Toddler Games For 2 Year Olds.

4.6 (106.5K)
415.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
22learn, LLC
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Toddler Games For 2 Year Olds.

4.56 out of 5
106.5K Ratings
2 years ago, TheFay89
Great app for my toddler!
We’ve been using this app for a couple of months now and my daughter (age 2) LOVES this app! Bright, fun graphics and adorable animals. It’s simple enough for her to navigate on her own and she’s able to choose which games she wants to play. I think the educational content is also good. She seems to master the levels with ease, and enjoys the bubbles she gets as a reward. I always hear a lot of giggling when she’s tapping them (I might occasionally tap the bubbles too–they have quite a satisfying pop sound). I went ahead and added this app on my phone so that I don’t have to bring my iPad when we’re on the go. The app doesn’t have any annoying music or distracting ads so that is a plus for me as a parent. Well worth purchasing.
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4 years ago, Steve.F89
We think it is pretty neat!
We picked this app up for our little man and he seems to like it a lot. The app has a sort of initial free-trial period where your kids can try it out and, if they like it, you then purchase the full content in the app. So there is nothing to really think about and you can just give it a try with no commitments. The animals are pretty cute and the voice actors and sounds are all very pleasant. It does not share the shortcoming of some games where the repetitive noises start to become irritating to hear, but that may just be a personal preference and slight bonus for us. What is really important is, as we said earlier, our little man really seems to enjoy it and his opinion is what really matters! Makes for one happy boy and his parents!
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7 months ago, toritun
Great learning tool for Autistic Children
My son is almost 3 years old, we have been playing this app for about 6 months and he loves it! My son was diagnosed level 3 autistic and I have been driving myself crazy wondering how I can help him learn!! Let me tell you that he loves this app and it’s so helpful with his ability to retain information! He has learned how to identify letters and numbers, puzzles and even his speech has improved! I swear by this app and so thankful for the developers!!❤️
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5 years ago, Trinity 7404
Incorrect info
SCROLL DOWN FOR DEVELOPER RESPONSE: Did anyone play this game before their children did?? Right off the bat the circle and oval are incorrectly labeled in the learning portion and the game/bubble pop portion. And the square and rectangle are mixed up as well. HORRIBLE! I’m so glad I preview games before I allow my children to play. My 2 year old would have learned Incorrectly and been co fused with the things he already was taught. DEVELOPER RESPONSE: "The game works fine. The problem is that you run it on your new iPhone. Unfortunately, this game is older and some shapes are stretched on your display. Just run it on your iPad and it will work fine. There should be an updated version available soon." **i downloaded the game AGAIN and AGAIN when you click on a circle it says “oval”, when you click on an oval it says “circle”, when you click on a square it says “rectangle”, when you click on the rectangle it says “square”. When you play a game and it says “click the rectangle” and it SHOWS a square as the image and you click the actual rectangle it is wrong, but if you click the actual square you are correct. It is NOT my phone it is the program and needs to be fixed. These children are being taught INCORRECTLY**
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4 years ago, 2TLee
Needs more thought. Almost like the creator has never played with a toddler via touchscreen.
Not very informative for 2-3 year olds. It’s a little lazy. Needs more than popping bubbles while the app says names of things. Just a bad purchase. Toddlers like to use their whole hand. Even when just pointing to something. They don’t realize the iPad isn’t paper so they rest the side of their hand while they point. This causes the app to freak out and repeat over over and back and forth. “Eggplant cabbage eggplant cabbage egg eggplant cabbage.” So then they don’t know what is what. I’m not trying to teach them how sensitive technology is. I just want my kid to learn shapes and fruits and veggies on the go sometimes. It’s a learning game that requires parental assistance in case the arrows start freaking out.
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4 years ago, jenn4schur
Only supports one finger touch
If you are touching the screen with one finger it freezes the screen. So if your toddler is holding the phone and their thumb on their left hand happens to be touching the screen where they are holding the phone/tablet they won’t be able to use their other index finger to drag items around on the screen. Might work for an older toddler who you can explain that too but for my 20 month old (who has other similar games and understands the concept of dragging items to the intended spot) it is just very frustrating to have the screen frozen because she is touching the bottom corner with her thumb. All the toddlers games we have on the tablet took that into consideration and support multi touch on the screen.
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2 years ago, Pastazia
Simple but Cute
There isn’t a lot to this game, but there are enough features to entertain a toddler for a little while. The music, voices, and artwork are pleasant—not weird or annoying like some games these days. My two and four year old granddaughters seemed to enjoy it and best of all, there was no subscription fee! These days, it’s difficult to find a game that doesn’t inundate you with ads or demand a high-priced subscription. My thanks to the game developers!
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5 months ago, Candi5751
Can’t unlock
I have been trying to unlock the full game all morning, unsuccessfully. I’ve deleted and reinstalled. My mom bought it on her iPad and I thought it would work with family sharing on the kids iPads, but I can’t get it to work and it won’t even let me purchase it. The baby loves the bubble pop. I would give it 5 stars if there wasn’t this annoying loop where I can’t unlock the full game.
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5 years ago, yuomojjji
The part of learning experience and the fun parts.
Say this that my 2 year old loves this game when we go on road trips she is always loving to just grab her iPad. Because of this she can pop the bubbles just like at home she always sometimes just wants to come out and blow bubbles this makes things feel the things at home instead of her crying over everything I have her iPad all ready and charged for her to start a learning path waiting for her arrival Thanks!
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2 years ago, SarSarV
Updated Version of App is Amazing!!
This is a wonderful learning app - new worlds and games have been added recently and it is fantastic. Easy to navigate and it is such a great educational tool. There are games that teach shapes, numbers, and letters (and new words!) in a very accessible way and and entire section that allows the user to create music and explore musical notes. Worth every penny!
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7 months ago, Kz123987
Purchase not unlocking app
We purchased the full app and it’s on one device but doesn’t unlock on any other device. We went to app support and it says to restore purchase in app and it’s usually found in the settings or parent section… there is no settings or parent section of this app and nowhere is “restore purchase” found anywhere in the app. Very frustrating to pay for something and it’s supposed to work with family sharing and it’s just not. Such a shame because our toddler absolutely loves it and we’re probably going to dispute the charge and remove all 22learn apps and find her something else.
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6 years ago, dooorrrrru
My baby brother love this
It’s his first time playing in he’s really enjoying it it’s a very very cool App Until he got distracted and started kicking The Thomas and friends toys But he loves it he likes to congratulate him self so this is a pretty awesome app and whoever made this up thanks for making it because it’s an awesome app and my brother he just can’t stop using it so thanks for making🙂
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1 month ago, jnezzy
Games stop working
My daughter really enjoyed this app for about a year, but one day the games just stopped working! Her favorites were the musical instruments, and now when she tries to play, she gets all sad and frustrated because none of the sounds are responsive. It’s not my phone settings (which haven’t changed, and also all the background/instruction noises still work). Really frustrating that the developer would release such a game-ruining bug without any avenue to contact/address the situation.
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6 years ago, 2dolfins
Worth $2.99
This keeps my two year old occupied as she loves to pop bobbles. I just wish that the game would recognize when she misses popping the letter or color on the game. It just repeats its self saying “pop all blue” and repeats over and over even after the bubbles have all floated to the top and off the screen. You end up having to hit the home button and start all over. This is very frustrating for both parent and toddler.
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2 years ago, Nntsje
Not for 2 year olds
My 2 year old is very advanced but he struggled to use this app. The touch sensitivity didn’t work for him, he would try to touch to pop the bubbles in a game and it wouldn’t work, the same thing with the flash cards he would touch one and it wouldn’t recognize his touch. I could touch it but had to make sure I was right on the center of the bubble. It may be a nice app for older kids but definitely not designed for a 2 year old.
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2 years ago, butt itcher
Brings out my inner passion
Even though I’m 31 I have always really liked games like this. Just the pure joy of pretending to be a sticky little iPad baby. Sometimes I buy adult dippers and apple juice, then I wear the dipper and get my personal butler robot to wear a wig and serve me apple juice. I call the robot my mommy and it calls me it’s little sweetie pie pumpkin patch. it’s a really good game 👍🍼
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5 years ago, Asianpersuasion143
My daughter is 2.5 years old. She breezes through these lessons and games with such ease. She already knows this stuff. However, it gives her such great self esteem to know she can accomplish what is being asked of her during the games. What a fun tool to have as well as watching her enjoying a learning activity.
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4 years ago, ramen reviews
The only problems is it needs a child lock on app purchases and a sing for my red and green colorblind daughter it’s hard for her but otherwise it’s an amazing app it for four years old or kids going in the preschool kindergarten or first grade I highly recommend it it’s an amazing app
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2 years ago, Jackie.Hammer
My kid likes it
We try to limit screen time to when we need the distraction for the kids. This app was easy for the kids to play and they like it. I wish the letters and numbers were in the “circus” part of the game where it would be way more beneficial that them matching animals or clothes. It could be more educational, but as an in a pitch game to pull out it works.
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4 years ago, bunnynolike
Inappropriate words bubble pop
My 2yr old likes this unlocked app, however she makes me play it sometimes. While playing bubble pop it had 3 different letters that float up and you pop the letter it asks. The letters than came up spelt S E X in that order, not than my 2yr old can read yet but I do think this may be inappropriate for a children’s app.
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4 years ago, axel& mommy
Axel Maddox
My child loves it and doesn’t ever want to get off! When I turn it off he cries bc we only do 20 min internet fun for the day. He’s starting to say some shapes and colors so this game is defiantly an awesome learning expierence for my little one. Thanks for making the app.
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2 years ago, DKing0123456
Great game but remove the ADS!!!
A great learning & association game for my Toddler! I just wish they wouldn’t have unremovable adds for other games, even after I paid for the full version. It leads to my toddler constantly hitting them and not being able to use the full screen of the game!
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6 years ago, Xman0606
Mom Review
Cute game but it’s kind of annoying that not all the games are available. Most of the games are locked. It would be better if all the games were accessible & easier to play. Also, there are too many adds & pop ups. Example this review option kept popping up and would not let my child continue until I wrote this review.
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2 years ago, MommatoKaylee
Daughter loved it we paid for full version
My daughter loved it however as of about a week ago the app has started work not working I’ll try to delete the app and re-download the app seeing as I paid for the full app and the extra stuff so that way my daughter could continue playing the game and now it was just a big waste of money because you can’t even re-download the app
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2 years ago, 80olivia
Happy anniversary happy happy anniversary to your lord hi son merry merry birthday
Happy anniversary happy happy anniversary to your lord happy lord amen lord bless you merry merry birthday merry merryy yeah yes so where we gonna do whatever we want to do I want to know just want some memories for you is good God is great God is Greg Greg good yes by Bo and
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5 years ago, DarkMoon_mdt
My 2 year old loves this game
When he goes to accidentally make a purchase, it asks for the adult to answer a math question to go ahead with it, so I always catch him before anything is made! There’s several different games to choose from. If you have a 2-year-old they surely will love it
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1 year ago, joy2plau
Could be better
Everything cost
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4 years ago, T_Vargas3
Issues with sharing on other devices
It’s a great app my son loves it but I bought it on my phone. And I pay for family sharing I tried to put this app on the family iPad and it’s telling me I have to repay for it. And I think that’s just ridiculous. I should be able to share this app with my other devices.
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4 years ago, Gh657483947
Works until a certain level and have to pay
Have to pay for certain categories, which I won’t be doing because the free categories have a glitch where after a certain level they do not show any bubbles but ask you to pop them.
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3 years ago, annoying came my hate
Because I don’t like this game
My little brother can’t play 7 Games without them being unlocked and he can’t unlock them because he’s only two years old so I don’t like this game sorry.
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4 years ago, 7MetalGod7
Good but too many Ads
My 2 yr old son loves these games but there are quite a few annoying ads to deal with. Couldn’t even start the app without rating it first! Other then that, I have other apps from this developer and they are great.
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2 years ago, utkrmmdjd
My 2 year old daughter is learning so much with this little app. Her skills are improving , she’s recognizing the different catergories , I recommend .
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5 years ago, Black1304
Cute, entertaining, but glitches
Once the bubble floats off the screen, the game doesn't recognize that it needs to reset or move on. Otherwise, my 2 yo enjoys it. I would buy the paid version if the glitch were fixed.
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4 years ago, Vintage look
Don’t Buy!
Purchased the full app and it worked for one day. The next day my grandson logged on and all of the levels were locked again. I tried the restore button several times and it is still locked. I wrote to the company and they suggested all the things I had tried already. I wrote again and asked for my money back and they have ghosted me. SAVE YOUR MONEY! This is a total ripoff.
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5 months ago, Imagemakercm
We loved this game so we bought it. Now it crashes all the time!. Please fix it! I have restarted my device multiple times and it still crashes. My grandson really loves this game. I’m not just trying to get my money back but I paid for something that keeps crashing.
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4 years ago, Harrisonk15
My son loves these
He loves playing them and he is figuring them out and learning... but we also don't like to have him on the iPad too long. Also only downside is that you only get 2 levels unless you pay for them
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4 years ago, TPKAG
Fun for little kids
My 3 year old enjoys the games. The only thing that would be better if there were a few more free options.
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3 years ago, Esha1199
My kids love this app hate that you have to pay for almost everything though.
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5 months ago, HAW44
Sadly not working
Just bought this game for my daughter (paid $9.99 plus tax) and we've been playing it for about 30 minutes. It's a great app at first and was happy with my purchase. But after about 30 minutes it just keeps crashing. We can not get it to work for more then 30 seconds at a time.
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5 years ago, rainbow nectar
Super Kawaii
Great animation and I love the way when baby pops the shapes it says it out loud every time over and over for musical learning, and all other types of ways babies learn. Great app for learning and fun.
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4 years ago, Raeofsunshinr
So good
My son has only been able to play the first game so far. Pretty sure I had to leave a review in order to unlock the second level. Price for full version is probably fair but it’s hard to tell off of just one level. I’ll update my review after we are able to play more levels and games.
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3 months ago, marty redpaths apps
Kevin Macleod
I love Kevin macleod’s music, and I heard it in this app! I just want you to license under Creative Commons 3.0 or Incompetech if you want to use Kevin macleod’s music. RosiMosi does this. I heard Cheezee jungle, Wallpaper, and Nothing broken by Kevin Macleod in this app. Please license to use these musics.
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4 years ago, NAE091209
Love popping bubbles
My 2 year old loves to pop the bubbles and she is starting to repeat the name of each shape. My 5 year old enjoys identifying the uppercase letters.
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1 year ago, KMBF13
Can’t buy the whole version
We love this app. Every time I try to buy the full unlocked version it won’t accept any payment method! Wish we could access the “locked” content.
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4 years ago, #1DirtyDurden
Seems to be a good Learning tool
It seems to be a pretty good learning tool for +2.5yrs. I wanted to start early teaching my son the alphabet. And this game seems to be a great way to introduce him to the letters in the alphabet.
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4 years ago, mally bo
Great learning app for toddlers my 2 year old loves it
Such a great learning tool my two-year-old son has learned so much so far with this app and only a week
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4 years ago, csaeraeny0511
Decent free game, limited without purchasing more
Only a couple free levels, but they quickly got old for my 2 year old
Show more
4 years ago, gvtytctdcyu
It said it was free but it’s not I don’t understand why I can’t find ONE actual learning game that’s completely free
Show more
4 years ago, Me, yo
Cute, but $$
There are only a few things for your child to play on. You have to pay to unlock the cool stuff, of course. It’s a cool app, but I wish a few more things were unlocked.
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4 years ago, T. Shadley
Functional play
My daughter enjoyed playing with this and as an added bonus she sat super still while getting her hair done! #NewFavorite
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