Transparent Notes

4.7 (113)
8.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Rozga Wojciech
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Transparent Notes

4.73 out of 5
113 Ratings
2 years ago, 8263806089
Amazing application!
I use this app to do presentations for class and have never had any issue using it alongside with my presentation applications. It comes in handy for listing sources during a presentation or when I just don't feel like giving it from memory. Thank you so much!
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1 year ago, Muay Thai Warrior
Do NOT Install; Do NOT Invest
Yet another developer with questionable business acumen. When will developers, particularly independant developers, understand the importance of sensible pricing models? As of the time of this review, $99 USD for lifetime ownership. That would be ten years worth of updates. Considering how quickly technology changes, it would be unwise to purchase ten years of updates in advance. Furthering that point, the developer is clearly disconnected with the realitive of his target audience. Based upon the collection of reviews, it's clear this app appeals to students, whom are less likely to have disposable funds -- hence the reason more business saavy individuals offer student pricing. Something clearly missed by the dev of this app. Want my advice, either stick with the free version or seek other note taking options such as Tot or FiveNotes. This app is too limited in features and practical use to invest beyond the free version. Basic economic principles suggest consumers drive cost. It is up to us consumers to drive down cost by not spending unwisely. In my opinion, it would be unwise to spend what's being asked for such limited product. Do NOT purchase or subsribe until the dev provides more sensible pricing model.
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12 months ago, Reniq234
There’s no back up
My laptop shut down on me, I couldn’t get the charger to work, so I had to use my iPad. I was unable to log into my Transparent account, I was being prompted to take another annual Premium subscription, when my current annual premium subscription is not used up. Even when I contacted Transparent, I got no help, I was told I should have saved my entries on cloud. I don’t remember reading anything like that when I subscribed for the App. They really need to let people know that you can lose all the information you have and that you can’t log back into your account. I’m very disappointed, I’ve lost very important information I need and can’t ever access again. Not nice.
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2 years ago, mackenzyelainexx
Great for Online Classes
I use this app during my zoom classes and I also use it when I need to take notes while reading but do not want to keep flipping the pages. Highly recommend for high school and college students
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2 years ago, Fluff legit Mateo
Easy to use and useful
This app does exactly what I need it to do--hold my presentation outline on my screen while I present my screen virtually. The tools are easy to use, with very simple functionality, but it serves its purpose impeccably.
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2 years ago, pharmStu
Great app but..
Easy to use but it doesn't float on top when you toggle between screens. I normally have my screen split and am looking for a quick note tab that I can keep quick notes all on one screen (allow me to have a full screen split plus my note on top) right now it only works with floating on a main screen.
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2 years ago, codemusings
No Option For Font Size
I don't like how the user can't change the font size themselves. Yes the current size is readable but there is no option to make it larger/smaller. I understand if other styling options such as bullets/font color/font style are only included in the pro version but font size is something that should come in the basic version.
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1 year ago, 💕💕😻💕💕💕
wonderful app
I like using this app during presentations or use it when i want to collect information from multiple tabs and i don't want to go back and forth. Litterally a life saver
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2 years ago, daviankrystal
Great for school!
I saw a video about this app on tik tok and I got the extension for my laptop for when I have to record speeches and read at the same time. I like how many options there are and its a great app
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2 years ago, Queen of MD
Nice but expensive
I love the app. I like being able to read something and take notes right over it. It is a great tool to use in a virtual interview. I just wish it offered more in the free version to test out what I would be purchasing. It is expensive. If it wasn't so expensive I would purchase it.
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9 months ago, O Dub9
This app made learning coding so much easier on my mac desktop. I know other people will think so, whatever their learning.
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2 years ago, Leeexxx
Lost my midterm
This app claims to save every so often but this doesn't work if the computer reboots. I have been working on my spanish midterm using this in combination with word. My laptop died in a presentation and my entire midterm vanished. All four days of work I had put into it. Would not buy again. Use Quick Note it comes with three note sections on the free version and can also be transparent if needed.
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2 years ago, ViXa1905
Perfect for school
App could uses some notifications like: bold text, colored text, underlining text etc. But overall one of the best apps I have ever used for taking notes in class or just for a presentation.
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2 years ago, jmayavieyra
Super easy to use
keeps my notes for class easy to follow without getting in the way, for a free app this is such a steal
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5 months ago, Demi Swift
Got me through school
has helped me in school so many times!! hands down my favorite app
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2 years ago, ...bbbbbbm..
Video calls
Perfect to use over important zoom meetings, interviews, studying, or taking notes
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1 year ago, 11fhayes
Love that I can control how I see it
Love how I can control how I see it. I always use this when I'm building/working on websites.
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1 year ago, Lucky star_1
Sometimes, I think I might forget something important to say in an interview and I have transparent note to reassure myself.
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1 year ago, Ndnsjssjnddd
Decent App
Good app, works well for Zoom interviews. Dumb that you have to pay $10/month for more than one section of notes. Not everything has to be a subscription.
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2 years ago, Zekezamri92
Pretty awesome this thing exists!
I do ton of presentation and meetings online and this is a lifesaver so I can be confident and be able to provide great attention to my audience.
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2 years ago, Otacilia Sturaro
The application is easy and helps a lot in productivity. It is practical and very functional to help you. I recommend!
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2 years ago, Aya Elbeshina
Helpful for students!
I am a medical student and i find it very practical
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5 months ago, Darian is the best
I wish you were allowed more then one note for the free version but despite tat I find it useful for online presentations and meetings.
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1 year ago, Red Wing Nut
Pretty good and simple note app
Title says it, but one thing I'd like to see is a way to make the font in a note be variable. Be good to have bold, underline, and underline, as well as a couple size differences.
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2 years ago, Sourcefedsarah
Works well
Works well but would love if there was an option to have seperate notes on different windows
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1 year ago, Nick1st
Note Review
Love the simplicity and user friendly interface. I would love more word processing options in editing mode.
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1 year ago, Noob46282✔️
Very usefull
It helps me a lot during my interviews and presentations. It looks like I'm starring at my powerpoint slides, but I'm not
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2 years ago, artnakla
Super handy app
Perfectly simple and easy to use.
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2 years ago, alexisrsnyd
great for school
i'm a college student and i use this app religiously! great for taking notes during online meetings and lectures, i also use it a lot during open note exams and quizzes. easily one of the best tools to have during the semester!!
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2 years ago, hellojamison
Can't Change Font Size or Color
I like the premise, but I'm using this against a black screen so it won't work for me. Strange that you cant change the font color or size. Bummer
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2 years ago, AWW1322
Would be more inclined to buy the pro version if it wasn't $100....
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2 years ago, Mynameistaken7
Quite Useful
Useful for Zoom meetings and presentations! 5 stars and thumbs up.
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2 months ago, DicroDavis
Love But Want to Buy ONCE. Likely will deleat if renewal fees become a thing
and theere you have it
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2 years ago, AppReviewer9990
Great Idea
I love this concept, just wish i could divide my notes into different subjects
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4 months ago, A True Family Guy Fan
Great for Interviews
If you have trouble remembering what to say in interviews, try this tool.
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3 months ago, renjun00323
i love how it is transparent, but you should definitelty try to make a setting to get rid of all the icons at the top and bottom otherwise it takes away from the transparency.
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2 years ago, Mdiana14
good stuff
wish i could edit the font and colors but besides that its so cool. OBSESSED AH
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2 years ago, Sienna.R.F
So easy and efficent for school or work.
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2 years ago, Erin racquel
cant delete notes once created
the notes just keep piling on with no way to delete the on my macbook
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9 months ago, 薄荷腊鸡辣鸡垃圾
no pdf
can not upload picture
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12 months ago, eniiolaa
nice app. teleprompter is not free, you have to pay for it. hack: don't be dissuaded that you can only make one note. just copy your notes to other places.
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1 year ago, Paoadb98
I dont like that im allowed to write just one note on the free version
I dont like that im allowed to write just one note on the free version
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2 years ago, Mo25252525
So good
So useful in school Ifywim ;)
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4 months ago, iNLC-D1
Good App
This is a good app. But HIGHLY over priced for the premium offer. I mean HIGHLY OVER PRICED!
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2 years ago, samy12345678910111213
Awesome app
nice app
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1 year ago, Davos Sherman
Great app
Great app
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2 years ago, Great2.05
It's a great
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2 years ago, L.a.m.p
Show more
3 months ago, Tarafinah
Not fair
Only one note free
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2 years ago, transparent cheap note
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