Tri-City Herald News

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112 MB
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The McClatchy Company
Last update
12 months ago
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12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Tri-City Herald News

4.04 out of 5
536 Ratings
5 years ago, Slc*1969
good way to keep up locally
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5 years ago, USSoccerFan48
New Version is Backwards Step
The latest version is a step backwards for those wanting to read the news in a traditional newspaper format. The presentation of the news in the traditional format is the most efficient way of finding and reading articles of interest. Also, the "e-edition" links the reader into a web-based version that is clunky because it is not as efficient to navigate and it lacks the ability to expand and contract the size by pinching and spreading on the screen. The new version is merely an interface that links news feeds, which is not worth the subscription cost. I hope that the old version returns or the traditional newspaper format is re-integrated as an option to the news-feed links and e-edition.
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3 years ago, Jwhite2005
Still ads on paid subscription and new update was just about putting a new look on the same interface without worthwhile fixes. Finally deleted it after 4 years and good luck canceling! Called and emailed customer service who repeatedly assured me the charges would stop and a refund would be issued, but of course, neither happened. Ended up having to report it as fraud to the associated card company to finally get it resolved. Never again! Outlet has become typical of what you would expect from a “news outlet” these days. Poorly educated and prattling writers pushing the same agenda. I’ll take my money elsewhere and save the space on my phone.
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4 years ago, fristratedwithads
Add still on paid app
The Herald content is not usually that current or accurate, they are slow to post new information. Also, eventhough I pay the monthly fee to have a subscription without ads and article viewing limits, I still am required to occasionally watch ads or there are pop-ups, especially if I login to my account online. I have notified the Herald about this- what I perceive to be glitch, however it continues to go on unfixed. Makes me wonder if they are intentionally making me watch ads and taking my money happily.
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5 years ago, nganeer1946
Change not always good
The new e- edition that does not allow a full screen replica on an iPad is of no value to this reader. The only readable part of the new mini-replica is the headlines. It is cumbersome at best to then have to scroll to a different screen to read the story which may or may not be reflective of the headline. Since today is apparently the first day the prior format was unavailable I’ll give it some time but without a change we will cancel our e-subscription.
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5 years ago, Younggrandpa
Local news lacking.
Over a period of time the local news has diminished to practically nothing. Local youth events get practically no coverage in the paper. But there is plenty of bad news which maybe a hinderance to controlling gang violence in the area. The gangs want the news in the paper. When the no Saturday formats arrives and our subscription becomes due we will probably be looking for a new E- edition but it probably won’t be the TriCityHerald. No local news equal no local paper in our home!
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6 years ago, TBD 2k
The app does not offer the ability to search and doesn't have all the articles as the print version. The online version at least has search capabilities. But it still doesn't have all the print articles. If all the articles from the print edition are there then how does one search for them? I'm searching for an article from yesterday's print edition but instead articles from 1-6 years ago come up.
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5 years ago, thyer5
Loved the app and being kept up to date on important topics around the area. Then out of the blue last week, they stopped allowing you to read news on the app or online without having a subscription. $13/mo or $130 a year. That's unfortunate. Never in my life have I had to pay for a newspaper subscription be it online or on the app. It's one thing to pay a subscription fee if it's a delivered paper. The TCH must care more about lining their pockets than keeping the deserving citizens informed.
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12 months ago, Mad in TriCities
App stinks.
Pay lots for this sub, but still get ads! Can’t read anything because articles either won’t open or close after reading one sentence. No help out there for malfunctioning app. This has gone on for a long time. Paper sub terrible so switched to this. Also useless. I just want to read my local newspaper. Instead I pay lots and get nothing.
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4 years ago, Roadster6
Quality has deteriorated
I have had a subscription to the E edition of the Tri-City Herald for a long time. It is has really gone downhill the last Month, I have not been able to even open the app the last few days nobody has gotten back to me I don’t know what’s going on there are other avenues for News and local news for what this subscription costs it’s not worth it .
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6 years ago, Paul 99342
OK, but limited
Highlighted stories are good, but limited smaller stories, not searchable unless maybe you subscribe, and headlines are worded to give you very limited information. They may as well just number the articles and you can guess which would be of interested.
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5 years ago, Grandmum#1
Security error
If I could give this app no stars, I would. When I open the app, I get a security error that the site certificates are not current and opening the app may lead to open vulnerabilities. I have sent screenshots and called to get this fixed but am told there are no issues! I therefore do not use the app but have to access the site via the web. What a pain!
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2 months ago, ThatSarThere
Terrible App, subscription is a waste of money
You can’t login to your subscription through the app. Can’t get through the paywall on linked stories even if you have a paid subscription. Complete waste of $. Wait for the story to get reposted on yahoo, because TCH can’t manage digital access.
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5 years ago, spinsilk
Once again...
The Herald gets it wrong. I liked the original newspaper format. The new format makes it difficult to find information I’m seeking and in some cases eliminated it entirely, e.g., sports daily schedule. Can’t see obituaries—why I don’t know. I like knowing what is important to the Tri-Cities by what appears on the front page. Important items get “lost” in the menu.
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3 years ago, LetMeFly17
App crashes all the time
App crashes after I’ve read two or three stories. Sometimes the story opens, but the text disappears. Very annoying. Update for ver 9.1. App still crashes, but now it’s when I’m exiting a story to go back to the main screen. It’s also very slow. AND NO SEARCH FUNCTION!!
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5 years ago, t.bird330
Moving on
I used this app for a few months. The app works well but I’m not paying your outrageous prices for a couple random news articles a day that are summarized simply by the title (not a lot of content in the article). There is no longer any free content in the app. Deleted.
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3 years ago, Old Guy 007
Where is login setting?
I just purchased an e-subscription to the Herald, but can’t find the login page to activate this app. Nobody answers the phone at the herald, customer support emails are off topic, and I’m stuck with a new subscription and no way to read the paper.
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5 years ago, Jszzman
The new connection is horrible. It doesn’t work on my iPad. I lose the page and have to start all over again. The ads are so intrusive, I can’t tell if there are more or less, it sure seems like more. The newspaper icon sends me to a page that claims it is unsafe and to close!
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5 years ago, Cowboss
This is a sorry excuse!
Not impressed! Please tell me what was wrong with the way you presented the news before you changed to this train wreck! Where are the comics and Dear Abby? Those I haven’t even found. The rest of it is just a guessing game. It’s long past April Fools Day. Can we go back to the way that it was?
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6 years ago, LadyEngineer56
Hate the ads, but like the convenience
The ads are SUPER annoying and repetitive, but it’s convenient to read the local news this way.
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5 years ago, MexicanNeckfat
Pay wall ruins the app
I like the Tri-City Herald. But when this app decides I've read too many articles, it inserts a pay-wall where I cannot read the articles unless I pay for a subscription. This is awful. It doesn't make me want to makes me want to delete the app.
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3 years ago, Hubbard Family
New app isn’t functioning at all. News Feeds on home tab don’t load, e-edition does work but doesn’t show graphics of front page for current, or back issues.
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4 years ago, TCHupyourgame
Poor quality
The app always has trouble loading. TCH people want an online version of their local paper. Please improve your quality.
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5 years ago, Dirkdgy
Not a smart move
You think by shutting down access to the days old content, that many people use that don't have time to sit down and read an actual newspaper is a smart decision? Keep trying to bail out the sinking ship tri city herald!! SMH
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4 years ago, Bobcat1975
Full size paper
The E edition is non readable, if you want the old style newspaper format. I do care for the way the app forces a person to read the paper.
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3 years ago, hucbutt
I’ve read the Tri-City Hearld since 1948. The lack of attention to local events and people has resulted in a lack of interest in YOUR paper. We take it out of habit. Strongly considering changing to the Spokane paper!
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5 years ago, MT314159
Poor resolution
Starting with the October update the resolution got worse! Text is quite blurry when enlarged enough to read comfortably on an iPad. Background color obscures the time of day. This app is going in the wrong direction.
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3 years ago, Vaxman11
Latest update is truly horrible
Please roll back the updated app. The old version was organized much better and was easy to see articles without scrolling endlessly. All the video and pictures make the new version SLOWER. Thinking about dropping subscription if this isn’t fixed.
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4 years ago, MStruggs
Tri City Herald full of Right Wing ads.
Why am I paying for a news site full of right wing ads? I just want balanced local news not a cess pool of political ads. I’m not partisan. And I don’t need to pay for this junk.
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5 years ago, labrat206
Changing people for online news is insane you must be desperate good luck you loose another.
I use to enjoy your app but your greed has destroyed that thanks for nothing
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4 years ago, X-ray visionary
Sometimes it works
The one thing I can depend on is it will frustrate me!! Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t!!!!!
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5 years ago, tigerwrwr
Bring back the old app
This new app has limited functionality compared to the previous one. It is a giant step backwards!!
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5 years ago, Tomjones0486
Your new eEdition is a terrible!
You no longer provide a readable newspaper but your ads snap right into focus and dominate the screen! What is going in your shop?
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5 years ago, Momma Mia 5
New Format
I hate the new app. When I open it in the morning, I want to ha e the paper in full so I can read it, I don’t want to have to poke around to find it!
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3 years ago, bigstick73
Close up shop
The TCH is obviously on its last leg. You can be assured that Saturday through Monday will have no new content. I’m done
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5 years ago, Harry Prince of Kennewick
Terrible “upgrade”
Put it back, this app is terrible on an iPad.
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7 years ago, Steve the Music Man
Terrible App
I'm a print subscriber. I got used to reading the 'print' version in the app. That function no longer exists. Also, no Tv sports listings, comics, TV channel guide. The electronic app doesn't seem to have all the stories of the print version. And, old stories are left on the electronic version too long. I'll just go back to print.
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12 years ago, AtomicCityBuddha
Not bad, needs a few things.
I've played around with the app & the layout is nice, easy to read & navigate from one screen to the next. But the Facebook log in doesn't work, so that you can share articles. And nothing for twitter? Plus when you open an article to read and you slide down to read further, the top browser goes away and you have to touch the top bar again to have it come back. Sometimes this doesn't always happen. Overall though, it's not that bad. iPad app would be great!!
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9 years ago, TrailSkater
I used this app profusely prior to the update but now the app is horrible. They have timed pop up ads now that you can't avoid, pictures that don't apply to the articles and the comment section is now nonexistent... There's no way of knowing if people are talking about a particular subject because they no longer show how many comments are on an article, replies typically don't work, and text freezes constantly. PLEASE bring back the old app! And ENOUGH WITH THE ADDS!
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12 years ago, Anonymus prime
Haven't used this app long enough to see if it will have the same outdated or missing links like the web page yet. Shouldn't there be a place to leave comments on the stories? The editorial section seems a bit buried in the app. This app could be better than twitter if you were allowed to post replies directly under the stories
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12 years ago, BigDogap83
Easy to use
Good local info on the Tri-Cities.
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8 years ago, heddas68
Won't finish dwnld
I previously had downloaded this app and deleted. When I tried to download it again, it is stuck in the middle of the download and won't let me delete it or do anything with it at all. Can't get rid of the icon either. I deleted it in the first place due to the way you only see the stories they they want you to. So censored!!
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7 years ago, Bkschuh
What happened to this app???!?
This is terrible! SO user unfriendly! Geez people leave it alone! I used to read in the mornings (yes, I am a subscriber) and this is terrible compared to the past app. How sad! Will read the paper when I get home at night and skip this frustration while traveling. Bad move Herald
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7 years ago, Sas8952
Bring back the old one
I am unable to get the "newspaper" view on this app which I prefer. It will be so easy to miss news -- additionally I hate the "tabloid like ads". It's like stories one wants to avoid on FB. Please make an alternate view available for your electronic subscribers who simply want to read the daily paper.
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10 years ago, Nincompoop28
Basically unusable
I never heard of press+ before tri-city-herald, now I have, and now I don't use it anymore. This app used to let me read the news locally, now It shuts the door in my face until I pay them to see words on a screen. Lamest idea ever, freedom of press is being maimed, while I'm exercising my freedom of speech!
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12 years ago, Lokiatw
Need i-pad app. News is old can't seem to find daily current issue, it's ok to keep up on what's happening at home while on the road.
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12 years ago, Muffin tops master
Nice, needs iPad version.
Nice and fast, good layout. Totally need iPad version ASAP. Much better than using the actual Tricity herald website.
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8 years ago, Nickbolson
Ok app but takes up almost 400mb
Takes too much space on my phone for what I get out of it.
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7 years ago, Rjfive1
Uses too much space
The app itself is ok but taking up over 1GB of space for data is not ok!
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7 years ago, cwhitney
Left Handed App Not Convenient
The new app appears to be more of a left handed app and not convenient for right handed users.
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