Toddler learning games for 2+

4.2 (365.9K)
140.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Bimi Boo Kids Learning Games for Toddlers FZ LLC
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Toddler learning games for 2+

4.24 out of 5
365.9K Ratings
3 years ago, CalamityJane83
Nice games but a couple issues
My toddler loves these, but some things are not very intuitive. For example, when doing the bathroom /kitchen sort, you cannot tell what some things are. She put “cheese” in the kitchen but apparently it was a sponge. Then she put the “plate” on the table, but it was actually supposed to be a bathroom rug. If I can hardly tell the difference, how could a toddler? Things shouldn’t have such subtle distinctions in a game for littles.
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4 years ago, EveryNicknameWasAlreadyTaken
Daughter Loves
My 2-yr old loves this app. She only gets about 15 minutes a day (to limit screen time), but that’s enough for her to play through all of the games. I’ve been amazed how much she is able to learn. I bought the full version and I’m so glad I did. When she first started, I would show her how to do each game a couple times and then she would do it independently. Her increasing ability to point and drag the items accurately has been neat to see... she takes so much care placing items in the correct place. She also enjoys commenting on the items in the game - naming the animals, food, shapes, colors, etc. Sometimes she gets a devious little look on her face and proceeds to get the answers wrong on purpose to hear the funny noises - she’s such a goober. Love that she enjoys the game and has fun learning new things.
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3 years ago, unicornstar8111
My little sister LOVES this game she loves doing the bird and the fish one because she says fish and bird like so good. So if you are parent you should get this app for your child it helps them learn different shapes and the is one mini game with different sizes and it is a great app for your child. IF you are a child this is a fun game for my little sister and she loves doing all the things and maybe your parents to unlock all of the things. Thank you for reading my review and I hope that what I think of this app for my little sister helps you know what is fun on this app and what you can do on it. Have a nice day bye.
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4 years ago, RIPOFF_26
It won’t let my 4 year old sister to play all the games..
This game for toddlers is amazing! It makes them think and improve on their learning like shapes and sizes. It is really challenging for them. But I do have one problem. One of them is that it doesn’t want to unlock all the parts of the game. She only gets to play one row and that’s it. It makes her have to play the same row of games over again. I am trying to unlock the game by entering the year that she was born, but it’s not working. How you can fix the problem is by whenever they finish a row, they unlock the second row of games or they unlock a game one at a time and so on.
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4 years ago, Mrs. food fit love
I love this... but....
Such a fun app for my toddler, she catches on quick and asks to play all the time, but one of the options has a flaw and won’t let us finish the game. It’s the one with the clock as the icon. The inverted triangle won’t let us be matched so we can’t finish the game. I’d love if this could be fixed. I can’t explain to my toddler why it’s not working and then she gets very frustrated. But other than that we are on this app constantly. She loves it.
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4 years ago, FoCoLuv
My toddler loves all things Bimi Boo
My 18 month old loves these apps and asks to play them daily. My issue is how they work on the iPhone. Many of the levels have items that sit close to the edge of the screen and 75% of the time he pulls down the control center screen. I’m constantly having to correct the screen for him to continue playing. The music is catchy and not super annoying like many kid things and I love that it keeps my kiddo distracted in a pinch, just wish they could fix this one issue. Would be 5 stars for sure.
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2 years ago, jljonessmile
What is wrong with these apps ?????
I have three Bimi Boo apps for my toddler and now they are not working!!! One app blanks out all White and the other one doesn’t give my kid the items to drag into the right spot. I’ve updated my phone and everything. What is going on? What do I do??
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2 years ago, 🇩🇲🇩🇲🇩🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲
This game is so much fun for my Nephew
MY nephew learn how to match colors together and he learned how to put shapes in the Wright area they had to go in he also learned his colors and shapes in the process. He is only one years old and knows we’re fish goes and knows we’re birds goes I only got this app for 3 weeks and he already learned so much from this game.
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5 months ago, Reveiwer_TheBest
Best game ever
My toddler Angelina absolutely adores this game! It is filled with amazing puzzles that sometimes even I can’t figure out! And my toddler loves to be sarcastic and loves the toes of the characters! She asked me for a dead fish that one of the cats ate in the game, and I couldn’t resist giving her one! Now she has fish poisoning and is in the hospital. 10/10 game! Would recommend for ages 20+
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1 year ago, Locogringo08
How fun this game is for little kids
These games for little kids is so nice so they can play games with kids and be just like there older siblings, so they can play games and it also helps them learn new things. Thank you for helping these little kids.
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2 years ago, CruzzzzN
I know my babies will love this game
I only have two games downloaded and they’ve mastered them. They’ll absolutely love this game. I can’t wait for them to ask me to buy the other locked games, the price is right and look just as fun
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6 years ago, Reinadescrabble
Impossible to do family share
We have spent two days trying to figure out the family share abilities of these games. It is impossible! We both have new iPad Pro 10.5’s. We have a shared Apple account. Everything is a “go” on that end, but the full versions only show up on one iPad. The frustration isn’t worth the bother of Bimi Boo. I suggest looking into other apps unless they get this “bug” figured out. I would be happy to amend this review if the problem is satisfactorily fixed.
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2 weeks ago, KitKatWoo
Mean people 😡
My sister used to love this game. She is three. Her favorite games on here were the bunkbed, fish and birds, and the chair. With the latest update you locked all of those and I am not able to but the locked games. You ruined her day, as she was looking forward to her Bimi Boo. She only likes this one. You money hungry jerks just ruined her day. She wants to say that “she is sad.” 😔 Response to developers: Phhst. Deleting the app. Your welcome, developers! Hope your happy! Because your app is crappy!
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5 years ago, koev25
Can’t family share
They say it works with family share. But this is the second game I bought and it will not share to my tablet. My 3 year old daughter loves the games. This is my only complaint.
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6 years ago, mama060816
Awesome learning game
My two-year-old daughter along with my two and four-year-old nephew love this game and I love to watch them play it as it teaches them so many things they need to know Instead of just playing a game they are learning at the same time love it
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4 years ago, KaylaMatherly
My son is a year old and can completely play all of these games along with all the other apps they’ve created by himself!! He’s learned so much using this app
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3 years ago, just some mix ups
Why is most of everything locked? It’s not fair for my little sister to do the same games all the time, why
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1 year ago, totalgeek
Grandson loves it
My grandson is almost 2 and he loves these games. So do we. They are colorful, fun and educational. Easy enough for him to switch between Games himself too. Teaches shapes, color, and beginning numbers. He high fives us when he “wins”.
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5 years ago, Flash cam Gordon
Great game for kids!
Your child does not have to be a baby Einstein in order to figure out how to successfully advance through this fantastically entertaining game. Easy to navigate and fun for young children.
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2 years ago, Mom_of_Merks
Looove this app
We have purchased almost all of the bimi boo apps, but I did this on my IPad and I just bought my son his own Samsung tablet am I able to transfer them over or do I need to repurchase ?
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2 years ago, 1purpleunicorn
Grandson loves
My 2 year old grandson and I play the game together to learn colors and shapes. He even plays by himself. I even bought the rest of the levels for 3.99. So worth it.
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9 months ago, Mjchasta
Daughter almost 3
My daughter will be 3 at the end of November and she can navigate and play this app with ease. It not a subscription and that is huge for me!
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4 years ago, 7merman
Interruptions by ads
Do t like child being pressed into buying things
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2 months ago, en bend bek
This is one of the best game for a toddler like 2 years old and 3 years old but not only that it is a learning experience for toddlers
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3 years ago, Pashomina.
Can’t play without purchase
When my son went to the first game, an ad would pop up telling you to pay to unlock all the levels. There are a lot of apps like this. You literally can’t touch a single button without it telling you to buy something. So disappointing.
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1 year ago, TooSweet4285
I’m going
You can get urban decay products for under dollar and under dollars at
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3 years ago, 19Carol67
Once she figures out what to do she enjoys doing it and testing it to see if it’s always the same.
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3 years ago, Cementè
My A’minaa
My 2yr old daughter A’minaa absolutely Loves this app. I don’t have to help her at all when she’s playing. I enjoy seeing her use her brain at all times. That’s my baby girl!❤️🌎
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6 years ago, Cdds11chjud
Frozen on first use and could open after. Might be good if it worked.
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3 years ago, Robyntheraingowqueen
My sister loves this game
Ever since I got my phone ,y sister asked for this game and she loves it she likes how you can learn about new foods and every thing!
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1 year ago, Audi Boyd
Great App
My 20 month old loves this app. It’s really helped her to learn her colors and shapes! We play and practice together often.
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3 months ago, cathy4faith
Not free
The games are very age-appropriate and nice for toddlers. However, I did type in free games and after you play the first four you have to pay 4.99 to play the rest of the games. Nonetheless, the games are nice for little ones. reinforces shapes and colors.
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2 years ago, Mrs. Peggy Bunde
Fun when our internet was down!
Fun when our internet was down! And, Leap Frog was downstairs 🤩
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5 years ago, BBohra
App not working
My daughter is trying to play this app and all that appears is a white screen.
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12 months ago, ladyofthelight0314
Like the last time we had it and it wasn’t too much fun but it was so nice
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4 years ago, eloise berness
Ok game
My son is enjoying it but it gets annoying cuz the full version is expensive and he gets mad
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6 years ago, wordcook1efuimia
This is the best game ever I love it I play all the time 24Dash 7! I love this game so much it helps me a lot with my homework but I really hate it I just wanted to make this sound like a great review show people read it and then it come to this. Have fun ruining your brain
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3 years ago, BloodReinOn
Not bad
I was disappointed that it was advertised as a free app only to find that you could do nothing unless you paid. Games are not bad
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7 months ago, Mer maid
It helps little kids with educational skills
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5 years ago, Nombies4ever
Thank you
This is perfect for my two-year-old he’s learning so much
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2 years ago, h0ol
Amazing game
My 3 year old daughter love this game. It’s really good education game my daughter learn so much from this.
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7 years ago, Wilma Sazon
Its best app ever
My small sister loved this she don't play any game always play this game only all should download this app
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3 years ago, ashland87654321
Awesome app
My three year old sister loves this app she will play this day and night!
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4 years ago, mstransue
Thank you
My toddler will spend 30 minutes at a time on this app. She loves it
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3 years ago, Queen sully
My little sister loves it she does not like learning things but she loves learning it because it is fun
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4 years ago, brittj1010
My 19 month old loves these games. He plays all the time
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5 months ago, Wyatt’s first game
It would be nice if there were more free games
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5 years ago, Jyhoot
Testing games
These games look like a lot of fun for my 3 year old granddaughter!
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2 years ago, Patriotks
Cool game but too much locked
Only allows your child to play a third of the games without paying 3.99 for 1 more
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5 years ago, PatrickA-G
Childrens game?
Would be great without the constant ask for a rating. Three stars, sometimes trying less gets you further.
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