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4.7 (136.8K)
52.3 MB
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Tracker Network
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Tracker Network Stats

4.67 out of 5
136.8K Ratings
9 months ago, richiebee86
Amazing, I can use some of the stats to learn about where I’m doing well and where I am not. I think if there was something more in depth, specifically on weapons stats, and gameplay stats, it would be really helpful and be a very valuable tool for new players as well as players who are stagnating and at risk of leaving the game. If you do this as well as add “AI tips” based on certain aspects of the players gameplay and stats, it will help serious new players get good quicker and enjoy your game more. This is something to think about! Love the game
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2 months ago, Bailey shelton
Love the app but….
I absolutely LOVE this app but there’s one issue. Obviously the ads aren’t ideal but the company wants to make money and I get that. One problem I have is how much premium costs. In my opinion I believe the premium should cost a one time only purchase of no more than like 15$. But most importantly why doesn’t mobile get the live tracking that the PC users get when they download the app. I think it would greatly increase the amount of users on the app if you decided to make these changes within the app ESPECIALLY the live updates but overall a good app and I use it very often. It’s just extremely hard to be able to see all the opponents ranks you’re going up against. Heck, even a photo system that allows you to take a photo of the enemy team leader board and see their stats pop up that way would be better. Please make some of these changes to your app I think it would make it even better than it already is 🙏.
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5 years ago, G•$•907
Pretty obvious that Fortnite is the main focus of this app. It’s literally the one game in the home screen that has anything to display on said screen. Also the info given when searching usernames for different games is helpful, but no where near as good as the website. Plz add more info including loadouts, comp and valor score, and many of the other features on the (destiny) website, or plz update website to be less glitchy on mobile. I can’t even count how many times you have to click the search bar for the keyboard to stay up and be able to search someone’s name, which makes it really hard to quickly search peoples stats and loadouts while loading into a comp game.
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2 years ago, Dalton Wentz
Needs To Get Rainbow Six Siege stats to update correctly
The RS6 stats are still down. Have been for over a month roughly now. I understand that there may be more going on behind the scenes preventing a fix, but I know myself (along with many others) only really use this for the in-depth siege stats. We like the other offerings in the app that it’ll track, but the siege stat tracker was better than anything else we are aware of out there. Love the layout and individual operator KD’s. Only reason this is rated lower is due to the fact that the RS6 portion of the app only has partial support or function at the moment. Love what you guys are doing though! Keep it up and best of luck!
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6 years ago, PoisonNadeshot
So I downloaded this when all it had was fortnite and destiny so I’ve been here for a while and it has been great so far. I can easily pull up my stats and other things extremely quickly so while I’m in game I can quickly check my stats and get back to my game. And with new game support and platform support happening almost every 1 to 3 weeks, I’d have to say this is not bad. My only problem is that when I go check my stats I can’t get graph info or any info, even though it has it on the front page. But that’s it. 8/10. Would recommend.
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2 years ago, Reed .s
Needs a little something
I love this app I can see all of my stats just a few things one I would like more games on there,I would like it to have in the rocket league section to have a rocket league sideswipe section on there it would help a lot. Last thing I would like it to be easier to find people it’s really difficult because what if you don’t know what platform this person is on and it has to be EXACTLY what the persons gamertag is that’s all thanks great app highly recommended
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5 years ago, -RCF101-
Good but doesn’t contain ALL the gaming platforms
Look so I downloaded this app 2 days ago and I like the thought that you can see what’s in the daily item shop in Fortnite without the game. But since yesterday I noticed that the stats for Fortnite on the mobile platforms aren’t in the platform list, not even if you put “epic games” in the platform list, it won’t show your stats. So I’m just saying this for people that play on mobile, cause then they’ll be just as confused as I am, and I’m saying this from the point that I want to see my actual stats. Please take this as a suggestion for whoever the creator of this app is.
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4 years ago, Rbyoung
Use the website instead
Ironically, the website is a far better app than this. Among its shortcomings, it is not an iPad app, so be prepared to watch it sideways with huge block letters and low on screen content. It only tracks your data while you are running it, and it doesn’t share data with the website, or other instances of itself, so good luck trying to get a coherent long term picture. The interface is confusing and initially only seems to support XBox players, which is crazy considering it’s an iPhone app, which it should default to. Etc., etc. Basically, just a low quality generic app with minimum effort put into multi platform support.
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5 years ago, Pricelxss
App is awesome but...
Love the app very helpful an useful an I hope Many more stats come out. But on the another hand.. recently I’ve been opening it to check my stats an within 2 seconds of entering the app it just goes to a black screen. I’ve tried reinstalling the app and same thing, I’ve tried closing the application, restarting my phone STILL the same thing.. not sure why it’s doing this or what to do to fix it but I would love to be able to check my stats again. Thank you
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4 years ago, Not_my_idea_008
Like the app, don’t like being prompted for money
Let me start by clarifying, this app is very good and has everything you would ever need for any popular competitive game (Destiny2 for me). I do not mind the ads because that’s the way developers make money or even having an option to get rid of the ads. However, what I dislike is the constant, “don’t want to see ads, pay “x” once to get rid of them,” honestly the most annoying ad is their own. Which resulted me in deleting the app, I’ll use the desktop version instead. It’s a bit nit-picky, but that’s my preference.
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1 year ago, XxPoison123xX
Good App, but
don’t get me wrong, this app is good all around for tracking apex legends stats. sometimes it takes a second for the stats to update to the app but generally it’s pretty accurate. the problem i have lies with navigating your own stats. sometimes it’s laggy, and your stats won’t appear even though you’re doing everything correctly. other than that this app will get the job done for checking the apex legends leaderboards, but if you’re looking for a specific players stats you may run into issues.
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3 years ago, Orphan🤬
So useful, highly recommend
It is very underrated, I hardly think that there is a negative to owning this app. It is like magic, I use this a lot to search up people stats on games where I think they’re capping on how good they actually are. Also the overall statistics is impressive but on the website I did find that the kill trackers and stuff were slightly off, but no complaints. Also, I don’t write reviews often, but Tracker Network deserved this one.
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2 years ago, bdktbbjf
The best app ever
It the best app ever and I think everyone should like my idea about this and my idea is trying out this app it great to track your friends and people you know in other games you play like fortnite call of duty apex legends rocket League All the games you play in any country and on online with great people you can group up with so again try this app you don’t want to miss it Thank You 🙏👌😁
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6 years ago, DubzEast.
Possibly Inaccuate
Sure, the app gives you an idea of where your stats are on a game like Fortnite Along with anybody else’s stats you’re interested in seeing. However, I Just began playing Fortnite, I have played a few solo matches and my most recent match I killed four people but the app says I’ve only killed one out of six games played. I don’t know if it takes an hour or 24 hours for the stats to refresh police said I just played one minute ago after I checked. I have a good idea that out of the six games of solos I’ve probably killed 10 people. This is why I gave it a 3 stars.
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2 years ago, EZ-DUBZ8
My Thoughts…
Hands down, AMAZING!! This app is like nothing you could ask for. Do you want to know your win rate - they got it. Do you want to check the item shop - they got it. Do you want to check other peoples’ stats - they got it. This app truly has everything. If you are a game lover like myself this is perfect for you. If 6/5 stars was available I would surely select it. Trust me. This. App. Is. Good.
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3 years ago, UGHHHHwhyWhy
Redone Review
Previously, I gave this 1/5 stars for not being inclusive to other games. Since that time, you’ve added plenty of games. This is my revised review. Everything is great now, my only concern being that when trying to register an account for the site, there is something not working properly there. Besides that, thanks for the updates with new games.
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6 years ago, Hunterrrrrrrrrrrr
Not too shabby
This app is truly great and could even be better with more updates along the way, my only suggestions would be to be able to save players in a favorites tab so you don’t have to search them all over again, the last suggestion would try and have the Xbox gamertag be something you search for instead of the Epic Games account(if that is possible)
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2 years ago, piss britches
Great app but would like some new features
From what I’ve seen the app has worked perfectly however I would really appreciate the addition of an Overwatch tracker and adding the ability to watch back replays within the app however if you play pretty much any popular game other than overwatch this app is almost perfect.
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1 year ago, almightySo68
Wrong info
I just downloaded this app to see how many trio wins I had in Fortnite since it doesn't show it in game. After downloading the app and linking my epic account I went to check my stats and they're completely different from what it says in game. I have 25 squad wins but it says I have 12 in the app and basically the same for the different modes. Eliminations and how many matches I've played are wrong as well. Please fix and I'll fix my rating. Thank you
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2 years ago, michaelb0412
Great app
I play Fortnite a lot and I have always wondered what my stats were and also I was hardly on when the item shop reset so it is really helpful because I can see the shop and know what I want next time I hop on. Having this not only tracks my stats on a lot more games than you would expect. So it is a really great app
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4 months ago, 🎈🪭
This app has good feature i’ll give it that but, one thing I get sick of are the ads. Specifically when I am looking the stats up. Doesn’t make sense to me when I look up on the website it’s quick and easy to see. I don’t mid ads and this is obvious because I use your website but, at least I can skip it entirely. Waiting 20-30 seconds just to look a name doesn’t make sense when I can do it quicker on your website.
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3 years ago, Shaggyz_5150
Don’t get the full tracker network platform.
I was hoping this was an app for the full tracker network so I can easily check my stats without lagging my game on oc just pulling up the browser. Now with that being said this app is not it. Plus the signing in every time you close the app is very annoying. Wish you would have the full tracker network on the app especially call of duty franchise. Having only warzone tracker on the app is a huge bummer.
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6 years ago, Cheath21
App will not open?
So I have seen a lot of players using this app and I would like to be one of them. But the app will not open. It asks about notifications and I have allowed them. But I'm still not having any luck getting the app to open. I have iOS 10.3.3 but I am on an iPhone 5c. I still have 1.29 GB available so it shouldn't be a storage issue. What could be wrong?
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5 years ago, 🍎🍉🍎
Website is better
So I just downloaded this, so things might be a little harsh, but there is way less features then the website. I thought apps were supposed to be the upgrade for a website. There is bad graphics, while the website is way more refined and high quality. Also, when is Stats V2 coming out. That was announced, like, 3 months ago. In all honesty, I would rather use the website. Also, you need to make it more compatible with the iPad.
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6 years ago, Michael Randazzo
Needs improvements to platform options.
The app is okay, but I think you guys need to give Rocket League players the ability to track stats if the have the Nintendo Switch version as well as the other platforms. Maybe you guys should add a stat tracker for Player Unknown Battleground Mobile; that version is different from the others, but still it’s still technically PUBG so, and add support for the Xbox One version! And you guys have to fix the Rainbow Six siege section. Other than that, it’s an okay app.
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4 years ago, coryxkinchen
This tracker is so true
The tracker shows how much wins because on day I had 29 wins and I got another win and it said I had 30 wins that is how I know it was working right and also give this a 5 star rating plz it is really good so give it a five star rating and see you later byeee all people taht are gonna see this byeee be safe during those corona and Byee see you later Byee
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11 months ago, chilling ducky
Awesome app for gamers
It’s really good for me. I play Valorant a lot so I use the Valorant type. A cool future is they can switch back-and-forth from different games for example Valorant to Fortnite and you can go back to Valorant. It’s a really good app and I think you should get this app if your serious about gaming and climbing ranks (if your game has ranks in it)
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5 years ago, Santikmtz
Fortnite tracker
This app is really helpful in many ways. It shows what is in the item shop and a lot more. Like if I was out of town I just have to go on this tracker and see what is in the item shop. It is really cool that it shows your stats and your score. I am still trying to see where it shows where the item shop changes. But everything is really helpful and I really recommend it.
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6 years ago, Who needs a hug?:)
Always Broken
It’s a cool app when it’s working. Most of the time when I try to use it it won’t find people I type in, and I know I’m typing it right. Also there’s a lot of times where it won’t load the actual content within the account I search. So during those times the app is completely useless and whenever I actually go on that seems to be what is happening. But when the app is working it’s great, but that’s like 25% of the time.
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4 years ago, ThisIsPrettyFun
Fun while it lasted
I’ve been using this app for a while to check my stats and it worked nice all up until a week ago. The app just wouldn’t give me my stats and let displaying something like “syntax error unrecognized token “<“. I tried uninstalling it but it doesn’t work. Guess I can’t use it now but it was fun while it lasted.
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6 months ago, the camo death
Warzone is the only call of duty game offered
CoD warzone is literally the only CoD title offered on this app. Also you can’t select multiple games. You have to stick with one. Would be a good app if it had a bigger variety of games to choose from and you could select multiple. If you aren’t a CoD player than this is actually a good app because it isn’t infested with ads. Would be a five star if it had more games and you could get stats off multiple.
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2 years ago, MorsesCode
Buggy, account linking broken
This application is full of bugs including the inability to link your account using your destiny tracker online profile. Every time I add the profile it still asks me to link accounts which then directs me out to the website and then nothing happens. It's very unintuitive and it doesn't even include most of the day that's available on the website so it's pretty much useless even if you could link your account properly. Don't waste your time just use the website.
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6 years ago, only1gam3r64
When I open the app, it says please update to continue. This is the first time I’ve opened the app and I just got it a few minutes ago. I checked the version, and it says it hasn’t been updated in 3 months. From other reviews, I can tell this is a good app, but I cannot use it, therefore one star.
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5 years ago, BobTheUnkwonGod
Good app
I like the app a lot. The app has been so useful that i have an alarm every day at 5:00 pm (the time the item shop refreshes were i live) to go on the app to check the item shop. Bit the one problem i have is when i go to the challenges section, the challenges aren’t up to date. So it’s kinda hard for me to do my challenges. Other than that the app is very good.
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6 years ago, LilCoach_
Instead of updating the shop at the times the shop updates on fortnite, i have to wait like 5 minutes until anything changes. About 15 minutes ago when the “Storm Familiars” set and “Loach” bundle came out, everything was correct but the daily shop. It had Thr Special forces skin and mainframe glider, which weren’t even in the actual shop. I was pumped to buy main frame but when I checked the actual shop it wasn’t there. Thanks for getting my hopes up, I’m uninstalling.
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6 years ago, CamDely
I have had nothing but great experiences with this app. However, I wish they would add a mobile section for searching. This is because my xbox is beyond repair, and I am not in possession of a laptop, and no I don’t have PlayStation. However, I play mobile, and have been getting better, and am interested in statistics (k/d, matches played, etc). That is the one and only reason I give this app 4 stars.
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1 month ago, Moneythemann
It’s a great app but I’m missing some stats that I know I played and it say I played pc for the tournaments that I know that I played console and it shoud put all for platform when you look at you tournaments so you don’t have to go to keyboard then controller or pc to console cause some things it made me go to controller then keyboards it shoud have all so all my pr is there
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5 years ago, asufan29
Very disappointed.
This app is alright but the ads in this are really irritating. I paid to remove ads and it didn’t remove them. I tried to pay for it again a second time to see if that would do anything and it says that I already purchased it. So I reached out to customer service with the app, and never heard anything back. I don’t recommend getting this app due to the fact that they will not fix your issues after you tried to reach out to them. Also the design layout is pretty lame and boring.
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6 months ago, drododdd
If you click on anything you get an ad. Search anything and you get an ad you have to watch. The information makes no sense for the most part, to get much use you have to pay for it. Horrible.
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6 years ago, TheAzure_Sky
The App Is Great, But...
You see, I came to this app to be able to easily track my stats on all platforms for Fortnite. However, since there is no option to link Nintendo Switch accounts, I am stuck seeing stats on consoles I don’t use to play Fortnite as often. Basically, I am asking that you need to add support for Nintendo Switch, then the app would be just fine.
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6 years ago, TairaBacca
To all the sweats out there...
It would be nice to extend this app to private matches(if they come out) the competitive community would really appreciate it :) Developers it is great to see this network expanding to a mobile version and your communication with your community is spot on! Thanks for your hard work!!
Show more
1 year ago, chonkkvng
No stats are tracked they have my level correct but nothing else says I’m bronze and have never played a game but my level is correct how would that make sense if I need to already have the service for it to track if I didn’t make it immediately all my stats would be wrong permanently literally says don’t contact us abt wrong stats but apparently I have none and Ik this wasn’t always the case because the original trackers tracked at all times wether u had an account or not
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6 years ago, animememes
Lag and I think virus on my iPhone 8
so when I got this app I saw that there was a 5000 v buck giveaway and when I entered for it I noticed that my phone and all my games were crashing and super laggy I deleted the fortnite tracker app and noticed that the lag stopped. Also I want to know how do you like not enter in the giveaway if you entered like how do you just cancel you entering the giveaway. Plz help and explain.
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2 years ago, Crazyfox957
Multiversus Log In Link Doesn’t work
The log in for the Multiversus section “Sign in with Warner Bros” doesn’t work, also the “Link Platform” doesn’t show my Xbox gamertag whereas other games it works perfectly fine. This might be because Multiversus is new to the app but it’s very frustrating doing the extra steps when I could consistently be going immediately to my profile but the log in options don’t work and the link to log in through Warner Bros doesn’t work.
Show more
2 years ago, HTTR!!
Does not always track matches
Note: I do not have premium. The app tells you to keep it open in order not to group matches. However around half the time the app encounters an error and says “tap to refresh.” (this is when the matches tab is displayed) If you don’t see the message between matches, and do not refresh, your matches are grouped.
Show more
2 years ago, JaiCho
"My Profile" Button is broken || Multiversus only partially added
Even if you sign in, the My Profile button only brings up a page for linking your account. You can access your page manually via search, but hitting it an additional time accidentally will revert it. || The app has now added Multiversus, but a lot of the useful stats the site provides (MMR) are missing. I'll assume it's in the works for now.
Show more
6 months ago, Mr.kyle?
So Good!!
You can see what your shop is when ever you want! Also, shows you what bundles are out, you are also able to check your weapon skins and spray! It is so helpful now i don't need to log into my pc to check. It is worth it to get.
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2 years ago, NicoBear64
Won’t even register my profiles after linking them, can’t login
App just won’t let me link profiles to my account no matter how many times I try. Can’t even look at my stats on the app, have to use the search function which is a pretty big inconvenience. Not sure if it’s server issues or if the app is buggy, either way I’m uninstalling and not using it until this is fixed.
Show more
1 year ago, atrixin
Great app
I greatly approve everything and feature with this app except where it shows who you have recently played with on certain games, I feel there should be a option where you can make that private. Because I don’t want anyone stalking me like that 🥲
Show more
4 years ago, BillyBalck
Just use the website instead
The app is awful. Half the time, when searching for your account, it will just say JSON ERROR. If you do happen to find it, you can only look at the main combined overview. You can’t check stats for each playlist (Solo Duo Squad etc.), and the recent sessions page is really inaccurate and confusing. Leaderboards for specific stats such as TRN Rating are also unavailable. The website is much more convenient and easy to use. DO NOT GET THIS APP
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