Toddler Games for 3 Year Olds~

4.2 (22.4K)
734.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
IDZ Digital Private Limited
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Toddler Games for 3 Year Olds~

4.18 out of 5
22.4K Ratings
3 years ago, TGrammy
Doesn’t work!
We bought the whole package and it doesn’t work!! Tried reinstalling it several times!
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3 years ago, 198719910810NMC
Would be a 5 star rating but…
The home scene keeps freezing. This game has taught me from now on open and close an app before I invest money into it. literally 3 out of 4 times I have restart her tablet so she can get off the opening credit screen. Which is sad because we LOVE this app. I spent $10 on this game which is alot for a toddler game, but I figured it would be worth it bc it’s super engaging and fun. It’s all about marine life which she is in love with. She enjoys all the games, the colors are bright and fun. The music isn’t annoying and it can keep her entertained. Literally the only negative IS THE FACT IT FREEZES nearly every time we open the app(which is a lot bc she likes to go from app to app throughout the day) and it causes a lot of frustration. Get that problem mixed and it can easily because a 5 start rating.
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3 years ago, zazzie the runner
App is not working
We had purchased this app for my baby and it never works. It opens to a starting screen but never goes to the games. Seeing that I had paid a good amount for this app, I would appreciate if I could actually use a working app. A refund would be greatly appreciated.
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2 years ago, junejackie
Customer Service was helpful
After having difficulty getting the app to work on my iPad, the developers responded quickly and were able to provide information which allowed my grandson to enjoy the fun/educational games.
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3 years ago, AceFace Mama
Delete and reinstall… Repeat
The app worked until I payed for it. Every since I paid for it it doesn’t even allow my son to press play or Rate us; it just freezes. I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app and still nothing.
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1 year ago, Unsatisfied toddler
Subscription doesn’t work across apps
Purchased subscription and it only works on one app. The rest say there is no subscription with the Apple ID even though it shows in Apple subscriptions and I was charged. The app also freezes often and frustrates my toddler. The app is up to date. It makes no difference.
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2 years ago, Hiialo
Extremely Satisfied
This app exceeded my expectations. My child is very busy with it and is engaged the whole time using the app. My child laughs and is excited to share how to play the games. Thank you for creating such and interactive game
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2 years ago, S_D_K
Subscription purchase glitchy
Paid for the subscription which worked well for the day, but upon reopening the app everything was locked again. App Store shows my subscription as current however the app hangs when trying to restore purchase. We have tried restarting, reinstalling and updating to no avail.
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3 years ago, bmills282828
Need to contact y’all! Purchased app doesn’t work
Haven’t had time to contact yet but got the free app for my grand baby and she loved it. Bought the app and it has never worked! Can’t get past the first screen. I have my apple receipt to prove it. I even tried to delete and re-download and it still does not work. Contact me please or I will contact customer service, she loves it would love her to be able to play! Thank you!!
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4 months ago, Going fbujikkumu
No sound
Son loves it but there’s no sound
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2 years ago, Trump4524
Cost/ small selection
I paid $9:99 and received a small amount of games. Not satisfied
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3 years ago, stephieeeeeB
Black out error
Most of the time my son opens the app it’s not even working, for $10 bucks it should be working as good as the games I purchased for $3.
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2 years ago, Petals111
Too many ads on the side
Too many ads to entice a child to not enjoy the games there playing That’s it.. you did not tell me how a 4 yr old navigates all the constant interruptions and how she should know not to open those many ads.. Refund please
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1 month ago, Mama PopIt
Great educational game!
Keeps my toddler entertained and allows for motor skill practice and problem solving!
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3 years ago, Ex---14 district in Chicago!
I wish I read the reviews before purchasing, we can’t get past the home screen its completely frozen and I can’t believe the most complained about issues hasn’t been resolved.
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3 years ago, LMB mom
Doesn’t work!
My son is really good at the games but only got to play it a couple times. Gives us the play screen but won’t let us select play% it does not work! And I spent the money to unlock all games!!
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2 years ago, Ray52620
Huge Ad on the home screen
There is a huge KidloLand ad on the home screen which I already pay for. When I purchased the upgraded version it said it would be ad free.
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3 years ago, vanessaliyah
I want my money back
My daughter loved the free app, so I bought the $10 app. However now the app does not load. I am extremely disappointed. What exactly did I purchase if nothing works now. Horrible app.
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2 years ago, ctnbrndn
Paid for, but never would load.
Paid for the subscription, but could never get it to load.
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2 years ago, christophercheng77
Stuck on processing page
I’ve been stuck on the processing page for over 30 mins now. If this app doesn’t work correctly, I would like a refund.
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3 years ago, Gutierrez4515
Doesn’t work
Half the time it doesn’t work. It freezes a lot. We are lucky if we can get into the game.
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3 years ago, Monsi222
Paid for and no longer works
This app no longer works only 7 days after paying 9.99 for access to it.
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2 years ago, FreshConvenience22
Doesn’t work bad purchase
The game only worked before I paid once I paid it never opened again.. waste of money for education.
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2 years ago, Daeyre
You really need longer trials for little kids
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3 years ago, Melinda316
This app is a waste money! My son was only able to play on this app 1 time and after that he was never able to get pass the Home Screen. Do not purchase.
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2 years ago, aribear2019*
Doesn’t work
Purchased for full access and now it keeps freezing
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4 weeks ago, Jenn 0
My daughter will be a marine biologist because of this app!!
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3 years ago, Sarina_L
Purchased the full pack for my child and couldn’t get past the initial loading page.
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9 months ago, Griff.sam
The volume
The app is good for toddler but there is no sound to let the child knows what to do 90% of the time which is disappointing.
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2 years ago, 18192021ACH
Do not download
It will not load. I spent money on this game for my 3 year old, and she’s just so mad that the game will not get off the processing screen. Do not get.
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3 years ago, BriBri in DC
Stuck on Home Screen
Purchased the whole package and can’t get passed the Home Screen …. Just sits there not letting me push play
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7 months ago, Hdjdixhenekfj
Would give it zero if I could
All it does is say request has been unsuccessful but it wasn't unsuccessful taking my mone......
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3 years ago, Robin please fix
Paid for full access and app is not working
Won't go past first screen. Please fix!!!
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3 years ago, DCollins86
Doesn’t work!
Spent $10 and the app is frozen. Uninstalled and reinstalled with the same issue. Please refund my money…..
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3 years ago, Needsanewcorporatesponsor
No Stars
After buying the app, we can not use use the app on anything. Do not buy the app if you desire usability.
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3 years ago, DangerHog
Zero stars. Does not work if you pay
Just paid 9.99 to unlock the game. It no longer works.
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5 months ago, Dredawg1098765
Great games
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3 years ago, Ajajdkfpdbsj
“No adds”
No adds but you have to pay $10 or you can only play one game. Free to download but not free to play
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3 years ago, cjgypse
Purchased add ones now it won’t work
Was great while it lasted, now we’re out 10 bucks.
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5 months ago, Techie business
Everything costs money !!!
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2 weeks ago, ShineRab
Garbage App
Basically every game is locked but for $60 you can get access. 🙄 For toddler games? Nah.
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6 months ago, Lameassgame$$
My baby can’t play any of the games unless I buy it. I searched free games!! This isn’t free!!!
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3 years ago, mommajay1973
Don’t work
Bought the 9.99 package and it won’t work
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1 year ago, Gauahauah
Honest opinion
This is more clickbait than anything.
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1 year ago, Tink4164
Can’t maneuver
Spent 20 min just trying to test it. Gave up
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3 years ago, Terrible app for $9.99
Refund please
This app is terrible and does not work.
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2 years ago, Teamplayer0987
My toddler loves these games
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1 year ago, Blklatina36
No good
This app is not worth 10 at all it’s a waste
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2 years ago, rykers micmic
These games are awesome!
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7 months ago, @monet_fashion_inc
Aquarium coloring
It’s not allowing my child to color.
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