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User Reviews for TODAY Show

4.85 out of 5
29.5K Ratings
4 years ago, DianeBloom
Third Hour/Hoda & Jenna
These two shows have become my morning staples during retirement, and, especially now during the Pandemic. For me, it is the hosts that are my favorite part. I simply like them-all. The two shows keep me current with news and current trends. I get lots of gift ideas. Being an avid reader, I love segments on books. Jenna Bush’s book club has consistently excellent books. If I have one criticism, it is the amount of country music covered; I am a lover of old school R/B/funk. I try to be open to other genres, but, Country seems to get a lot of play on these shows-particularly during the 4th hour.
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2 years ago, IamJlaw
Ok, needs bug fix
Today News app is just OK. It has updated stories in all categories from celebs, politics, food, home, health and families. Two cons are that the same news stories that stay on the feed for months at a time and they report too much on their own personal lives...Al got new glasses, someone’s baby burped, Dylan or Honda got a new hair-do...big deal-not newsworthy. No other news shows report on their own staff as much as the Today show does. There is a bug in the app in iPad that makes it jump to the bottom of the feed while browsing. Then you have to scroll back up to find your spot. This happens CONSTANTLY. It even happens after clicking on each story, when you click back out it scrolls down and you have to go back up to find your spot. This has been like this forever!!!
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2 years ago, Bebe & Papa
Today - Savannah Guthrie
I was really dismayed when Savannah spoke to Fort Meyer Mayor & after he answered her question , she still badgered him again on late notice for mandatory evacuation. Be kind, not everything is important when they are trying to still find people. I agree that barrier islands need to know they will be the most vulnerable. There’s enough sadness without trying to win a question…& he had eanswered the question as it did change direction quickly. He was working with a lot of agencies & the call was @ night & they knew they were in the general area & it was going to be @ least category 4. Some news doesn’t need to be so critical. I love today show but sometimes it gets a bit blunt.
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4 years ago, Got a Light
Today and Everyday
When you watch the Today Show people smile. At least I smile. It’s like watching a family loving and caring for each other. They put their whole heart into news reported. They laugh together and cry together. They share their life with the world. They are real people. People don’t feel like they are untouchable. They come from all over the world to be with the Today Shows people. I’m super glad the show has a variety of news each hour. Not just news but useful information for people of all ages. They bring the world closer to us.
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4 years ago, Bitsy3
Start of my Day
I am 81 years old but I want to keep up with all the news. Every morning I get up and put on the coffee and get my newspaper. Then turn on the T V and watch the local news and then: The Today shows comes on. That is my mornings every day. Some days I watch the whole show just sitting there. Other days I get moving but I have 4 TVs so I turn them on in the room I am working in and still watch Today. (You do not have fake news)
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4 years ago, bhiggasonTX
Once Upon a Time, 5 Stars
I have watched The Today Show for many years, really liking and respecting the different hosts. But with the fall of Matt Lauer (apparently well deserved) and the interviewing style of Savannah Guthrie, I have started changing channels often. Someone must have told Savannah she wasn’t tough enough to ask the hard questions because although she goes hard in the wrong direction, it sits uncomfortably on her. And it comes off mean and insincere. However, I keep coming back because of Hoda. Hoda always gets 5 stars. She seems genuine and real. She continues to earn respect and admiration. So ease up on interviews by Savannah. And keep Hoda happy.
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5 years ago, Common peoples views
Today Show Hostd
I too am losing interest in the Today Show! I have faithfully watched the morning show for many years!! BUT, I no longer enjoy this show like I use to and so have many of my family, and friends have said the same!! I care nothing about Maria and now her daughter, listening or watching them! They r not and will never be like the common People to me and many others!! I want the old today show back with interesting and some having common interests with myself and other everyday women! I feel the Today Show will lose many viewers due to the onslaught of the Rich and NOT SO FAMOUS PEOPLE!! This is just my opinion but I had to share with the Today Show producers as to how many many women feel about the Today Show and some of their “Famous”?, Interesting? Guests.. SURELY u can find MORE GUESTS that have more in common with the average American Woman! Thanks for the many past years of enjoyable hours and days spent watching the Today Show in the years past!!
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3 years ago, ChaytonJ
Today Show
Today Show is one of my favorite News telecast on in the mornings. If I had one complaint it would be the news is very biased. It would be nice if the news anchors could be neutral on topics and events. Protest, Riots, Leadership from President down to individuals or represent States and or Senate are ALL at fault. Whether the unnecessary account of yesterday at our Capital or the multitude of Protest, Violence, Destruction that occurred within the past year! It’s All a horrible representation of our country. RESPECT is what’s missing! I LOVE the Today Show, just wish you all were neutral!
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5 years ago, Defective Audio
Audio Problems
Frequently, I don’t audio on my Today Show app. I do the typical problem solving issues to resolve without any luck. Volume on and turned up, test other apps, delete then reopen and sometimes the audio will begin to work, sometimes not. I don’t play it often because it is too frustrating. I have a vacation day, so I thought I’d open it up and enjoy it with my morning coffee. No audio again. The problem is t my phone, as the same thing happened with my last iPhone also.
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4 years ago, Natsosravens
It’s how I start my morning
I have watched the Today show for years, when I worked full time I would record it but now that I have left my job it is how I start my morning, that and a cup of coffee. I love to watch all the segments and watch how everyone gets along so well. It’s a nice breath of fresh air, always positive, informative and down to earth. I love everyone on the show and coming to New York to watch a taping is on my Bucket list for sure.
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5 years ago, moogie28
New Today Show App
I am an avid Today Show supporter and watcher ... every morning - that’s my routine and I LOVE the show. When I first heard that they rolled out a newer version of the app I was excited because i was never happy with the older version. Well to my very disappointed and unhappy surprise his newer version is ever worse. You can’t even search anything in this version. I absolutely hate and will delete it from my phone because it is totally 100% useless to me. I want to be able to search something that I saw so that I can share it with my fiends and family and not look through all the videos again to find what I am looking for - horribly disappointed !!!
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4 years ago, Catdell
I absolutely love the obvious joy, that each of the anchors’ children bring to them. When I saw Hoda’s oldest holding up a picture and talking, I said but I remember when you just got here!! Stop!! Carlson’s son and the props are PRICELESS. Everyday, kids or not, I just wait to see who’s gonna be the bigger crybaby- Savanna or I !! I cannot speak on the kids of NBC without mentioning Jimmy Fallon’s. They remind me of Robin Williams during interviews. You NEVER knew what to expect or which direction he was going ❤️
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4 years ago, SC STRONG
Missing you all ❣️❣️❣️
I usually watch every day and due to many unforeseen circumstances before the virus, I’m still here still watching and waiting like everyone else in the world for that matter;our tomorrow will come. Some may and some may not. We’ve been through much worse as a whole and we probably will again. Humanity really does shine through so if you are ok stay home for now and stay ok.
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5 years ago, abc5995
New app for today show
Too many commercials. Every time I want to watch or read a story...There it is...An advertisement before each and every segment. This is a time waster, people use apps because they want to keep in the know, but have no time for 5 commercials in between every segment. This app, I find to be junk...where are the great meaty segments. Like the ones in the mornings on our tv screens? I was extremely disappointed with it and will be taking it off, if there is no change. I tried listening to a commercial first then the video...the video wouldn’t load, just go round n around. This is a busy world...we are all busy trying to save time some how...please make adjustments,otherwise loose the app. Do all of us a favor that way. Put in all the segments so we can catchup and enjoy!!! Thanks I been watching a long time, this app is a disappointment.
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3 years ago, Debby770
So, for some reason for the past several weeks when I go to Watch then On The Show, the first 8 videos have not changed. These eight videos have been at the top of the list for so long and don’t ever update to current videos. I have to scroll past them to get to the current videos. It’s annoying as this is my go to while getting ready for work in the morning. I don’t feel like I’m getting a full set of videos. Is this a problem with the app? And, yes I keep the app updated.
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4 years ago, PamelaHans
Keep on keepin on
I actually tape every show because I’m retired and not always up in time to watch live. That’s my morning routine: make a cup of tea, sit down and watch the Today Show. I feel filled in on all that’s happening in the world. Right now, more than ever, I so appreciate your show. I know it can’t always be easy to report the difficult news with such grace but you do it everyday and I love you for it.❤️
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4 years ago, Karlas from Texas
My Friends Give Me The News
I have watched The Today Show for many many years. I trust the news anchors like they were personal friends. Savanna, your interviews are so smart! I’m sure you have some notes to go by but it is easy to see that you are not just following a script because you are intense and listening and following up with the right questions! Thanks to the whole team.
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5 years ago, DMlovestoday
Why I enjoy the today show
All of the hosts are such wonderful people! They make you feel good because they are positive and up beat. When reporting the main news of the day, they don’t editorialize. They have many other stories that are inspirational, and just plain fun! The cooking segments are good too! The app is great in case I want to repeat a story or see something that I missed.
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4 years ago, Ness.T
My Opinion
I have grown up on and have brought my girls up in this show, so it is and always will be apart of my life, the anchors are so knowledgeable, down to earth, but I must say this new cast is AMAZING!!!. You really feel the love they have for each other so therefore it jumps off the screen and I to my heart, the only other show that does this for me is the Ellen Show but Today is Number 1!!!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK 💜❤️💚🤎
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4 years ago, Redbarnlady
I have watched the Today show most of my 75 year life. I get all the important news first thing in the morning, enjoy every anchor who gives their perspective on many issues, enjoy hearing about their lives, I get great fashion, makeup, food ideas from them. It is diversified programming and keeps me up to date on everything I need to know.
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4 years ago, Frankiecharles
Today show on a daily basis
I wake up every day to the today show and love it. It would not be a weekday we are watching my favorite show and my favorite newspeople.I am hooked I’ve watched it every day for years. I love how it dovetails with my local NBC affiliate.I record it so that I I never miss a day. Great show with great people and world class news and weather reporting. V
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5 years ago, DonR54
Claire McCaskill is so biased she hast to go
When Claire said we got to get rid of the mess in the White House it shows how biased she and NBC are. It’s too bad you can’t be neutral and give news and report things on a neutral point of view. Grow up NBC and just report the facts quit injecting your feelings. Look at Americas bottom line and what’s happen to America in the past and how good things are becoming now!! You demonstrated today some more reasons why we should watch Fox News!
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4 years ago, MMW0626
Today is THE BEST morning show!
I’ve been a daily fan since the early 1980’s! Now that I’m retired, I still watch it daily! The variety of news, pop culture, etc is awesome! It has been a great relief during Covid to see familiar faces like Hoda, Savannah, Al and Jenna daily and sharing how they were coping with all the craziness the pandemic has brought! Thanks to all of you!
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5 years ago, long time viewer #74
Way too many commercials. I usually turn it off early because of them. Many shows are getting that way. I’m watching television less & less because of commercials. Boring!!! I enjoy the show-although some things are too short. They can’t be explained that quick. Have less features then longer talking about them.
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4 years ago, RobbyRobertonsGirl
In such times that we find ourselves in TODAY...seeing your colleagues comfortable in their own homes and bringing uplifting, scary, real news and stories to us has warmed my heart! Thank you today. I have faith that doing the right thing now and quarantining appropriately, will reward us all. Your show helps make the days fun & informative!!!! Bravo
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3 years ago, Sandplumsoul
Today on SiriusXM
I drive 1 hour to work and back 5 days each week. I listen to the today show and the Third Hour every morning and the news on the way home. I love being able to go to the today app to see items or listen to reports I missed.
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3 years ago, Heaving Seraph293
It would get 5 stars if I could save videos
I really like the Today Show app, except for the fact that it doesn’t allow you to save the videos on it like it always used to in previous versions. That’s why I give it 4 stars instead of 5. Please come up out with a new update very soon that will allow users to save favorite videos. Thanks.
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5 years ago, Kysa George
Love this show
I watch the today show every single morning if possible. I love the transparency of the hosts and the content. Keep it up! I hope to one day come to New York city and watch you all in person. It would truly be an honor and so much fun! Thank you for all you do every day for all of your viewers!
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3 years ago, TXGalinOH
The Today Show
I have watched the Today show since I was a child. I remember the Dave G. Show on a black and white TV. I don’t know why I have never tried any of the other channels for my morning news but I didn’t-the Today Show always made me happy and content with their professionalism and camaraderie.
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5 years ago, Madamvp
Today Show my go to!
Watching the Today show makes my day. As many fans have said, I grew up watching with my mother and now it’s my only go to news channel. Love the extended time with the 3rd hour and Hoda&Jenna. I also love SiriusXM Today Show Radio, so I’m never without the Today show!! Shout out to Today Show Confidential.
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4 years ago, dnnxchdkdusjnxjx
Today Show
Have watched the Today Show for about 6 years. I’m now on hospice care. I love everyone on the show. Very informative and love how funny they are and can tease each other! And how sometimes how some let us see their personal lives. Thank you for being on 7 days a week! I live in OKC Ok.
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4 years ago, BS onlooker
Savannah Guthrie interview with Trump
Dear Savannah Guthrie, Not sure what you thought you were trying to prove but you came across as such an unprofessional twit. Shame on you. Did you go back and listen to yourself??!! I hate the fact that you were so disrespectful. You did not deserve how patient he was with you! Why couldn’t you present yourself as more neutral and professional. Shame on you. I seriously hate you and after over 35 years of watching the Today Show, I will no longer tune in. You should be embarrassed at your behavior!!!!
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5 years ago, happymomphotographer
“This is Today on NBC” I started watching in 1994. Our first was born late Dec. I have since had three more. Time and its progression keeps moving along. I have had the app on my cellphone so I always can tap in whenever I like. Thank you today showI love evolving along with you everyday on “Today NBC”
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3 years ago, Karen Ann g
Today Show
Every morning During this pandemic I wake up and get a cuppa coffee climb back in bed and watch the today show. It’s the best way to start my day to know what’s going on in the world. I love how the host joke with each other and lighten my day with their humor and love for each other.
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4 years ago, Ironside99
Refreshing yet down to earth
I enjoy the Today Show! The hosts are so relatable and down to earth. Every morning you feel like you family is with you and discussing things important to me. I do miss Willie Guiest on a daily basis, Sunday’s aren’t enough. The chemistry of the hosts and anchors is wonderful! Keep it up!
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4 years ago, Lainey Mac
The Best and most reliable
The Today Show is always the best and most reliable media outlet for fair news reporting, important info for our daily lives and feel good stories...I feel I can trust ALL of them with sharing the most important information to impact my life.
Show more
5 years ago, dmwain
The show has became a very feel good family show ...the obvious unity of all the Today Show Family is heartwarming...with all the new babies and babies coming ... it’s a show most Americans can relate too ... and loves too watch ... NBC ROCKS .... and so does Hoda and Jenna but I love you all ... my Bucket List excludes hopefully meeting Al Rocker ... HES MY FAV 🥰
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4 years ago, PhotoMom4ever
Not as easy to navigate the app as before
I love Today and I use the app frequently. I am not as crazy about the format changes I have seen over the past few months. I can no longer easily find certain articles I am looking for, and a search bar is no where to be found. I can no longer access stories from earlier in the week. It may look sleek, but it’s not efficient at all. Please make corrections.
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5 years ago, cindola
Today show App
I had downloaded the app about 3/4 weeks ago, but only got around to using today. I just love it!! It’s SOOO easy to locate stories/video clips, and I love the Shopping section that share where the product can be purchased, and it’s cost. This App is SUPER and simple to use. Cindi Angers
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5 years ago, Music&JavaLover
Today Show App
Absolutely looovvveeee the Today Show app!! I’m a huge fan of the show and watch all 4 hours. So happy they did the app that way I can watch anything I missed if I need to walk away from the TV or have something to do on a certain day.
Show more
4 years ago, janiceandkayden
Just like family
My name is Janice from Frankfort, IL. We love watching the today show. Hoda’s smile lights up the room. Love hearing the weather from Big Al! Whenever we go to Universal Studios Orlando and eat at the Today show cafe, we feel like we are part of the crew. Thank you for all you do and provide. Janice Errico
Show more
5 years ago, Carol In NY
Today and every day you can catch up on the newsworthy stories of the day as well as the stories that tug at your heart. I watch Today from 7 am to 10 am followed by the Hoda and Jenna show. #news#weather#entertainment. Love the Today family.❤️
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5 years ago, Small market viewer
This is now the only way I can enjoy TODAY! My tv provider, DirecTV, has blocked NBC (my favorite network) because of a pricing war with the company that distributes NBC to satellite tv providers. I am sooo bummed out over this! No TODAY X’s 4 hours, no other NBC programs! I have complained to DirecTV to no avail. Can you guys do anything????
Show more
4 years ago, brooklynite80
I love to start my morning with people that are so relaxed around each other and every am it’s great to start with a boost of good things that have happened around the country. Showing that there are good people doing good things. It’s my happy place!
Show more
4 years ago, NYSueF
Always a New Yorker
I remember standing outside the Today Show , hosted by Dave Garroway in 1953, waving, hoping to get on TV. Your show is part of my day. Even in times of great crisis, the Today Show cast maintains integrity and poise. My heart aches for all those suffering including the medical teams who so valiantly fight on. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
Show more
4 years ago, U S Army 22
While talking to a guess on the show the interviewers ask questions then cut the guess off in the middle of their answer. If they don’t want to know the answer then don’t ask the question. The interviews are most of the time incomplete and uninformative.
Show more
5 years ago, Pattitrish8
Jenna’sbook club!
I love watching the Today Show!!! I have been watching for years! I think Jenna & Honda make a great team! I love there chemistry. Jenna’s book club is so awesome. I have wanted to be in a book club for years! I now can belong to Jenna’s book club! I would love to read her new book! Pattitrish
Show more
5 years ago, Howdy@9
Roker is a waste.
If you take away Al Roker I’d be happy. He’s rude and pompous. I turn off the sound when he’s on. And hopefully he won’t be thanking anyone for getting their first weather from him. When one is up at 5 there are several weather reports I’ve already seen. I just can’t understand why he is allowed to be so nasty.
Show more
5 years ago, Quinilla
Like good friends
I have been watching Today most of my life and I am 72! All of the people on the show are such wonderful family oriented folks and they are like good friends to me. My days just start out great because of Today!
Show more
5 years ago, BritofKY
As a news app it would make more sense to see less of the terrible fake advertising and ads that share clearly fake news slamming celebrities that are often featured on the today show. This app used to be the best of the today show and it’s news. Now it’s mostly advertising in the worst way.
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