Tracing Projector

3.8 (1.7K)
107 MB
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Current version
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Tracing Projector

3.79 out of 5
1.7K Ratings
4 years ago, ComputerDrunk
update after myprevious review
After trying out the app and then uofrsding to use the still option it does what it’s supposed to and says it does in the description. took me a while to figure it out because there’s no actual option to activate the still picture mode but instead it popped up in a message to during the projection faze to activate using the tepid method to keep a still picture. i wish this was ambition to choose somewhere instead of getting the whole thing ready and waiting for the pop up to show to activate it because i’ve looked everywhere and don’t see the option. 4 star for now . would like to see i’m provements in the projection parts. sometimes i can’t see what i’m trying to trace but maybe it’s because i don’t have enough lighting or something i don’t know. Thanks to the developers and owners for making such a great app. I use this app to trace designs and pictures for tattoos .
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5 years ago, PhotoB1ker9977
Not what I expected, was hoping for the ability to display a photo an trace on my iPad
I’m taking up watercolor and want to focus on painting not sketching. I am able to lay 140# watercolor paper on top of my iPad and sketch over photos, however, live view, zoom, and normal touching affects the photo and messes me up. The ad made it look like you could do this, but not so. Would love a mode that could let you size an image and lock it in so that you can trace over the iPad. Edit: Now I “get it”. You hold your iPhone above your paper and use VR to superimpose a photo over the drawing area. You can see your paper, pencil, and drawing hand at the same time which allows you to “trace” the photo. The handheld mode is pretty useless for me, I’m going to order an iPhone clamp that will secure my iPhone above my watercolor paper on a lap desk to allow me to trace the outlines before adding color. This, in theory, is quite useful.
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1 year ago, Sofia might die
Really good app!
This app helps me so much when I want to draw anime characters, or anything really, but the thing is, when I’m using the tripod thing, it only gives me 2-3 minutes to do the drawing, which sounds like a lot of time, but it’s kind of hard because then I rush to get the drawing done and it ends up looking extremely sloppy and I can’t even tell what I was trying to draw in the first place. It would be nice if I had 7-9 minutes to draw instead, but I get that you guys need money so you need people to upgrade and pay to have more time, but can you at least give me 5 minutes to complete the drawing or just get the basic things down? Thank you so much and this app is really helpful other than that.
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6 years ago, Walkerc56789
Not sure???
Not clear if you just look at the image on your screen & try to copy, or if the image is actually projected on to the drawing surface to trace on paper or canvas. Nothing is projecting for me with or without the flashlight. Tried everything suggested. Since I can’t get it to work, can’t really rate. Looked for support, but couldn’t find anything relevant. If app wants to respond & tell m how to get it to work, I will revisit this rating, Update: I figured it & developer responded to my previous review. It’s not what I’d hoped, but it does work. Seems like it would take much practice to master & size of image you trace is very limited. When I have more time to practice, I may find it more useful. Wanted to use it to project an image on s canvas to paint. Could work for something very small. I was hoping to not have to purchase a projector for that purpose & save some $.
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6 years ago, Nenoosha
Love it but...
I seriously love this app! After the other app started acting up and kept asking me to buy the full version I stumbled upon this app, the only problem here sometimes is that after I “lock the image in place” it starts moving or changes size even if my phone is held motionless. And sometimes the image would move around if my hand or pencil get in the way. I follow the instruction perfectly don’t know if it could be fixed please fix it! I love it so much!!!!
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3 years ago, Axman747
Useful but does not work as well as I hoped
The app is overall very useful for getting the base shapes and proportions right when starting a new project. But that’s about it, the hand held mode doesn’t track very well even when using graph paper, the light table mode is practically impossible to use because my screen senses my touch through the paper and turns white even after I have locked the screen, which is kind of annoying. But the tripod mode ,combined with the cardboard stand, works great. I get the reason you put a timer on the free version, so that people would want to buy the full version, I mean you need to make a living after all, but that doesn’t make the 3 min timer any less annoying. Consider making the time limit a bit longer.
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6 months ago, hbj,bhmjgvukuh,vut
Read this before downloding
I first downloaded this app thinking that I would be able to trace stuff nicely. But when I tried it out, the camera kept shaking and moving and when I tried to switch it from tripod mode to stack of books mode it wouldn’t switch! It kept saying that I was using a tripod when I wasn’t! And when I tried to trace the picture that I wanted to draw, it kept moving the picture and i got so annoyed! THE CAMERA JUST KEEPS MOVING THE PICTURE AROUND!!! And I can’t do anything to stop it! I thought I would finally be able to draw something nicely and make it look good, but no, I can’t even draw the outline of it without it being all crooked and not in the right places! I AM SO ANNOYED!!! ITS DRIVING ME CRAZY!!
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5 years ago, SpaceCowboy95
Sorry to say it is not worth the $$
Here’s my problem with the app: 1. You gave false advertisement saying its “high quality” which its clearly not 2. People like myself bought full version thinking the camera would stop swaying in hand held mode which didn’t happen 3.not only is there not high quality camera feed, but there is no “focus” option that would actually make it to where you can see where your pencil is and what you’re drawing clearly. Such a huge disappointment. Even the “AR Lucinda” app on the play store is better than this Failed attempt of an app. I just hope the developers actually do something about it instead of giving the run around while collecting our money. Justice needs to be done here or I want my money back
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1 year ago, PaintingPaul
Handheld mode!
The ideas behind this app are all great. If you struggle with proportion in your artwork this app is perfect for helping you with that. That all being said as far as the development of the app still have some kinks to iron out mainly with the placement of the photo when using handheld mode it takes several minutes sometimes to get the photo to appear when honestly I’m not sure that the camera needs to track the drawing surface until after the photo is in place and adjusted something that is done by user not the app! Still room for improvement but overall great app!
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4 months ago, Orkjcje
Hot garb
I swear to God, if the developer of this app doesn’t delete this delete this absolute dumpster fire of an app off the face of the Earth help me. It took me like an hour to set up the mode and when I finally do the app think it’s a great idea to freaking make it so that you have to pay to turn off the quick sketch and it only gives you three minutes at least give the person using it an hour and 30 minutes so help me at least 30 and after that timer goes off for some reason, it just takes you off you don’t even get to finish and it tells you to freehand it what’s the point of an app where you’re meant to trace a drawing when you can’t even do that absolute trash.
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3 years ago, Tim Antonius
Thumbs up
I own a small buisness and this is amazing for drawing up biz signs with the augmented reality feature. Knocked out multiple displays in one sitting. Speed being the key. It is a slight learning curve watching the phone and drawing but really didn’t take long to get the hang of. Was able to trace out the large designs in sections. The opacity option and edge filter is nice. Good tutorial to get ya started. Also pairs great with Adobe Photoshop apps and font apps. Definitely adding this to my digital library. You’ve got a great product here!
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3 years ago, spirithorse05
Love this app
I love this app I would like to get the more advanced version but I’m not sure if I have to pay for a one time use or if this is monthly or if this is just pay once and you get the thing upgraded until you get rid of it I’m not sure so kind of a leery about doing it because I don’t want a monthly charge but I am very very pleased with this app I just wish I could draw larger images I don’t know how to make the images bigger but it works fine
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2 years ago, Logan4940
Could use a few extra tools but not bad.
I used this app to help me transfer some logos to other objects. And it’s not entirely bad, but one of the issues I feel needs to be addressed the lack of a position lock in light screen mode. The controls allow you to position the image by touch which works well, however there is no way to keep the image from moving and if you accidentally touch your screen there’s a chance the image will shift, making your traces inaccurate. Everything else on this app works really well for it being free
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6 months ago, a really amazing game🥳🥳
like the app but hate this one feature
I like this app it it very helpful but omg i hate the quick sketch feature. it is so annoying. I can’t even spend 5 minutes without it popping up and resetting all the adjustments i put. after the 3 minutes of the quick sketch time it just’s resets all the adjustments you had made. So i recommend to not waste your time on this app. Edit: i feel as if i have been a bit to negative about this app, yes it a very good app but i just feel as if it could be better by taking away that one feature which is the quick sketch feature.
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3 years ago, fffhjdvhn
I Love This App
It is hard to use at first but once you get the hang of it, it works great and it’s a lot fun. I usually don’t rate apps because I’m too critical and don’t want to hurt peoples feeling by being too honest. But this app is amazing. I love it and I will be using it s lot. FYI, I would have paid double for this app. And That’s coming from a person who rarely buys the premium version of any app. Great work on this one. Thanks a bunch
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3 years ago, RobotSlavesNow
March 2021 - Fine Free App For Tracing
If you found this app looking for a ‘lightbox’ app for iOS, this is it. I only have the free version and was able to use a cartoon I downloaded to my photos as a source. The app helps with good and concise instructions, filters to sharpen the important lines, and tutorials that virtually assured success. I am neither the developer, their family, nor a paid/unpaid shill. Just writing this review to clear up whether this app ‘does the thing’. It does.
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3 months ago, Jejesnd
It's decent
I love the app and the features,but my only issue is that it only gives you 2-3 minutes to trace ur drawing it would be 5 stars if we had a longer time to trace our drawings or didn't have a time at all .But other than that it's a very fun, useful and amazing I would definitely recommend the app and it's free unless you want more time to trace your drawings . I hope this is helpful
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2 years ago, grammatwo22
Excellent app, manipulative and dishonest developers.
I downloaded this app and began using it to draw. It worked great! Until I noticed there was a TIMER on how long I could draw. To continue with my drawing, I had to purchase the full version. Otherwise my drawing would be just partway there. So you’re forced to pay if you want to finish what you’ve started. This is time theft. I would have happily purchased the full version, and would have left a 5 star review, if they had been honest and upfront about this before downloading. Being manipulative about it gets you a negative view. Reconsider your poor values, please.
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6 years ago, Elizabeth_1217
This is great!
I have been currently been trying to find a new art style to impress my friends, and this will help a lot! This app is better than most I've tried, and I've tried a lot of them! I think it's great that people come up with this because if I try to do something on google and trace it, it always zooms in and out and I can't ever do anything about it. This is a would recommend from me! 😛
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6 years ago, ArtisanArtist
Bought the full version and have been using it all day
This app has saved me a lot of time and transfer paper. The flashlight needs to be on otherwise the pencil tip is too blurry to see and trace accurately. I wouldn’t project much more than 14” high or so as the tablet is too far back to trace. Comfortably these would have to be smaller images but this is the limitation of the device, not the app. The app does everything it says it does well.
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2 years ago, mist and haze
time limit on quick sketch
I overall enjoy using this app and it is useful to at least get basics of a drawing done but I really wish that the time limit was a little bit longer maybe at least 5 minutes for the timer. Again this is an amazing app for drawing and I hope for the time limit to increase on other future updates! :)
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12 months ago, Kaii 3
This app is not as helpful as it should be
I’ve been trying to sketch for the past 5 years my art class wasn’t as helpful so after seeing this app I thought it would be easier to draw but no I have to hand hold my phone while tracing and it keeps moving the photo.I can lock the photo in place but it keeps moving it is so stressful and I just want to get something done it may be me doing the problem but the moving photo is just annoying can that be fixed please?
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1 year ago, yyyyyeahhhhhhrrrrriggghhhhtttt
Nothing wrong with this app (update)
Ok, as the title says there is NOTHING WRONG WITH THIS APP! I’ve been using it for a while and it’s really good. Thank you for making this app it’s helped me make some of my best drawings 💕 Ok this was a really good app but u recently bought one of the upgrades so I don’t have to do quick sketch and now I’m back in the app and it’s not letting me restore my purchase and it’s only letting me do quick sketch when this gets fixed I’ll rate it 5 stars again
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7 months ago, Asiya Modica
Good app but some bugs
I got the app a couple days ago and it was working marvelously. But for some reason it stopped working, when I try the hand held mode for some reason it keeps moving ( yes I did put the lock on ). It keeps moving side to side and won’t focus on the paper. Please fix this bug soon. Overall 7/10.
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6 years ago, fisherola
It’s cool and all
Sometimes when I open the app and pick an image, the image itself is there but the background (or where I’m writing) doesn’t show up. My cameras not broken and it works sometimes. And when it works it’s amazing and I love it. But it would be amazing if it worked all the time and not some. It takes forever for it too work. I go in and out of the app and it sometimes doesn’t work. Once again would be nicer if it worked more than half the time.
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5 months ago, Idk_what_to_put:)
Very good
My experience on this app it better than the others the other ones just make a pay wall per 1 drawing this one lets you do all sorts of drawings it might have a pay wall but it’s still good without paying this is a must need for people who are starting off drawing
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2 years ago, Budz139
Not bad but needs big improvements
The app is pretty good but make it so you can draw without paying money to have unlimited time just make it so you get a ad for every time you go on the app every 1 hour. But anybody would want to trace the whole thing it’s like making somebody 10 dollars for a pencil to draw something. It’s still a pretty good app but it needs these changes please developers read.
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3 years ago, HPfirebolts
Really good for tracing and improving your art! The projected is a bit tricky but I really like the feature where it’s not a projected but there is a photo that shows up on your screen, that you line your pen/pencil up to get a perfect trace. That was really helpful. I also like how the app provides an alternative solution than using a tripod to get the phone still.
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4 years ago, Joy2be_me
Fix bug
It was working just fine until after my full pro bundle purchase start showing up the app need access to my camera and photos and did but it still won’t let me get access to my saved photos through the app.
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3 years ago, green51234
I have tried all the tracing apps and either they’re too complicated and/or they don’t work well. With this app, I can get large, easy to copy images quickly with my iPad or phone. I love the hand held option too. Finally, something that works. Thank you.
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2 years ago, zmn can mkxsmxnfnsk
Overall it’s a good app for outlining but when you Lock the photo in so it doesn’t move it gives you 2 minutes and when the times is up it shows you what you did and when you go back to finish what you haven’t done it doesn’t save your place where you lined up your photo
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1 year ago, Mommyof7littles
This app makes anyone a true artist!
Tripod mode works great! I’m a little nervous on having a sharp object on my screen for tracing mode. This app even has a handheld mode. I’m sure this is a processor intense option. My phone didn’t keep up as well as I would like but even this took a lot of programming! Komodo’s!
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4 years ago, Id,ud
Trial vs paid
I gave 1 star, because the trial version works well, except the time limit, so after few simple sketches, I decided to go for the paid version, but it kept getting stuck, during the aligning my paper, it get stuck, I ended up can only see part of the paper, then when I try to start it again, it says no file in my photos, so I have to turn off my iPad, start it fresh again, and then same thing happen over and over, so I’m requesting to get a refund, I just stick with 3 min trail version, at least I get some sketch done.
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1 year ago, Jack is cool.
Moving around.
This is a great app! Although when I draw it moves a lot and I just want it stable, sometimes I have to retry over and over because of it. Other then that it’s a amazing app! 100% I would use a lot of the times drawing! Makes it more easier.
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3 years ago, thatonemermaid1989
3 minute timer
I spent most of my 3 minutes during the free draw trying to keep the picture from shifting and zooming in and out. I literally had less than 1 minute to attempt to draw because the app kept shifting the picture, though it was supposed to be locked. So if I upgrade and buy then I have to completely restart what I was able to accomplish in my small time frame. I understand you want people to buy the app, but at the same time give a trial period that can ACTUALLY be used to see if we even enjoy it.
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2 years ago, dkpti8
Handheld mode not working
I just bought this app with full functionality. The last time I tried, the handheld functionality was working but not after I bought it.. No matter how much I move around, it's not able to detect the drawing surface. Even with plenty of light. Pls test and upgrade this functionality as I want to continue using this app. Thanks.
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5 years ago, Slhlm
So I’ve been wondering around the internet trying to come up with an image for my friend and I. I took several screenshots but I personally can’t draw so when she told me about this app I knew I HAD to download it! After using several different screenshots .... Alas, we FINALLY have our image!!!
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5 years ago, Cmclarke
Liked it
I had it for awhile. The first hassle was finding something to hold the phone while I traced. Purchased something just for that purpose. Now I can’t figure out how to upgrade to the full version. 2 min usage not helpful for me. I’m tired of the hassle. I think I’ll delete the app and try something that will let me upgrade to full version without going through a hassle.
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5 months ago, rhdufbfbfj
Not the best
When I trace a picture or a drawing it automatically does quick sketch and it gets me mad when it does that because when the time is finished the picture gets smaller and I haven’t even gotten done with tracing. Can you please ask people if they want automatically quick sketch please.
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1 year ago, ranger_strike12
Great app!
I honestly didn’t think this was going to help at all but it surprised me with what I was able to create! It’s helped me turn many pictures into drawings. I highly recommend using this app if your new to drawing/ sketching.
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2 years ago, CheeseBoi45
Fun app!
This app is great for tracing and drawling, however, if you want to come back and trace the same image later, it does not save the position of what the image was when you were working on it last. Hopefully, they will add this feature soon, but a good app overall!
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2 years ago, tykentaz
It works just fine but it only gives you a certain amount of time before the locked photo on your screen “releases”. If you want to continue your project you have to set the whole thing up again to match your unfinished drawing. Just why?
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4 years ago, sgranlund
Tracking image drifts
I checked to see what I was doing wrong. The app says use more light and tape it markers. I did all that. Within a min the tracked images starts drifting to the right, making this useless. I’ve tried everything and no matter what my photos start to slide and drift. I even bought Holder to hold the phone above my surface. I thought that would do it. Nope. Very sad. I paid $5 for nothing
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3 years ago, girly girl😜8
Please don’t download!!
I just deleted the app because it looks like a great app and you can draw anything on it! But when I tried to draw or trace a butterfly, it said up at the top “ Free Version” it only gives you 3 minutes, when you run out of time, you have to pay to have unlimited amounts of time. I’m not sure how much money, but just FYI. So the creator of this app, please don’t put these things here to waste our time.
Show more
It works for me
I was able to trace. Adjust the mix between picture and paper. Not too much works for me. Make sure to find tripod for your phone. Use masking tape for your paper. Take your time. Check your progress. It should work.
Show more
5 years ago, Jason the Large
Follow the instructions
The instructions are very clear. People giving this app one start in their review seen pretty clueless. I've made a few pieces of art in just a few days. I don't have this app mastered by a long shot but I like it.
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3 years ago, kaykhaleesi
The idea is there..
The idea is definitely there but no matter the approach and precautions the photo would keep trying to like… refocus itself or something and would shift it, every time my lines ended up not matching up cause it would move itself slowly from where it was (even with screen locked). If it wasn’t for that I’d say this app is really awesome!
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3 months ago, riverswebb74
Very helpful!
I use the light table option for transferring my art from iPad or computer to paper. This is such a helpful tool. Saves me a trip to the printer’s almost every time!
Show more
2 years ago, DevonAmbers
Not Satisfied
So, I got this app to improve my drawings, like most people. But When I did the same method they did with the books, everything just kept shaking. I entirely didn’t touch the tray table and it still shook aggressively. I can’t possible draw in these conditions. I also tried the image lock, did nothing. It still shook. Please fix this mistake.
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1 month ago, Biff Rifkin
Exactly what I wanted
This was exactly what I wanted in an AR tracing app - no subscription, no user data collected, no useless features - just the features and flexibility I wanted and a reasonable one-time purchase price. Score!
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