Trivia Maker - Quiz Creator

4.2 (225)
93.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Redwood Pro Media, LLC
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Trivia Maker - Quiz Creator

4.18 out of 5
225 Ratings
6 years ago, The bignickel
Almost give stars! Thanks for making this app! But...
Best. App. EVER! This app is something that you wouldn’t look for specifically, even if you want it or something like it, you won’t look for it in the App Store because you probably think that no one would think to create it. But... Someone did create it!!! And I’m in love with it! My family loves to play my games, and i make it on things I love, for example movies. I like trivia and making it. Now here comes the but. Because most good things have a catch. I honestly don’t blame you! I swear! It’s a free app (yay!) With like no adds (also yay!) so you have to make money somehow. I get it! Totally! So obviously, and naturally, some options will cost money within the app. And I would like to thank you! (For making 90 percent of applications in the app free!) you could have made so much more things cost money, yet you didn’t! But.... you made EVERY SINGLE personalizing custom color thing cost money. Maybe you could only make some of them cost money and something else cost money. I at least want SOME (not all) of the color things free! Thanks for reading my long review free! I would love for this to be five stars! Please make some minor adjustments! Xo, Adele
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5 years ago, GrannyPlays
I’m thrilled with this game and the frills
I bought the Premium Subscription. Initially, I had trouble getting the questions I created to save, but when I emailed technical support, I received an answer in less than 24 hours. Reid offered to refund my money, but also offered a helpful suggestion. It turned out to be a glitch in my wifi transmission that was the problem and not the app at all. I was elated, because I plan to use this with my English as a Second Language Citizenship students. They are working so hard to learn the US civics and history questions they must know and in addition, all of them work many long hours just earning their living. Research has shown that material learned in “play” is retained much better than through traditional study methods, so this game is great. Customizable as to the type of trivia game desired, you can enter the test questions and answers in directly or from a spreadsheet. There is music, applause sounds and automatic tallying of the scores. There are several options for displaying your saved games and an option to share a download via email for those who also have the app. I can’t wait to play the first game I created with my students.
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4 years ago, C R French
Great tool, but many annoying issues
I bought a year subscription to this app not knowing how many flaws it would have. For instance, you cannot edit an error in the sentences you type without having to delete most of the text. Example: if I meant to write “What is the capital city of California?” but accidentally wrote it as “Wht ia the capital city of California”, I would have to delete the entire sentence to correct it. Also, autocorrect is disabled entirely. I also wish there were a way to disable the Featured Games banner. It takes up too much real estate on my screen and gets in the way of my list of custom quizzes. I have ZERO interest in other people’s games. I bought a year subscription to make quizzes for my college education, not to play Star Wars trivia. If the developers fix this, I’ll gladly give 5 stars. On a positive note, the app works as advertised and is useful for testing yourself, but there is certainly room for improvement.
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2 years ago, Futballer13
Great! With 1 major flaw…
I LOVE this app, I use it frequently for large events and even small get-togethers. It’s flexible, customizable, easy to use, never glitches, it is ALMOST perfect. The major flaw?! No offline accessibility. Without internet this app is useless. There’s been several times this missing feature has severely hindered my ability to use it. There needs to be a way to download a created game to use offline or just the ability to have it saved just within the app itself so you don’t need internet. Very frustrating honestly, but if that’s not an issue for you then everything else is solid.
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5 years ago, acdc 3po
If only I could upload photo and video into the questions.
There is another app called MyGameShow, it doesn’t allow for video but it does allow for photos to be uploaded into the questions (specifically grid game questions). If that feature existed on the trivia maker app it would be perfect, because I would have it with the addition of the timer and the buzzer. The my game show app does not have the feature of the buzzer and the timer. I asked that you please consider adding it, and I would be willing to pay for that feature.
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4 years ago, The Craftsman Shop
Great customer service!
I really enjoy this app! After using the free version I’d decided to purchase the premium subscription. After purchasing the premium I’ve experienced many problems. The app would freeze and my app still had me listed as having the free version even though I paid for the premium subscription. I contacted support right away. They were able to assist me. After giving me a update on my app I still had problems, so I looked to see if I needed to update my phone and I did. After updating my phone the app worked as described. Thanks to the support team I am good to go!
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5 years ago, LikeaSumBoDi
Best trivia show app on the market!
I’ve been using Family Feud PowerPoint templates for many years and when I stumbled onto this app, I was pleasantly surprised on how easy and intuitive it was to use. It eliminates the hassles of creating custom templates of popular game shows and even offers the ability to cast it to the big screen with a presenter and player view. The app developer, Reid, has done a fantastic job of creating this app and I would highly recommend it for those of you that are looking to host games or quizzes to an audience.
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6 years ago, degerni
Perfect for youth
I love this. Sometimes when you’re setting up the game and trying to scroll to the next question it clicks on the question boxes instead of scrolling, which isn’t the greatest, but it’s not too bad. Love the sound effects! It will be great for reviewing Sunday school lessons. It would be nice if the two team version was also free but then I suppose it would be hard to get people to spend a whole 5 bucks on the full version. Will probably buy once I figure out if it will work to project in our youth room.
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6 years ago, Lil Juan
Much needed app
Been searching for a custom jeopardy / family feud app for a while. It’s much better than PowerPoint versions I’ve used in the past. I like that my games are all saved in the cloud so I don’t have to store them all on some flash drive. I love that it lets me upload my own graphics. I can make the game exactly how I want without much work. Only downside so far is that some of the buttons are a little small on my phone, but works really well on my iPad. Love this app!
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5 years ago, Eli qust
Sharing game with others option
I absolutely loved this App. Extremely easy to create & use. The biggest downside is that I’m having difficulty sending to my team members. I’ve followed the instructions & watched the video tutorials without resolution. Team members can all download the App & confirm that they desire to download the game, but the game won’t download. Keeps on circling & circling.
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4 years ago, TKingston3
Great game
This game is great. Purchased it to host family trivia during carona on zoom and he been very fun. Originally had some issues when I paid for the upgraded version but the features were not unlocked. Reached out to customer who was willing to help but in the meantime I found that when I tried to purchase again, the App Store said I already had and asked if I would like to purchase “for free”, when I did that the features were unlocked.
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5 years ago, Mr. Hamil
Fun, easy, and worth it
I love games, and having a simple and straightforward way to create some has been wonderful. I made a quiz show about my wife to celebrate our anniversary and had enormous fun making it. TriviaMaker is easy to use for creating and hosting games, and I’m glad I bought the lifetime license. I also just realized this sounds like the kind of crap someone who is paid to give a review would say. I did, in fact, lose $20 in the process, but I’m happy I paid it.
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6 years ago, CamoCCsurfer
Experience app user
I was skeptical of this app at first; thinking is this just another trivia game I might pull out once or twice while things are slow or maybe even at a social gathering but then once I saw how easy it was to make games and how much people enjoyed this app I soon realized this was my go to app whenever I went to a party as I attend parties often....anyway I most definitely would recommend this app to anyone really fun and enjoyable.
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4 years ago, MarthaElisa17
This is the worst app, do not buy premium does not work!
I purchased the premium subscription and it never updated my account to premium and kept it as Free Basic not allowing to access premium features and the support does not respond to you nor helps resolve the matter. It’s very unprofessional and they really need to fix this app. I contacted Apple to see what they can do about this, I’m am completely disappointed with the developers of this app. I saw other people report the same problem that I have had so I know it’s not just me. They need to work on their customer service skills I’m going to report them to BBB if they don’t fix this issue.
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5 years ago, Scott Bergschrund
Infinitely customizable; a well built app
If you’re looking to create your own game show-inspired trivia game in a group/social setting at home/school/the office then this is the app for you. Using the app is very straightforward, and building your own customized trivia game is an easy step-by-step process. You can easily display the game in large format on a TV/monitor/projector while controlling it all from your iPad/iPhone. Highly recommended!
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2 years ago, annoyeddddddddd12394939
I bought the month subscription and within only 15-20 minutes, it kicked me out of my plan but whenever I deleted the app to try just restarting it, it asked me if I still wanted to keep my subscription. Note that I was still logged into my account, so that wasn’t the problem. Within those few minutes that I was actually able to access the theme, color & song changes, the photos wouldn’t even upload when trying to preview my presentation as a whole.
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3 years ago, Taylorhirstein
Was Charged After Not being able to use
Tried to create my own quiz Christmas Day, and after realizing you can only write 4 questions for free, I purchased one month for $7. However the app still did not let me have premium features even after logging out, logging in, and waiting a few hours. I should not have been charged. What a piece of garbage, it had no issue taking my money but it didn’t even work properly. I reported this to Apple and ended up just creating a word doc to pass around which worked fine.
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4 years ago, Sunny ❤️❤️❤️
This is amazing! Thank you Redwood Pro Media!
I love this app. I use this for all my trivia nights and my family loves it! The grid pattern is amazing and just like Jeopardy! This is an amazing app! 10 stars out of 5 if I could! -Sunny Edit: loving the new update! the problem is when I try to sync it to the tv, it doesn’t work. i know it’s still in beta though!
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4 years ago, Deedledum3
Such a great program for training!
I bought the premium version, to be able to customize colors and add logos. This app adds a creative way to get education across to individual or groups of people. By making things fun, I know retention of information will come easier for people. Well done!!
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5 years ago, Mr. Review Guy
Amazingly fun and easy to use
The developers have obviously taken great pains to make it extremely easy to create and run these games. I tried many of the other trivia apps, but nothing comes close to the flexibility and functionality of this app. Thanks to the developers for being so passionate about their app!
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4 years ago, -n- -n- -n- -n-
Good but....
The internet requirements are so high that I cannot enter because of “Whoops! Something went wrong”. Can you just delete the requirement of having to login? If so I’ll be glad to give a 5-star unless the app doesn’t even work. In that case it’s one star for you guys.
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3 years ago, andreamweston
Awesome games BUT...
I bought the lifetime subscription to this game 8 months ago. It all worked fine until a week ago when it downgraded me to the free subscription and none of my games will work. I can’t play the “sample” games either. I contacted customer support and they got back to me very quickly but after a week of emailing back and forth, the issues are still not resolved. It’s a lot of money to spend to not have the app work.
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6 years ago, RachelSilbes
Do NOT pay for this product!!! The app ended up not working after I finished my trivia that took 2 hours. I paid to have extra slots. $5 didn’t seem so bad at the time... except the next day when I tried to use it, the app crashed!! I tried to call the number on the site; it was an AAA number. Tried email them; bounced back. No way to contact them, they stole money from me!! DO NOT PAY FOR ANYTHING! Waste of money and time for developers who obviously programmed this crappy app as a cash grab.
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6 years ago, Lavonne2000
Awesome app
Love this app! I love the ability to create my own Jeopardy and use this for family parties! Customization options are awesome, and the ability to input my questions and answers on the computer and the play the game with my phone is perfect! Can’t wait for more developments in the app!
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6 years ago, Drpoulette
Helpful game app
I’ve been making these kinds of quiz games on PowerPoint for some time now. This app makes it easy to control and I can always have some of my favorite quizzes in my pocket for last minute use. This is a great help. I can see so me using this all the time.
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5 years ago, tseth2003s
Great way to train our staff
Finally a great jeopardy making app. So glad this came out. We love making games for our staff training and it helps our staff learn since they’re having fun! Well done! I love that we can create in the phone and use on a computer.
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2 years ago, JO_135
Useful but...
This app is very useful but when I go to put in information for making a game, my phone app screen jumps up and down aggressively until I close out of making a game. On the computer everything is perfect but I need it working properly on my phone for convenience sake.
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4 years ago, RamirezMomma
Family fun!
I’m so glad we found this app, especially during the current pandemic when we have more down time at home as a family. We love playing together and creating fun new memories!!
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1 year ago, Sabbath7Keeper
Need Help
I love this app. Used it one time creating Bible trivia for my family and everyone enjoyed it. I tried creating a new game, but when it comes to typing out the questions, the whole app,started glitching out. Please help!!!!!!!!!!
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5 years ago, VannaSavage
Awesome game show app
I tried several “make your own quiz” apps and this one is by far the best. The free options are ok but the upgrade makes it super awesome. I love that they keep making improvements and adding features!!!
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6 years ago, Larry Canales
Excellent Much Needed App
I just downloaded TriviaMaker and I can’t wait to use it with my youth. It is extremely user friendly and allows you to create a trivia without problems. Thank you for this gem!
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6 years ago, delighted316
I had a hard time with keeping things fresh and new but thanks to this app I now have a way to pass the time when I’m hanging out with friends #nomoreboredom
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3 years ago, Gigi Caramel Love
Players selecting their own answers
I was hoping this app would have been similar to Kahoot and quizlet where players can write in their answers through their phones. I don’t see the point in having a presenter and controller mode if you can’t do that. Long story short I got bamboozled. Change this , and the app would be better.
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3 years ago, Andy lundstrom
Great game but from time to time it won’t work, I click to play a game and a solid screen shows up and you can’t play anything. I’ve tried contacting customer service about this but they haven’t answered.
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6 years ago, 180fbcarbs
Really Useful
I am on the Creative Team for 180fbc youth ministry and he do a lot of trivias and fun stuff about current events like Olympics now, it can be a very useful app for stuff like that. It's a lot easier to make Trivia's now
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6 years ago, Jessi6266
Great Resource for Youth Ministry
Working in Youth Ministry, I’m often looking for resources to make it easy to create and play custom games that I can teach my lesson with. This is the perfect resource! Can’t wait to use it and customize with our logo. How cool!
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6 years ago, dyepes
It’s a great app. There could be many options to do this, but what’s great about it, is how user friendly and the features it has, specially the sounds. It saves tons of time.
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5 years ago, JosiahTheKing
Awesome app for teachers
This is a great app for teachers for making in class trivia games. We love that we can make all styles of games so the kids never get tired of them! Such a great idea for an app!
Show more
8 months ago, KamikazeOz88
Don’t get
Please don’t get this app it is terrible! I want a refund so bad from the locked option to the tacky themes. First it’s says customizable, but it is not you can only customize the questions. Each game version is locked within its own respect. Not to mention it takes a long time for it to load the game up to players.
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6 years ago, Poppi jacobo
Just downloaded the app and it seems like a great tool that I can’t wait to use! Not many apps offer this! Excited to give it a try!
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3 years ago, CocoCola🥤
I haven’t really experimented with this app but the fact that you have to pay in order to make wheel games is super lame. I think that all types of games should be free. Or at least don’t use a subscription. I’d rather just pay for the thing I want and move on. I do not recommend this app. It is really dumb.
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4 years ago, pyr227
I am disappointed. Planned to play my games on Zoom, but my friends were unable to see my shared screen. I even bought more RAM and it still didn’t work. I liked making up the games and testing them, and my friends liked the sound effects. My quarantine event is cancelled.
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3 years ago, Ethan Rymer
Received the Charge but Not the Features
I downloaded the app. It runs smoothly. I purchased the premium subscription and never received the features, but did the charge for them. Filed a report with Apple and thankfully, they refunded the money. If you use the app, I’d stay away from the subscription option.
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5 years ago, BEAST12904455
New favorite quiz maker
I used to LOVE Kahoot! I thought it was wonderful. But I saw this and said “This looks bad” than I tried it and said “Great better than Kahoot! Never Judge a book (this game) by its cover!
Show more
6 years ago, betony09
The app is so easy to navigate through & set up! It can be used for so many different trivia games!!!! I’m so excited to use it at my next game night.
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4 years ago, Ntllwhwndrrlst
Great app
I love this app. We used it in our staff meeting just to have some fun, everyone loved it. I love all the interactive elements. Dev seems very responsive too
Show more
3 years ago, ethel beavers
Loaded up questions and they never appeared
Three freaking times I loaded up my questions, and as I went to press play, suddenly some of them disappeared. 3 different times I had to rewrite my questions. If you’re going to use this app, be sure to have questions stored elsewhere.
Show more
6 years ago, Hashtagura
Innovative, creative, convenient!
Excellent app to have, especially for youth ministry! Aesthetically pleasing, simple, and allows you to cater to the direct interest of your audience!
Show more
3 years ago, Your app is a waste of money
Worst App!
Don’t bother upgrading and paying for the premium! Ended up charging me twice, once via iTunes through the app and again via the web login on my credit card under my same user name and still didnt unlock any of the premium features. Total waste of money!
Show more
5 years ago, Ivination
Definitely worth it
Absolutely fantastic! Love making my own games!
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