Toddler game for 2-4 year olds

4.3 (67.4K)
162.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Bimi Boo Kids Learning Games for Toddlers FZ LLC
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Toddler game for 2-4 year olds

4.28 out of 5
67.4K Ratings
3 months ago, Nikolai Volkof
Good but can use a little work
My sister recently got this game and I got interested got kinda tired of the same thing over and over maby you can unlock a few thing for beginners. I still highly recommend this game to anyone who is interested though.
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4 years ago, Disappointed.11
Good but...
Our daughter loves the Bimi boo games we decided to finally buy a full game and picked this one since we thought it would include the most games as it has different worlds. However it was not clear that each world is just the same games over and over nothing different except the style. They are cute but repeating the same games again and again we could have just done with out buying....actually I would have rather paid for two of the other game full versions with the price of this one. So yea feel like I wasted 8 bucks.
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2 years ago, paige greunke not soomy
Under the se🏝
Hi there I hope your appointment day was perfect and your last time has been good and good luck and your family has also made our progress together and will continue with the new family we will have our house and our church in the
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5 years ago, Heavypour
Good app as far as I can tell
It seems like a good app unfortunately you have to pay for every section if you want to access it and that seems a little steep in that regards. The free games section seems like they’ll be good for our children though.
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4 months ago, Dreamonastar
Awesome app for preschoolers! ***** 5 stars out of 5 stars
I have been teaching educational apps to preschoolers for 30+ years. Bimi Boo apps are by far some of the BEST educational apps for preschoolers that I have ever used. I like how the Bimi Boo apps teach skills according to “themes”.
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1 year ago, Sonnyspike
Lost app
One of my apps accidentally got deleted and I can’t find it. It had the elephant and frog dressing game and Egyptian shape game and the car and truck game that my granddaughter likes. Wish I could find it. We like Bimi Boo a lot.
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2 years ago, Blessed by faith
Best Games ever!
My little loves all of your games. Thank you for making them so easy for children to figure out. Definitely on our a Christmas list for this tear.
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7 months ago, Bob Clara jones
Toddlers games
This is a great game for younger kids, my kids are 3 and don’t talk well but ever since they been playing this game they have been learning new words and numbers and shapes.
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7 years ago, Tristan Bruxner
Keeps them busy!
Both our kids love this and the fact that you get all the puzzles for free makes it even better.
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1 year ago, Jinkee01
It’s so easy and very good
I like it I know it’s for baby’s and I’m 7 but I still like it it’s free to download beacause when I buy stuff and I delete it it is still free😀
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3 years ago, MikeHancho84277
Great game!
I love the game but it gets very annoying when my kid keeps hitting the unlock all button
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2 months ago, ccaarroollinne
Fun games for toddles
It helps them learn and also challenges their brain and I think it’s really good for them
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4 years ago, Stufflkvxgcc
Another game where I paid for the additional and they will not play, this time neither on my iPad nor on my iPhone My grandson loves the games Please help
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1 year ago, AndroidBound
I love this game because
I love this app because you make me learn so I get smarter and better so thank you
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2 years ago, Alaina Marie1
Love content dislike setup
My toddler loves the content. I like the educational qualities. I don’t like that every part is another charge. I would prefer to pay flat fee to use the entire app. There’s no ability to purchase all the parts together you must buy each one separately.
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7 years ago, Brook Bochsa
Best App for kids
This is the perfect beginning puzzle game for my 3 year old she loves it and it's not too difficult!!!
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4 years ago, Irishgolfer3
Excellent Games
From an educational standpoint, these are excellent learning tools. They not only teach size, they reinforce color, shapes, and sizes. My 3 year old grandson loves this site.
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7 years ago, Linda Kee
Try it for your kids
This game is so good and beautiful it is very colourful. kids play with this game will be happy .it is awesome and excellent and beauty and very good.
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7 years ago, Pasty Lam
Really good puzzles and education games for young children. Nice and easy and bright clear colorful pictures
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7 years ago, Jamex Wix
Love it
My 3 year old son loves it! We already downloaded 3 of your apps. Thank you so much for developing this educational game!
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2 years ago, C8er
I’m so happy to be able to play this game with my kids and
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7 years ago, spincrus1981
Funny for little ones
Easy games with a good gameplay!
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4 years ago, Pelortalive
This game is pretty cool. It seems like a fun way to learn for kids. I recommend this app
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6 years ago, kitty love9876
Why money
Why can’t they win they pass the level get a new level you know I don’t wanna be paying
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2 years ago, truthy5
Best game for my Mer-Kangaroose
Mer-Kangaroose loves Bimi Boo and this game period. 5 Stars. This game is for young toys and humans to learn about size and colors.
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3 years ago, La Appel du vide
Very limited for free.
My daughter enjoys this game and I hate how you have to pay for your kid to just have an experience. These games without paying are no different than trials
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5 years ago, Lilly Mee Mah
My granddaughter loves it and is learning quickly
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5 years ago, jkinjiinji
Why aren’t the other things free I don’t get it
Make it free make it make it make it make it Sweet!!!
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4 years ago, hatebeingasked
Okay game
Good game is okay but not enough to keep my two year olds attention. For the price I wouldn’t recommend it.
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11 months ago, GPB FUNTIME
Sitting with grandson
My 3 yr grandson love to play games with me.
Show more
6 months ago, Patricia113
Not sure why it keeps making me pay over and over 😡
Makes me pay over and over 😡
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3 months ago, Thomas reviews1274947174068
Rip off
The babies game had so many different games. This is the same 6 games over and over and its more expensive??????
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6 years ago, bloated puffin
my 2 year old loves this game
had to go through a bunch of games before finding this one
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7 months ago, Spunk organ
But go liquors can do unju hop I’ll
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4 years ago, Kat-Kid
Love it
Really enjoyed the app my granddaughter loved the lizards eating
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3 years ago, commack70
Fun and easy to modify
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6 years ago, Gregthehat
Too hard for two year olds
Game says for 2 year olds but most don’t know two versus three. Too few things to do.
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3 years ago, Keepinithonest23
I. Love 💯
Love the NO STUPID ads ! Great product
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2 years ago, slim 3
Great for Little’s
Show more
3 years ago, ashbison19
QQUs under of pool A
Show more
5 years ago, SiHR4
Awesome fun and educational for my grandson!
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2 years ago, ivory evie
Show more
6 years ago, uaaTKS6632
Purchase twice
You made us by this app twice. Its no sense.
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5 years ago, LydiaPhoenix
Thank y’all
Show more
2 years ago, 477becca
My baby loves this game
Awesomeness my baby loves it
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4 years ago, Msoucie3119
Da qqqqeer tv I q was assassin but he didn’t p
Show more
5 years ago, bhuman23
Hey b
.78”mill jmymmno I Lying tv. aaa ergo I’m n hey minions and
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5 years ago, Smith Leveille
We love II
We love it
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5 years ago, Axyca86
I love shapes
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1 year ago, great od gasme
Grandson loves it.
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