Traxxas Link

3.7 (219)
117.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Traxxas Link

3.71 out of 5
219 Ratings
9 months ago, Falcondragonslayer
Great App, but a few odd things
So I got the Link module a few days ago, for a few reasons. First, so I could set the steaming endpoints on my models (because when I try to use the TQi programming system on the transmitter, it makes the servo go haywire. Second, so I could run my models from the same transmitter without having to deal with the aforementioned TQi programming system. And lastly, so I could put telemetry on my Hoss to keep track of the motor temperature on hot days, since I don’t have the spare money to burn up a motor. I haven’t gotten the telemetry yet, so I can’t attest to how well it works, but so far the experience has been pretty good. The steering endpoints set without much problem, and it’s cool that I can now fiddle with different settings that were unavailable before (like throttle trim). My one issue I have with the app is the fact that there is no picture for the Bigfoot. I have two models: A 2 1/2 year old Traxxas Bigfoot, and a practically brand new Traxxas Hoss. Every other vehicle (including the discontinued E-Maxx) have their own picture, but for the Bigfoot there is nothing. It’s really weird and something I hope Traxxas will fix.
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1 year ago, Nate Rue
1 single issue
It will not delete old models off of my vehicle list I deleted all inactive ones and every time I close and re open the app it brings it back. It’s VERY annoying but only thing wrong with the app. Very helpful with end point adjustments on servos. Please fix this
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5 months ago, Project manager 89801
Updates cause your RC to fail
When this app causes your RC to quit working, remove the Bluetooth TQi module from your transmitter and your RC will work again. After the app updated the firmware on my TQi module in the transmitter, the RC no longer worked. ESC (VXL3) was flashing throttle trim error, receiver was flashing low voltage error. I contacted traxxas support and they said I needed to buy another receiver for my RC, but I could use their “lifetime warranty” to buy another one. They offered no other suggestion other than to spend more money with them. There is no way to get an old version of the app or an old firmware version according to traxxas. I removed the Bluetooth TQi chip from my transmitter and my RC worked again… indicating the problem is with traxxas firmware and not the receiver. Hopefully traxxas doesn’t sue me for this review like they do other people that review their products.
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6 years ago, Payton3434
Giving it 5 stars because it worked
Got a new xmax 8s and down loaded this app. Bought the 35 dollar module for the remote and plugged it in. Then opened the app and hit the rectangle box that says pair. Said it needed a update so I clicked yes (makes car undrivable during update). It was 2 step update taking 5+ minutes then went into another screen with a 2 step update same as before. After the update it said power off both and I did. Waited few minutes powered them up and it worked I can now see real time speed with out installing anything new into the car. Very pleased:)
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6 years ago, wjm5433
Not bad
Not a bad app. Would be cool to have some more skins or design customizations but I connected to my X-Maxx no problem. Seems like different menus let you change the same things (going into garage, drive effects) and I think it could all be integrated into something way more simple. Theres like 3 places where I can adjust the TSM. We should be able to go into a profile and edit all the settings for that specific profile (Instead of making changes and then going into profiles and choosing which specific profile to save those changes to).
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5 years ago, KingJay11685
TSM not working correctly
After the last update TSM has stopped working. For a while I could only turn TSM on in the app for it to work. If I used the multifunction knob to turn it on it would malfunction now no matter how I turn it on it doesn’t work. Wheels barely turn when activated and servo doesn’t return to center. I turn TSM off it works fine. I am very disappointed because I paid for this separately from my truck and now it doesn’t work. It takes forever for Traxxas to put out updates to fix these problems. I guess customers who spends good money on their products isn’t important enough. smh PLEASE UPDATE TSM!! Thats the reason I bought the Tqi Rx/Tx.
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6 years ago, bear wedlake
Bugs in new update
I have the same problem with pairing my controller with my phone, an iPhone 7plus iOS 11 and the app will open and run and do all of the functions but when you hit the TraxxasLink wireless module it dose nothing, it’s a bug and I have set my truck in training mode for my sister when it worked and now my slash is stuck at 50% throttle and I have yet to find a way to reset this. Please fix ASAP.
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1 year ago, Supercharged03GTP
Still firmware issues exists
Just bought the traxxas link Bluetooth module, followed all steps in setting it up and got an error message saying unable to verify the update and to make sure everything is connected.. triple checked everything and tried again.. same issue.. been trying for hours now to see if I can get the firmware on the TSM to update but to no avail. Must be traxxas link software. Please update the app to fix this potential bug.
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5 years ago, Greglkin
Make it so we can add labels on the gauges!!
It would be nice if we can label the gauges on the temp because their are 3 different temp motor, esc and battery. Most of the time I usually forget which is which. So I would have to reset it to know for sure. Other then that I have no problems with the app
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2 years ago, uhh oh578
Upgrade !!!!
Maybe you should make a new car that has a heat sensor and the it broadcast the heat and when I gets too hot it should send notifications to your phone like it’s getting to hot and the car beeps loud to and a button to make it stop beeping on the phone
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2 years ago, Grnslive
Was working, then quit.
If you are having this trouble, try changing the radio batteries. I did that and the connection came right back. I guess the link is dependent on good batteries.
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1 year ago, Jason Presagio
Inverts my throttle and steering when I open it
Bizarrely, this app immediately inverts my throttle and steering servos when I open the app. Nobody can explain why, so I’m not able to use it at all. Need to manually reverse the servos every time which is obviously a huge pain. Needs fixing. Two stars instead of one because the app looks cool and has a lot of functionality.
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7 years ago, Bonniefsu
How to connect
I downloaded the app and tried to connect my stampede with the app and it wouldn’t find it. Should this work with different cars or something. Very upset if so😭😭😭😭 Otherwise that the app seems very useful👍👍😄
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5 years ago, Cole A
Dashboard view is the only thing that doesn’t work:(
Bought Bluetooth module to track battery life and speed, but neither are working on dashboard view. Everything else works though. Excess setup and fine tuning. Easily switch to training mode. BUT no speed of battery life in dashboard view :( If I cannot get this fixed/figured out I will return the product and uninstall this app.
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4 years ago, ScottTJ
Will not update run or connect.
Less than a month old Slash Ultimate in training mode from my son using it last. I went to you use it yesterday, and it needed another update, no problem. Tried yesterday it would not finalize the update. Ran it in training mode, all good. Tried to update last night, again will not finalize. Today nothing works, blinking green all over. Not pleased Traxxas.
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5 years ago, RMorgan80
Would not advise buying any Traxxas vehicles. They have all of these great sounding options but they are hard to find and when you do find them they don’t work. I’ve contacted Traxxas to help and all that they suggest is that I send them the equipment at my expense (and I will get it back two weeks from when they get it). I have read many reviews and most have the same story. Buy Horizon!
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3 months ago, Julys me
X-maxx 8s esc update 1of2 failed
Updated only 1 of two updates, left my xmaxx with all green and red lights flashing, unable to do anything but steer. It kept giving me fail to update errors, be warned… if you update and only does half the update ur screwed. I’ll be calling them in the morning to hopefully solve this, then I’ll update my current review & hopefully tell ya if it was solved & how.
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5 years ago, Pixel car racer player
Recent update
The most recent update caused the temperature to not be displayed on the app
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5 years ago, xxaceplayerxx
Pretty decent app
I started using this app a while ago and I thought this app was pretty cool. But now, I change my gearing a lot and I don’t like having to change the drive gear ratio. I always think I put the correct one in and it never is right. Otherwise, this app is pretty good.
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2 years ago, CrazieMoe
Big difference
Just got my Maxx 4s and I thought it was fast for a 4s but now with these custom settings I gained 5-8 mph works great!!!!
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6 years ago, DustyProgram
My TraxxasLink remote icon won’t turn green
Soo I bought a traxxas slash and I bought the traxxas tqi for the remote and for my slash I bought the transmitter thingy so when I when in the app and connected my remote all it did was just show the Bluetooth is connected but the remote icon did not turn green and I’m on iOS 11.4.1 someone help
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3 years ago, Skibik
App opens then shuts down!
So far best I can give it is one star. Needs iOS 9.0 or newer to run. Well it won't run on 9.3.5 iOS iPod touch. Tracks so is like a ghost town, 3 emails more or less saying something is wrong on my end. Requested it to be sent to IT department and now no communication. Traxxas you have a problem!!!!
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4 years ago, CaggasYT
Not bad
I noticed the app latest look little old(-ish). I will change 3 to 5 star only if developer actually update and make it more modern. I like system, it worked connect with remote control as well. Keep it up! 😀
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5 years ago, C/-/R1S
Telemetry expander will not update
I have a bought and installed all the sensors, have gone through two TQI receivers and two expanders, countless hours trying two get the expander to no avail. Traxxas’ best advice is to consult the forums. Something seriously wrong there...won’t be buying any more Traxxas products.
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6 years ago, Jladz
I phone x No model select
I recently switched to the iPhone X and the Traxxas link app stopped working correctly The model list has disappeared I’ve tried deleting and re installing the app no luck as of yet. Is there a path or fix?
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5 years ago, (??$'gfmkcmgblvbj
Needs endpoint adjustments & custom vehicle photos.
Would be nice to have endpoints on the 3rd 4th and 5th channels. Also need an option to add a custom photo. Not all of my rigs are traxxas. Also not all traxxas vehicles are on there. What about my villain? Really need to add the legacy models.
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6 years ago, Hddynadude
Traxxas sensor controls
I downloaded it without running engine, and the voltage & temperature gauge works so I assume the speedo and rpm will also when engine is on.
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3 years ago, rc 4 life
I love using Traxxas link cuz you can update your car or truck at any time and it’s super easy to use and worked on an iPhone 4
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2 years ago, dsijfdihkureiluha
I was exited to get the new traxxas link app and it said I needed to update my rc car and receiver but what happened after was the problem. The car literally moved on its own the second you turn it on after the update.
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3 years ago, SirUserNameMan
Below average app
It’s nice that they have a companion app but there’s no reason why it’s not full screen. Also it cant handle multiple remotes without having to reconnect every time.
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5 years ago, hemi90
Xmaxx upgrade
Went to update my xmaxx and it keeps verifying and redownloading but it never gets past first 10 percent of download now my esc is flashing red real fast and I can’t even use my machine. It has wiped out my esc as far as I know. Would be great if someone could fix this issue I’m having
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5 years ago, RUSTLERVXL
Lost telemetry communication
After the recent update the truck im not getting temperature reading. I tried replacing the sensor for a new one and that didn’t work either.
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3 years ago, ds1baby
Update ASAP
When using training mode from the app you hardly have any brakes, you should have 100% braking when in training mode. Please update!
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6 years ago, Dudeperfect2sucks
Cannot connect
I’ve been trying to get this to connect to my stamped for about a month and a half now and it still fails. If anyone know how to fix this issue please help!
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3 years ago, CheebzBurger
Ruined with new update
Running on iOS for the dts1. Worked flawless for almost 2 yrs until latest update. Now app crashes if the keyboard comes up, like to add names or change time for staging.
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6 years ago, Revo3.3
Total garbage
Just tried updating the firmware to the new one It screwed up my remote and the rc truck I now have had to the send the trucks controller and trucks receiver box to traxxas for them to do the frimware update . There is defiantly some bugs with ether there app or software
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6 years ago, SussexCntyGearhead
Just spent $200 to get the TQI and TSM with Bluetooth. Downloaded this app, tried to update and it killed my remote. Should have listened to my hobby shop and went aftermarket. Traxxas should take this down until they resolve this. I am not the only one. Anyone want to buy a truck?
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5 years ago, yack?
I love this app! It does a lot for my slash! I like to see the speed! I love all the features!!!
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4 years ago, K-hole808
Has some bugs
Training mode is supposed to be 50% throttle/ 100% brakes. However when I switch to training mode on the app (as opposed to the ESC) I am getting 50% throttle/ 50% brakes. I use an iPhone 6s. Please fix.
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4 years ago, omarion rivera
I have a question
I don’t have a newer model but can I still connect it or no mine doesn’t have the wireless Bluetooth choice
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6 years ago, Lpoi33
Cant update telemetry. Tried multiple devices. Need an update
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7 years ago, Loskslpiuuaklwkhs
Good but we want a new update for 'Design inside app'
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3 years ago, Kickgamestupid
Doesn’t let me download
I have a 12 max pro and it doesn’t let me download the app also phone was not connecting to the TRAXXAS link app please help :(
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3 years ago, Cloverboy302
Bought wireless link to hook app up to dts-1 and update cleared my system and will not finish second part of update
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4 years ago, Pratt Ryan
Needs Max full screen optimization
There’s no reason a 4 year old app should not fully support the Max iPhone screen size. 5 stars once this is fixed.
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6 years ago, BUB PERFECT
Traxxas is my life I have a erevo BIGFOOT no.1 rustler and my papaw has 2 slashes they are lit Traxxas keep it up #keep being LIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!👍🏻😃👍🏻😃😃😄😁😁😆😆😁😃
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6 years ago, Fozcin1
Firmware update killed my transmitter
The non optional firmware updates turned my transmitter into a paper weight. App should give us the option to refuse firmware updates.
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6 years ago, Silvia007
Does not work with iOS 11+
Pressing link in garage does nothing. Fix please!
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5 years ago, jack wilnets
it’s a total waste of time took around 1 hour to set up and now I can’t turn my erevo when I go fowerd if anyone could help with this that would be great DONT BUY!!!!!
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11 months ago, Toested
ESC Bricked
Forced me to update VXL6s and failed 2 of 2. Now I have to acceleration. Keeps failing, so basically my $600 truck is useless now.
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