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User Reviews for TodayTix – Broadway Tickets

4.86 out of 5
38.1K Ratings
5 years ago, jackrad
Great seats!
I go to a lot of Broadway shows and have a lot of apps and websites I use to find cheap tickets. I can often find the best prices on TodayTix and usually check there first when there is a show I want to see. One thing I really appreciate about TodayTix is that I often get better seats than I had expected. They don’t show you your exact seats when you purchase them, but I have never been disappointed with my seats when I picked them up and am often pleasantly surprised to find that I get better seats than I’d paid for. A few days ago I got the cheapest available tickets ($49) for a play that is for sure going to be a huge Tony contender for the day before closing night and when I picked up the tickets was delighted to find that we were sitting third row mezzanine. Based on what I was promised when I paid for them, l had fully expected to be in the back row, so it was such a treat and wonderful surprise to actually have good seats. A similar thing happened last week when I bought the cheapest available orchestra seats and ended up relatively close to the stage. It’s not like this happens every single time I go through TodayTix, but it does happen pretty frequently so it’s a nice gamble to make and when I find similarly priced tickets on TodayTix and another site I usually go with the TodayTix for that reason.
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3 years ago, What aMess!9
Today tix Very Good, concert Fantastic, line management Disaster
Have been using TodayTix since prePandemic and generally happy with it. Wish I could win more of their ticket lotteries- but not their fault. Thrilled that won tickets for Lincoln Center Mahler Concert. Assigned decent seats and following the clear instructions provided by TodayTix arrived 30 minutes before required time. There was already a very Long ticket holders line- but would have been manageable IF there was competent management— instead there was disorganization and mismanagement. Do not know who was in charge of ticket holders admission but Disaster. Ticket holders line almost did NOT move at all for more than 20 minutes . Then told to RUN to get in. The checking of proof of covid vaccination was sloppy and for some not done at all. When finally got into area, there were people sitting in our assigned seats because others sitting in their seats, because …. .Common problem throughout- staff unavailable or unable to resolve because concert about to begin. Fortunately I found seats for myself and my 95+ companion but heard that some ticket holders who had arrived on time ( ahead of time) could NOT get in. The Mahler concert was Glorious.
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1 year ago, me often
Customer Service
I have always lover Todays Tix until recently. I was charged for tickets for the wrong date within a minute I called and emailed and chatted about it begging for help. They would not help me and I am not rich. I wanted the tickets for the week before. This was for a special two people I will not be able to see again and they werent able to go see a broadway show because of it. That was 200 dollars wasted and not used because I couldnt go to the show the date it was given I was sick and new I couldnt go that day. Fast forward I tried again and went to Harry POtter but what a terrible experience that was the children in front of us were banging our heads talking rude and the parents were worse. We called attention to the usher and he told us to be quiet. Intermission went and when the show started not after security came five big men pushing through the aisle making the father getup of course it interrupted us watching the show and then they allowed him to return and he pushed me so hard that I feel slighly off the chair. Thats not worse finally some quiet no crunching of food anymore and two of the children fall asleep and stop snoring we ask them to tap the children and the usher threatened us to take us out all we wanted to do was watch this show. I wrote to you and heard nothing. When I first started with Todays Tix the service was incredible and the people there cared now its about the money not the people I guess.
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2 years ago, Anonymous Andy A
Terrible customer service and app
Terrible business. Terrible customer service on multiple occasions. I got COVID and emailed them as soon as I found out to exchange my ticket for a different day. I went to bed after I sent the e-mail because I was feeling sick. I woke up and they had emailed me back and at the time they emailed me they gave me two hours to exchange my ticket but I woke up minutes after the time had passed and I emailed them begging them to extend the time just 15 more minutes as I had just seen the email and they said they “couldn’t do that”. They could they just refused to and I lost my money on the ticket. I had a ticket for “Heathers” and it was canceled the week I had time to go. I received a voucher instead of a refund and I attempted to get another ticket, because of their confusing layout, I bought a ticket for the wrong day. A day that I would be out of the country, a month later. I emailed them immediately and begged them to let me exchange the ticket for another show since the show was canceled for the weeks I am in the country. They said they “can’t do that” but I know for a fact they can they just pick and choose who they want to accommodate. I asked if I could call and speak to someone because their phone number is out of service and they stopped responding to me completely. Buy your tickets online. This site is terrible to their customers and they will take your money.
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10 months ago, Bad Service (Bed Bugs)
Have been using TodayTix for years and never had issues till I went to see Peter Pan Goes Wrong. Long story short there were bed bugs in the theater and I got eaten alive and little too late did I realize. After much laundry, cleaning, stress, etc I contacted TodayTix to ask for a refund. At the time customer service was super nice and apologized for the experience. I explained that I was going to contact the theater separately and notify them of the infestation but I knew I wouldn’t be able to get my money back since it was bought by a separate vendor (TodayTix). The representative told me she would have to talk to her manager about the situation. Totally understand being a former customer service worker. I waited for a day or so and then finally getting a message basically telling me that they wouldn’t help me and I needed to contact the theatre. I was so upset and contacted them back requesting an explanation besides the two word sentence and never received a response. I understand that there is a no refund policy but this was definitely a special circumstance and I had plenty of evidence to prove it. However TodayTix couldn’t seemed to be bothered to even give a credit. It was honestly very upsetting and frustrating to spend so much money only to get covered in bed bug bites that became huge and basically told “Screw you”. I would not recommend using this app. So disappointing. I will no longer have an account with them.
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10 months ago, Old and blonde
I’m very happy with purchasing using TodayTix. I got a ticket for Peter Pan Goes Wrong. I didn’t remember from whom I purchased it but received an email from CTG saying that I have a ticket, so I thought, oh, I must have purchased directly from the Ahmanson so I clicked on the provided link which went to their website which informed me that I have no tickets. I called CTG and the guy there was nice but became rather curt as he informed me that I needed to look for my ticket with a different provider and that he could do nothing for me and hung up quickly. I finally searched here and found that it was through TodayTix that I purchased my ticket. The issue I have is that it looks like the norm is that an email is sent through CTG that says you have a ticket but when you click the link it then says that you have no ticket instead of saying “yes, you have a ticket, please see your third party provider” or something like that. It’d be great if TodayTix could change that so as to not confuse people, especially the forgetful. And yes, I will be better at saving all my information so that I won’t be fooled when CTG sends an email that is misleading.
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11 months ago, lookin4hairy
This is not your typical lottery pool!
Recently moved to LA and want to experience all the theatre that the city offers at Pantages and Ahmanson but found the tickets to be grossly expensive. So I thought I would do the lottery route thinking that it would be a lottery for seating similar to my experiences in Las Vegas and New York. I sat front row at Hamilton in Las Vegas with a lottery win and have had great orchestra seats for the lottery shows in New York. Seems they block some seats in the first three rows for lottery winners. Be warned. TodayTix is not going to give you that. They do not seem to have any tickets that are worth a lottery win. Recently “won” tickets for Into The Woods and we were in the last row of the Mezzanine. Awful! When I received the tickets from Center Theatre Group I was stunned with the seat location. After seeing the location and where the other available seats were I was unhappy and we decided to not go. Because I thought I would be winning a seat at least in orchestra. Not the case. The seats I got were the same awful seats I could have purchased online for $35. I’m sorry but I paid $20 per seat. $15 saving per ticket…big deal. I didn’t feel like I won tickets. I guess I was expecting seats that you could not get through public online sales. I will be leary of accepting any “wins” from the lottery at TodayTix in the future and give there lottery system a thumbs down.
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3 years ago, Elle Theatre
The BEST show on Broadway this far!!!
OMG!!! Everything about this show was amazing !!!! Let me just start here!!! I thoroughly enjoyed every second of every minute! How they incorporated the story of the temptations throughout the years up until the present day was spectacular (and I only first learned about them from the mini series when it came out many many years ago). I was so surprised by how many of the songs I knew and they are my grandparents generation !! Kudos to all of the performers !!! Excellent casting !!! There wasn’t a bad seat in the entire theatre. I sat in the front mezzanine in the balcony and had the perfect view. I was looking to sit downstairs in the orchestra but was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to see as good. That was not the case. I stopped downstairs before I went upstairs and anywhere on the floor was a great seat! Same as in the balcony. You cannot go wrong with any ticket you buy. Kudos to Todays tix for the Black Friday discount. :-) thank you so much ! I’ve been telling all of my family and friends from out of state how wonderful the show was and that it’s worth a trip to the big apple to come see! I love the theatre !!! Peace & blessings xoxox
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1 year ago, Bklyn4Lyfe
My How You’ve Changed
I’ve used TodayTix since day 1 and recommended it to everyone and today I will be deleting the app. Got tix for Sweeney Todd for my son’s Bday and he came down with a virus and we couldn’t go. *the show’s official site says you cannot come if you have a virus!! TodayTix was not sympathetic- I talked to 3 people and chatted with their robots on the app as well. No solution except to give these 450 dollar tickets to a family member. What family member would this be??? It’s an odd number of tickets too- 3 tickets. A loss of 450. When I finally found friends who were Josh Groban fans who might be interested I found out at that moment through someone in the know that Josh Groban WOULD NOT BE PERFORMING !?!? My option given then my TodayTix was to NOT scan the tickets, leave the 3 seats empty and they would “see about” getting a refund- saying 3 times that this was not garaunteed in any way. I asked him to repeat this crazy option- not see the show and maybe get the money back but probably not, or give the tickets to people expecting to see the marquis name and they would see the understudy. TodayTix used to be very good people who loved theater and allowed for my family to experience many life forming memories but it’s clear that they are now they same as any 3rd party money maker who could care less about the theater and how much of of a financial sacrifice it is.
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11 months ago, Scott Demny
Falsettos at the Pear
Falsettos is my favorite show. A friend of mine introduced me to it in 1986 and I wore the original off-Broadway cast album out. This of course led me to explore In Trousers (the original Marvin musical), and when Falsettoland in came out in 1989 I once again was obsessed. When the two debuted on Broadway in 92 I was lucky to be in NY that spring and saw the original twice. I then saw the 1st national tour the next year twice. I also saw the brilliant revival in 2016 twice and have enjoyed multiple viewings on the pro shot video that was produced. I must say I did not know what to expect going to this production. I was not familiar with the Pear and knowing that Falsettos is such a difficult show I wondered if it would live up to my expectations. Overwhelmingly it does. Spot on casting, clever staging and choreography in this unique space, an incredible band that does not miss a note, basic set and props, effective lighting and costumes - all these elements lead up to a sharp focus on the music and lyrics of this very difficult score and very passionate performances from this very talented and young cast. Bravo to all- Bill Finn and James Lapine would be proud.
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4 years ago, g-veve
Longstanding fan of the app
I don’t usually write app reviews, but I’ve been happily using TodayTix for so long that I feel I ought to by now. They have great deals - especially around Black Friday and sometimes other holidays. Their customer support is great - I once bought just one ticket when I meant to get two, and I emailed them about it - they got right back to me, I followed their directions, and everything went smoothly and without a hitch! I’ve almost always gotten better seats than I expected, and out of probably 10+ times I’ve only once had to wait more than a couple of minutes to pick my tickets up from the representative. I always recommend TodayTix to friends from out of town when they’re visiting, since they’re cheap and help make theater accessible, but are also super reliable - I’m never worried my tickets won’t be reliable or that I’m getting scammed. You can get rush ticket prices without having to wait for the day of (for people planning trips) - not to mention the awesome prices on the *actual* rush and lottery tickets. You can’t beat the combination of great tickets at great prices and guaranteed peace of mind!
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5 years ago, KrissyO
Easy app, GREAT seats
I use this app often as it’s most convenient to find great seats last minute for big and small shows. I like the breadth of shows available and the ease of finding and buying good seats. I don’t mind daily reminders. I have no app notices on my phone except for this one which is saying a lot. No social media, no news, nothing except this one lol! The reps are very responsive if there’s a problem getting to a show. I find that helpful (one time I fell before a show I’m partially disabled and they reached out to me to find out if everything was ok!). Since standing in long lines at tkts isn’t an option for me, I rely on this app. I do wish there were more options for seats that took disability into account since that’s my issue. For example, when there are several seats in the aisle available, I wish I could sit there instead of crammed into a middle seat that’s harder for me to get to and sit in. But as the app is now, I don’t see that and a few times I see empty seats next to me or nearby that are empty aisle seats. Only issue I have so far!
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2 years ago, seat question
Great site-Weird Seat offerings
I have used this App for a long time. When they have no fee offers, you can get some great deals. Here is my concern-the seat selection you are given by the theater box office. I went to see POTUS the other day. Fun show! I purchased a Mezzanine seat, which I received. When I got up to the MEZZ, the usher looked at my ticket and said “this is odd” and directed me to the far aisle. The next usher seated me in the last row on the far side. No problem. As curtain got close, I was noticed no one was in my row. Or the row in front. Or in front of that. In fact, less than a dozen patrons were seated on the side mezzanine and all of those were up front. Not only was I seated in the back row, but a post was blocking my seat’s view. Two different ushers came by and told me to move up. I ended up staying in the same row and moving toward the aisle. Loved the show, but wondered why the box office decided to give me such a horrible seat when upstairs was empty. Do they hate Today’s Tix and was punishing me? I can hardly imagine I was the only TT patron that performance. The first usher called “odd” the fact that with an empty upstairs, I would be given such a bad seat. Why did this happen?
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2 years ago, 4637281019173636373829
No In-Person Support
I’ve been using TodayTix for many years and love the great deals and centralized ticketing location for many shows on one app. However, yesterday was my first time going to a show with TodayTix during Covid. Usually there is someone there in person to hand you the tickets and you walk right in. Now because of Covid there is no in-person support. You are supposed to receive your tickets within two hours of the performance. However if you don’t receive your tickets or there is some kind of tech glitch (which we all know happens all of the time - and which happened to me yesterday) two hours is not enough time to get the issue resolved and you will miss your show. Either there needs to be someone there to hand you your tickets in-person like always. Or I should be able to get my tickets electronically when I buy them just like any other electronic ticket. Getting the electronic ticket only 2 hours before doesn’t work and it was clear that the staff for the show are frustrated too since they said this happens all of the time and there is nothing they can do. I won’t buy any more tickets from this app until this issue is resolved.
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1 year ago, Geos2cents
Ava: The Secret Conversations
Elizabeth McGovern gives an amazing performance as late in life, boozy, chain smoking Ava Gardner and seamlessly becomes Ava the younger in scenes that time lapse back to the men in her life. Great theater, got great 1st row balcony seats from Tix, but all the seats are great at The Geffen. Not to be missed! The only problem we had were with people around us who couldn’t sit still, in and out of their purses, rummaging through their bags, every click, snap, and zip is so distracting, you miss lines in the play, and the water bottles they guzzle from as if tney couldn’t survive a 90 minute show without constantly having something to eat or drink. Where is their consideration for others, where is social decorum, how do they not know they are annoying everyoev around them? Finally, we had to say “can you please be quiet, we can’t hear what they are saying?” If we could not, then I’m sure they missed half of the play, which makes you wonder “why are they there in the first place if they have no obvious interest?”
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1 year ago, BdwyFanGirl
Not as advertised
I had been entering the lottery for HP for quite a while because it says that some of “the very best seats” at each show are held for this lottery. It’s misleading because it’s just a regular digital rush. I was so excited to finally win but my seats were the very first row in front of the speaker and with a difficult view. There is so much to see at this production that you’d be better off buying a ticket and choosing a seat where you can take in everything happening on stage and in the theater. I asked for my seat to be changed at the intermission but the box office couldn’t help. They were nice but couldn’t do anything about it. It seemed that there were plenty of open seats at this particular show too. I missed so much sitting where I was and the sound was so loud I couldn’t bare it. Very disappointed with how this particular lottery is advertised. I would not enter again. Not worth it.
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6 years ago, an avid theatregoer
A Great Resource
I have been using TodayTix for about six months now. For someone who is theatre-obsessed but on a tight budget, TodayTix has been a fantastic resource for cheap tickets (and even free ones sometimes!). The app itself is easy to navigate, with options to bookmark shows that you’re interested in and to activate push notifications for when tickets are available for a show (particularly time-sensitive ones like day-of rush tickets). They provide a lot of really good information about the shows (brief summary, running time, location, closing date, etc.). Once you do get the tickets, they send out very detailed emails on how to pick them up, one of the ways being their concierge service, through which TodayTix employees hand you the tickets directly right outside the theatre. I’m so grateful for TodayTix, a company that, I think, is at the forefront of making theatre accessible in the digital age.
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2 years ago, Im Rollermama
Mike Birbiglia: The Old Man and the Pool?
I am a huge fan of Mike Birbiglia! I first discovered his talents at the Ahmanson theater when I won the Today Tix lottery for The New One! The app does not disappoint you can get great seats for your favorite performances! It’s easy and so user-friendly! But better than that was the show. The Old Man and the Pool did not disappoint! The humor spans generations that didn’t go missed by my 19-year-old daughter! Mike thank you for the much-needed laughter! I love your talents what a gift you are to theater. I hope everyone gets the chance to catch the show. The storytelling is on point, the subtleties amazing. What a great night at the Mark Taper…This show is proof that less is oh so much more! You don’t need fancy sets and outrageous lighting, you just need one person with storytelling skills and exceptional joke writing. My head hurt and my belly ached from the great night of laughter!
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4 years ago, Truvy111
My Fair Lady-Lincoln Center, Ain’t too proud and Mean Girls-Kimmel
It was really easy to get onto the site and order the ticket but it was a bit of a glitch walking around the Lincoln theater trying to find the person with the red jacket outside who actually had the tickets. And also for Ain’t too proud in New York we wasted precious time in line, went into the theater but they sent us back out to find the person with the red jacket. The last time I used Tix Today it for Mean Girls at the Kimmel Center in Philadelphia it was smooth and easy. There was no one outside. We just got in line in the building and the person at the box office had a Separate Group of tickets in an envelope that were Tix Today and there were my tickets! It was so nice walking in with everyone else, with all of my friends. It was perfect! Thank you for making Ticket buying/Theatre Going so fun and stress free! Paula Diggs Smith
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3 years ago, unbreakableZ
Great deal but can be issue picking up tickets
Great deal and I like that this show it showed where I was exactly sitting . Per directions though it explained I would be getting the tickets sent to be digitally . Which I thought was much better than before when trying to find someone outfront before the show. But when I went to scan the digital tickets they said they had already been reprinted and I’d have to print them again at the box office. The box office explained it had already been printed twice and this would be the third time, and that they may not work and I could have gotten scammed. I had used this service before so I didn’t think this was the case, I was definitely embarrassed in front of my friends. We had to to go back out into security again while it was storming out to try and get them to scan again which worked then. Slightly stressful .
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5 years ago, Elle2Linda
Wonderful app for Show Tickets
This app is a good and easy way to get hard to find seats at a more affordable price than through Ticketmaster/Telecharge, especially if doing so last-minute. The types of tickets you can procure through TodayTix are same-day/next-day/next-week lottery tickets to certain shows, as well as same-day Rush Tickets at a deeply discounted price. You no longer have to line up at the Broadway/Off-Broadway box office at 9 or 10 am to obtain Rush Tickets. Instead, you open the app to access the shows you’ve “unlocked” by sharing to social media and stand on a “virtual” line at those times to purchase tickets, while a TodayTix agent is literally standing in line IRL to reserve those tickets (& seats) for you. For a small fee, they also offer a concierge service for discounted tickets you buy (in advance) via the app for a future show. The agent will be standing outside of the theatre in a red shirt on the day of to hand-deliver your tickets and save you the showtime headache of trudging through the box office to obtain them. Very convenient. This budget-friendly app really is helping change the face of how the average person can make getting out to catch that Broadway show (or similar performance event) they’ve been yearning to see an accessible reality.
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2 years ago, Matthew K 13
Girl From the North Country
I frequently use the Today Tix app to order tickets and am generally very happy. Unfortunately, I fell ill the morning before the performance of this show and the theater and/or Today Tix refused to even change the date or give a voucher to be used another time. As I know these shows are currently not selling out, I feel that I could’ve easily been accommodated. I did what I felt was the responsible thing and did not attend the performance as to not expose others to any possible illness. I’m a performer with a company at Lincoln Center, and I strongly believe that during these difficult times, the responsible thing for us to do in live theater, is encourage people to stay home when they’re sick, and do our best to accommodate a solution as to not penalize patrons for simply doing the right thing. I have no desire to attend this show or recommend it to anyone in the future. I will most likely be moving business to another concierge service in the future. This is truly been a surprising and disappointing experience. Matthew K13
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7 years ago, Bard Rogan
Interim review- still evaluating
Unfortunately, standing in line for a long time with my knees just doesn't work. Downloaded on the basis of a review & initial experience has been very favorable. App seems very usable & filters were a definite aid for us to identify some 'target' shows. Had (low cost) lottery success for 1st show last night & pleasantly surprised by front row center Mezz tickets - great deal! Just used "Best Available" discounted Orchestra seats for Matinee today, which were really Side Orchestra, but 7th row in pretty packed house & very serviceable for that particular show. You're not going to get hottest shows last minute, but might in advance, the cost has been good & seem competitive - although some other avenues may be as good or better, &, as I said, my knees are thankful. Couple more sets of show tickets pending, but experience has been good thus far.
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4 years ago, MVPete101
One of the Best options for tickets
I have been using this app for a year now and they have not given me any reason to dislike them. I was worried before, since they don’t tell you what seats you will be in, just the section, that my seats would be worse than I imagined, but they usually turn out to be on point if not better seats. The only problem I have is that you have to meet the greeters outside the theater to get your tickets because there is no mobile ticket. However, this is not a big deal and some people prefer to have physical tickets anyways. The greeters are super friendly and always courteous. Their customer support line is also very helpful. Also, I prefer ordering discount tickets online than waiting in line over at TKTS in Times Square. Overall, they have a great think going!
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5 years ago, L'ard
This review is for the Harry Potter lottery in particular. If you don’t win the lottery, you may get an email saying you have been selected for the opportunity to buy tickets for $95 per person, per show. You only have ten minutes to decide, and I wanted to buy these tickets for my fiancé as an engagement present. Unfortunately, you can’t look at your seats before you buy them. But I’ve used TodayTix before and I thought this was some kind of special price! But when I picked up the tickets, I saw that they were way up high, seats that I could’ve bought for less than $95 for sure. I feel really, really sad about this. I have been waiting to see this play for over a year. I entered the lottery every week and never got it, so I was really excited to see an offer come up. I loved the play, but we were so far away! And it’s not the kind of play you can really watch again and have the same experience. I deleted TodayTix because I feel like their prices are misleading. You’d be better off just going to the show’s website directly.
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1 year ago, mugsiesmom
Using Todays Tix
So happy someone told me about this app. I’ve used it several times. I’ve bought tickets online and I’ve also been met at theatre to get my tickets. The app is easy to use and I’ve never had a problem. So easy and convenient. This app is amazing. I’m not very tech savy and it was so easy to use. Tried for Rush tickets for the first time. What a bargain! There was an issue downloading a pair of tickets recently and I was notified by email that they were aware and were working on it. I called about 2 hrs before the show because I still did not have my tickets. My call was answered quickly and I was assured the tickets would be downloaded in 30 min. Sure enough, I had my tickets. The ease of this app and customer service is outstanding!
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1 year ago, Hear2Learn
Tickets Canceled Hours Before the Show!
I’d give zero stars if I could! This app was recommended to me by a few people so I thought this would be great. I was looking for three tickets to a show, but could only order two then one. I ordered the two tickets through this app, but then decided to get the single (3rd) ticket through Ticketmaster. TodayTix sent me an order confirmation and charged my credit card. I was notified that I would get my e-tickets via email 12 hours prior to showtime or 2 hours before if ordered within 24 hours of the show. The Ticketmaster ticket was paid for, confirmed and the ticket secured within minutes. The day of the (2pm) show I got a text at 7:45am stating that my “tickets have been canceled and to check my email for additional information.” WHAT?!! I was in NY on vacation. I can’t just… what?! go another day? The next day I got a follow-up email from TodayTix; subject line: how was (the show)? And in the body of the email: “We hope you enjoyed the show!” Seriously?!!
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4 years ago, DarcyPatch
Love TodayTix and recommend it highly!
I have been using TodayTix for many years to purchase for Broadway shows. I started doing it because it didn’t require me to wait in line for up to hours like TKTS, expecting to pay a bit more for the convenience; but in reality, I often good just as good of seats for the same price without the hassle. Now that they presell tickets for shows up to meets in advance it’s even more convenient. The you’re met my a TodayTix staffer in front of the theatre before the show so you can even avoid the box office line. This week I entered the lottery for The Last Ship in LA and won multiple times. The alert process was single and clear and purchasing was also a breeze. I recommend TodayTix highly to anyone who loves theatre and even those who are infrequent attendees.
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5 months ago, Rodwitmond
App is fine, Customer Service stinks! Buyer Beware
I had family coming in to London and committed to buying tickets to Hamilton. I purchased the tickets through Tix but they didn’t arrive so I contacted Cust Service - just received an automated message. Still Nothing heard next day at 10 am so I bought more tickets using a different card. These tickets arrived. At 1:45pm I received an email from Cust Service expressing happiness that my issue had been resolved as I’d received the tickets! At this point I’ve paid twice and received only one set of tickets. I received a response from customer service when I questioned them saying that they had contacted the theater and they confirmed my attendance so there was no issue and I’d received my tickets. Ti have provided screen shots of both transactions as well as screen shots if my account to prove that I never received the first tickets I’d paid for. They have stopped responding. This is theft. I want my money back for the tickets I never received!
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1 year ago, sickofalarmnotworking
Impossible to get help
Tickets not delivered. Help site says they are having problems delivering by email and to go to a tab on the app that doesn’t exist. I wish I could take away the one star I gave. I was just contacted with a non-response claiming my booking could not be found—two weeks after the show. It turns out that I had to delete and reinstall the app to get the tickets. Again another message. I was on chat for 20 minutes, two hours before show with zero response, so don’t tout your chat to me. I finally did get through by phone to a very helpful person who instructed me to delete and reload the app. I’m simply saying the practice of deferring ticket delivery to up to 2 hours before the show, combined with your email outage that prevented delivery, combined with no one joining me on chat, combined with a glitch in the app that required deleting and reinstalling it made the experience stressful and I would think a dozen times before using the service again.
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5 months ago, Webmom88
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child on Broadway was amazing from the moment I got the notification that I won tickets to the end of the performance. It’s always exciting to win something and I have wanted to see this play for years. The surprise that our seats were in the second row orchestra added another layer of anticipation. The whole theatre is magical which also increased the anticipation for the performance. Which did not disappoint! The actors were wonderful the casting director did a good job selecting people who looked and acted similar to the characters we have grown to know and love from the Harry Potter movies. I would see it again! And thank you to TodayTix for making it possible for me to see it in the first place at such an affordable cost.
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6 years ago, OncDoc72
So great!
I tried this app a year ago when I visited New York City and we booked one show this way Based on the recommendation of a New York City resident who used it. It really simplifies buying tickets and puts the power of getting into Shaws right in the palm of your hand through your cell phone. It’s great for those who like to pick which shows they want to see about a week prior to visiting New York City. It’s best for buying up to four tickets, but any more than that you probably should work directly with theater. The only thing that I seem to be missing was the more popular new shows that released did not offer tickets through this app as they were often sold out. For example in May 2018 we could not get tickets on this app for dear Evan Hansen, Hamilton, or mean girls.
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7 months ago, SantanaTNSW
Excellent show
This was a very good and big surprise. My daughter saw it earlier this year and raved about it but what does a 16 year know. She pushed me to hear the soundtrack and I fell in love with the beats. Took my wife for our 22nd anniversary and WOW - the most awesome time and production in our Broadway. It's up there with Hamilton. The ladies singing individually were beautiful and sang to an extreme that left my mouth open. Together, all six had a harmony that was effortless and just attracted you into the play more. The ladies at the instruments were supreme and left me wanting to learn to play guitar and bass. The entire show felt like a major concert. The only negative thing is it ended. I could've stayed another hour or two listening to those ladies sing. Boppin to the music on the second row of the mezzanine and seeing my wife smile and enjoy herself really made the night for us. And the best part of the evening: I got a history lesson through six beautiful women and their voices.l - sorry it's the teacher in me. Overall - go see this production, listen to the soundtrack on Apple Music (like me now as I type) and look up the history of these wives.
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11 months ago, Vagishar
Pleasantly surprised and absolutely awed!
I read the screenplay for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child when the show first came out in London and was so disappointed at the fanfiction and childish quality of the writing. Fast forward two years and I finally had the chance to see it on broadway. I was totally not expecting how beautifully the screenplay translated to the stage! It is a firecracker of a show. Absolutely amazing and the many “magical” effects will leave you scratching your head. What an astounding production. It will keep you enthralled throughout! A must watch for Harry Potter fans and non-fans alike! So glad I was able to find an orchestra seat at half price on Today Tix! Great deal and I highly recommend it to everyone.
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2 years ago, anjtree
Paid extra for ticket protection, unable to redeem. Support unhelpful.
I paid extra for ticket protection so that I could cancel and get refunded for a ticket I bought. I had a change of plans and went to redeem the protection. There was nowhere to do so. Called support and was told I can only redeem ticket protection on their app. Okay, no problem. But I went to log in with my Google account and received an error message. I checked to make sure I was using the right password. I was. I was able to log in on the desktop site without issue. I even reset my password and still got the same error message. I explained this all to customer support and they just keep saying the same thing “no refunds, you can only redeem ticket protection through the app.” Well I paid extra so that I could have ticket protection and your app does not work! Now I have to go through the hassle of filing a dispute with my credit card company. Insane.
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1 year ago, FireopalBeach
Bloody Brilliant!
Make sure to purchase tickets if you want to be swept away into a time turning mystery! The illusions are plentiful and the cast is a grand slam with a sprinkle of British charm. The plot was seamless and tied into the enchanted storyline of the novels. The Lyric theater is charming to begin with, but with the interactive filters, themed snacks, and adorable souvenirs you will be immersed into Harry Potter‘s world. My son loved dressing up as house Hufflepuff, and taking advantage of all the photo ops! By winning the Harry Potter, TodayTix lottery, I was able to take my family to experience this masterpiece on Broadway and create memories at a reasonable price! Without winning the lottery, I probably would not have ventured into Manhattan to see this and I can’t imagine my life without the experience!
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2 years ago, SNT312
Loved the show
I went to see Harry Potter last night at the Curran Theater and was amazed with the acting and performance! The show was enjoyable and entertaining. Everyone who has an opportunity to see the performance should make it one of their events to attend during the summer. I know you will enjoy the play as well as I did. Today tik allowed me to enter weekly for the raffle to watch Harry Potter. I’ve won the raffle at least 4x prior until I finally made the decision to go last night. The price I paid for the seat was a steal!! I sat In orchestra which cost a lot more than what I paid. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to see the play with others. Go and see Harry Potter. You will not regret it!!
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5 years ago, Bklynlorider
Smooth & easy process
There are lots of discount options and I subscribe to a number, like Goldstar and TDF. TodayTix has competitive selections and prices, helpful email alerts and curation, and a really simple interface. It’s the winner for me so far. I’ve used it without any hiccups three times this month, my first month with the app, and am so far both impressed and pleased with the whole shebang. I’ve seen two shows I would never otherwise have heard about (both very different from each other, both worth the ticket cost) and saved a good chunk of change on the one I’d been eying awhile on their services. I’m giving this a 5 based on those successes and on the simplicity of using it. Definitely a keeper on my phone.
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2 years ago, Cuznvito
TodayTix is Fantastic
Following three plus years away from Broadway I recently made brief trip to NYC and used Today Tix to purchase tickets for three shows. The app is easy to use and is so much easier than waiting on line at TKTS. I received an email for each purchase and in some cases a later email with the tickets. In some cases I was able to save the tickets to my Apple Wallet which was most helpful for easy access to the tickets. I purchased the tickets about two weeks in advance of our trip. We were also pleased with the location of our seats. In some cases we were able ti select seats with a seat map. I will be back and will use TodayTix again.
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5 years ago, Kapre18
Great options
Today Tix is my go-to ticket source for most things but especially when I’m looking for last minute tickets. I can usually find reasonably priced tix for a same-day show and I can purchase on line to pick up at the theater. Great alternative when I don’t feel like schlepping down to TKTS or just don’t have the time. The service and communication are excellent. I’ve never had any problem at all finding the concierge outside the theater. And for will call options, the tickets have always been there exactly as promised. Generally the seats are pretty good. They will warn you if your discounted tix might have an obstructed view or whatever. Overall I’m very happy with them and will continue to rely on them.
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2 years ago, Ron from NJ
Delighted Musical
We were thoroughly entertained by this delightful, yet meaningful play. There is something here for everyone. The entire cast is very talented and they all play multiple rolls quite convincingly. The staging is clever and nicely done. Lighting and projection effects were marvelous and carried the story line of the play. Although all the songs were not memorable, they did continue the story line of the play that moves from real time to fantasy and back again. These time changes are very cleverly done. This play is a hidden gem in an Off Broadway theater and I certainly hope they can find enough backers to take it to Broadway. It will definitely find an audience.
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1 year ago, yitonia
Great play but …
I saw the play last year at Atlantic theatre in NYC. It was one of the best plays I saw . Great play wonderfully acted , Great production . When I heard that studio theatre was doing it I was very excited and curious to see how differently it will be despite the fact that it was the same director . Well unfortunately I was disappointed since this cast except of one actor could not deliver and stand up to the play . Maybe it was the night I saw it but the play was very slow and it had no Rhythm whatsoever …. The relationship between the teacher and her students and the romantic interest that was developed between her and the male student was not convincing at all . Happy to see that the play is extended and brings good revenue to the theatre but it’s hard when you had another production and actors to compare it with…
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2 years ago, K Newsom22
I thought that my purchase (and seats) were confirmed when I booked a Broadway show-at a specific time; and date-in accordance with the time constraint that showed on the app (4 minutes). But I didn’t receive an email until a few hours later, that “there weren’t enough available seats, for when I booked.” So I went back on the app, to purchase another showing of the Broadway show-BUT-now I have to change other booking commitments that I had already booked-so I can attend the show. And to receive a 15% off voucher just seemed cheap to me. You would think -with what happened-that a premium seat would be offered-for the same price I paid. Or something to make up for it; but I was just left with the rushing to even attend the show. And I am NOT one to complain-but this was a big mistake.
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2 years ago, FSA47
You don’t always get what you pay for
While I usually try to get my last minute Broadway tickets at TKTS, I use TodayTix occasionally as well. I recently purchased two Orchestra tickets for a show. When the tickets arrived, I saw that they were in the Side Orchestra section, on the other side of the aisle from the main Orchestra section. I emailed TodayTix and received a response stating that, “ the box office can change a section’s boundaries based on demand.” This is absurd and an abuse. In no way could my tickets in the Right Orchestra section be considered to be in the Orchestra section. No Broadway box office could misrepresent them that way. They just charged me more for side seats because they were clearly out of the center seats I had purchased. I won’t be using the app again.
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6 years ago, D. Hill
Today Tix
Today Tix is a great application for those invested in attending theatre performances whether it be Broadway or Off Broadway in New York, Los Ángeles and many locations around the world. From all time classic mainstays to more recent productions the app allows you to search shows from all genres. The design is accommodating and lively just like a show with bright colors and a easy to scroll list. The app not only succeeds in discovery of theatre productions but in the purchase of them as well. The app displays deals, promotions, a 30 days out advance and even uses a lottery so lucky winners can purchase tickets at a discount. Just as a guide to see what’s playing Today Tix proves useful but with the ability to purchase tickets in a myriad of ways the application proves to be a must have.
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1 year ago, Could Be Better for Customers
I’ve had lovely experiences…
This latest wasn’t one. My seats were disappointing, something you don’t learn until 12 hours before your show. After doing some digging into their business model—they supposedly go directly to the box office and purchase the best available tickets the day you purchase—I’m baffled why you wouldn’t get your tickets/seats sooner. I see so many people who’ve used Today Tix report getting front row seats in the lottery. I bought early and got what must have been the worst possible seats in the section I purchased in. Not Today Tix fault really, but it would be easier to accept if I could just buy the actual seats through them and know what I was getting.
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5 years ago, BDraws
I buy tickets all of the time for this company & I can only say PHENOMENAL things about them. I love everything about their service. They have last minute deals and GREAT!!!! Customer service! I will be using Today Tix to go on my theatrical adventures! GREAT SOURCE, GREAT SHOWS, GREAT TICKETS! What more could you ask for!? What I would like to see more is having tickets accessible to buy closer to the time of show. Such as an hour prior or even 10 minutes until opening! Would be a BEAUTIFUL way for me to buy some really AWESOME last minute seats! Can’t thank you enough! GO TODAY TIX! I would love to become a brand ambassador or anything along the lines for this company simply because of HOW WONDERFUL their service is!
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6 years ago, MindelaBB
I love Today Tix!
I have had a lot of luck using Today Tix! I won the Friday Forty lottery to get the $40 tickets to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, where we had front row seats. I was able to purchase Rush tickets to Apologia at the Laura Pels Theater and was seated in the Orchestra Section. I bout the cheapest tickets to Waitress at the Brooke Atkinson Theater; though I sat in the back row for that one, I had a perfect view. I also won free lottery tickets to the Public Theater’s Mobile Unit’s Production of a Midsummer Nights Dream and felt like I was a part of the play. I have had a lot of luck on Today Tix with the lotteries and rush tickets as well as discounted tickets to musicals, plays, opera, concerts, etc. and plan to use them frequently. It is a great service!!
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6 years ago, curlymonster0608
Great app great deals
I was so nervous the first time I used this. ( June 2018) Just the idea of showing up to the theater and waiting for some people in red shirts to hand me my tickets scared me. However the deal was good and the reviews seemed to confirm the validity of the app. I didn’t even tell my husband where I got the tickets from until half an hour before picking them up because I knew he would be nervous too, and he was!!! But thankfully everything went just as described! The today Tixs representatives were there with tickets in hand (Anastasia) 30 min before the show and we got great seats!! I’ve done it 3 more times since (hello dolly, Once on this island and carousel) and was just as pleased each time! :)
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6 years ago, Louis XVIII .
False and Misleading Advertising!
TodayTix operates sort of like Hotwire or Priceline. You pay a discounted price for a broadway show, and they advertise the best seats in the section you're purchased. In my case, they advertised for My Fair Lady that the last 3 buyers received seats in rows C and D, dead center of the theatre. Great, right? The best available seats were in row E, and even up to the day of the performance, row G. What seat was I assigned (you only find out minutes before the show when picking up your tickets): row P. That's right - the "best available” claim was far from the truth. We were seated in the absolute LAST row of the theatre in row P, while row G was still available earlier in the day, and row E available at the time I purchased my tickets. This is 100% misleading and false advertising - and I would label it totally FRAUDULENT. Use Ticketmaster, Stubhub, or another service that doesn't mask the seat location until moments before the curtain goes up!
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