has two floors and with the two floors you can find a secret room on the second floor and my fifth idea is that in the make your own character you should be able to draw your own clothes in a pack in the shopping area and my sixth idea is that you should add another pack that you could add emojis to T-shirts or any of the clothes and you could design your own clothes like the one like the idea I said before but you can add emojis and also, but there should be like a pack that has both of them and one another you could color the background and add the emoji and create your own emoji
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11 months ago, The Legend Of Zelda Fan Girl
Ok I love this game.
I love this game but I have none of the content and I have no other Toca games so it can get kind of boring plus I have a lot of things that just lay on the floor. Also, when I have automatic cleanup set up like every time you play. It won’t let me enter the game. So I end up just disabling a it and just cleaning the game up myself with that button that you press sorry I don’t know what it’s called. This game was my dream game when I was little because I used to play it when I go out on the little tablets so I honestly just got it to satisfy younger me but I kind of wish some of the content is free, like furniture, packs, and houses because I can only have one house which is kind of annoying so half the time I just end up, destroying it and remodeling, it since I have barely any place for the characters to live it is also kind of annoying. Also, some suggestions make it more like a life simulator, please and please make free legend of Zelda Content because I would really love that but from breath of the wild and tears of the Kingdom. I haven’t played tears of the kingdom but I really want it lol but that’s not the point. More characters that you can create please I know there’s this pack that you can buy, but I’m only allowed free games so please make it at all least 10 more characters that you can make I would love that if there’s anything else I will write another review or edit this one, if I can figure that out. Please contact me bye 👋🏻.
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12 months ago, Charlie_The Pug
Great Just…
I love Toca Boca they have almost everything I could ask for. And I love all the new updates and passes. No seriously I really want to buy the passes and I can afford all of them and I am aloud to buy them. But I can’t because it won’t let me. One day I decided to buy the Bohemian House with the furniture I looked and it didn’t show up I kept refreshing but it wouldn’t show I even turned my whole phone of and it didn’t show. I got very sad and soon I asked my friend and if that ever happened to her before and she said yes but she still got it back she needed to buy it again. So I was like ok I’m not buying that again like it should have gave me it the first time. A few months later I had hope and bought the care and core furniture pack and… It happened again so I just got so mad my mom also accepted the request to buy them.. And on her phone it showed she did . I stopped and yes you guys come up with a lot of cool stuff so.. I decided to try to buy the rainbow apartment and it wouldn’t let me it said “Oops that didint go through try again” .. it’s been I think a year now.. and it still says that I tried to change it and figure out what was going on.. So my mom showed me how to report a bug on the purchases but it only showed the stuff I already had so I couldn’t report anything else.. It is still saying this plss try to fix this… Overall that’s good I love all the new updates and that you added pretty headwear to the avatar creator!
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1 year ago, Goofy avocado
Y’all it slays
Guys when I say I love I mean I love this game is so fun and I love how you can make your own characters and create your own houses get your own pets b go to stores and buy different places other things I love is that sometimes it has free stuff like free furniture free gifts every Friday and they have really funny stories when you first open up the app. I love how it’s free and there’s no ads I like a dog a Boca also doesn’t have any ads about their game. I think I think that makes people like their game a bit more because if you don’t have any ads probably like it I don’t like this game for over four years now and I absolutely love it I feel like most people should play it, other games like tizi town and my town games always try to copy Toca, Boca world Toca Boca is copping that I feel like a lot more. People should get this game because it’s not like other games and it doesn’t glitch as much love all.y ocean that you can make your characters have it sometimes they even have free clothes or free places to buy. I love Toca, Boca, and sodas my other friends I’ve been telling them about it for so long and they finally got it and they absolutely love it. They play it every day and every hour of every day I love this game and I feel like you guys would love it too. Thanks for reading my review.❤️P.S if anything is spelled wrong it’s probably autocorrected
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5 years ago, GILLS CLUB
Good game! I just suggest a few things! First, a medieval castle! Take flight with dragons! You can ride them! There’s knight horses with Armor and knights, and all that kind of things! Second, Hollywood! You can make cool movies! Third, a zoo! There could be lions, wolves, and more! You should be able to ride those creatures! Fourth, know that character mover where you can take all those people to different places? There should be one, For animals! Fifth, All the Disney world theme parks! You can go to Animal Kingdom and see Pandora, or take flight on a BANSHEE! Go to Magic kingdom, and at night, you can see the goodnight kiss! Or, stay at Disney hotels! Last, a Greek Mythology world! See the gods, or ride a hydra! Please add these fun and probably popular suggestions! Sorry, have a few more, If it goes in the trash, it should STAY in the trash! I threw away my DOG on accident! 🥺 Then, if you put the trash outside in the garbage bin, you can direct a garbage person at OK Junk! Another one, a petting zoo! You can pet and ride horses, goats, sheep, and animals like that! You can call other characters, or play apps and things like that on a device! You can go to Universal! Get a wand from the Wizarding World! Go to Jurassic Park and scream at the terrifying dinosaurs! Character creator? HOW ABOUT A ANIMAL CREATOR! Make a dog with wings, or make a horse with deer antlers, wings, and dog legs! (Lol) Last, add some other suggestions of others! 😺 (btw, sorry for long review)
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3 years ago, SILKYSloth88
This is awesome! But there a few flaws..
Ok, I love this game a lot. I always have. I used to play it on my old kindle when I was little, but ever since I got it on my phone its been a little weird. Ok, first off, now whenever I try to go into the clothes store, it logs me out of the game and I have to get back in and wait through all the loading again. This happens EVERY time so I can never go into the clothes store to get clothes for my characters. And secondly, I’ve asked my parents if they would buy me some of the stuff, but of course they said no, and for some reason my debit card isn’t working in the game. And lastly, I know a lot of people’s parents are willing to buy them all the worlds and houses and characters, but mine aren’t and I find it unfair that basically everything the game says you can do has to be payed for. All i can do is stay in my tiny house and only go to bop city. I do and ever since it’s came out wished I could get the treehouse and other houses but they cost money ofc..... So can you can maybe make the smaller things like other house free? And not just for me I’ve seen a lot of other reviews saying things cost money but their parents won’t buy it. And can you (if it’s possible) try to fix the bug with the clothes store? Anyway, goodbye and have a good life because I’ll most likely never meet anyone reading this. Thank you for reading my review to the end and bye!
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2 years ago, Macy Martinez
AMAZINGG || but a few issues…
I love Toca Boca and I have been with you guys for a few years now! i love the feature of decorating your very own houses and the character creator feature as well! I have bought all of the houses except the Misty Cottage. I just decorated all of them a day or so ago and whenever i was just finishing one of the houses, my game froze and lagged out. (I realize this is probably something you guys cannot handle.) but then I logged back into Toca Life World and whenever i went to the previous house i was working on, EVERYTHING reset back to its original state. I was really upset because i spent awhile decorating it just for it to reset again. I was curious to see if it did the same for my other builds, and sure enough, it did. i just wanted to let you know so if u do decide to fix this, other players will not have to go through what i just went through :) One more issue i have is very small and happened not so long ago, but i have bought the Toca Stable app a year or two ago, and whenever i *went* into TLW a few years ago, the Field & Barn were there, but now they disappeared?? Im not sure what happened but when i go into the shop, it tells me i need to buy them again…? but i had them before? i dont have a problem purchasing them again, but i just want you to know, i had them before. Thankyou for listening and please fix if u have time! I continue to still play this game and support you guys! :)
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5 years ago, ky_girl24
Awesome, but a few suggestions...
I’ve played these games for some time now and I think they’re great! I have almost every playset y’all have ever made. I do have some suggestions for you guys. Someone said a college would be cool, and I totally second that! Also I think the school is a bit outdated. I think it needs a big update, or either make a different school. I think that a boarding school would be an amazing addition to Toca World! It should be a big building with multiple floors. The first floor could be the cafeteria and common room. It should have a cafeteria with a lot of different food options from different cultures since boarding schools have a lot of students from different countries. and beside the cafeteria a living room with couches and chairs and TVs. There should be some board games and movies and books and stuff. And on the second floor could be classrooms. Like a science lab and 2 regular classes and a research library. And the 3rd floor could be dorms. Maybe girls dorms on the 3rd and boys dorms on the 4th. The 3rd floor should have at least 3 dorms each with bunk beds. And then a big bathroom they all share to get ready. And the fourth floor would be the same but aimed more towards boys. And last the 5th floor would be multiple things. There could be a really cool teachers lounge. And maybe some extrariccular activities for the students too. I think this a good idea so plz read this!!!!
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5 years ago, TOCAJACKY
Ok so I’ve been playing toca boca for about 5 years now and I totally love it I have another iTunes account and lost all the apps I bought I’m really mad about that but I don’t think there is any way to fix that anyway. I love this app so much and I watched the make your character trailer and I was like OK!! It’s about time to rebuy everything or figure out a way to get my account back and I’m really exited but I have a couple of suggestions that i think would make the game AMAZINGLY BETTER!!. I first think that it would be awesome if we could join someone else’s game because me and my cousin LOVE this game but can never play it together so if there is any way y’all could have this in mind it WOULD BE PERFECT because I remember i stoped playing because i ran out of ideas to play and BY MYSELF. I also think that there should be a sort of bus/car/train that takes you everywhere you want because I saw this in a couple of other reviews and I think it’s a really nice idea bc I mean there is about three hundred and fifty something characters available and plus the ones that we’ll be able to make so it’ll be way easier to just have a car that can take a certain amount of persons also it would give it a cute touch to have to actually pay for things and not just pretend you pay it also get a check if you work I’m just being extra right now but THE GAME IS AMAZING ALREADY!!❤️❤️
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1 year ago, inspired by Toca Boca
What I like and don’t of Toca boca
I am going to be completely honest with you. I love the app Toca boca there’s nothing wrong with it and everything about. It is amazing like all the stuff you can buy but although there’s stuff you can buy there’s people that can’t buy stuff including me my little sister, my little niece, nephew, my other nephew we don’t have the kind of parents that will let us buy stuff. I’m gonna tell a little story one time we asked if we can do chores in exchange for Toca, Boca world and my mom had said No, she always says no to buying stuff online for games because she says we’re just gonna outgrow it. I love Toca Boca in general for anything that is but if there is any possible way anybody from Toca, Boca CEO or anything you’re saying this right now I am in love with Toca boca I am a teenager 13 years old and I’m still playing Toca Boca there’s nothing to stop me from playing it. I just want if any of you guys are reading this to agree with me if you have to like if your parents don’t allow you to buy anything and you’re gonna agree with me just make one day for everything free for those people I don’t have it free but they just be one day that everything can be free please that’s the only thing I don’t like is that everything you had to pay for it I would love for there to be just one day with free Toca, Boca worlds
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2 years ago, Love that.
I love this game a lot. It’ll always have a special place in my heart ♥️. I’m not quite sure if people talk about this often enough, but it has great representation when it comes to POC (person of color) lgbtqia+, and disability rep. I love to see a kids’ game normalize same sex couples and parents. They simply add them into the game, nothing more, nothing less. I think it’s great! Children have to know that it’s normal for two women or men to be in a relationship. I also love the POC rep. Adding albino people, vitiligo, many POC characters, certain hair types, and more. Never once have I seen the developers of this game imply any harmful stereotypes towards any race. And the disability rep is good too! Adding a blind man with a service dog in the pet store/cafe, wheelchair option within the house creation mode, and deaf people! I love how they don’t put the spotlight too much on these, and don’t expect to get praised for doing this. But adding small things like proper rep into a children’s game is important. We can’t let children growing up without knowing that disabled, lgbtqia+, and POC people are normal! They’re not mystical creatures, and they’re not abnormal, they’re just people. And it just warms my heart knowing almost any child who plays this can go “They look just like me!” or “Wow I have a lot in common with this character!”. I’m 100 percent sure that kid would feel represented.
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