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TopGolf USA, Inc.
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2 months ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Topgolf

4.89 out of 5
52.7K Ratings
1 year ago, LeeLeeTowe
When I wanna have a fantastic time I come to topgolf in Nashville Tennessee it’s the absolute best place to go I never even make it into Nashville I just stop there and come home ‘cause it’s all the fun a person needs great food chicken sandwiches the best I ever had the piña colada‘s are absolutely amazing everything is on Point! I absolutely love love Tobgolf if you’ve never been you have to try it you will not be disappointed!
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2 years ago, LaylaRae3
Not bad but could be improved…
It’s pretty disappointing that I have to walk in to add my name to a waiting list. I understand there are reservations and walk-in options but even Great Clips let’s me add my name to a walk in list before arrival. With the Top Golf app I can see that there is a 2+ hour wait but I still have to go to the location, ask to be added to the list then find something to do to kill time until my slot is open. Otherwise the app is not bad to use. But a wait list feature would be great. Especially since I cannot call the location to be added to the list as I am informed by the automated phone tree that reservations aren’t taken by phone.
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1 year ago, CCApps Rev
didn’t allow me to book reservations
when I attempted to make reservations hi went through all the prompts and it appeared as if it would allow me to book. And even take me to the payment screen which also appeared to work. However ultimately I did not book the reservation and gave me an error. booking reservations is the primary reason for having an app so if it doesn’t work it’s completely useless. I was finally able to book the reservation by using a PC and going to the website. Of course I had to book a half hour later as my timeslot was already filled In summary, the app is useless for anything other than cursory information about TopGolf
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5 years ago, ajdkdiwkskksoxl
Listen to Customers
The leaderboards on the app have not been working correctly up for over SIX MONTHS now. Most locations show the same names on the leaderboards. I (along with many others) have reached out to technical support. On October 24, 2018, Kathleen S. (Guest Care Team) responded that the Technology Team was working to get info in the online accounts and app accounts to sync...then the problem would be fixed. Well, four months later and EVERYONE is still waiting. What is going on with your IT department that it can’t fix this issue...makes me wonder if you have deeper problems in that area of your business?!?!? If you care about your customers, you will address this soon. Stop ignoring your customers!
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6 months ago, Mnbvczlkjhgfds
App is so bad it kills brain cells
We use this for the league play. Useless, useless,useless. They need to add negative rating on the App Store. The most useless app I have come across. This is not just coming from me, it’s everyone. It has a high rating because people are rating the Topgolf experience not the app. I’m guessing the CEOs brother in law with a 3rd grade education got the contract to make this app in his mothers basement apartment using a Commodore 64 for marrying his ugly sister because if there is any other reason on why this app is so bad then someone should get fired. It has zero function, and what ever function I try to use , the information is alway incorrect. Always… 100% of the time. Not once has it worked for league play. For such a great company and great a golf experience this app is a fail. Please do not let this review reflect on top golf itself, it’s fun, great for the family, great practice all year round. Great food and drink. Had a few bday parties there and it’s always a hit. Thumbs up for top golf. Thumbs down for the app.
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2 years ago, Toogolf fan
Even more
The Topgolf app is user friendly and convenient. 1. I would like to be able to change a reservation without having to cancel it. If I cancel it I may not be able to get a new reservation. 2, I would like to be able to save my stroke data, perhaps from Top Practise, so I can see my improvements over time in distance and speed.
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2 months ago, UND 1981
App review
I have used the Top Golf Add a dozen times in the last month. It is simple and easy to use and takes seconds to book a bay time or jump on the waiting list for a bay. I have never found myself waiting for my bay to be ready at the time they provide. Would recommend highly - no need to make phone calls or go and wait for a bay.
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4 years ago, pointbrink
Game History too hard to navigate
Game History should have an option to show you all the games you’ve played regardless of where it was played and what type of game it was. Maybe it’s because I’m 2 hours away from the closest Top Golf, but I’d like all my games to be on the same page. When I travel and there’s a top golf near by I’ll normally try and get a night in but then sometimes I don’t even remember what city it was located in, so now I have to go through the city selection and figure out which games I even played.
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7 months ago, love0428!
Great time!
Love the entire experience here! My hubby and I went for date night and had a blast! I will suggest making a reservation if you are wanting to visit though! We were going to go Saturday but the wait list was full and we had to change to Sunday because it was the only day available. Other than that it was very pleasant and sooo much fun!
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5 years ago, GAMRDADof3
For all ages and skill level
I am a novice golfer and my wife and kids never play. The first game we played my wife beat all of us, even one of our friends who plays frequently. The game options allow for new players to just learn to swing a club. The other modes test a good players abilities to be more accurate. Top golf offers a wide variety of fun choices and everyone we have had with us had a blast.
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3 years ago, commnavrizzo
Good app
Overall, a good app, but it could use some design changes. For instance, to have the ability to change your home course under the membership tab, but instead you have to find that option within locations. Also, it would be great to have their restaurant menu on the app to allow you to order food or just view the menu.
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2 months ago, Kat2429
Can't make an account on my phone
Could be just because of my older phone (6s), but when I go to make an account I cannot click on the email box because it is behind the last button. When it asks for my first and last name, I then press sign up and it says "please enter email", but I can't even enter one.
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3 years ago, Wew1288
Great game, terrible app
As new concepts go, I have been enamored with Topgolf. It’s easy to get into, the concourse is beautiful, and the staff are so attentive and friendly. This app is terrible though. Despite having an account with my same phone number and email, my played games and pre-made reservations do not show up in my app account. At this iteration, the app is useless and you should just do everything through the Topgolf website because the app is superfluous. Only given two stars because you can make a reservation through it, which belies its otherwise minimal usefulness.
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1 year ago, Jabreauni
SouthBay Nation
TopGolf in El Segundo was one of many great things to move into our neighborhood and bring more than just joy to the coast. Some of my greatest moments in life have come from here and will continue to come from here. Thank you TopGolf for everything you do. Food, entertainment, and service is all great here. You’ll definitely find everything you need.
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5 years ago, Kheet
Can’t modify “My Topgolf” location???
Seems like a decent app, but there is no ability to change your “My Topgolf” location once you set it during the membership registration process. Contacted support and they said it can’t be changed. I only selected the location I did because it would not let me select the Minneapolis location that was yet to open in two days...assuming the app would let me change my location after I registered. Seems like this would be an easy fix and not sure why it is not available in the first place.
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5 years ago, snapperdapper
Leaderboard update
I have had this app since the Columbus, Ohio location opened last Fall. At no point since I have used this app have the leaderboards functioned properly. The app keeps accurate records of each game played, but does not properly update the daily/monthly/all time leaderboards. Are their plans to address and fix this issue? Very frustrating.
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2 years ago, Man41inColorado
Reservation system a bit hard to navigate
On an open day such as Tuesday, when there are less customers, it’s actually harder on the app to make a reservation. I can’t tell if I need a reservation or if I should just walk in because it’s Tuesday. But I love the half-off deal on Tuesday and that’s really awesome. I hope no one else ever learns about half off Tuesday… it’s very nice and no one is paying me to say this
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2 months ago, Shicks427
The pros and cons
Love the convenience of the app, the wait list, etc. I do not love that the gift card I purchased in app isn’t saved as a payment method when I make a reservation. It explicitly states you can use a gift card to make reservations, however you have to have the actual card details (which are not saved in app for cards purchased in the app)…very silly indeed.
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4 years ago, Pho3nixH@wk
TopGolf is a great time. App not updating stats.
Playing TopGolf is a great deal fun! The App does work pretty well, however if you are looking to review your stats, the system is not working for this. I went on Tuesday Sept. 3rd and as of the 6th, my game stats do not show up for the 3rd. My scores show up on the daily high score listing, so the system know I played, but my app does not. Not the end of the world, but would be nice to see how I am improving or not.
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1 year ago, hhr see hiivdr
Waiting list queue is awesome!
Absolutely love the waiting list queue on the app. The app is so easy to use. Once I park they text me my bay number and I just go straight to the bay. So easy to use, very efficient. Everyone should do things this way!!! The only thing I might add is to be able to order foods on the app.
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1 year ago, (:/-1245
Great place
I live in the near. It is very convenient. They have taken into account all the pandemic dictated precautions, the main activity is so healthy, the food is great, my son loves the place. We were served by two excellent people: Zero and Bailey. I do recommend this place to all our community with a great level of enthusiasm!!!
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2 years ago, Hoption32
Great app, but …
I love TopGolf and I love the app. However, at the Holtsville venue we played Virual Courses and Angry Birds. These games have not been added to the Game History game list yet. So, my brothers (first visit) saw none of this promised info after installing the app. If they can be added to the list for the Las Vegas list,I hope they can soon be added to the Holtsville list. We are the first venue in New York State. We couldn’t wait. You must go. Five star venue. Three star app.
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3 years ago, MCSO 6
R Bell
As a feature for the in game I’d have a way to hail the hostess to help even more. I think it’s great for looking at your history on the game. My wife also mentioned having push notifications for when a cancelation has happened and you have looked at open times for reservations.
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8 months ago, Gfguhggjb
Misleading, remote waitlist not a guarantee
Was going to book reservation, but when I learned you could just join the waitlist on the app I was thrilled (as reservations cost extra). However, I was quite disappointed on the day I went to join the waitlist, it said the waitlist was full for remote customers, and if wanting to be put on the waitlist you had to go in person. No where on the Topgolf website or their FAQ does it warn you that the remote waitlist can max out and you won’t be able to join, even if it’s 11am.
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2 years ago, JimiPurse
Fix your wait time system
Topgolf, please fix your system for “waiting time” estimates in the app. If it says 30 min wait on the app, while being told 90 mins when you walk through the door, then your customers feel bamboozled. The lady at check-in seemed shocked that we didn’t want to wait an hour and a half for a bay to open. Who in the world wants to wait 90 minutes to hit balls at a driving range? Figure it out, because right now you’re losing customers.
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2 months ago, holoooograpiccc123
Billing need to be enhanced
App is great for booking a bay or joining the wait list. I did purchase gift card and loaded the money into my account using the app. But this week, I could not see that money. Also, i would like to see my purchases in the app. Right now, i can only see the balance. Being on 3.xx, we expect a mature app. Guess Topgolf need to get good development team in place.
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1 year ago, Killuatheamazing
Finally you can make reservations conveniently from home with this app unlike their website where you have to make them days in advance. I love this app if you’ve ever been to topgolf or are planning to go this is the app to download 100%.
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4 years ago, Sweet Casey
Tons of Fun
Living up north can mean a long winter with no golf. One of my golfing buddies and I just substituted a trip to Top Golf for our weekly round of golf, and it is great. The games are great, helping us think about and work on various parts of our game. And who doesn’t love a little competition?!? My only negatives about TG are it is a little pricey, and the scoring has a glitch once in a while.
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5 years ago, Griffin Radcliffe
“Response parsing failed”
My title is just one of many error messages you’ll get while using the app. It’s not integrated with keychain, so it will not save your password - poor programming. Their website isn’t much better, as when I went to make a reservation there, on 3 attempts each time it said that the time slot is no longer available. When I called for help, I only got a automated system telling me to go online to make reservations. Are you kidding me? As fry from Futurama would say, “shut up and take my money!!”
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11 months ago, Power of Hatred
Okay, but not great
I am using my phone and many of the links or areas to click are overlayed. For ex. I was trying to set up a membership account and it asks for my name, and email but the email button is overlayed by the create membership button and it needs an email to create so I can’t get an account and organize with my friends 😧
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2 years ago, kgrobb
Ok for basic info
I think some improvements can be done so that this app will be more useful. One example would be, being able to load gift cards into your account on the app.
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3 weeks ago, Bill joe :)
The boise location is amazing and the food is even better I totally recommend it especially for a fun night for something to do I recommend doing the 2 hours and also be nice to the staff and they will respect u so much
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2 years ago, Walt, Jr
Easy to set up group and enjoy
So easy to reserve, check in the day of, set up players and hit away. The service and staff are great and helpful and we always have an awesome time. Great way to spend time with friends and family.
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6 months ago, Hawkeye Nerd
Quit working at end of March
The app no longer displays a full month of dates for making a reservation. The bottom week of the month is cut off. I can make reservations other weeks, but not the last week of the month. I’m using the iOS version. Extremely frustrating. Tech support was no help.
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2 weeks ago, TreeTrop
2 Bays
I love that I can now book two bays side by side in the app! It makes scheduling work events SO much easier! The app is very user friendly, everything you need is boop! right at the front once you open it.
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3 years ago, Susie1473
Great app for saving $$$
I love this app for ease of making bay reservations (we have to drive at least an hour to our nearest Top Golf so we always like to have one) as well as for finding out about great deals and promotions. Since we are TopGolf addicts, the promotions really add up for us!
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1 year ago, Raneyfaithers
Better wait info
Hi I would just like to request that you have better weight line information at El Segundo you don’t have a waitlist available but if you had information on how long the wait is at any point in time it would be very helpful
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3 years ago, lyncoln'sMom
App Redirects for Albuquerque
This app works great if you’re making reservations. Unfortunately, if you’re trying to use it to book a reservation for Albuquerque, the app redirects you to a website. Not a big deal until you have to input the same info 3 times and the site is not as user friendly as the app. Why can’t all the locations use the app?
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1 year ago, TomGJ3
I recognize now that I’m spoiled. TopGolf opened in Knoxville mid-August. I joined the Platinum Club and have enjoyed the ball tracing with stats including curve data. Visiting Pawleys Island, SC in September and reserving a bay for 2 hours with other golfers, we were caught off guard when we discovered there is not only NO display at the golf mat there is also NO ball tracer! After only a few shots we canceled our 2nd hour and was happy to get away.
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1 year ago, was a bird
Best Top Golf in US
I host a lot of business events here with professional athletes and other clients and most importantly, family. Chris, one of the managers, always remembers me and takes great care of us and our guests! Make it memorable and be remembered for the great fun and food and brews🤗
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5 years ago, Mike342018
Mediocre App
Seems like they didn’t address any of the issues people complained about with this new update. One thing I would like to see is better filters for my game history. I think there should be an option to see all games and all locations on one screen. Then give us the option to filter by location, game, date, etc. And allow us to sort by score, date, etc.
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2 years ago, Magique Captain
R.N. Gilbert
Fantastic Company with superior employees that obviously have received great training. Love the Marana AZ venue, one employee stands out above & beyond “Chrissy”, she could be placed in any position the company has & she would excel. Great fun & food, the service is simply outstanding, we are always amazed @ how we are welcomed at the front entrance, truly refreshing to be made to feel special and welcomed, please thank your incredible staff at Marana AZ. An additional shout out to Elio, with Elio & Chrissy on staff you have a couple of rock stars! All the Best! Gary Gilbert R.N. RET. NMCSD USCG Merchant Marine Captain
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1 year ago, D&JS
I like knowing the wait time and the ability to see available times when making a reservation.
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11 months ago, ADM314
Great App
The only thing I would recommend adding is the price per reservation based on your membership and the date/time. Often times it’s “free” to make a reservation but you don’t know the cost until you’re done.
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3 years ago, CheckerW
Top Golf rocks!
We enjoyed an outing at Top Golf today and our waiter, Jordan, was awesome! The bay was clean, the service was outstanding and we enjoyed a fantastic lunch! We’ve visited several times before and we will definitely be back!
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8 months ago, Chris H in NJ
Great App! Easy Reservation Process
I have used this app multiple times with specific requests in the notes. The app is easy to use, very user friendly, and top notch.
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5 years ago, conner place
Leaderboards Broken!!
The leaderboards have been messed up for at least 2 months now, the names on the leaderboards are coming from a single location in FL, I know this because I have scanned through all the names and have found a couple of company names that narrow it down. Clicking on the location and going to that location’s leaderboard will show you same names no matter which location you are trying to view.
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5 years ago, JamieLeeMD
Not able to change home venue
So I just got done speaking with tech support and they are unable to change the home venue so no controls and it’s a big hassle to reserve or control things at your own venue. They said I have to purchase another membership even though I’ve never been across the country to the venue that was assigned to me in error. This is terrible and needs to be fixed. It seems super easy to me so TopGolf please fix your error!
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3 years ago, DaHopster
Almost there
The app needs the ability to pay when done. Would be cool if it had turn notification and shot results that can be sent to Apple Watch. Also would be nice if it graphed final scores for different game types to see how you are progressing.
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4 months ago, Shelley.yx
Waitlist system is trash
Waitlist system is trash especially on half price Tuesdays. No way to get in line at all after 2, and the waiting time is not accurate at all. Sometimes exceeds more than one hour of the expected time. Even when waiting time has dropped, still no way to join the waitlist at all. Very bad experience. Unable to play at all on Tuesday since afternoon. Location: SJ.
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