Too Noisy Pro

3.9 (46)
78 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Too Noisy Pro

3.93 out of 5
46 Ratings
3 years ago, Lani PQ
Even the kids request it!
It works great! I teach first through third grade art, it can get a little crazy in there if I’m not on top of it. Too noisy is the best assistant, and the kids even enjoy it: Students monitor each other and will request it so that the classroom can be quiet so they can concentrate. I have been using it for at least a couple of years. I would give it a five if they would get some new background images. I’m tired of these images and would like more. But it is a lifesaver!
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4 years ago, Raeleigh88
Nice App - 1 Suggestion
This app has been very helpful for our situation. The decibel meter is very accurate and the display options are nice. My only suggestion and request is that the number of seconds before the warning alarm goes off can be changed. Currently, this is set at 4 seconds, but it would be very helpful if this number could be adjusted.
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7 years ago, Thomas Boyz
Great App
I love Too Noisy Pro and so do my students! It makes station time run smoothly and the students work at a very low level (or they're not talking at all). They even encourage each other to "keep it down" if they see the meter move. I've enjoyed the additional background themes and hope you add some more soon! My students love the cat, dog, and snowman backgrounds. Thank you for a great app!
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2 years ago, "Flusterated"
Great App
I set the minutes for 10 stars to total the time until our next scheduled break, which I am really bad at remembering to give. This helps the students to maintain self control. Takes advantage of peer pressure to act properly, and reminds me to give breaks at the right time.
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5 years ago, murphy0143
I use it everyday but it can use an improvement
I love this app I use it daily my one complaint is that it freezes if something interrupts the screen. A text or alarm. If you close it and check something else and come back it’s frozen. You then have to close the app reopen it and reset their stars. If they fix that then it’s golden.
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6 years ago, mrs. ht 1
I tried to contact the app support. I get an error page instead. I paid the 3.99 the first time. Then I needed an update, so I got charged again. Will I be charged every update? Overall, I really like the app. My students have responded well to it. I will continue to use the app for classroom behavior. Can someone let me know how the billing works. Thanks
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6 years ago, Loray S
Overall good app but...
The sensitivity levels are not close enough. 99% sets it off pretty easy, but 98% is not sensitive at all. Please make smaller variances between sensitivity levels. I can never use anything under 98%. Even 98% is too loud in my room. Fix this and it’s a 5 star app!
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5 years ago, Romeo Beachbum
Best app purchase ever!!! Too Noisy Pro rocks!!!
Best purchase ever!!!!!! Subbed in first grade today. This app worked beautifully!!! They were completely quiet all morning earning the 10 stars!!! The peer pressure was magical. So I popped popcorn for them after they reached the 10 stars. Quick. Easy snack. They were thrilled!!!!!! I was thrilled.
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6 years ago, TNbee
Earning rewards!
I can’t wait to use this with my class after Christmas break! It was recommended to me by another teacher. I LOVE that the class can EARN stars for being quiet as opposed to the ineffective LOSING of privileges. Will update once I get to use it.
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4 years ago, The Vulk
Stopping making me rate this
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5 years ago, 2224445556lzz
Hardly reading the noise level
I’m not sure what I am doing incorrectly, but I had adjusted the levels to very sensitive and it barely picks up my students’ talking/noise level. I really wanted to use this app. My co-workers use it and love it, but I can’t seem to get it to work correctly.
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4 years ago, Chip#7
I’m not ready to review this yet, but I have a question and cannot find a place to contact support online or app. I bought the pro version in the App Store for my phone and wanted to know if there was a way to login so I could also use the pro version on my computer also. Or do I have to buy 2 separate subscriptions?
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5 months ago, Dexter Huang 11
Life changing
Please buy this, i thought if would be funny but its genuinely the best purchase i have ever made.
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6 years ago, Georjenbekfkrn
No support and does not work online!
I paid for the online pro version and the meter doesn’t work. The free version online works just fine. I emailed customer support and have not received any response. Waste of money. I wish someone would contact me and fix the problem!
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3 years ago, mama Faix
Love it!!
I am a teacher and this is one of the best tools I’ve found!
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4 years ago, jcjdctj
No support! How can I reset the timer/stars between my classes? I would love this app if I could find a place to answer my question. I’ve tried Remove Star but it does not reset timer
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6 years ago, ctirdiaz
The app is not compatible with laptops?
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3 years ago, gabriella =10 year old
0 stars
Just plain annoying
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5 years ago, erikp249
Does not work on our phone.
I have to scream at the top of my lungs for it to register and go off. Wasted five dollars
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3 years ago, flitetym
Add a cattle-prod (just kidding)
This is a great app.
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4 years ago, xAyeeItzJustin
I love this app
I love this
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10 years ago, Next2happy
Motivated students..Happy Teacher!
My students have really enjoyed using this app. They earn classroom money each time they earn 10 stars. The visual has helped them understand how noisy they actually are. I encourage all teachers to try it. A few things I would like to see... the ability to save each classes final star count and average decibels by date. This would allow each class to compete against each other and to beat their last score. The ability to change between silent, quiet and class settings without loosing the stars already earned. Maybe even adding achievements to earn. Making it more of a game. Let's face it children love online games! The difference this app has already made in my classroom is staggering. Thank you!
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10 years ago, Arya in Chicago
Too Noisy Program
This program is targeted for teachers in the classroom, however, as a psychiatrist, I use this self-monitoring app for select patients, usually towards the end of a session. The app allows the patient a sense of independent control of their environment, as well as increasing awareness of their impact on the surroundings. Patients enjoy the "cat on the couch" background, as well as the "city-scape" background, however, a few more "adult" backgrounds would be nice. I appreciate the ease of disabling the alarms (which are too distracting for an office setting).
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11 years ago, Beardease
Awesome improvements!
I hadn't been using this app this year in my classroom, because I had used it last year (spring 2013) prior to the updates that you recently made, and I found it was somewhat limiting for my liking. But I was just revisiting it today and discovered what you'd added--the new screens, the ability to control the alarm length, and the addition of the star earnings among others. This really opened up some options for me to use with my 2nd graders. I'm going to get started with it again first thing on Monday morning!! Thanks for improving your product.
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10 years ago, jason1976
Never write reviews
Teachers, seriously just buy this app. Do not read anymore of this review; do not do anymore contemplation; do not wait and talk to other friends; buy this app right now. If you like your students to work in groups, and you want them to be quiet, and you don't want to go home with a headache, buy this app. I do not even really write reviews, but this app is seriously worth it's weight in gold. Why are you still reading this, go buy the app.
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12 years ago, Teachingdiva58
I absolutely love this! I tried the lite version and my class really Thought it was cool. They asked me to keep using it. They are a group of wonderful kids but they can get pretty chatty and loud during activities. I told my colleagues it would even be better with a counter and some kind of warning sound. Imagine my delight when I realized the PRO version had all the things I wanted. I can't wait to use it tomorrow. I just hope the alarm doesn't give ME a heart attack.
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10 years ago, Chang swing
Very usefull 1 problem thought
It works pretty good in classroom but 1 problem is my kids in back room think there slick and can talk softly and the iPad cant hear it but I think it's pretty good but even on 100 percent it can't hear them but pretty good. Try it RIGHT ON!
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9 years ago, WingWright2
Thank you for the update!
I love the new sound controls! It is much easier to use. This app is amazing! Definitely worth the money. I've used it in first, third, and fifth grade. It has been effective in every grade. I just wish we could save sound levels that work for certain times (silent reading, small group work, large group work, etc). Thank you for the wonderful app!
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9 years ago, Can'tExercise
Versatile App
I really love Too Noisy Pro for my 8th grade classroom. I love being able to set the sensitivity and they love earning stars! It is truly customizable for the ever-changing routine of middle school. I would love even more options for backgrounds, especially ones for middle school kids. They love holiday themes, seasonal themes, and sports themes among other ideas. They really dig the spooky moon background with the bats. Thanks for such a great and versatile app!
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10 years ago, Ms.Harbin
Love this app in my classroom!
I love this app! I use it during writing time in my kindergarten classroom. The kids can earn stars if they don't get too loud! When they earn them all, they get a reward from me! If they are too loud, the meter "breaks the screen", and they have to work in silence until another star is earned. They love earning those stars!
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12 years ago, --Dashes--
Not Worth It...
The noise sensitivity isn't accurate at all. If you set it on silent mode (which is 100 percent noise sensitivity) you can sit 2 feet away from your phone and have a normal volume level conversation and it won't go off. I basically had to yell to get it to go off and the phone was in arms reach. So if you are in a classroom full of kids they can all talk in a low to normal volume and it won't set it off. Once the kids figure this out it will probably encourage them to talk because they see it isn't going off.
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12 years ago, TwonkyKitty
My students LOVE this
They actually beg me to use it. I don't always want to because sometimes I'm using my iPad for something else, but it's great to keep them wanting more. Also, the people behind the product are very open to suggestions.
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9 years ago, Ablang5
So much potential
The first time I used this app it was great. I didn't have to keep asking my class to get quiet. They knew that if the buzzer went off they lost a star, so they were self-monitoring. But the app hasn't worked that well since. My students will be talking and it won't buzz no matter how much I adjust it. Furthermore, when I try to contact the company, my the email address is invalid. Too bad. This would be a great tool if it did what it says it will.
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8 years ago, Emk315
Almost magic!
Excellent for special needs kids who have trouble with volume control! We dealt with yelling and crying meltdowns when frustrated or upset and this app has completely helped with giving a visual for impulsive yelling.
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11 years ago, sheep722
Wonderful app
This is a wonderful app. I'm no longer having to constantly tell me students to work quietly. They can visibly see if they are too loud, and quiet each other down. This is saving my voice a lot!
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9 years ago, Kitkat6124
Just a few suggestions
Great App, would give it two more stars if we could a) use the app over Bluetooth speakers so that the class can hear the too noisy signal. B) have the two noisy signal louder or somehow usable over speakerphone. When the kids get too noisy, it is too faint to hear the signal. I love the graphics!
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12 years ago, Squidley42
Love it!
Use it on an iPad 2. Helps me monitor an elementary school cafeteria. Works great because it is accurate and consistent. The bright display is easily seen throughout the whole room. Would love to see an option of a decibel reading.
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10 years ago, Dfauth
The best app ever for teachers. If your an elementary teacher and don't use this daily, you are going to be blown away when you start. Best of all, students love it as well. The best 2.99 I have ever spent. Written by a 3rd grade classroom teacher!
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9 years ago, StreetJesus
Works well!
Works fairly well at getting loud kids to honor acceptable voice volume levels. Best used with a good amplified speaker. Highly configurable and reliable. I like it because it is portable too!
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11 years ago, Some getting use to
I use this all the time for my sixth graders. I thought that it might be too kidish for them, but they love it. I bought the pro version today because it has been such a great help.
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8 years ago, JennaCsrt4
Love! Love! Love!
I use this app on my classroom which gets quite loud sometimes considering I teach art, music to grades k/3 all the way to middle school and drama! This app has been a lifesaver and the kids absolutely love getting the golden star coin!
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8 years ago, Turaais
Great for the Classroom
I love this! It reduces the amount of times I have to remind the class to be quiet and allows the students to self monitor. I wish it was compatible with bluetooth so the sound could be a bit louder
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11 years ago, Imtheirishgoddess
I love this app! My class responds well to it. The best part is that we can take it anywhere in the building with us. We add to our reward jar when we earn a large star from the app.
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8 years ago, Flite87
iOS 10 Problem
I really love this app for group assignments in my classroom. Unfortunately ever since I downloaded iOS 10, the buzzer for the room getting too loud goes off instantly. I've tried to reinstall the app and I tried it on both my iPad and iPhone, but the same thing happens. Please fix this and I will be sure to update my review with my usual love for your product. Thanks!
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10 years ago, boplanman
I've been praying someone would create this app
It has been a great tool for training my class to keep it down. Works great in the lunch room too
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11 years ago, adrykho
Great app
I teach arts at elementary levels so different s groups and ages This app is so useful because they can actually see if they are a bit loud and check how many starts gain or loose ;)
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9 years ago, Hqoznhwidnwi
Very good, useful app
For those who complain about the volume of the alert... you do need to hook up speakers like they show in the photo. This app works great in my elementary Art room!
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11 years ago, EmilysReviews
Don't need reminders to use it!
This is a good app, but I don't appreciate a paid app giving me notifications telling me that I "haven't used Too Noisy Pro in a while". I even disabled all notifications for this app and I still get them.
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9 years ago, gtpen
Work wonders!
My 3rd graders love this app and it keeps them quiet. Sometimes I even feel a bit bad for keeping them so quiet 😄. Thank you for this app.
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8 years ago, P09GBW7
I really like this app! My 6th and 7th graders respond great to it! They watch it very closely and I've made a game out of which class can earn the most stars. It's really great!
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